Lux Fetish Sex Swing

lux fetish sex swing

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lux fetish sex swing straps

In this short post I’m going to be talking about the Lux Fetish Sex Swing.

This swing is for the adventurous ones amongst you. It’s good fun though, I promise you!! Keep reading to find out all about the Lux Fetish Sex Swing and if it’s for you before you buy.

What is the Lux Fetish Sex Swing?

Well, it’s a sex swing with a very sturdy support frame that helps you enjoy the very best positions possible! It uses carabiner clips, a spring and a chain.

What’s included in the box?

You get the swing itself, a manual, plus two body straps and two foot stirrups.

lux sex swing clips

What are the features?

This swing has some pretty cool features I must say. Here’s a few of them:

It has padded supports that feel comfortable.  The supports are velvety and feel really luxurious. You can also adjust the size of the straps to suit you and the positions you are using it in, and the padding is removable too.

How heavy can you be to use it?

The Lux Fetish Sex Swing holds a person up to 1000 lb in weight, or 71 stone (453 kg!) Yikes! That’s pretty heavy. I think that covers most of us. The frame is industrial strength to a professional standard, so you know you’re buying something that’s really high quality and well built.

Where can I use this swing?

As it is tall, it’s best if your room has a high ceiling and it’s recommended has strong rafters.

What are the good points?

You can use it for all manner of positions.

It feels very sturdy and secure when you are in it and it’s easy to get into.

lux fetish sex swing review

Are there any bad points?

lux fetish swing chains

One bad but kind of obvious point here is that you do need to assemble this swing, although assembling it is fairly straightforward. But it does mean that it’s going to be up until you disassemble it. If you have a dedicated area for it that’s great.

BUT if you don’t want something that needs assembly and can be used and put away in seconds, consider the Door Jam Sex Swing I recently reviewed. This one goes over a door and doesn’t take up any room.

What are other people saying?

There is plenty more to read about the Lux Fetish Sex Swing. Incredibly this swing has received 10 out of 10, and 5 five star reviews so far. It’s definitely something that I and other people are really enjoying.

Lux Fetish Sex Swing


Where can I get one?

Lovehoney: £64.99 including free delivery.