5 of the Best Spanking Knickers

Spanking knickers always make a nice sexy gift or maybe you want to invest in a gorgeous pair to treat yourself. There are some really beautiful ones out there at the moment, and it’s not an easy choice to make.

You end wanting all of them! Here’s my run down of 5 of the very best spanking knickers now.

1. Estante Bow Back Sheer Lace Spanking Knickers


These red crotchless beauties are great spanking knickers. They’re lacy, revealing and wrap your derriere up like a precious treat all ready for spanking the heck out of!

They make you feel both sexy and naughty and have a nice lacy feel.

There’s only one size and as they’re nice and stretchy should fit most smaller and large figures.



  • They’re one size fits all so simply to buy.
  • Affordable price.
  • Ensure your bottom is looking it’s very best.

Overall a good quality investment with cracking reviews (hoho) on the Lovehoney website. A popular choice for girls that like red. Thumbs up.

Investment: £8.99.

2. Lovehoney Crotchless Lace Thong

lovehoney lace crotchless knickers

I’ve already talked about this Lovehoney crotchless thong in my 5 of the best crotchless knickers review. (Many of which also make great spanking knickers!).

This thong is too gorgeous not to be included here as well. It’s a firm favourite and one of Lovehoney’s most popular lingerie items.

Why choose this thong?

It’s incredibly sexy on any figure, and the black and deep pink accents on it go so well together. It feels soft, comfy and the lace looks very classy.

As it has removable suspender straps it’s up to you whether you wear them with stockings or not. Options are always good depending on how the mood takes you.

It also has a few different sizes to choose from to suit your figure.

Since last writing about this crotchless thong, an extra size has been added, so you’ve now got small-medium, medium-large, large-xl, xxl, covering sizes 8 through to a size 22. Good news for larger ladies.

lovehoney lace crotchless knickers front


  • It’s guaranteed to look sexy whatever your size in chic black lace with deep pink accents.
  • Affordable price.
  • Wear with or without suspender straps.

Investment: £9.99.

3. Lovehoney Fantasy Tartan Thong


How pretty are are these tartan spanking knickers?

The white lace around the crotch area adds to the innocence of this thong, and the ruffles around the edge make it look like you’re wearing the teeniest mini skirt.

Complete with rear red bow, they’re perfect for those that like dressing up in uniform. Pair them with a sexy white or red bra to complete the look.

This thong comes in one size that fits a size 6-16, but there is also a plus-sized option that’s got it’s own separate page for sizes 18-24. It’s clearly well made and of high quality, as other Lovehoney reviewers have talked about in their reviews of this thong.



  • Gorgeous design, the white lace and ruffles is very sexy.
  • A really low price.
  • A size is available for all figures.

Investment: £7.99.

4. Georgia Thong

georgia thong spanking knickers

The sizzling hot maroon and black Georgia thong from Ann Summers is quite different to any others, and has some beautiful detailing, such as the lace, satin, strapping and gold ring.

It also comes with a matching plunge bra that has the same strapping detail across the chest. It’s quite gothicy which is cool. There are four sizes available, 10, 12, 14 and 16.

Why choose the Georgia Thong?

As far as spanking knickers go, this set is ideal. The strapping detail frames your rear beautifully. Ann Summers have great quality lingerie and service also.

georgia thong ann summers


  • Gorgeous strappy design.
  • Satin crotch area feels soft and sumptuous.
  • Get the set to complete the look.

Investment: £14.00 from Ann Summers.

5. Santana High Waisted Thong

santana high waisted thong

LOVE! This thong had to be in my list of 5 of the best spanking knickers. I’m sure you’ll agree it makes your bum look fantastic and is perfect for spanking.

It’s currently on offer at Ann Summers for just £6 and available sizes are 14, 16 and 18, but do check back as they may well get in more stock again of the smaller sizes. If any of these are your size, you’re in luck!

Why choose the Santana thong?

It’s a really pretty piece of lingerie, that’s obviously selling like hot cakes and has received great reviews. It has lovely black mesh and red flower detailing, it’s comfy and a fantastic price. It also comes with a matching balcony bra too.

santana high waisted thong front


  • The Santana thong is gorgeous and the high waist really shows your bottom off at its best.
  • It’s received 13 all positive reviews on the Ann Summers website.
  • A total bargain price right now.

Investment: £6 at Ann Summers.

We’ve looked at five of my favourite spanking knickers. I hope you’ve seen some here that take your fancy!


5 of the Best Vibrating Knickers


Vibrating knickers always make a nice sexy gift or maybe you want to invest in a pair to treat yourself. There are some really great vibrating knickers to try, as well as some really terrible ones which I haven’t bought after reading terrible reviews on them (e.g. Ann Summers have a really poorly rated version). Here’s my run down of 5 of the very best available right now.

 1. Fetish Fantasy Elite Black Vibrating Panty


These Fetish Fantasy vibrating knickers are a bit different to other types of vibrating underwear that usually use bullets. These instead use a massager that fits the body’s curves within the knickers. They are very effective. Randomly, they also come with a mask. Two straps hold the massager securely in place as you wear them, and the feeling is very nice. There are seven patterns that you can use, however there is no remote control which is a downside.

They look quite gothic and will appeal to people who enjoy bondage play, especially with the eye mask.



  • Security of the massager.
  • Made with soft silicone.
  • Free mask, plus lube, toy cleaner and batteries.

These are effective and a good quality investment. It’s just a shame they don’t include a remote control which would really make them stand out.

Investment: £32.99 including delivery

2. Annabelle Knight Shhh! Vibrating Knickers


Annabelle Knight has been presenting Lovehoney video reviews for a long time, and she’s recently brought our her own range of sex toys and underwear. These Shhh! vibrating knickers are from her own range.

I have to say, even alone, these vibrating knickers are really pretty. They have a special hidden pocket to house the mini bullet vibrator that comes with them.

They’ve received 23 reviews so far from other buyers, with an overall rating of 8 out of 10 which is a decent score and they’re obviously a popular choice for vibrating underwear lovers.



  • They’re really well made and look very pretty.
  • The bullet itself is powerful and good quality.
  • They’re at the cheapest end of the scale of vibrating knickers.

Overall, these are a good quality buy. Annabel Knight has personally had a part in the design of these for her to put her name to it. You can watch her talking about them in her video on the product page.

Investment: £18.99 including delivery

3. Party In Your Pants

I love the name of these! They’ve received some fantastic reviews on Bondara so far which you can have a read of. One reviewer said she wears these to go shopping in. Seriously? Love it!

Hands free bullet control is exactly what you want with any vibrating underwear, so it’s very nice to be able to control these wherever you are. The best part of remote control vibrating knickers is to hand the control to your partner and have them control your pleasure over dinner or somewhere that only you two know about your secret.


  • Great price.
  • The bullet fits securely in the ideal location for your clitoris.
  • Waterproof bullet
  • Remote control

Overall, these are great. Good price, remote control, they do exactly what you want and expect. They’re definitely a hot favourite.

Investment: £19.99 including delivery

4. Remote Vibrating Panties

The remote on these actually works 10 metres away. Nice! Another great thing to note about these is that the vibrations are really very quiet. Other vibrating knickers can tend to be on the noisy side which is not what you want when you are enjoying secret pleasure.


  • Remote control (hooray!)
  • Quiet vibrations
  • Batteries included

Overall, another good choice. Between these and Party in your Pants it really comes down to personal preference and price.

Investment: £25.99 including delivery

5. Hanky Spank Vibrating Thong


I really like the branding of Hanky Spank. They’re a well-established brand and this lacy black thong is really appealing. Like others of its kind, it has a secret pocket located exactly where you need it to house the bullet it comes with. The location of the bullet gives precise clitoral stimulation.



  • Pretty thong
  • The bullet is very quiet
  • Batteries included

Investment: £22.99 including delivery

What about you? What’s your favourite? Share your experiences with your own vibrating knickers!