Buying Your First Sex Toy

Buying your first sex toy can be quite a scary and intimidating experience for many. But fear not, you can really easily order online and there are so many online shops and choices of toys to buy.

If you’re pretty clueless about sex toys I’ve created this guide to buying your first toy. You fancy buying your first sex toy but need some help on where to begin.

Choosing your online shop



Most online sex toy shops will always deliver your order very very discreetly. Trust me on this, their parcels are very bare, with just a trading address and no sign of who the package is from or what’s inside.

I have had sex toys delivered to my neighbours when I’ve not been in and not been remotely bothered because I know there’s no way of telling what it contained!

I’ve had the most experience ordering from Lovehoney and Bondara

Bondara and know they are always very good at delivering my order quickly and very discreetly.

Prices can vary between sex toy shops but the same toys are usually around the same price give or take a few pounds.

Most sex toy shops will include free delivery and if they don’t it’s often free over a certain spend.

Another thing I like about buying from Lovehoney and Bondara is they are usually have the lowest price and delivery is always free. They’re a great choice for buying your first sex toy from.

Types of sex toy to choose from

Here’s where it gets interesting!

When buying your first sex toy you may not have a clue about what you want or like. As this blog is aimed at female readers I’m going to recommend you some good female toys that are good all round introductory toys.

Good introductory toys

Buying your first sex toy should be fun and exciting. Relax, shop with an open mind. There is no need to feel overwhelmed or anxious. This is a new chapter for you. Let yourself feel sexy and free, you’ve made the decision to improve your own personal pleasure level, and up your overall sexiness levels!

Things to consider before buying your first sex toy

Buying your first sex toy

The look

Buying your first sex toy

Do you think you would prefer something sleek and classy, or are you not remotely bothered how it looks? Perhaps you don’t care if it is a bright colour and shaped like a character! It really comes down to personal preference. Some people would prefer to have a toy that is plain, sleek and beautiful, whilst others really like in your face bright colours with painted on eyes and faces. There is something out there to suit everybody.

My first sex toy was plain white and very very plain. I quickly realised, it doesn’t matter whatsoever what the toy looks like, it’s hot it makes you feel. I have a bright blue rabbit vibrator with glitter that makes me feel incredible. It’s not exactly beautiful, but it can sure blow my mind! Buying your first sex toy should be something that first attracts you to it, whatever the reason, and go from there.


Would you you prefer an all singing and dancing toy, or prefer to keep it simple with one or two options? How are you with other technology. If you like the latest gadgets, you’re likely to enjoy a toy that does lots of stuff, or if you prefer simple things, a more basic toy might be for you in the beginning.

The price

Prices vary from the most basic of magic bullets at £3.99 through to over £100 for luxury high end sex toys. The more you pay, the greater the quality however you can have just as much fun with the cheapest of toys. You don’t have to pay a fortune. Both Lovehoney and Bondara alone have some really low price good toys, I’m talking less than £10 toys.

Saying that I also really love high end toys by Lelo. These are often rechargeable with the most beautiful colours, curves and soft silicone material.

The reviews

zany pocket friend small vibe

The reviews on the shop website and read other reviews too (there are some great ones here at sextoysreviewed) 🙂


Do you mind bright colours or would you prefer something more neutral or natural looking?

Pour yourself a glass of wine, open your mind, and enjoy!!

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Don’t forget some lube. I recommend some Tracey Cox Orgasm gel, or some YES Organic lube. Either of these are great for enhancing your sex toy pleasure.