How Often Should You Clean Your Sex Toys?

I was asked:

“How often should you clean your sex toys?”

how often should you clean your sex toys

It’s really really important to clean your sex toys each and every time you use them.

The simple answer to this question is – every time.

If you don’t clean them, they can harbour lots of nasty bacteria which can grow, and give you infections and make you unwell.

It is a chore, but an essential one. As soon as possible after you’ve finished using your toy, wash it in the sink in some warm water with a little bit of mild soap.

You don’t want any gunk drying up on or in the toy. Get in amongst any nooks and crannies to make sure there is nothing left in there that could be left unclean and grow bacteria.

Plus the very thought of using an unwashed sex toy is pretty gross. Respect yourself, respect your toys and keep them clean.

Ideally you want to air dry your toys because many of them, when wet will attract and stick to the slightest bit of dust around! This is so annoying, they’re like dust magnets.

But air drying is not always possible when you need to hide it away like when you share a house with other people and don’t want your vibrator left out in the bathroom and giving someone a big shock!

A clean towel or some kitchen roll can be used instead of air drying, and store it away somewhere clean and dry for the next time you use it. Many sex toys (especially the higher end ones) come with storage bags now to keep them in which are really handy and discreet.

So remember, how often should you clean your sex toys? Wash your toys after every single use! It will take you no more than two minutes in total to rinse, wash, and dry, and it’s well worth the time.