How To Clean Sex Toys

You’ve been revelling in absolute bliss with your sex toys. Glorious orgasms. Plenty of lube and wetness. Heaven.

But when the fun is over… it’s crucial that you clean your sex toy. I know, I know, it’s not exactly thrilling to talk about this topic. But it’s an important one.

How to clean sex toys?

Sex toys can harbour dirty bacteria that can give you a lot of problems (I’m talking about infections). We won’t go into all the details, because, quite frankly you can easily avoid this by taking a little bit of time to keep your toys clean.

Before you even buy your toy, take note of what it’s made of… determine how it’s washed.

Usually you can read this on the product description. If may say splash proof, water-proof or even submersible.

Splash proof means it can’t be submerged in a lot of water, but it can be washed carefully. Water-proof usually means it’s pretty much water-proof and water won’t do anything to it. You can usually wash it easily without worrying about doing damage.

The best of all is submersible which means you can literally hold is right under water and give it a good scrub from top to bottom. It’s important to check this out before you start washing it.

The material that the sex toy is made of can also affect how you wash it. Let’s take a closer look at how to treat toys based on their material type…


Is it silicone, glass, steel or wood and motorised?

Wash it with a mild soap and damp cloth to keep it clean.

Is it silicone, pyrex, steel or stone and not motorised?

Wash it with very hot water and a mild damp soap, or you can even put put this in the dish washer without dishwasher soap.

Is it Cyber skin?

Use a little soap and some warm water to clean. Be careful because too many suds can damage this sensitive material.

Is it hard plastic, elastomer, thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) or jelly rubber?

These porous materials can harbour bacteria and sexually transmitted infections. Wash these toys with soap and water. Ideally, if sharing these toys with a partner use a condom.

When you’ve finished cleaning your toy, dry it off with a clean paper towel. You could use a clean towel, but beware that when sex toys are wet, especially rubber one, they will attract ‘fluff’ that sticks to them when wet.

If you can, just leave it stood up in the open air to dry. Once it’s nice and dry, store it in a case or a bag to protect it and keep it clean for next time.