Lelo Insignia Isla Review


What’s in the box?

As always when I order my toys from Lovehoney, my new Lelo Insignia Isla arrived quickly in plain packaging. It was nice and discreet.

I really don’t want my postman to know what I’m having delivered, (even though he’s a friendly guy).

Opening the package the Lelo Insignia Isla was presented in a lovely glossy black box.


Inside was:

  • The purple Lelo Insignia Isla itself. It’s available in black, purple or green but colour availability varies between shops.
  • Mains charger
  • Free sachet of lube
  • Gorgeous satin bag
  • Gold Insignia symbol brooch
  • Instruction manual
  • 10 year quality guarantee

What does it look like?

The Lelo Insignia Isla is possibly the most beautiful vibrator I’ve ever seen, and I own a few!

Not only is it very pretty and to be admired, it’s obviously extremely high quality. It looks very well made.


What does it feel like?

It’s made from silicone so feels very silky, smooth and luxurious.

It feels good to hold with the looped handle so it’s easy to control. It fits nicely in your hand as you use it.

This toy makes me feel very feminine and sexy just owning it.

The curve means that when it’s inside you it’s pushing against your G spot and feels immensely good. You can really build yourself up using the various settings to the most powerful orgasms.


As it’s made from silicone, you need to use a water-based lubricant.

I love Yes lubricant because it feels very natural and silky. It’s expensive but it’s organic and is as luxurious as the Lelo Insignia Isla. A perfect companion.

How big is it?

In total it’s 9 inches long. It’s insertable up to 5 inches, 4.1 inches wide.

It’s a nice size; not too big, and not too small either. I think they’ve got it right.

The drawstring bag is satin and adds even more luxury to the Lelo Insignia Isla.

It’s really useful for keeping it hidden away when you want to keep it in your handbag or your suitcase. It’s not obvious there’s a vibrator inside the bag at all.

How is it powered?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the Lelo Insignia Isla comes with a mains charger.

That means no more messing about with batteries that slow down the vibrations, or even worse, run out half way through your pleasure. I’ve been there.

With battery powered vibrators I’ve found I hardly end up using them because you have to keep buying expensive batteries. Then they’ve usually run out when I come to next use the vibrator!

Mains charging is definitely the way forward and so much easier!

This is especially with the Lelo Insignia Isla being so powerful. Batteries would just kill it. It does need mains power.

You just have to plug it in every two or three days (depending on how much you use it) and it’s charged up really quickly and ready to go.

It takes around two hours to charge, and when fully charged it lasts for 4 hours so you get double the amount of time which is really good!


How loud is it?

On the first setting it’s virtually silent. The first setting is really strong so that says a lot about the power in this vibe.

It gets progressively louder the more you move up the settings.

Moving up and down between the settings is simple by just pressing the middle button to cycle through the different modes.

No vibrator on full power is ever going to be silent. But as vibrators go, it’s very quiet.

It’s that quiet on the first setting that you can’t even hear if it’s switched on. You have to feel it to be sure it’s switched off!

Does it really work?

Yes! I’m really glad I bought it. It was a worthwhile investment.

And it was an investment in myself. (Not only for the orgasms, but it makes me feel luxurious and like I really care for myself by using such a brilliant vibrator).

How many settings does it have?

The are controls are along the top side of the Lelo Insignia Isla. There’s a plus (+) button, minus (-) button and mode button. Nice and simple.

It has 6 modes that you can cycle through.

It also has a “lock” function; meaning it won’t start vibrating by itself in your handbag or even worse in your suitcase!


How do you use it?

To start the Lelo Insignia Isla you need to hold down the plus button for about a second and it then begins vibrating on a constant setting to begin with.

To increase the intensity you just need to hold down the plus button. The Lelo Insignia Isla immediately moves up a gear. (Much stronger vibrations).

To decrease the power you just need to press and hold down the minus button.

To move between the 6 modes, just press the middle mode button and the pattern of vibrations changes. With each press of the mode button, the Lelo Insignia Isla responds by changing pattern.

To turn off you just press and hold down the minus button.

How is it waterproof?

Unique about the Lelo Insignia Isla is it’s completely waterproof.

I can say I’ve tried testing this with my Lelo Insignia Isla in the bath and it worked! I have to say I was a little dubious about putting it under water but it was completely fine.

There’s a video on Lovehoney demonstrating this too – the presenter drops the Lelo Insignia Isla into a bowl of water to prove it.

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 11.52.57

It’s waterproof because it’s made of “self-healing silicone”.

The outside of the Lelo Insignia Isla is completely sealed, so the way to get the charger in is you just push the wire through the silicone into the charger point. There’s an obvious dent in the Lelo Insignia Isla where to push the charger in.

When you’ve charged the Lelo Insignia Isla, you then just remove the wire, and as if by magic, the outside seals back up!

What are the good points?

  • Obviously how it looks and feels – it’s a touch of sheer class.
  • It’s kick ass powerful, and it’s also quiet.
  • It’s mains charged.
  • It makes you feel very feminine and like you own something very precious.
  • It’s waterproof!!
  • It has a “lock” function to stop it turning on at inappropriate moments.

What are the bad points?

  • It is on the expensive side for a vibrator but well worth it.
  • It’s insertable 5 inches. Some women might prefer a bigger vibrator.

What do other people say?

The reviews on Lovehoney are all really positive reviews. Everyone else using it seems to agree it’s a good vibrator.

One review I noticed sounded like it might be written by the manufacturer. It ended with “available on Lovehoney”, even though the review was written on Lovehoney.

lelo insignia isla

Check out some of the other reviews on the Lelo Insignia Isla.

Why spend more on a luxury toy?

Having used both cheaper and expensive sex toys, it’s noticeable how much nicer the luxury more expensive toys feel.

They’re obviously made of better material and are more pleasurable because they’re better made and thought out.

It’s personal choice, but for me I would never go back to a cheap vibrator having tried out the Lelo Insignia Isla. There’s just no comparison to the cheaper models.

Not only is it the convenience of being mains charged and not having to keep forking out on batteries that you keep needing to replace, it’s the look, feel and way it works.

Sure, a cheaper vibrator can give you good orgasms too, but I know it’s worth spending that bit extra. It’s all about the experience.

Where can I get the Lelo Insignia Isla?

I always get my sex toys from Love Honey (just because I know they’re always reliable, and post quickly in discreet packaging). Delivery is also included.

You can purchase the Lelo Insignia Isla from several online shops.

Get yours from Lovehoney – available in black and gorgeous purple.