Maia Twistty Magic Wand Vibrator

maia twistty review


Magic wand vibrators are awesome toys to own. Check out the Maia Twistty – a DOUBLE ENDED rechargeable USB magic wand vibrator, with ten functions. (With two ‘t’s in the title intentionally.)

I love it! In this review you can find out more about it and why it’s in my top five wands for this year.

What’s in the box?

When you receive the box it looks really classy and expensive, you feel excited to open it. It contains your Maia Twistty magic wand, a set of instructions, a draw string storage pouch and the USB charger.


The storage pouch is a nice touch and it also gives you somewhere to store your wand discreetly, and keep it clean so it’s always ready to be used whenever the mood takes your fancy.

How big is it?

The Maia Twistty magic wand is a bright purple colour and measures 8.5 inches. It can be inserted up to 2.5 inches. Its circumference is 5.8 inches.

How is it powered?

There’s a small hole in the wand to plug in the USB cable at one end, and then you plug the USB bit into your computer, laptop, USB charger or even mobile phone if you have a USB adapter for it.

There’s no need to bother about batteries running out. Rechargeable toys are the way forward, and they give you so much more power too and last longer.

Gone are the days of a toy abandoned because you don’t have any batteries for it. There’s no reason not to use this regularly when it’s so easy to charge up! Just make sure you don’t lose the charger. A good place to keep it would be in the storage bag it comes with when it’s not in use.

How do you use the Maia Twistty?

To switch the Maia Twistty on you just have to press and hold the power button, and the light comes on.

What’s cool about this magic wand that I haven’t seen in other magic wands is that it has two ends to use. One end looks like a traditional magic wand vibrator, whilst the other end has a textured, insertable end.

It has two separate motors which can be used individually or at the same time should you want to have them both switched on.

To switch it off you just hold down the power button. It’s fairly self explanatory to use when you receive yours.

How loud is it?

The Twistty is quiet, and other reviewers on Lovehoney back me up on this one! It’s not easy to say how loud or quiet a sex toy is without seeing/hearing it in person but when others say it’s quiet too then it must be a nice level of sound for them too.

What are its ten functions?

Both ends of the wand have three constant speeds and they then move onto the patterned vibrations to choose from. To move through the different speeds and patterns, just keep pressing the corresponding button for each end of the wand.

The flashing LED light into the wand flashes according to which pattern you’re on. It’s pretty cool.

Watch the video review of the Twistty in action >>>


What are the pros?

It’s rechargeable – a major plus point!

It’s made of silicone – this is good because it means it has no latex and phthalates that can be irritating to some people. Some people have really bad latex allergies.

The way the ends are textured gives you plenty of great feeling sensations.

It’s fully waterproof and submersible. Great for easy washing and use in the bath or shower should the mood take you.

Having two separate ends means you’ve got more to play with, and it’s two toys in one, therefore really good value for a rechargeable toy, which generally cost more anyway than battery-powered ones.

What are the cons?

I was going to say the price, but for a magic wand vibrator, it’s actually in line with others and they do cost that bit more because of their size and power, rechargeability and quality.

It’s nice that there are two ends to use, but the insertable end of 2.5 inches can’t be inserted that far so some people might not like that… However it is technically a wand and you don’t usually insert wands, but this one gives you more options.

What do other people say?

Currently all of the other reviews for the Maia Twistty are really good, except for one where theirs sadly broke but it was quickly replaced by Lovehoney and the reviewer still had really good things to say about it.

(Aside: This is an example of why Lovehoney is a good place to shop, because they have really good customer service should you have any issues or want to return anything. I really don’t think they all have such good service. I’ve seen online sex toy shops appear then disappear because competition is so intense so I’d advise you buy from somewhere reputable rather than just where is cheapest.)

Have a read of the other reviews as well as mine to get a good feel of what the Twistty is like for others too, especially when you’re investing in something higher quality for yourself.

Get your own

Currently £64.99 including free delivery.

Heated Rechargeable Vibrator

gold warm rechargeable vibe

Flamingo Pretty Love Heated Vibrator

Rechargeable vibrator, gold plated, and it warms up! This is my review of the Flamingo by Pretty Love. Find out what’s good about it and what’s not so good.

What’s in the box?

Inside the box was your Flamingo rechargeable vibrator with heat control presented on a protective foam bed, a USB charger in a separate little box, a small bag, and a set of instructions.

What does it look like?

Being gold-plated it looks a very expensive and luxurious vibrator. There’s currently only one colour available, black and gold. I hope that in future versions there may be other colours available.

Perhaps a deep pink and gold would look nice, especially being called Flamingo. Black is my least favourite colour for a sex toy, but the gold-plating certainly makes up for it.

What does it feel like?

The Flamingo does feel quite heavy compared to other vibrators but I like that because it feels sturdier and more well-built. It’s what you’d exGold plated vibrator heating flamingopect from a rechargeable vibrator.

I love the feel. It’s soft and smooth and is made of medical grade silicone giving it that silky feel you only get with silicone toys. Plus it’s gold-plated.

  • Tip – Only use water-based lube with the vibrator to avoid damaging the silicone coating. Silicone-based lubes degrade silicone coating.

How big is it?

The Flamingo is 6.5 inches and is insertable up to 4.5 inches. The heating and vibrating end is the largest side with the gold-plating.

How is it powered?

Unusually this vibrator is charged up via USB. It comes with a USB plug which slots into the vibrator and then the other end into a USB socket. You can either plug it into the USB socket on your laptop or computer, or you can buy a USB mains adapters which plugs into the mains.

A mains plug would be more preferable rather than USB – but it’s certainly better than using batteries that run out and are expensive to replace. Being a rechargeable vibrator means you can always have the vibrator ready to use any time and not have to worry about having no batteries.

Charging takes 2 hours and you get around one and a half hours of playtime.

How loud is it?

I was pleasantly surprised with how nice and quiet the Flamingo was, despite how powerful the vibrations are. I have always found rechargeable vibrators packed with power and this one is no different.

Does it really work?

Aside from being gold-plated, what’s different about the Flamingo is the way it warms up to 48°C. The idea is that the warmer your skin, the more blood is drawn to there so if your lower regions are warmed up by the vibrator, the pleasure is increased.

I have to say it does feel very nice having a hot vibrator between your legs and you can liken the feel to being like a warm mouth! There’s also a nice curve to it for hitting the G-spot which I always love so this was an added bonus. It’s also perfect for using just on the clit.

How do you use it?

The Flamingo rechargeable vibrator is very simple to use and only has two buttons.

One button is used for the heat control and the other button is for switching the vibrations on and off and moving between the 7 vibration functions.

To switch the vibrations on you just press and hold down the vibrations button. Then to move through the functions keep pressing the button. To switch off you press and hold the button down.

To switch on the heat you just press the heat button, and the same to switch the heat off.

It takes a couple of minutes to heat up to full temperature which is a bit like waiting for your hair straighteners to warm up – although obviously it’s not as hot as those!

What settings does it have?

There are 7 functions of vibration and one heat setting:

  1. Steady Vibration
  2. Slow Pulse
  3. Fast Pulse
  4. Slow Escalating Pulse
  5. Fast Pulsing Pattern
  6. Constant Pulse

My favourite was slow escalating pulse because it feels like a tease. I also like the steady vibration.

What are the good points?

  • This rechargeable vibrator means that it can be ready to use whenever you like without having to bother about having batteries in stock.
  • It arrives already charged so you can use it right away. (This brings back memories of my We-Vibe 3 review which was the opposite and had to be charged a full 24 hours before we could use it so immediate use makes me feel very grateful!)
  • gold-plated-rechargeable-vibratorIt heats up and feels lovely when it’s all warm.

What are the bad points?

  • It’s not waterproof but is ‘splashproof’ which means you can wash it, but you need to be careful not to get any water inside the control area. Don’t submerge it under water.
  • It is a more expensive vibrator but with all it’s features it’s bound to cost a bit more.

This Pretty Love rechargeable vibrator is only available at Bondara. £54.99 including delivery.