7 Styles of Sexy Knickers

We all know the soul-crushing feeling of searching through clothes shops for the right kind of underwear, and never knowing what to get.

There are so many to choose from, I can hear you thinking, and the never ending choices you have can sometimes feel pretty intimidating. Not only are there infinite knicker opportunities, it’s tough to discover what pair or what style genuinely suits and fits you.

Your knicker drawer is probably filled to the brim with various cuts and shapes, but you’ll always come back to your favourite and most sexy yet comfortable style for you.

But, if you need the low down on the different undies for you, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here are the seven styles of sexy knicks to consider.

1. The Brief

brief knickers

Briefs are for those of us who like to keep things simple – these are your classic, most basic knickers you’ve probably got in your drawers! They come in perhaps the widest variety of styles and sexiness, ranging from the ‘granny pant’ style right up to having revealing seams and panels.

The best bit about briefs is that they are super-duper comfortable. They are cut in such a way where they hug around the base of your bum and skim above your thighs, so they sit perfectly in the right spot.

No wedgie in sight when you’re wearing comfy briefs! They can either come with seams or can be seamless to avoid a ‘visible panty line’ under your clothes, so you don’t have to wear awkward knickers whenever you want to wear your favourite leggings.

Although you may associate comfy briefs with your designated ‘lady week undies’, they can come in various sexy and revealing styles that will rev up things in the bedroom. Comfort and sexiness, if you don’t mind!

2. The Short

sexy short knickers

Shorts-knickers are also the queens of comfy, but they can add that extra tom-boy flair to your overall look. They are cut in a similar way to briefs, but instead of arching at the front, they hug your hips and have more of a solid straight line across your thighs.

They can be extremely flattering on a straighter body shape or if you have wider hips, as they’ll accentuate your assets brilliantly. You may associate shorts knickers with being similar to men’s boxers, and you might think that you can’t possibly feel feminine in these kind of undies.

However, you can get gorgeous shorts knickers that come with sexy trims of lace and details, that make you look fantastic and feel comfortable all at the same time.

3. The Brazilian

brazilian knickers

So, this is where we whack up the heat ever so slightly, with the Brazilian style knickers!

These knickers are sexy and stylish, but are also ready to offer you some comfort too. They are cut in such a way where they resemble briefs from the front (if a little higher up the leg), but at the back they curve upwards around your bum, to make your rear look even more round and shapely.

They’re a little bit like a mixture between a thong, shorts and briefs, they aren’t completely revealing but are that little bit more spicy than normal undies. They are great for when you want that extra sexiness, but still want to be comfortable everyday – meaning they’re excellent for a bit of spontaneity!

4. The Thong

thong knickers

Just like briefs, thongs are an old classic that we all know. These are the knickers with minimal material in the back – which are the go-to undies for under clothing discretion. They tend to have brief-like fronts, with a thick waistband and a thicker string to sit over your intimate area, which will give you the most beautiful shape and curves.

However, lots of us women are in a love/hate relationship with thongs, as some find them perfectly convenient and comfy, whilst others flinch at the thought of trying one on! Of course, you can trial-and-error with a variety of materials and shapes, but if you don’t feel flirty and confident wearing one you’re best off with the Brazilian!

5. The G-String

g-string knickers

So now, we’re onto the big stuff! If you’re looking to go one step further in discretion and sexiness than the thong, look no further than the G-String – which says what it does on the tin. It’s the most minimal underwear, with the least material on show and in general, so it’s brilliant if you’re wearing a skin-tight outfit that you don’t want to show too much knicker.

Although they may not be the most comfortable at first, they can feel quite awkward, but with perseverance and getting used to wearing one, you’ll see they are the answer to all your knicker-based prayers.

6. The Suspender-Briefs

suspender brief knickers

If you want to keep it classy and comfy in the bedroom, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of suspender briefs to kickstart the heat. These knickers are super-traditional and great for mixing with a vintage look, as they have the classic clasps for a pair of sexy stockings to attach.

You can mix and match with a variety of styles and colours, or add a bit of satin for that extra elegance, so it’s great if you want to stay feminine and flirty. What’s brilliant about suspender briefs are that they help you achieve the ultimate level of sexiness, whilst staying comfortable all day too. Who could ask for a better combination?

7. Crotchless

pearl crotchless knickers bondara

Just like the G-String, these knickers are not for the faint hearted, or if you’re looking for al round comfort either. Lots of users tend to keep these undies aside, and only use them in the bedroom, which you may find convenient too!

I recently reviewed 5 of the best crotchless knickers which you can have a look at for inspiration if you fancy a pair of these.

These knickers are fairly self explanatory, they are cut in a variety of shapes from briefs to Brazilian, but are cut open around the crotch and more intimate areas!

So, if you’re looking for something that’ll not only spice things up in the bedroom but may be great for more spontaneous action, crotchless knickers are most definitely the way forward.

In Summary

So, there we have it! Now you have an in depth low down on all those different kinds of knickers that keep appearing in your growing collection. Maybe you feel slightly more enlightened, or maybe you feel inspired to go and purchase a new and completely different pair just to see what they may be like. Go for it, and enjoy exploring all that the world of knickers has to offer!