Orgasmised for Christmas

How are you doing this fine Friday?

I’m really feeling the chill right now. But I had to share with you this sexy Christmas Santa outfit I’ve fallen in love with. (£20 at Ann Summers, love!)


Whilst I’m here let’s talk about what’s going on right now.

It’s a good time of year to get everything organised for Christmas and next year, well in advance, before the crazy rush. And you can be all calm and relaxed whilst everyone else is out in the cold doing things last minute. That’s my plan anyway!

And how do I do that?

I buy pretty much everything online, sex toys, groceries, christmas presents. Sure there’s the odd thing I buy locally but it’s more as a top up.

Make a list of who you need to buy for – think hard about what you’re going to buy them, find it and order it now. Not later. I like to create small pieces of paper for each person and write that person’s name at the top, and underneath what they’re getting. Sorted.

Naughty Christmas Gifts

Sex toys and lingerie make very lovely gifts for your partner and already you can shop for these gifts at my 3 fave places online: Lovehoney, Bondara and Ann Summers.

Lovehoney has a ‘find the perfect sexy Christmas gift‘ section in preparation for the big day.

So definitely go and check some of these places out if you’re wanting to get organised (or orgasmised) for Christmas, and surprise your partner with a sexy new toy or some slutty lingerie!