Jessica Rabbit Waver Ultimate Review

Rabbit Vibrator Waver

I was looking forward to reviewing the Jessica Rabbit Waver. I liked the look of the the cool digital control panel. You can’t go far wrong with a rabbit vibrator. This one didn’t disappoint.

What’s in the box?

My new Jessica Rabbit Waver arrived very quickly and discreetly. Inside was the toy, carefully packaged along with batteries and a set of instructions for how to use it.

What does it look like?

The Jessica Rabbit Waver was available in pink and purple. I opted for purple. Purple has always been my favourite colour for a sex toy. It’s a nice sensual colour, as well as feminine and pretty. A perfect fit.

There are three main parts to the Jessica Rabbit Waver. There’s the shaft, the ears and the control panel. The control panel also contains the batteries. What stood out for me about this rabbit compared to others was how it looked and the LCD display feature.

Jessica Rabbit Waver

What does it feel like?

The Jessica Rabbit Waver is very feels nice and soft. It’s also firm but squishy.

It’s made of skin-safe, phthalates-free and latex-free materials.  It’s therefore a good choice if you’re allergic to latex.

How big is the Jessica Rabbit Waver?

The waver is 10 inches long. It’s insertable up to 5 inches. That’s about average for a rabbit vibrator.

Although it would be nice for it to be just a little longer, if you look at other rabbit vibrators you will see that most of them are also insertable up to 5 inches.

I thought it had a good-sized girth and made me feel full enough when inserted.

How is the Jessica Rabbit Waver powered?

As batteries are mentioned above, you will have already guessed it’s battery-powered.

I’m always pleasantly surprised when battery-powered toys arrive including batteries because lots of online shops don’t supply them, and they make you order them separately.

How loud is it?

The Jessica Rabbit Waver wasn’t overly loud. No one else has commented on the volume in the reviews. This suggests it wasn’t an issue for anyone else either.

Does it really work?

Like all rabbit vibrators there’s the moving shaft. This inserts inside your vagina and the “ears” stay on the outside which stimulate your clitoris. If you’re already a fan of rabbit vibrators you will know how great this combination feels.

The Jessica Rabbit Waver is one of the best rabbit vibrators I’ve tried. I loved the unique way it sends waves and ripples down it’s shaft. This was just amazing. It feels a lot like actual penetration from sex and when combined with the rabbit ears doing their thing against your clitoris it’s incredible!

How many settings does it have?

What’s brilliant about the Jessica Rabbit Waver is that it has a possible 81 vibration combinations. Yes 81! Rabbit Vibrator Jessica Rabbit Waver Bondara

How do you get 81? There are 9 functions of speed vibration for the shaft. This means you can choose to have the shaft moving slowly, quickly, or somewhere in between.

There are also 9 functions for the rabbit ears, including speeds and patterns.

Each different shaft speed can be combined with a different ear function, giving you 81 different ways to use the Jessica Rabbit Waver.

Of course you will quickly develop your own favourite way of using the waver, but it’s great to have so many choices. It’s better than just having one or two options where you could quickly get bored. After all, variety is the spice of life!

How do you use it?

Having all of those functions might sound a bit complicated, especially if you’re new to sex toys. But it really was simple to use.

This is where the digital display really came in handy because it shows clearly what functions you are using.

Unlike rabbit vibrators with no display, where you have to feel your way through the functions, this one lets you see what you are using.

To switch on you press the central on/off button, and again to switch off. The shaft functions and the rabbit ears functions are changed by pressing the  +/- buttons.

You will see a number displayed showing you which function you are on.

It’s like moving through channels with your television remote! You just press up and down. One number applies to the shaft function, and the other to the ears function. The display pad is also touch sensitive so a gentle press will change modes for you.

What are the pros?

– Definitely what it can do to you is a good point, the waves and the clit stimulation are incredible.

– It has lots of possible combinations and you’re unlikely to get bored of this rabbit for a long time.

– It has an LCD display clearly showing what functions you’re using and is touch sensitive.

– It’s a good affordable price.

– It’s a very pretty and appealing vibrator. Pink and purple are good colour choices.

What are the cons?

– Being battery-powered. 

– One reviewer did say she found it a little heavy but could handle it okay. I didn’t find it overly heavy but everyone is different and thought I would include it so you’re aware.

– It’s not waterproof but is splash-proof so you can clean it, but don’t hold it completely underwater.


In summary there are lots of rabbit vibrators on the market today and so much choice. What made me choose the Jessica Rabbit Waver is firstly the look which I loved, and secondly the LCD display with 81 possible combinations to play with.

You can get yours from Lovehoney with free discreet delivery here.