Mr Big Rabbit from Lovehoney Review

I decided to do my next review on the Mr Big Rabbit by Lovehoney. It’s an extra large rabbit and perfect for people who like their rabbits on the larger side!

What’s in the box?

As always when I buy from Lovehoney, my package arrived quickly and was wrapped very discreetly! In the box you will find your vibrator itself, packaging, instructions and a gorgeous pink satin carrying bag.

What does it look like?

Mr Big Rabbit has a sleek and shiny control section, a large and moveable rabbit for clitoral stimulation which is powered by a silver bullet vibrator.

The actual shaft section is modern looking with a clear realistically shaped head with swirls, white pearls that move when the vibrator is switched on and a darker coloured base.

It looks larger and feels than many other rabbit vibrators – they don’t call it Mr Big Rabbit for nothing!!

What does Mr Big Rabbit feel like?

It feels smooth, and has some pretty swirls around the shaft. With a shaped head and non allergenic rubber, making this vibrator feel nice to the touch – firm and flexible.

How big is it?

The length is 10 inches and has 6.25 inches of insertable length and is 4.6 inches in diameter.

The rabbit section has long and has flexible ears and a pointed nose used for clitoral stimulation.

How is it powered?

Mr Big Rabbit is powered by 4 x AA size batteries inserted in the battery compartment at the base which work both the shaft and the bullet vibrator that is inside the rabbit part. If I was to change anything, I would change how this is powered.

4 batteries is a pain so stock up and don’t forget to order plenty!

How loud is it?

It is relatively quiet for a larger vibrator. It is quiet enough to use with or without a partner and won’t wake anyone else up in another room. More of a hum than a vibration noise so suitable for many people.

How many settings does it have?

There are 2 speed settings for each section and they can be used separately or simultaneously. The shaft of the vibrator also has 2 settings for the rotation (direction) of the head and pearls.

How do you use it?

This vibrator can be used both internally and externally, with control for both sections so you can choose which to use or have both working at the same time.

The shaft will rotate to give internal stimulation and the vibrations are strong and pleasurable. The rabbit section is wonderful on sensitive areas and can lead to fantastic G-spot orgasms!

Does it really work?

It does work, yes. And with a little time and experimentation it works extremely well and is sure to become a firm favourite.

The longer ears of the rabbit are very pleasurable like all rabbit vibrators, and the size of the vibrator feels nice and full when inserted.

What are the good points?

he extra girth and firm jelly construction are very comfortable.

The pearls inside certainly give extra stimulation where needed.

The fact that both the rabbit and the actual vibrator can be used separately was great for me and meant I could concentrate on either vaginal or clitoral pleasure.

What are the bad points?

I found the base rather bulky to hold and the buttons  slightly fiddly when in use. It was too easy to press the button I didn’t want.

It’s quite heavy.

I would have preferred it in a more feminine colour.

What do other people say?

Other reviewers on the Lovehoney website back me up and say this is one of the best sex toys they have ever purchased. They loved the long rabbit ears and found the vibrations powerful.

Some even said the rabbit was cute. Others mentioned that the vibrator could be a little more quiet but overall this toy was well liked and enjoyed.

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Where can I get one?

Get a wide range of rabbits at Lovehoney with free discreet delivery 🙂