3 of the Best Latex Stockings

Well I had originally planned to write this run down of the best latex stockings on at least 6 pairs. However, strangely there aren’t a great deal of just latex stockings available, and a couple of ranges were out of stock, so I’ve got 3 available here for you to choose for you.

At least it makes deciding that little bit easier!

Latex stockings look amazing on pretty much everyone and this type of bondage clothing is becoming more and more popular. Sex shops and lingerie shops are beginning to expand their ranges of latex clothes. In the near future I expect there will be lots more choice.

In this post then we’re looking at 3 of the available latex stockings, with a range of prices from £23.95 to £30.

1. Ann Summers Latex Stockings


Ann Summers is renowned for its sexy lingerie and their black latex stockings don’t disappoint, although they are more expensive than others. They come in three sizes; small, medium and large, ranging from a size 8 through to a size 14.

The Ann Summers bondage collection is a new range of sizzling latex outfits. I like that they all arrive boxed and fully ‘talced’ ready to wear. They’re high shine, meaning they’re very shiny of course, and measure to just above the knee.

Pros – They’re ready to wear, and you know where you are with Ann Summers. The service is good and there’s a full range to go with these.

Cons – They’re more expensive than the other pairs.

Investment: £30.00 including free delivery from Ann Summers. (usually £35).

2. Rubber Girl Stockings


These Rubber Girl latex stockings are from Lovehoney and I have to say I love these shoes as well 🙂 But we’re talking about the stockings here not the shoes.

There’s a mix of reviews for this pair. Mostly they’re 5 stars, but there are a couple of 1 stars from people who found them difficult to get on. The solution…. is to buy a size larger. So whatever your size, go up one.

There are four sizes, small, medium, large and extra large, covering a size 10 through to a size 20. Most figures should be covered here. So if you’re an 8, go for the small, and if you’re a 16 or 18, go for the extra large.

These will be matt when they arrive, and you have to shine them yourself using latex shiner when they arrive.

Overall, despite the sizing issue, these are very sexy glossy leggings that make your legs look incredible.

Pros – There’s a wider range of sizes and Rubber Girl is a good brand. Lovehoney have a no hassle returns policy should you decide you don’t like them. They do look really sexy.

Cons – There have been a few issues with people struggling to get them on. Try going for a bigger size if these are the latex leggings for you.

Investment: £24.99 including delivery from Lovehoney.

3. Sharon Sloane Latex Stockings

Sharon Sloane latex stockings

Now we’re moving onto the Sharon Sloane latex stockings. Who is Sharon Sloane? She’s a popular brand of latex wear.

Again, like the Rubber Girl stockings you will need to shine them when they arrive.

These come in a small, medium and large covering a size 6 through to 16. They’ve so far received two good reviews and are available from Simply Pleasure. (In case you’re not familiar with them, Simply Pleasure is a well established online and bricks and mortar shop).

These stockings are currently on offer with 27% off.

Pros – Sharon Sloane has a wide range of latex wear and they know where they’re doing when it comes to latex. There are a couple of other positive reviews so far for these. Simply Pleasure also have no hassle returns.

Cons – None stand out.

Investment: £23.95 including delivery from Simply Pleasure.

Latex Shining Spray

When buying latex clothing, don’t forget your latex shining spray: Pjur Cult Ultra Shine Spray. It protects and adds shine to your rubber and latex.

I hope this run down of the best latex stockings has been useful in helping you choose the best pair for you!