11 Foods For Women That Increase Your Sex Drive

Here are 11 foods for women that increase your sex drive.

I’m not just talking about oysters.

There are lots of foods you can eat (non slipper and slimey fish related) that can have a huge influence on increasing your sex drive – as a woman.


Salmon is a fish high in omega-3s. These are great for improving the circulation in your body, and ultimately getting more blood flowing to your genitals. These leads to greater sensitivity and increased arousal.

Omega-3s are also excellent at improving the dopamine levels in your brain, a natural feel good chemical. More dopamine, means a better mood, and an enhanced sex drive! So eat plenty of salmon for all of it’s many benefits.

7 foods for women that increase your sex drive


Water melon maybe virtually all water (92% so a great weight loss food too), it’s remaining 8% is packed full of essential sexual health vitamins.

These have even been shown to have dramatically effect your blood vessels and blood flow, which can enhance your sex drive. This is carried out by (here comes the science bit) a phytonutrient named citrulline. Your body is able to convert this into arginine which is an amino acid.

This amino acid then boosts your nitric oxide levels and relaxes the blood vessels in a similar way to how Viagra works.

All from eating water melon?! I gotta get me some of that.

watermelon for improving sex drive


Yes to that! Who doesn’t love chocolate? I couldn’t have a list of foods for women that increase your sex drive without mentioning chocolate. Here’s why.

Chocolate is high in magnesium. And magnesium is good for helping you feel more relaxed and de-stressed. More relaxation, less stress, equals a higher sex drive.

Have you ever noticed you’re more in the mood when you’re on holiday away from the stresses of every day life? Create more of that at home wherever possible.

Dark chocolate is even better. It contains phenylethylamine which helps release the endorphins you get through sex. So try to opt for dark chocolate, which has many other health benefits too.

7 foods for women that increase your sex drive


Peaches are a lovely fruit to consider for helping your sex drive improve.

There are studies you can find online that show peaches are packed full with vitamin C and can improve sex drive in women. They also boost your blood flow. An enhanced blood flow means you are turned on more easily.

eat peaches for libido


Oatmeal may not sound very exciting when it comes to sex drive. Sorry. But it does contain a really important chemical called L-arginine. This has been used to treat erectile dysfunction in men, and in women it helps improve blood flow to your clitoris!

Sounds like a great reason to opt for oatmeal in the morning and definitely high in the foods for women that increase your sex drive!



Women who take ginseng supplements have been found to increase their libido level in as little as a month as well as increase their overall sex life. You can take ginseng as a supplement or have a ginseng tea.

Be careful not to opt for just anything with ginseng in it, you want to make sure it isn’t something that’s also packed full of chemicals and sugar that’s hopping on the ginseng train.

Too many bad ingredients will counteract all of the benefits of ginseng.

eat ginseng


Cranberries are an excellent natural diuretic which means they can really help you have a flatter tummy and debloat, just from drinking (unsweetened) cranberry juice.

Less bloat, means you feel better, you can move more easily with more energy and you feel a heck of a lot more sexy! So that’s a great way to improve your sex drive just through a drink.

Cranberry juice is also great at preventing urinary tract infections (UTI) which are surprisingly common in women and most ladies will experience one of these at least once in their life.



Ideally you want to opt for grass-fed beef, but that’s not always possible. Beef is an excellent source of zinc which is the same libido-enhancing nutrient that is found in oysters. How would you like your steak madam?

steak for libido


Figs are great for releasing sexy pheromones. Not sure? Try eating five figs before you have sex and find out for yourself! Figs are also considered excellent for enhancing your fertility so if you’re thinking of getting pregnant, stock up on your figs. Another great fruit in this list of foods for women that increase your sex drive.



Eggs really help boost your energy levels and ability to focus, as well as this they are good for balancing out your hormones and regulating your libido. All excellent qualities for a higher sex drive.

Whether you opt for scrambled, boiled, deviled, poached or fried, eat eggs regularly and notice how your sex drive improves – especially if someone else lovingly makes them for you to eat in bed, hint hint.

eat eggs for energy


Ginger is a natural libido enhancer. Whether you eat it raw, as a supplement or in a tasty drink, it all helps. Ginger also has many other benefits like boosting your immune system, circulation and detoxification.

Add a splash of ginger where ever you can!

ginger for libido

I hope this list of foods for women that increase your sex drive have given you some new ideas on how you can feel more in the mood.

Above all, take good care of yourself and eat well whenever you can for optimum sex drive!