Lovehoney Review

It’s about time I wrote a Lovehoney review itself, after writing so many reviews of their sex toys!

Here’s a quick introduction to Lovehoney, and why I love buying from them.

1. They deliver quickly

Very often your order will arrive the day after you place it.

That means no waiting and wondering how long your toy will be. You can practically guarantee it will arrive within a day or two. When I place an order for a toy, it usually means I’m in the mood to try it – and I don’t want to be kept waiting for several days!

2. Packaging is always discreet

The last thing I want when I’ve got a sex toy being delivered is for the postman to know what it is.

There’s never any danger of that with Lovehoney, and there’s no indication of what’s inside the parcel. Perfectly discreet!

3. The quality is always good

They have a reputation to maintain and with that comes only delivery high quality toys.

I’ve never had any problems with the toys I’ve ordered. Although they do range in how good they are to use on myself, quality wise you can tell they are always well made and safe.

4. Customer service is attentive

There is even live chat available on the website, and a phone number right at the top of the page.

If you ever have a question, they get back to you quickly. I can’t say what they are like if you have a problem because I’ve never had one, but from asking questions, I’d say any problems would be dealt with well. Let me know if you have any experiences with this.

5. Delivery is always free

Believe it or not, many other sex toy shops online charge you for delivery.

It’s always good to know that when you are placing an order, you’re not going to get an extra price added on at the end for delivery. The price you see is the price you pay.

6. They have tons of reviews

For most of the sex toys, there are lots and lots of reviews from other people. Have a look, seriously, I’ve even read a few funny stories on there of experiences with sex toys.

When you are buying a new toy, especially an expensive one, it’s great to read other people’s opinions and the reviews on there give you plenty of help making your choice.

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