Buying Your First Sex Toy

image Bondara Rechargeable Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

Buying your first sex toy can be quite a scary and intimidating experience for many. But fear not, you can really easily order online and there are so many online shops and choices of toys to buy.

If you’re pretty clueless about sex toys I’ve created this guide to buying your first toy. You fancy buying your first sex toy but need some help on where to begin.

Choosing your online shop



Most online sex toy shops will always deliver your order very very discreetly. Trust me on this, their parcels are very bare, with just a trading address and no sign of who the package is from or what’s inside.

I have had sex toys delivered to my neighbours when I’ve not been in and not been remotely bothered because I know there’s no way of telling what it contained!

I’ve had the most experience ordering from Lovehoney and Bondara

Bondara and know they are always very good at delivering my order quickly and very discreetly.

Prices can vary between sex toy shops but the same toys are usually around the same price give or take a few pounds.

Most sex toy shops will include free delivery and if they don’t it’s often free over a certain spend.

Another thing I like about buying from Lovehoney and Bondara is they are usually have the lowest price and delivery is always free. They’re a great choice for buying your first sex toy from.

Types of sex toy to choose from

Here’s where it gets interesting!

When buying your first sex toy you may not have a clue about what you want or like. As this blog is aimed at female readers I’m going to recommend you some good female toys that are good all round introductory toys.

Good introductory toys

Buying your first sex toy should be fun and exciting. Relax, shop with an open mind. There is no need to feel overwhelmed or anxious. This is a new chapter for you. Let yourself feel sexy and free, you’ve made the decision to improve your own personal pleasure level, and up your overall sexiness levels!

Things to consider before buying your first sex toy

Buying your first sex toy

The look

Buying your first sex toy

Do you think you would prefer something sleek and classy, or are you not remotely bothered how it looks? Perhaps you don’t care if it is a bright colour and shaped like a character! It really comes down to personal preference. Some people would prefer to have a toy that is plain, sleek and beautiful, whilst others really like in your face bright colours with painted on eyes and faces. There is something out there to suit everybody.

My first sex toy was plain white and very very plain. I quickly realised, it doesn’t matter whatsoever what the toy looks like, it’s hot it makes you feel. I have a bright blue rabbit vibrator with glitter that makes me feel incredible. It’s not exactly beautiful, but it can sure blow my mind! Buying your first sex toy should be something that first attracts you to it, whatever the reason, and go from there.


Would you you prefer an all singing and dancing toy, or prefer to keep it simple with one or two options? How are you with other technology. If you like the latest gadgets, you’re likely to enjoy a toy that does lots of stuff, or if you prefer simple things, a more basic toy might be for you in the beginning.

The price

Prices vary from the most basic of magic bullets at £3.99 through to over £100 for luxury high end sex toys. The more you pay, the greater the quality however you can have just as much fun with the cheapest of toys. You don’t have to pay a fortune. Both Lovehoney and Bondara alone have some really low price good toys, I’m talking less than £10 toys.

Saying that I also really love high end toys by Lelo. These are often rechargeable with the most beautiful colours, curves and soft silicone material.

The reviews

zany pocket friend small vibe

The reviews on the shop website and read other reviews too (there are some great ones here at sextoysreviewed) 🙂


Do you mind bright colours or would you prefer something more neutral or natural looking?

Pour yourself a glass of wine, open your mind, and enjoy!!

Here’s a round up of some of my past posts that will hopefully help you decide when buying your first sex toy!!

Best wand massagers

Best bullet vibrators

Rabbit vibrator reviews

Don’t forget some lube. I recommend some Tracey Cox Orgasm gel, or some YES Organic lube. Either of these are great for enhancing your sex toy pleasure.

Tracey Cox SuperSex G-Spot Vibrator Review

tracey cox supersex

tracey cox gspot vibrator

Hey guys, this is  my review of the Tracey Cox SuperSex G-Spot vibrator.


When you receive your Tracey Cox Super Sex G-spot vibrator through the post (in your discreetly labelled parcel I might add), you receive the vibrator nicely packaged in a classy and well designed box. It’s not remotely tacky looking, and it instantly gives you the feeling that you’ve bought a higher end sex toy rather than something cheap. Even though the price isn’t high.

How does it work?

To use this vibrator there are two build in push buttons on the bottom. You press the bottom button to switch it on, and the top button that has a line on it, is the function button to change the controls. Keep pressing the function button until you find the setting that wows you.

To switch it off, just press the bottom power button again, and it will switch off.

tracey cox g-spot vibrator

How loud is it?

You can see Annabelle Knight show you this vibrator in action in her video review. To get an idea of how loud it is, watch this (below). But if you don’t want to watch it, this vibrator is nice and quiet. It has a quiet hum to it, and I’ve used vibrators that are a heck of a lot louder than this one.  Plus most of the time you’re using it, it’s going to be inside you.

Tracey Cox SuperSex Vibrator
Click here to watch Annabelle Knight review this vibrator.

How is it powered?

The Tracey Cox SuperSex G-Spot vibrator is powered by a single AA battery. It’s inserted by untwisted the end of the vibrator and just popping it in the right way round. Because this toy is waterproof, remember to make sure that you do twist the lid back on fully so the insides don’t get damaged by water.

This is really the only downside to this vibrator for me. I prefer toys that can be mains powered (charged up) and batteries are a right pain. BUT saying that, battery toys are always a lot cheaper, so if price is something you are conscious of, a battery powered toy can be a lot more affordable than a mains powered toy.

What size is it?

g-spot vibrator supersex

I think this Tracey Cox Supersex G-spot vibrator is a really good size and it was ideal for me. It has an insertable length of 4 inches and 4 inches of girth at it’s widest point. It’s not too big, and not too small, the designers have got it right. With it’s wave and curved tip, it hits all the right places!

How good is it?

There are 7 different functions and 3 different speeds on the Tracey Cox SuperSex G-Spot vibrator so there are lots of options to choose from to keep you entertained. Altogether it has 10 functions. It gave me incredible G-spot orgasms, and that’s definitely to do with it’s shape, size and functionality.

What are the bad points?

My only negative is that it’s battery powered as opposed to mains chargeable. But, you can’t always have everything and if it was mains powered, it would also cost a lot more to buy.

What are the good points?

1. It’s velvety smooth, no seams and feels like it’s more expensive than it really is (£19.99 at time of writing plus free delivery)

2. It’s completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower or the bath without concern about damaging it, as well as making cleaning it a breeze.

3. I think the Tracey Cox SuperSex G-Spot vibrator is a really powerful toy. It definitely hits the spot, right where you want it! The controls are nice and easy, so if you feel like less vibration or more vibration, you can just increase or decrease the speed, or alter the pattern.

What are other people saying?

There are currently 117 reviews you can read, with an average rating of 8 out of 10. That’s a really high score and this toy is obviously well-liked and a good choice.


Where can I get mine?

You can get your Tracey Cox SuperSex G-Spot Vibrator for £19.99 including delivery.

Sex Swing by Door Jam Review


door jam sex swing

I had to write a review on the door jam sex swing by Sportsheets because it’s such a good addition to your sex life. The sex swing has come a long way over the past few years and this little contraption is really well designed. Let me talk you through it and then you can have a read of what other people are saying about it and make your own mind up before you buy.

What’s in the box?

The box included the sex swing itself, along with a padded seat, foot supports and hand grips.

What’s it made of?

The sex swing is made of polyester fabric, polypropylene webbing, plastic hardware, nickel free metal, galvanized metal and polyethylene foam. It is obviously made of high quality materials and very strong and sturdy.

Door jam sex swing video
Watch Annabelle Knight talk about this sex swing

How easy is it set up?

The box itself was harder to open than the actual swing was to get set up. It’s fairly self explanatory. Make sure you use it over a solid door. There are foot rests and hand straps that are adjustable. Bars secure the straps over your door. Slip them over, and then close the door. It’s really simple to use.

What about getting into it?

There are mixed views on this. I found it easy to get into, but some have found it a little awkward to get into. Once actually into it, it feels comfortable, secure and very sexy. You may feel a little wary of getting into it at first, that’s pretty normal. Know that this swing is designed to hold you over a solid door, and it supports up to 325 pounds.

You can get it into the sex swing yourself, but it is much easier with your partner guiding you into the stirrups too.

Top Tip: the first time you set it up, work out what height your partner thrusts at so you can adjust the swing to this height. The higher it goes, the harder it can be to get into at first.

What’s the sex swing experience like?

Sex standing up made easy! Being in this swing gives you a feeling of weightlessness. It makes you feel exposed and spread, ready for your partner to have his (or her) way with you. Your partner can get a good range of motion. Whilst in the swing it’s easy to slide and angle yourself to get a good position for hitting your G-spot.

Something to try: Try this with the man with  his back to the door, and your feet pushing off the door as an alternative position.

Advantages of this sex swing?

I love that you can set it up and be in it very quickly. It gives you the convenience to have a sex swing nearly anywhere you want one.

It’s great for your partner to really see you enjoying yourself in this sex swing. You can also get some great positions in it to really hit the G-spot and have some incredible sex. It’s optimum pleasure. It’s ideal for couples looking for something new and inexpensive in the bedroom / wherever you use it!  You can also sit in it backwards.

Are there any disadvantages?

This cannot be used over just any door. You need a solid door and the “action” side of the door will be the one that is not on the side with the hinges showing. This means that if your only solid door is your front door, then you’d have to have sex outside use it. Ideally check your doors before purchasing!

What are other people saying?

There are some really useful reviews to help you make your decision. Check some of these reviews out. Overall the feedback is extremely positive.

Door Jam Sex Swing

Investment: £44.99 including free delivery.


Hitachi Magic Wand Alternative


I regularly get readers asking me where they can buy the Hitachi magic wand in the UK. Sadly this toy is no longer available in the UK today but fear not!! There is a great alternative I will tell you about.

Hitachi Magic Wand back story


The Hitachi Magic Wand was originally brought out in the 1970’s as a massager for your muscles. You read it correctly, for your muscles.

It was mains powered and had incredibly powerful vibrations. Where were people inevitably going to end up using this? Yup, you guessed it, intimate pleasure.

No safety mark

Due to having no safety certification mark, this Hitachi magic wand was banned in the UK. The CE mark declares that a product is safe for use in the European Union and all sex toys have to have one, and that includes magic wand massagers.

If you see a Hitachi magic wand for sale within the UK – please be aware that is being sold illegally, or it’s a fake. There have been a lot of fakes being imported into the UK.

Lovehoney have a great video comparing their deluxe wand and the Hitachi. Click to visit and watch.

How to spot a fake Hitachi Magic Wand

There are a number of tell tale signs of a fake Hitachi Magic Wand.

Here’s what to look out for:

1. The design and packaging.

The original hitachi magic wand is white with a blue coloured neck like in the photo above.

2. On-off button

The genuine hitachi magic wand has a rectangular shaped blue plate surrounding the on-off button. It says “magic wand original”.

Fakes often tend to have an oval shaped plate, with slightly different named brands on it so that you don’t realise.

Alternative to the Hitachi Magic Wand

There is one best selling alternative in the UK, designed with the Hitachi magic wand in mind. It’s the Lovehoney magic wand deluxe and in my opinion (and 479 others and counting!) it’s the next best thing to the Hitachi magic wand.

Let’s take a closer look at the Lovehoney Deluxe wand to help you make up your mind if it’s a good alternative to go for…..

The Lovehoney wand was voted the best sex toy by Female First magazine.

It measures around 13 inches long. Like the Hitachi, I love the very flexible head on this wand that bends and moves. It’s not only good for big orgasms, it’s great to relieving tired aching muscles. It’s powerful and effective on tight shoulder knots and aching feet.

Despite being large, it actually feels light weight and it’s vibrations hardly travel down the shaft like they can with some powerful sex toys. You don’t end up with a numb hand. And believe me, I’ve had a numb hand before from holding vibrators that have vibrations going all the way down the handle!

Mains Power

There is a 1.8 metres of cable length attached to the plug. It’s a decent length but if you don’t happen to have a plug near by you, you may need an extension lead. This is the thing with mains powered toys – you generally will need a plug by your bed!

Obviously mains power is a big selling point – and one of the reason that big powerful wands are that bit more expensive. There’s just more to them than a little battery powered toy. The mains power gives the wand tons more strength, power and reliability.

hitachi magic wand alternative
Lovehoney’s Annabel Knight explains why their deluxe model is a great alternative to the Hitachi. Click to visit and watch.


How loud is it?

Okay, so this wand is not whisper quiet but it’s not that bad. It’s one of the quietest wands (just read the reviews and see what everyone else says too). Everyone has their own opinion. Basically the faster the speed, the louder it gets. So if you want to stay super quiet, only use a slower speed.

What about the controls?

This deluxe wand is really easy to use, there is a single control wheel. To switch it on you just slide the switch up and down. This also controls the speed. The more you slide up the switch, the faster the vibrations. It’s easy to slow down by sliding the switch down again.


Good points of the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand?

  • It has many uses. It’s not only good for orgasms. It’s good for tired and aching muscles. You could call it a vibrator and massager in one. In fact many wands are also known as massagers.
  • It’s powerful and has more to it than other magic wands. The mains power gives it a lot more strength than other rechargeable or battery powered toys.
  • There are additional attachments you can buy for it, to turn the deluxe into your ultimate toy!


Are there any Bad points?

  • It’s not exactly a negative for me, but I have to point out the sound. It’s not super quiet and some readers might be put off by that. But you can’t expect a mains powered, strong wand like this one to have no sound. It’s just not going to happen.
  • This wand is not waterproof. There are grooves on the handle that will need cleaning. Beware of getting any water inside the wand. You don’t want to go ruining it.

The Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand is a powerful toy, and a fantastic alternative to the Hitachi Magic Wand in the UK.

It has been designed with the Hitachi in mind. It’s main selling points are it’s mains power, quieter than many, and it has many other uses other than just orgasms.r

Read what everyone else is saying here, and make your own mind up!

How To Clean Sex Toys


You’ve been revelling in absolute bliss with your sex toys. Glorious orgasms. Plenty of lube and wetness. Heaven.

But when the fun is over… it’s crucial that you clean your sex toy. I know, I know, it’s not exactly thrilling to talk about this topic. But it’s an important one.

How to clean sex toys?

Sex toys can harbour dirty bacteria that can give you a lot of problems (I’m talking about infections). We won’t go into all the details, because, quite frankly you can easily avoid this by taking a little bit of time to keep your toys clean.

Before you even buy your toy, take note of what it’s made of… determine how it’s washed.

Usually you can read this on the product description. If may say splash proof, water-proof or even submersible.

Splash proof means it can’t be submerged in a lot of water, but it can be washed carefully. Water-proof usually means it’s pretty much water-proof and water won’t do anything to it. You can usually wash it easily without worrying about doing damage.

The best of all is submersible which means you can literally hold is right under water and give it a good scrub from top to bottom. It’s important to check this out before you start washing it.

The material that the sex toy is made of can also affect how you wash it. Let’s take a closer look at how to treat toys based on their material type…


Is it silicone, glass, steel or wood and motorised?

Wash it with a mild soap and damp cloth to keep it clean.

Is it silicone, pyrex, steel or stone and not motorised?

Wash it with very hot water and a mild damp soap, or you can even put put this in the dish washer without dishwasher soap.

Is it Cyber skin?

Use a little soap and some warm water to clean. Be careful because too many suds can damage this sensitive material.

Is it hard plastic, elastomer, thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) or jelly rubber?

These porous materials can harbour bacteria and sexually transmitted infections. Wash these toys with soap and water. Ideally, if sharing these toys with a partner use a condom.

When you’ve finished cleaning your toy, dry it off with a clean paper towel. You could use a clean towel, but beware that when sex toys are wet, especially rubber one, they will attract ‘fluff’ that sticks to them when wet.

If you can, just leave it stood up in the open air to dry. Once it’s nice and dry, store it in a case or a bag to protect it and keep it clean for next time.

Happy 2015!

It’s New Years Eve and I just wanted to write and wish you a very Happy New Year for tomorrow, and I hope that you have a wonderful 2015.

What will you be up to? Whatever it is, I hope it involves some fireworks, whether they’re in the sky or in your pants 😉


It’s been a great year for sex toys with lots of new models being brought out, as well as some of our old favourites sticking around.

What has been your favourite toy this year?

In 2015 look out for lots more on Sex Toys Reviewed. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you and can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store.

Stay Sexy,





5 of the Best Vibrating Knickers


Vibrating knickers always make a nice sexy gift or maybe you want to invest in a pair to treat yourself. There are some really great vibrating knickers to try, as well as some really terrible ones which I haven’t bought after reading terrible reviews on them (e.g. Ann Summers have a really poorly rated version). Here’s my run down of 5 of the very best available right now.

 1. Fetish Fantasy Elite Black Vibrating Panty


These Fetish Fantasy vibrating knickers are a bit different to other types of vibrating underwear that usually use bullets. These instead use a massager that fits the body’s curves within the knickers. They are very effective. Randomly, they also come with a mask. Two straps hold the massager securely in place as you wear them, and the feeling is very nice. There are seven patterns that you can use, however there is no remote control which is a downside.

They look quite gothic and will appeal to people who enjoy bondage play, especially with the eye mask.



  • Security of the massager.
  • Made with soft silicone.
  • Free mask, plus lube, toy cleaner and batteries.

These are effective and a good quality investment. It’s just a shame they don’t include a remote control which would really make them stand out.

Investment: £32.99 including delivery

2. Annabelle Knight Shhh! Vibrating Knickers


Annabelle Knight has been presenting Lovehoney video reviews for a long time, and she’s recently brought our her own range of sex toys and underwear. These Shhh! vibrating knickers are from her own range.

I have to say, even alone, these vibrating knickers are really pretty. They have a special hidden pocket to house the mini bullet vibrator that comes with them.

They’ve received 23 reviews so far from other buyers, with an overall rating of 8 out of 10 which is a decent score and they’re obviously a popular choice for vibrating underwear lovers.



  • They’re really well made and look very pretty.
  • The bullet itself is powerful and good quality.
  • They’re at the cheapest end of the scale of vibrating knickers.

Overall, these are a good quality buy. Annabel Knight has personally had a part in the design of these for her to put her name to it. You can watch her talking about them in her video on the product page.

Investment: £18.99 including delivery

3. Party In Your Pants

I love the name of these! They’ve received some fantastic reviews on Bondara so far which you can have a read of. One reviewer said she wears these to go shopping in. Seriously? Love it!

Hands free bullet control is exactly what you want with any vibrating underwear, so it’s very nice to be able to control these wherever you are. The best part of remote control vibrating knickers is to hand the control to your partner and have them control your pleasure over dinner or somewhere that only you two know about your secret.


  • Great price.
  • The bullet fits securely in the ideal location for your clitoris.
  • Waterproof bullet
  • Remote control

Overall, these are great. Good price, remote control, they do exactly what you want and expect. They’re definitely a hot favourite.

Investment: £19.99 including delivery

4. Remote Vibrating Panties

The remote on these actually works 10 metres away. Nice! Another great thing to note about these is that the vibrations are really very quiet. Other vibrating knickers can tend to be on the noisy side which is not what you want when you are enjoying secret pleasure.


  • Remote control (hooray!)
  • Quiet vibrations
  • Batteries included

Overall, another good choice. Between these and Party in your Pants it really comes down to personal preference and price.

Investment: £25.99 including delivery

5. Hanky Spank Vibrating Thong


I really like the branding of Hanky Spank. They’re a well-established brand and this lacy black thong is really appealing. Like others of its kind, it has a secret pocket located exactly where you need it to house the bullet it comes with. The location of the bullet gives precise clitoral stimulation.



  • Pretty thong
  • The bullet is very quiet
  • Batteries included

Investment: £22.99 including delivery

What about you? What’s your favourite? Share your experiences with your own vibrating knickers!

Heated Rechargeable Vibrator

gold warm rechargeable vibe

Flamingo Pretty Love Heated Vibrator

Rechargeable vibrator, gold plated, and it warms up! This is my review of the Flamingo by Pretty Love. Find out what’s good about it and what’s not so good.

What’s in the box?

Inside the box was your Flamingo rechargeable vibrator with heat control presented on a protective foam bed, a USB charger in a separate little box, a small bag, and a set of instructions.

What does it look like?

Being gold-plated it looks a very expensive and luxurious vibrator. There’s currently only one colour available, black and gold. I hope that in future versions there may be other colours available.

Perhaps a deep pink and gold would look nice, especially being called Flamingo. Black is my least favourite colour for a sex toy, but the gold-plating certainly makes up for it.

What does it feel like?

The Flamingo does feel quite heavy compared to other vibrators but I like that because it feels sturdier and more well-built. It’s what you’d exGold plated vibrator heating flamingopect from a rechargeable vibrator.

I love the feel. It’s soft and smooth and is made of medical grade silicone giving it that silky feel you only get with silicone toys. Plus it’s gold-plated.

  • Tip – Only use water-based lube with the vibrator to avoid damaging the silicone coating. Silicone-based lubes degrade silicone coating.

How big is it?

The Flamingo is 6.5 inches and is insertable up to 4.5 inches. The heating and vibrating end is the largest side with the gold-plating.

How is it powered?

Unusually this vibrator is charged up via USB. It comes with a USB plug which slots into the vibrator and then the other end into a USB socket. You can either plug it into the USB socket on your laptop or computer, or you can buy a USB mains adapters which plugs into the mains.

A mains plug would be more preferable rather than USB – but it’s certainly better than using batteries that run out and are expensive to replace. Being a rechargeable vibrator means you can always have the vibrator ready to use any time and not have to worry about having no batteries.

Charging takes 2 hours and you get around one and a half hours of playtime.

How loud is it?

I was pleasantly surprised with how nice and quiet the Flamingo was, despite how powerful the vibrations are. I have always found rechargeable vibrators packed with power and this one is no different.

Does it really work?

Aside from being gold-plated, what’s different about the Flamingo is the way it warms up to 48°C. The idea is that the warmer your skin, the more blood is drawn to there so if your lower regions are warmed up by the vibrator, the pleasure is increased.

I have to say it does feel very nice having a hot vibrator between your legs and you can liken the feel to being like a warm mouth! There’s also a nice curve to it for hitting the G-spot which I always love so this was an added bonus. It’s also perfect for using just on the clit.

How do you use it?

The Flamingo rechargeable vibrator is very simple to use and only has two buttons.

One button is used for the heat control and the other button is for switching the vibrations on and off and moving between the 7 vibration functions.

To switch the vibrations on you just press and hold down the vibrations button. Then to move through the functions keep pressing the button. To switch off you press and hold the button down.

To switch on the heat you just press the heat button, and the same to switch the heat off.

It takes a couple of minutes to heat up to full temperature which is a bit like waiting for your hair straighteners to warm up – although obviously it’s not as hot as those!

What settings does it have?

There are 7 functions of vibration and one heat setting:

  1. Steady Vibration
  2. Slow Pulse
  3. Fast Pulse
  4. Slow Escalating Pulse
  5. Fast Pulsing Pattern
  6. Constant Pulse

My favourite was slow escalating pulse because it feels like a tease. I also like the steady vibration.

What are the good points?

  • This rechargeable vibrator means that it can be ready to use whenever you like without having to bother about having batteries in stock.
  • It arrives already charged so you can use it right away. (This brings back memories of my We-Vibe 3 review which was the opposite and had to be charged a full 24 hours before we could use it so immediate use makes me feel very grateful!)
  • gold-plated-rechargeable-vibratorIt heats up and feels lovely when it’s all warm.

What are the bad points?

  • It’s not waterproof but is ‘splashproof’ which means you can wash it, but you need to be careful not to get any water inside the control area. Don’t submerge it under water.
  • It is a more expensive vibrator but with all it’s features it’s bound to cost a bit more.

This Pretty Love rechargeable vibrator is only available at Bondara. £54.99 including delivery.

Tracey Cox Super Sex Orgasm Gel Review



I had to write a review on this stuff as soon as I tried it. I’m a big fan of Tracey Cox products, they’re always high quality. As soon as I noticed this Super Sex Orgasm Gel becoming more and more popular I decided to invest in my own bottle. In the past I’ve always gone for Yes lube.

The bottle

I have a 100ml bottle, there may be other sizes. The gel is dispensed by pump action. I liked the way you can quickly get a squirt of this lube from the pump rather than tipping it out of a bottle. Downsides to pumps are that you can’t always get the last drops out.

The pump arrives locked, and you just have to twist the top anti-clockwise to undo it and begin using it. The top springs up when you’ve done it right.

What’s special about the Tracey Cox Orgasm Gel?

The gel is ‘enthused’ with arginine and menthol. This means it smells really nice and fresh first of all.

Plus the formula works by enhancing sensations when it’s put onto the clitoris and surrounding areas. How does it do that you ask? Arginine increases blood flow. The more blood flowing here, the more sensitive you are, but in a good way.

It does work and feels really nice, and makes you feel tingly where it’s applied. You only need a pea-sized drop.

What about tackiness?

What I loved about this gel compared to other lubes, is that it doesn’t get tacky and it’s thick too. There are so many lubes I’ve used that turn sticky and just nasty. Thankfully this one is formulated so as not to do that.

It’s water-based too, meaning it won’t react with sex toys like some oil-based lubes can. Whenever possible, choose water-based lubes to use with your toys.

When to use this gel?

This gel is ideal for solo play if it’s just you and your sex toys, as well as for couples who are looking for some added lube or to experiment with this orgasm gel. The advice for using it is to apply it around ten minutes before you want to use it.

It doesn’t really matter at what point you apply it though. But the idea of applying it ten minutes before, is to get the best results from it in terms of enhanced sensations and orgasms.

What about other people?

On Lovehoney it has 8 out of 10, with 52 positive reviews. The other reviews are really helpful, and the consensus is that this gel really works and enhances orgasms!

For £6.99 for 100ml, that’s quite a lot and I reckon it’s worth it for the menthol-Arginine experience.

Have a read, and get yours here.

Can you use a vibrator when pregnant?

pregnancy orgasms

I get asked this question a lot. I can see why some women might be worried and ask can you use a vibrator when pregnant, because you have got a real live baby inside of you, and you don’t want to do your baby any damage.

You can be safe in the knowledge that your baby is well protected whilst you are pregnant by a thick and protective mucus plug. This plug seals off your cervix from the outside world.

pregnant baby bump

Hygiene is everything

In the majority of circumstances it is completely safe to use a sex toy whilst pregnant with no issues so long as your toys are clean. Wash them after each use, as well as before you use any new ones.

The way to wash a sex toy is:

  • With clean, soapy water
  • Ensure you rinse the soap off and dry them properly
  • Store them somewhere clean and dry

Better orgasms whilst pregnant

What’s really great whilst pregnant for a lot of women, is that because of all the extra blood that’s circulating in your ‘lower regions’ to support the baby, this actually makes pleasure, sex and orgasms more intense and satisfying.

In the later stages of pregnancy, when the nausea has passed, and you may be less tired (everyone is different), you may well find yourself extra horny and turned on, compared to when you weren’t pregnant. This is normal.

I advise you to take full advantage of this increased blood flow. Being pregnant can be exhausting and hard work for many women, so you should definitely add as much pleasure to the mix as possible. If the extra blood flow gives you more pleasure, use it.

Some ladies go off full on sex, and they prefer foreplay. This is where sex toys can really come into use. You might enjoy using them alone each time, or get your partner to join in and use them on you too. It can help keep your relationship close during pregnancy.

pregnancy orgasms

Times when caution is needed

The times when you shouldn’t use a sex toy to full depth inside you are:

  • Your doctor has advised you not to have sex, for example if you have been found to have a low lying placenta during a scan, or in a previous pregnancy you had a weak cervix
  • Or that you could go into labour too early. This is rare but if you have been told this, the reason not to use sex toys is that orgasms can stimulate contractions.
  • If you have an infection
  • Or if your waters have already broken

Also if you have experienced any bleeding during your pregnancy, do speak to your doctor or midwife before you use sex toys.

These circumstances are rare, and in the vast majority of cases it is completely fine to use sex toys whilst pregnant, and I encourage you to give yourself as much pleasure and orgasms as you can.

Always remember to have a wee after sex or using a sex toy. The reason for this is that it helps clear your urinary tract. You should do this whether pregnant or not, but when you’re pregnant you are more prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs) which is why hygiene is especially important.

A few women do bleed after sex during pregnancy and it is regarded as common and due to increased blood flow, and sometimes the tiny blood vessels in the vagina can be broken. This can cause some light spotting. If you do bleed after sex, especially whilst pregnant, it is worth being checked out by your doctor.

pregnancy blooming

Summary: Can you use a vibrator when pregnant?

If you don’t have any medical complications and the mood takes you, go for it. Use your vibrator and give yourself as many orgasms as you need. Orgasms fill your body with tons of endorphins and I reckon that these happy chemicals will inevitably get passed onto your baby via your joint blood streams.

What puts you in a good mood, is also likely to help create a happier baby too!

Check out the great range of vibrators available at my favourite shop, Lovehoney.

My Rocks Off RO Erotic Ink Bullet Review

rocks off erotic ink

Choosing and ordering

I was really excited to order one of the Rocks Off Ammunition Erotic Ink bullet vibrators because of how pretty they look. I checked out a few of the different prices online and found them cheapest at Bondara. Bondara also gave me an exclusive code for 10% off all orders (the code if you wish to use this too up until January is STR10).

I opted for the largest size, the 160mm bullet, but there are three sizes to choose from. The 80mm, 120mm and 160mm. They each vary in price but I didn’t want to get a smaller one and be disappointed so I thought you can’t be disappointed with the biggest size hey? So that’s what I chose.

Delivery and receipt

I got an email with the Post Office tracking information, and the little parcel arrived in 2 days from ordering. It was a signed for delivery, and as I wasn’t in, the post man left it with the old man next door. Ooo-er.

I didn’t need to worry though, because the parcel was completely ‘generic’ and there was no hint of what was inside or who had sent it. In the past I would have been freaked out by this, fearing that ‘sex toy’ would be written on the box but it was very discreet. Most online sex toy stores are very discreet in their delivery.


In fact, even your bank statement doesn’t say who you ordered from, and it has a different generic name for the store which I find really appealing.

What’s in the box?

The pretty packaging contained the bullet itself, along with two AA batteries inside the bullet which are already included.

Remember, I ordered the 160mm, and for a bullet, this is big. So if you opt for this size, expect something larger than your average bullet. If you prefer a smaller more traditional sized bullet, perhaps opt for the 80mm. It is also a little cheaper because it’s smaller.

There is some detailed text on the back of the pack that includes information about the designer, tattoo artist, Lal Hardy. Never heard of him? Don’t worry, neither had I. But I certainly like his designs on all of the RO Erotic Ink bullets.

He says: “It’s given me a huge buzz to work with Rocks-Off to create the erotic ink range, and I know it’s going to give everyone who uses them an even bigger buzz. Let the fun begin!”

I am already a big fan of the Rocks off bullet vibrators, and their Erotic Ink range is no different in quality.

In fact, I will go so far as to say I think they’re beautiful. I love the look of these shiny decorated bullets.

image rocks off erotic ink bullet

Getting started

Here’s where I had a bit of an issue. The back of the pack says when you first receive your bullet, you need to unscrew it, and remove the ‘paper disk’ that is on top of the batteries. That was simple enough.

But it still didn’t switch on. Hmmm. Maybe the batteries are dead? I tried them with some different ones. Still nothing. By chance I poked my finger inside where the batteries go, and out came a piece of clear plastic stating that the batteries included are non-rechargeable. This plastic was a bit random and hidden away.

I put the batteries it came with back in this time, figuring it must have been this plastic that was stopping it working, and hoping I wasn’t going to writing to Bondara to say it wasn’t working. I would have been very disappointed.

I turned it on again, still nothing, so I tightened the lid even tighter. Hooray! It worked.

So when you receive your new bullet here’s what you need to do:

  1. Remove the paper disc on top of the batteries inside the bullet.
  2. Remove the piece of clear plastic that’s also inside the bullet.
  3. Make sure you tighten it back up really tight to work.

It is completely water proof, so I can understand why the lid needs to be on super tight. My error, although I reckon the instructions could be made just a little bit more clear. But I got there in the end.

Image Erotic Ink Lal Hardy Bullet

What are the functions and ease of use?

This bullet vibrator has 3 speeds of vibration, along with 7 patterns. For a bullet, that is a lot of choice and it’s packed full of serious power. I remember when older style bullets used to have just the one speed and one pattern.

Another perk to this little bullet is that it is completely waterproof, meaning you can submerge it and use it in the bath without fear of damaging it.

It can be inserted up to 5 inches. Personally I prefer using bullets externally on the clit for a quick and satisfying orgasm.

You should use a water-based lube rather than an oil-based one so that it doesn’t do any damage to it. Especially to preserve the pretty design.

How is it powered and controlled?

The 160mm Erotic Ink bullet is powered by 2 AA batteries which you can change by twisting open the battery cap (remember to replace it tightly!). There is a single push button that controls the speeds and patterns. Keep pressing the button to move through the different options.

To switch on – press button once.

To change patterns, press the button once, and each time you move through each pattern.

To switch off – press and hold the button for three seconds.

One button to control everything.

Image Erotic Ink 160mm Bullet

Does it work? How does it feel?

The material of the bullet feels very nice. It feels solid and well made. The wide range of vibration patterns and speeds make for a very interesting and varied experience each time and I enjoyed trying out the different patterns. It’s a bullet I will use again and again.

Because this bullet is so big, as well as powerful, it is very effective just held on the external clitoris area and gives good satisfying orgasms quickly.

You can also use the 160mm size internally too. This was one of the reasons why I opted for the biggest size, to give me the most options. It feels amazing inside too. The control button is easy to access being on top for switching patterns whilst you are holding the bullet inside you.

What are the good points?

  • Firstly the look. It’s beautiful. Gold and shiny with gorgeous patterns on it.
  • The power and number of functions it has (speed / vibe patterns).
  • It is completely waterproof and submersible.
  • The largest size bullet in this range (160mm is especially nice when inserted, smaller bullets often don’t work that well when inserted but this has a nice girth to it)

What are the bad points?

  • My only downside to the 160mm Erotic Ink bullet is that several of the patterns are on the loud side but the good thing is that the very first pattern when you first switch it on is the quietest one. That means you can be safe knowing it’s not going to go any louder if you stay on the first setting in case you’re in a situation where you need to stay super quiet. Remember, it is packed with power, and the 160mm version is a big bullet. So some noise is to be somewhat expected.

It’s the more powerful ‘pulsing’ vibration patterns that make the noise. It’s not off putting to me, but if you were trying to make zero noise to someone in the same or next room, this may not be the bullet for you – unless you stay on the first setting.

If you don’t mind some sound, and you want something that is as beautiful as it is function, this is the bullet for you. It’s a welcome and special addition to my bedside drawer and I love admiring it.

Image Rocks Off Bullet 160mm

Where to get yours?

Since writing, unfortunately these appear to now be discontinued, however Lovehoney – have a huge range of new Rocks Off toys you can check out.

Bondara Silicone Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

bondara silicone rabbit vibrator

Bondara Silicone Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

This week I’ve been trying out the Bondara Silicone Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator. Overall it’s pretty damn good for a number of reasons which I will go into in this post…

What’s in the box?

The vibrator arrives in a snazzy black and hot pink box that looks really smart and classy. Included is a USB wire to recharge the vibe through your computer or direct into a USB plug. It was discreetly well-packaged and I was excited to test this little baby out as soon as possible.

What does it look like?

The Bondara silicone rechargeable rabbit vibrator is hot pink and I really love the colour. It’s very girly. It has a silver ring around the base, a curved end to hit the G-spot inside and the traditional rabbit ears on the outside of the vibrator that hits your clit.

What does it feel like?

Mmmm well this is where this vibrator is different to other rabbit vibrators. Being made of silicone it has a lovely sumptuous feel to it. It’s very soft indeed, and it feels very well made. I was impressed by the feel.

How big is it?

The total length of this silicone rabbit is 8 inches long. You can insert it up to 4 inches. It isn’t as heavy as other rabbit vibrators, because there is no batteries involved and it is completely rechargeable which is great!

I remember those rabbit vibrators where you had to use 4 batteries inside them and they ran out really quickly! Those were so annoying because I ended up barely using them because the batteries were forever running out. Rechargeable rabbit vibes are definitely the way forward and they’re here to stay.

How loud is it?

This rabbit vibe is on the quieter side. There are some that are loud, and they are never going to be completely (at least now just yet) but it’s not noisy enough to hear in the next room, especially under the covers for anyone who doesn’t want to be heard 🙂

image Bondara rechargeable rabbit vibrator

How many settings are there?

The Bondara silicone rechargeable rabbit vibrator has 3 different speeds and 8 different vibration patterns. What this means is that some vibrations are constant hums and they can vary at different speeds, fast, medium and very gentle, and some of them have a pattern to them too.

It is self explanatory when you get yours and you can experiment with the different combinations. You will work out for yourself what speed and pattern of vibration you like best. This can also vary with your mood.

How do you use the Bondara silicone rechargeable rabbit vibrator?

If you’ve used rabbit vibrators before this shouldn’t really need explaining. For those that are new to rabbit vibrators, you insert the length of the vibrator inside of you. With this one it is fairly wide so feels very nice, and the curve means it touches your G-spot.

You can use the vibrations just inside of you whilst it’s inserted, or you can also then switch on the rabbit ears. Or do vice versa and just switch on the ears with no vibration inside, or switch on everything and have vibrations inside and outside.

The rabbit ears touch your clitoris and when you’ve got these touching there, and the length inside you, and there vibrations are soft and gentle, well it feels incredible and you have to experience this to understand how good it is!

What are the pros?

A lot of rabbit vibrators are similar in what they do to be quite honest, but what varies is the quality and the feel, and now the ability to recharge them. This one feels luxuriously soft and can be recharged which I liked a lot.

Plus points were:

  • The price! I’ve seen similar toys to this between £50-100. This one is only £24.99 (including delivery)
  • The silicone soft feel
  • Rechargeable through USB, no batteries
  • The amount of vibration patterns
  • Splash proof which means it can be used in the shower/washed well but not in the bath

What are the cons?

There aren’t any obvious cons. I usually like to point out a few downsides to the toys I review to give a balanced opinion.

  • It not being completely waterproof is a downside, but I can live with that being rechargeable and you wouldn’t want to get water right inside the USB connector. I don’t know how they could get round that.
  • If you didn’t like hot pink, that might be a bad point too.

What do other people say?

So far so good, there are all very good 5 star reviews on the main website. People say they love it, amazing, excellent it was a good as a first toy, and one has been va va boomed!

It’s nice to know it’s not just me who loves this toy and there are other people who say similar.

Where can I get one?

From the name Bondara silicone rechargeable rabbit vibrator, you can only buy it from their website direct, currently for £27.99.

What do you think? If you’ve tried this vibrator leave a comment and let me know what you thought!

Lovehoney 10 Function Dream Toy Bullet Vibrator Review


lovehoney dream 10 bullet vibe

Greetings! It’s been a while since I last reviewed any toys on here. I’ve missed you cheeky monkeys.

This is my review of the Lovehoney 10 function dream toy bullet vibrator.

It is currently the best seller at Lovehoney at the moment for female toys, and only cost me a tenner – including delivery. So you can’t complain at that.

Amazingly it’s got 270 positive reviews so I had to buy this one and give it a go myself (see image below)

reviews for lovehoney 10 function bulletWhat are the key functions?

This bullet vibrator has 10 speeds/vibration patterns. They’re all controlled with one button so it’s easy to move through the different pulses. It’s designed for external use on the clitoris but you could put it inside you a little bit too if you felt like it.image-lovehoney-10-function-dream-bullet

What’s so good about this one?

It’s also waterproof which is always a nice feature. It means I can use it in the bath or shower, and it makes cleaning it much more convenient too. I don’t have to worry about getting any water inside it.

It’s nice and small so good for travelling with hidden away in your case or handbag.

What about batteries?

It arrives with a battery. The downside to this was the battery could have lasted a little longer. But you can always replace this with your own. This was a common theme amongst the other Lovehoney reviewers and the only real downside to it.


This is a perfect little vibrator for beginners or experts who want something simple that hits the spot quick and with power.

Have a read of some of the 270 reviews yourself (click here to read more).

Get yours at Lovehoney for £9.99.

Happy vibing 🙂 Grace x

PS. It comes in a choice of two colours – pink or purple. Mine is purple because I always like my toys to be purple if i can help it – as you can probably tell as my site is also lots of purple.

I also wrote some posts featuring loads more bullets to consider. Check these out too:

Top 10 bullet vibrators and 7 of the best bullet vibrators.

Why All Women Need a Sex Toy

why all women need a sex toy

Certain women are more open minded than others. The truth of the matter is, that we all enjoy an orgasm and sexual pleasure is one of the best things in life. It’s something that we should all do more often.

When you’re just too busy, you’re single, or your partner is away – an orgasm can seem rather elusive. It can get put to the bottom of the list. An after thought. In the back of your head you can think, I really need to an orgasm I will later. But you forget about it.

In actual fact, an orgasm is exactly what you need. Every day. Maybe even twice a day. And there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t allow ourselves one of life’s simplest and easiest pleasures. Allowing yourself this pleasure on a regular basis creates a far happier life.

Women’s Sex Toys

Whatever type of sex toy you choose – choose one! Some women have many of all shapes and sizes. Sure, if that’s your thing have tons of them. But if you don’t, just one will make all the difference.

A small and discreet pocket bullet can be enough to give yourself a quick and easy buzz before work, after or during a relaxing bath time, or in bed before dropping off. Perhaps even, if you’re that way inclined, out and about but we will leave that little secret completely yours.

Here’s a helpful guide to 7 of the best bullet vibrators.  Once you’ve got used to a bullet, I recommend then trying a rabbit.

The Benefits of an Orgasm

Orgasms have so many good points. They increase our mental health, they make us happier, more relaxed, less anxious, more fulfilled, brighter, they improve our circulation and heart rate, and our overall wellness. Withstanding an orgasm for so long can cause frustration, and a build up of anxiety and stress.

The next time you’re in a bad mood or are feeling particularly stressed ask yourself, when did you last have an orgasm?? The chances are it was too long ago.

Just give a sex toy a try. You might not know that you need it until you’ve got one, and then you will wonder how you ever lived without it when those orgasms are so easy! Keep it somewhere accessible too. Up in a cupboard locked away is not the easiest of places to reach for when the mood takes you. Many vibrators are disguised as other items like lipsticks and make up.

5 of the Best Beginners Butt Plugs

In this post I will talk about 5 of the best butt plugs for total anal beginners. I hope it will help you decide which beginners butt plug is the right one for you to try.

1. Beginners Basic Slimline Butt Buddy Review


The Butt Buddy is a small, easy to use, starter butt plug for anyone brand new to anal play.

This plug is 4.5 inches long, with 3.75 inches of insertable length. It mebutt buddy slim lineasures a total of 3 inches in width. The insertable part is only 1 inch wide, making it very suitable for a first time anal play toy.

It is purple in colour and has a suction base on the underside. It is made from skin friendly silicone which feels firm and flexible. The Butt Buddy butt plug is a great little toy that is enjoyable without being too large. A large plug can be very off putting when you are an anal newbie.

What are the good points?

The suction base makes it stable on many different surfaces so you can use it without your hands.

It has a tapered top edge, which means that you can easily insert the toy and decide how far you would like to push it in.

The manufacturers recommend use of a water based lubricant which does help with insertion and makes the Butt Buddy much more comfortable to use.

This plug is easy to clean and comfortable to wear for longer periods of time due to the shape. I loved the feel of this toy as it is smooth and not too rigid.

Plus it’s waterproof and contains no latex or phthalates. The flared base of the Butt Buddy helped to keep it in safely in place.

What are the bad points?

The Butt Buddy might not be as good for people who already have experience of anal play due it’s smaller size.

The suction base does not stick to all surfaces but does come in handy if you are alone.

Although easily cleaned, it can pick up pieces of fluff from bedding etc.

Butt Plug for Beginners

What do other people say?

The Butt Buddy has received great reviews on the Lovehoney website so far, especially with it being a basic range anal toy.

Other people liked the size, shape and feel of this plug and enjoyed using it. The price is right and many others found that as a starter toy the Butt Buddy was ideal.

The size of this plug means it is discreet and can be taken anywhere in a bag. Read more about what other people have said.

How much is it?

This is available from Lovehoney and currently retails at an amazing £5.00 including free delivery.

2. Tracey Cox Super Sex Beginners Butt Plug Review

Tracey Cox anal plug

This is a fun looking, pink coloured starter anal toy. It measures 3 inches long and 3.5 inches wide in total.

It is made from flexible, smooth and soft silicone, and even comes with a pocket guide to anal play.  This guide really comes in handy. This plug has a suction cup on the bottom so it can be attached to many surfaces prior to use. This toy is designed with beginners in mind.

What are the good points?

The small size of the butt plug means it’s not overwhelming and ideal for people wanting an introduction to anal sex.Super Sex Butt Plug Packaging

I found the colour attractive and because the toy is made of silicone it feels nice to hold and is flexible enough to be inserted without any problems.

Using lubricant with this butt plug definitely makes things easier and it is very easy to clean after use. The pocket guide is full of useful tips and the packaging is nice too. The base of the butt plug is large enough to hold and keeps it in place well.

What are the bad points?

For people with previous experience of anal play they may find this toy is a little on the small side, however for beginners it’s perfect.

Super Sex Tracey Cox Small Butt PlugWhat do other people say?

Other reviewers said it is ideal for beginner’s and feels great. They also said their orgasms were better and the experiences they had from this plug were very pleasurable.

Some people found the base was slightly too large to be comfortable during extended usage but others said the large base was great as it kept the toy in place well and they were not worried that it might move further inside them. Read more about what other people are saying.

How much is it?

This is available from Lovehoney and currently retails at £5.00 including free delivery.

3. Doc Johnson Classic Small Butt Plug Review

Doc Johnson Anal Plug

This toy is meant for beginners and inexperienced anal sex fans. For people who are wanting to try anal sex for the first time this plug is ideal.

It measures 4.5 inches long and 3 inches wide. The insertable length is 3.6 inches. It’s made from skin safe rubber, is waterproof and has a flared base to make sure it cannot slip in further than intended.

It comes in an attractive pink colour that is small enough to discreetly take with you if you want to use it away from home.

What are the good points?

It is ideal for first time anal play. The size and shape are perfect as a beginners toy.

It is easy to clean and has a smooth finish to it.

What are the bad points?

After using the Doc Johnson Classic Small Butt Plug for a while you can find that it doesn’t have the same effect due to its size.

While the packaging was easy to open it did seem a little cheap but the quality of the actual butt plug is very good for the money.

What do other people say?Doc johnson butt plug in packaging

From the reviews already on the Lovehoney website other people agree this butt plug is ideal for beginner’s or as a starter butt plug.

Everyone seemed to find it easy to use and insert and there were no bad reviews of the product which was great.

On the downside it was mentioned that the butt plug is not great for people with previous experience of anal play and it could possibly drop out during use. Customers said the toy was non-threatening and attractive with enough flexibility and a good shape. Read more about what other people are saying.

How much is it?

This is available from Lovehoney and currently available for £8.99 including free delivery.

4. Cupid’s Itty Bitty Beginner’s Butt Plug Review

Pink Itty Bitty Small Anal Plug

The Itty Bitty is so cute and great as a starter anal toy. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand so is extremely discreet and non-threatening.

It measures 3.75 inches and is 3.5 inches wide. It only has an insertable length of 2 inches. The Itty Bitty is smooth and firm yet quite flexible and easy to use with lubricant.

The plug comes with a finger loop on the base so it can be removed quickly if needed and it is made from skin friendly silicone that is easily washed and cared for. There are two colours to choose from, black or pink and it comes in discreet pretty packaging.

Black Butt Plug Itty Bitty

What are the good points?

This butt plug might be small but it gives great sensations. It is also comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.

The silicone material is super smooth with no rough edges.  The finger loop on the base of the plug makes it seem more secure and easily removed or inserted. The loop feels very strong and there are no worries about it breaking.

What are the bad points?

The only slight niggle was that the toy tended to get covered in fluff and would have been better sold with a small bag to help it stay clean.

What do other people say?

Other reviewers on the Lovehoney website loved it too. They found it comfortable, easy to use and say it’s a great addition to their sex lives. There doesn’t seem to be any negative reviews.

Many customers mentioned the finger hold section of the butt plug and even said that a bullet type toy could be placed there to give different sensations and vibration to an incredibly enjoyable anal experience. Read more about what other people have said about the Itty Bitty.

How much is it?

This is available from Lovehoney and currently retails at £9.99 including free delivery.

5. Fifty Shades of Grey Something Forbidden Butt Plug Review


The fifty shades plug is named after the best selling book. It measures 4.25 inches long and is 3.25 inches wide. It has an insertable length of 3.15 inches. The materials is skin friendly silicone and it is black in colour.

It is aimed at beginner’s and is ideal for exploring first time anal play. It also has a finger loop making it easy to use. In the tasteful box there was a satin bag to keep the butt plug clean and instructions for use. These state that only a water based lubricant should be used with this toy.

What are the good points?

It feels very nice to hold and fits nicely inside. The finger hold base mFifty Shades Butt Plugeans you don’t have to worry about the toy managing to go further than it should and makes inserting it easy if you are relaxed.

Reading the booklet gives you a good idea on how to look after the butt plug and the silver satin bag kept it very clean. The size of the toy does not feel intimidating as some others can do.

What are the bad points?

It was slightly more expensive than other beginners butt plugs, but worth the money. The finger hold base is great for during sex but not ideal if you wanted to wear the butt plug out and about. Sitting down might feel a bit odd!

There was a very slight seam along the length of the toy that made it a little uncomfortable for prolonged use.

What do other people say?

Other people thought it was great as a starter anal toy. They liked the feel, size and shape of it and commented on how easy it was to insert.

They also said how soft but flexible it was and that the finger hold was a useful addition that also came in handy to move the toy in and out during use. Most people enjoyed reading the instructions and thought that the satin bag included in the packaging was a nice touch. Read more about what other people think about this plug.

How much is it?

It is available from Lovehoney and currently retails at £14.99 including free delivery.

Read more about why I buy most of my sex toys from Lovehoney in my Lovehoney Review.

Lovehoney Review

It’s about time I wrote a Lovehoney review itself, after writing so many reviews of their sex toys!

Here’s a quick introduction to Lovehoney, and why I love buying from them.

1. They deliver quickly

Very often your order will arrive the day after you place it.

That means no waiting and wondering how long your toy will be. You can practically guarantee it will arrive within a day or two. When I place an order for a toy, it usually means I’m in the mood to try it – and I don’t want to be kept waiting for several days!

2. Packaging is always discreet

The last thing I want when I’ve got a sex toy being delivered is for the postman to know what it is.

There’s never any danger of that with Lovehoney, and there’s no indication of what’s inside the parcel. Perfectly discreet!

3. The quality is always good

They have a reputation to maintain and with that comes only delivery high quality toys.

I’ve never had any problems with the toys I’ve ordered. Although they do range in how good they are to use on myself, quality wise you can tell they are always well made and safe.

4. Customer service is attentive

There is even live chat available on the website, and a phone number right at the top of the page.

If you ever have a question, they get back to you quickly. I can’t say what they are like if you have a problem because I’ve never had one, but from asking questions, I’d say any problems would be dealt with well. Let me know if you have any experiences with this.

5. Delivery is always free

Believe it or not, many other sex toy shops online charge you for delivery.

It’s always good to know that when you are placing an order, you’re not going to get an extra price added on at the end for delivery. The price you see is the price you pay.

6. They have tons of reviews

For most of the sex toys, there are lots and lots of reviews from other people. Have a look, seriously, I’ve even read a few funny stories on there of experiences with sex toys.

When you are buying a new toy, especially an expensive one, it’s great to read other people’s opinions and the reviews on there give you plenty of help making your choice.

Here are some of my favourite reviews of Lovehoney toys:

Mr Big Rabbit

Realistic Dildo 

Magic Wand Massagers 

We Vibe 3


Mr Big Rabbit from Lovehoney Review

mr big rabbit

mr big rabbit

I decided to do my next review on the Mr Big Rabbit by Lovehoney. It’s an extra large rabbit and perfect for people who like their rabbits on the larger side!

What’s in the box?

As always when I buy from Lovehoney, my package arrived quickly and was wrapped very discreetly! In the box you will find your vibrator itself, packaging, instructions and a gorgeous pink satin carrying bag.

What does it look like?

Mr Big Rabbit has a sleek and shiny control section, a large and moveable rabbit for clitoral stimulation which is powered by a silver bullet vibrator.

The actual shaft section is modern looking with a clear realistically shaped head with swirls, white pearls that move when the vibrator is switched on and a darker coloured base.

It looks larger and feels than many other rabbit vibrators – they don’t call it Mr Big Rabbit for nothing!!

What does Mr Big Rabbit feel like?

It feels smooth, and has some pretty swirls around the shaft. With a shaped head and non allergenic rubber, making this vibrator feel nice to the touch – firm and flexible.

Pearls Mr Big

How big is it?

The length is 10 inches and has 6.25 inches of insertable length and is 4.6 inches in diameter.

The rabbit section has long and has flexible ears and a pointed nose used for clitoral stimulation.

How is it powered?

Mr Big Rabbit is powered by 4 x AA size batteries inserted in the battery compartment at the base which work both the shaft and the bullet vibrator that is inside the rabbit part. If I was to change anything, I would change how this is powered.

4 batteries is a pain so stock up and don’t forget to order plenty!

How loud is it?

It is relatively quiet for a larger vibrator. It is quiet enough to use with or without a partner and won’t wake anyone else up in another room. More of a hum than a vibration noise so suitable for many people.

How many settings does it have?

There are 2 speed settings for each section and they can be used separately or simultaneously. The shaft of the vibrator also has 2 settings for the rotation (direction) of the head and pearls.

How do you use it?

This vibrator can be used both internally and externally, with control for both sections so you can choose which to use or have both working at the same time.

The shaft will rotate to give internal stimulation and the vibrations are strong and pleasurable. The rabbit section is wonderful on sensitive areas and can lead to fantastic G-spot orgasms!

Does it really work?

Control Mr Big Rabbit

It does work, yes. And with a little time and experimentation it works extremely well and is sure to become a firm favourite.

The longer ears of the rabbit are very pleasurable like all rabbit vibrators, and the size of the vibrator feels nice and full when inserted.

What are the good points?

he extra girth and firm jelly construction are very comfortable.

The pearls inside certainly give extra stimulation where needed.

The fact that both the rabbit and the actual vibrator can be used separately was great for me and meant I could concentrate on either vaginal or clitoral pleasure.

Pearls and ears on rabbit vibrator

What are the bad points?

I found the base rather bulky to hold and the buttons  slightly fiddly when in use. It was too easy to press the button I didn’t want.

It’s quite heavy.

I would have preferred it in a more feminine colour.

What do other people say?

Other reviewers on the Lovehoney website back me up and say this is one of the best sex toys they have ever purchased. They loved the long rabbit ears and found the vibrations powerful.

Some even said the rabbit was cute. Others mentioned that the vibrator could be a little more quiet but overall this toy was well liked and enjoyed.

Read more about what other people are saying.

Where can I get one?

As this is a Lovehoney vibrator, is it is only available through their website.

Get yours for £29.99 including delivery.


Review of the Zany Pocket Toyfriend Mini Vibrator

zany pocket friend small vibe

The Zany is a great vibrator for anyone new to sex toys for women. It’s not intimidating in anyway and is nice and simple to use.

What’s in the box?

The packaging was really smart and well designed. As always when I order from Lovehoney, it arrived quickly and in completely discreet wrapping. Inside the box was the Zany mini vibe itself, and a set of instruction.


What does it look like?

This Zany is a fairly odd looking thing to be quite honest! It’s half white and blue with two “ears” or sticky out bits for extra surface area against your skin.

What does it feel like?

It’s made of body-safe silicone so feels nice and soft and is pleasant to touch. Like all silicone toys, you are advised to use water-based lubes with it as opposed to silicone-based ones which can degrade the silicone over a period of time.

The rabbit ears are bendy but also firm. They move with you as needed.

How big is it?

This mini vibrator is small at 3.7 inches in length. It’s not designed for insertion and is mainly for use on your clit.

How is it powered?

Just one AAA battery is needed to power this vibrator. The battery inserts into the base and the base twists on and off.

I always prefer mains powered vibrators over battery powered ones, but for the price of this I think it’s worth having it battery powered.

Plus if this is one of your first vibrators, you may not want to opt for an expensive mains powered vibrator.

Despite running off one single battery, the Zany is extremely powerful and you can see this for yourself in the video review on Lovehoney (link below).


How loud is it?

No vibrator is absolutely silent, regardless of what adverts say and this is no different. It’s definitely on the quieter side of vibrators though which is what you want, especially if you are new to sex toys.

How many settings does it have?

The Zany has one single control so stays on the same speed all of the time with no variation.

How do you use it?

To switch on and off you simply twist the main body of the Zany vibrator to on or to off. It’s fairly self explanatory and you’re unlikely to need to look at the instructions to work it out.

Does it really work?

The Zany gives great clitoral orgasms because of it’s power and the “ears” or antennae as you might refer to them give precise stimulation where you want it. There are better toys on the market than this, but I was happy with it for it’s low price.

Another good point about this vibrator is it’s waterproof and this is demonstrated in the above video. It still works completely submersed under water.

You can also use the Zany on your nipples if you enjoy some stimulation there, and your partner will enjoy the vibrations against his balls too.

It’s a good little toy to use during sex as it’s small. You can easily use it against your own clit during penetration.

What are the good points?

The obvious good point about this mini vibe is the price. It’s cheap and cheerful and so a great introductory sex toy for women.

It’s silicone coated.

It’s completely waterproof.

It’s small so transportable and can fit discreetly in your  bag.

What are the bad points?

It doesn’t come with batteries! A pet hate of mine! If you’re buying this make sure you also order some batteries at the same time to avoid disappointment when it arrives and you have no batteries.

AAA batteries

What do other people say?

Other reviews on the Lovehoney website are really good with an overall rating of four stars, or 8/10.

The only real negatives were one reviewer said they didn’t find the Zany powerful enough for them, and someone said they found the ears too hard.

How much is it?

Price as of June 2013:

£15.99 from Lovehoney including delivery.

I haven’t been able to find this online in the UK anywhere else. If you know of somewhere else that sells it please do let me know and I can add the link.

If you like small vibrators, check out my more recent top 10 bullet vibrators in the UK post.


Jessica Rabbit Waver Ultimate Review

jessica rabbit waver

Rabbit Vibrator Waver

I was looking forward to reviewing the Jessica Rabbit Waver. I’d the photos of it on the Bondara website. I liked the look of the the cool digital control panel. You can’t go far wrong with a rabbit vibrator. This one didn’t disappoint.

What’s in the box?

My new Jessica Rabbit Waver arrived very quickly and discreetly. They always do from Bondara. Inside was the toy, carefully packaged along with batteries and a set of instructions for how to use it.

What does it look like?

The Jessica Rabbit Waver was available in pink and purple. I opted for purple. Purple has always been my favourite colour for a sex toy. It’s a nice sensual colour, as well as feminine and pretty. A perfect fit.

There are three main parts to the Jessica Rabbit Waver. There’s the shaft, the ears and the control panel. The control panel also contains the batteries. What stood out for me about this rabbit compared to others was how it looked and the LCD display feature.

Jessica Rabbit Waver

What does it feel like?

The Jessica Rabbit Waver is very feels nice and soft. It’s also firm but squishy.

It’s made of skin-safe, phthalates-free and latex-free materials.  It’s therefore a good choice if you’re allergic to latex.

How big is the Jessica Rabbit Waver?

The waver is 10 inches long. It’s insertable up to 5 inches. That’s about average for a rabbit vibrator.

Although it would be nice for it to be just a little longer, if you look at other rabbit vibrators you will see that most of them are also insertable up to 5 inches.

I thought it had a good-sized girth and made me feel full enough when inserted.

How is the Jessica Rabbit Waver powered?

As batteries are mentioned above, you will have already guessed it’s battery-powered. Bondara did include some batteries along with the toy.

I’m always pleasantly surprised when battery-powered toys arrive including batteries because lots of online shops don’t supply them, and they make you order them separately.

How loud is it?

The Jessica Rabbit Waver wasn’t overly loud. No one else has commented on the volume in the reviews on Bondara. This suggests it wasn’t an issue for anyone else either.

Does it really work?

Like all rabbit vibrators there’s the moving shaft. This inserts inside your vagina and the “ears” stay on the outside which stimulate your clitoris. If you’re already a fan of rabbit vibrators you will know how great this combination feels.

The Jessica Rabbit Waver is one of the best rabbit vibrators I’ve tried. I loved the unique way it sends waves and ripples down it’s shaft. This was just amazing. It feels a lot like actual penetration from sex and when combined with the rabbit ears doing their thing against your clitoris it’s incredible!

The 12 current 5 star reviews on the Bondara website agree with me. There are lots of comments about it being amazing!

How many settings does it have?

What’s brilliant about the Jessica Rabbit Waver is that it has a possible 81 vibration combinations. Yes 81! Rabbit Vibrator Jessica Rabbit Waver Bondara

How do you get 81? There are 9 functions of speed vibration for the shaft. This means you can choose to have the shaft moving slowly, quickly, or somewhere in between.

There are also 9 functions for the rabbit ears, including speeds and patterns.

Each different shaft speed can be combined with a different ear function, giving you 81 different ways to use the Jessica Rabbit Waver.

Of course you will quickly develop your own favourite way of using the waver, but it’s great to have so many choices. It’s better than just having one or two options where you could quickly get bored. After all, variety is the spice of life!

How do you use it?

Having all of those functions might sound a bit complicated, especially if you’re new to sex toys. But it really was simple to use.

This is where the digital display really came in handy because it shows clearly what functions you are using.

Unlike rabbit vibrators with no display, where you have to feel your way through the functions, this one lets you see what you are using.

To switch on you press the central on/off button, and again to switch off. The shaft functions and the rabbit ears functions are changed by pressing the  +/- buttons.

You will see a number displayed showing you which function you are on.

It’s like moving through channels with your television remote! You just press up and down. One number applies to the shaft function, and the other to the ears function. The display pad is also touch sensitive so a gentle press will change modes for you.

What are the pros?

– Definitely what it can do to you is a good point, the waves and the clit stimulation are incredible.

– It has lots of possible combinations and you’re unlikely to get bored of this rabbit for a long time.

– It has an LCD display clearly showing what functions you’re using and is touch sensitive.

– It’s a good affordable price.

– It’s a very pretty and appealing vibrator. Pink and purple are good colour choices.

What are the cons?

– Being battery-powered. 

– One reviewer did say she found it a little heavy but could handle it okay. I didn’t find it overly heavy but everyone is different and thought I would include it so you’re aware.

– It’s not waterproof but is splash-proof so you can clean it, but don’t hold it completely underwater.


In summary there are lots of rabbit vibrators on the market today and so much choice. What made me choose the Jessica Rabbit Waver is firstly the look which I loved, and secondly the LCD display with 81 possible combinations to play with.

You can get yours from Bondara for £34.99 including delivery.

9 Tips for Travelling Abroad with your Sex Toys

It’s nearly holiday season so here are some handy tips for taking your sex toys abroad with you.

1. Remember to use the “lock off” feature if your toy has one. Most rechargeable toys have this feature (such as the Lelo Insignia), and if your toy is battery-powered consider removing the batteries so there’s no danger of it vibrating in your luggage and not only embarrassing you, but wasting that precious power.


2. If you were sent a discreet carry bag for your toy, use it. Otherwise find a pretty small sized bag to hold your toys in inside your suitcase.

If your suitcase is opened by security for any reason, you can know that at least your toys are discreet and the bag has to be opened to have a peek inside rather than be blatantly led there amongst your knickers and socks on full show.


3. Do pack your handcuffs and any more adventurous toys you have. Being on holiday makes people relax, chill out and be more likely to experiment and have sex in ways they wouldn’t normally if they were at home doing the usual routine.

What better time to play out that fantasy you’ve been having for a while?


4. If there’s a do not disturb sign for your hotel door – use it! If you’re having some early morning fun, the last thing you want is the Spanish cleaner letting herself in and finding you mid-session.


5. Don’t carry lube in your hand luggage if you’re flying. It’s still a liquid and could be awkward when you have to show any liquid items you’re carrying inside a clear bag like many airlines request you do. Lube is fine in your suitcase.


Check out my review of Yes Lube.

6. Don’t freak out if your luggage is searched for any reason. For example in the US they often do random baggage checks.

Remember security have seen it all before and trained to be discreet. You’re unlikely to see them again and it’s not as if you’ve done anything wrong. They see thousands of people a day, you are just another passenger!


7. Don’t forget spare batteries and a mains adapter if your toy is rechargeable. It’s cheaper to take your own than buy abroad.


8. Beware of taking sex toys to Dubai. Despite being stunning and beautiful, Dubai is a very conservative country and sex toys are very frowned upon and may be confiscated if found!

Aswell as that take care with showing any sort of affection or flesh in public as it is considered illegal. Save it for the hotel room!


9. Where ever you are travelling to with your sex toys – most of all relax and have fun!

I’d love to hear any tales of travelling with your toys so feel free to leave a comment 🙂

7 of the Best Bullet Vibrators


Bullet vibrators look a lot like bullets and are used mainly for clitoral stimulation.

They’re particularly good for women for a quick easy orgasm. Of course you can also get imaginative and use a bullet vibrator in other places too and they’re really good for during foreplay.

Bullet vibrators are some of the cheapest vibrators and are very affordable with prices ranging from as low as £3.99 through to £50+. They’re also very small and portable and can easily be stored discreetly in your handbag.

For the purposes of this post I’m going to write on the basis of the bullet vibrators just being used for clitoral stimulation.

I’ll be answering the following questions:

  • What are the features?
  • Is it any good?
  • How much is it?

1. Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

ramsey rabbit bullets

What are the features?

Ramsey Rabbit is very small and cute at 4 inches long and 1.3 inches in diameter. He has a “soft hypo-allergenic Intramed silicone body”. Which basically means he feels soft but firm, and has a medical grade silicone coating.

ramsey rabbit bullet review

Being silicone I would recommend you only use a water-based lube with him.

ramsey rabbit bullet reviews

Right now he’s only available in pink in the UK and it would be nice if in future there were other colours available to choose from.

Like many bullet vibrators he only has one single speed of vibration which means there are no other choices. This is because the vibrations are powered by a “RO-80mm bullet vibrator” inside him, and they pass through the body into the ears. It works very well and is a lot like a rabbit vibrator without the shaft.

You can buy RO-80mm bullets on their own but with Ramsey Rabbit you get both the bullet, and the rabbit sleeve giving you two options of us.

Is it (he) any good?

Ramsey is powerful and also really quiet.  You can barely hear the vibrations. Perfect for when you don’t want to pink ramsey rabbit bulletbe heard.

I often find bullet vibrators like this are too powerful and can cause some numbness so what’s great about Ramsey is the way the vibrations are more gentle on the clit and you can move it around to get stronger or weaker vibrations depending on your needs at the time.

Looking at the other positive reviews on the Bondara website, he’s a very popular introductory sex toy if you’re looking for your first one. There’s no danger of feeling overwhelmed by Ramsey. He’s friendly and just wants to give you orgasms.

Being fully waterproof and submersible means you can use him in the bath or shower, and makes cleaning him very easy. No dangers of getting any water inside.

Ramsey is supplied with the one N sized battery which is a big bonus.

How much?

Bondara £17.99 with free delivery

2. Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Bullet Vibrator

Tracey Cox SuperSex Super Bullet

What are the features?

Tracey Cox SuperSex Super Bullet

The “Tracey Cox Super Sex Bullet” is a bigger version of the original Tracey Cox Bullet. Being much bigger than the average bullet makes it easier to hold and control. I think the key selling points with this bullet are it’s size and power.

Tracey Cox SuperSex Super Bullet

It has three different speeds and three different patterns so altogether has six functions. For a bullet this is a lot of options to play with!

Is it any good?

You can insert it 3.5 inches so is good for shallow penetration. Not many bullets are big enough to be inserted very much at all so it’s nice to have that option.

It’s powered with two AAA batteries and unfortunately they weren’t supplied with the bullet. This was disappointing but so common with battery powered toys.

The batteries were really easy to put in by just unscrewing the top of the bullet, placing them inside then screwing the top back on.

To switch on you just push the button on the top once and the bullet begins to vibrate. It’s definitely packed with power! Even on the lowest setting the vibrations are extremely strong.

Tracey Cox - Sex Guru

To move through the six different functions you just keep pressing the button on the top and with each press you move onto a different pattern of vibration. It couldn’t be simpler to use. To switch off just press and hold the button down and the bullet stops vibrating.

To move through the six different functions you just keep pressing the button on the top and with each press you move onto a different pattern of vibration. It couldn’t be simpler to use. To switch off just press and hold the button down and the bullet stops vibrating.

To move through the six different functions you just keep pressing the button on the top and with each press you move onto a different pattern of vibration. It couldn’t be simpler to use. To switch off just press and hold the button down and the bullet stops vibrating.

Soundwise this is not the quietest of bullets but it’s not overly noisy. With so much power it’s bound to make some noise. Under the duvets it is very muffled and you can barely hear it. Another plus point is this bullet is completely waterproof and submersible.

You can see just how powerful this bullet is for yourself on the Lovehoney video review.

tracey cox super sex bullet

How much?

Lovehoney £24.99 with free delivery

 3. 50 Shades of Grey We Aim To Please Bullet

50 Shades of Grey We Aim to Please Bullet

What are the features?

This bullet is from the 50 Shades Official Collection and is the only range that’s fully approved by the author E.L. James. If you’re a fan of the book you’ll enjoy owning the official bullet.

50 Shades Bullet Video Review

Lovehoney have a video review showing the 50 Shades bullet.

Features are very simple. It has one single speed of vibration and is controlled by the button on the end. You press it down to switch the bullet on, and press it down again to switch it off.

50 shades

Is it any good?

The packaging is very nice, sleek and classy. A storage bag is also included.

A downside to this bullet is that the battery doesn’t last very long so I’d advice you to stock up and buy a few batteries at once (plus the battery isn’t included). It only uses one AAA battery so it’s quickly drained.

Being completely waterproof and submersible is always a bonus.

It’s a very basic bullet and okay for someone brand new to sex toys or who loved the book.

How much?

Lovehoney £11.99 with free delivery

We Vibe Tango

We-Vibe Salsa and Tango

I’ve put these two We Vibe Tango into the same review because they are very similar. The differences are that the Salsa has a pointed end and the Tango has a flat end to it.

What are the features?

The Salsa and Tango are very elegant bullets and best of all are mains powered!

There are eight different vibrate and pattern functions. These bullets are very powerful and are just in a league of their own compared to other bullets on the market.

They come with a charger and a little adapter (plus a bag). Now as they are completely sealed you do wonder at first how they charges. All you do is plug the charger into the adapter. The adapter is magnetic and then sticks onto the Salsa or Tango. It’s really very clever.

Then of course you just plug the mains plug into the wall socket. It takes ninety minutes to charge. That’s all. It’s “super charge”. Other We-Vibe toys take over three hours. The charge lasts for two hours.

Another great feature is they’re waterproof and completely submersible.

We vibe salsa and tango

Are they any good?

The Tango and Salsa are both fantastic bullet and rightly so with their hefty price tags. We-Vibe do luxurious sex toys and you would only expect high quality from them.

The different vibration modes are really good. They’re controlled using the button on the top. They are also both really quiet despite how much power they have.Having tried other We-Vibe toys I wasn’t surprised at how good these bullets were.

How much?

Brace yourself, We-Vibe toys are not cheap and the Salsa and Tango are no different. Are they worth the money? They are in a league of their own when it comes to bullets and if a luxury bullet is what you’re after this will be the one.

You will also save on batteries! However you can have just as much fun with one of the much cheaper bullets.

Since writing this – only the Tango is available.

Lovehoney £69.99 with delivery

5. Aquagasmic Bullet Vibrator


What are the features?

As you can tell by the name Aquagasmic, this is a completely waterproof bullet.

The Aquagasmic has different vibration speeds which are controlled by twisting the base. This is a slightly different method of control to many bullets that usually have a button on the end that you press.

Is it any good?

It is a good little bullet packed with power, and with the price being so low you can’t go far wrong. Plus batteries (AA) were included with my delivery which is a bonus and adds to it being a good bargain.

I love the colour too. It’s pearly pink and shiny. So far it has an amazing all 5 star rating on the Bondara website which says a lot for how many other like it. If you’re looking for your first toy to try, or you don’t want to spend a lot on a vibrator the Aquagasmic bullet is definitely a good choice for you.

How much?

Bondara £6.99 including delivery.

6. Mantric Bedside Bullet Vibrator

What are the features?

There are two parts to the Mantric Bullet Vibrator, the remote control and the Mantric bullet itself. The remote control is attached to the bullet with 87cm of cable.

There are three different speeds of vibration and seven different patterns so that’s a very dynamic ten functions to this bullet!

To start the Mantric bullet you press the up button on the remote control. You then move through each function by scrolling up with the up button (or down button if you want to go back one).

Is it any good?

Personally I dislike any toys that have remote controls attached to them with cables. I find them annoying and they can get in the way when there’s two of you involved.

Despite this it’s a very powerful little bullet and the Lovehoney video review demonstrates the power if you watch how much the bullet jumps off the table when the power is turned up.

There is one advantage of having a remote control though, and that is the ease of changing settings whilst the bullet is in use. There’s no need to be looking down to figure out what to press next.

A disadvantage for me was switching off. There is no off button specifically and you have to keep scrolling through the functions until you get to “off.” If you’re only on function two, then you can scroll back down to zero, or if you’re say on function seven then you would scroll up to zero again. This is just a minor niggle though.

It’s not waterproof and is fairly small compared to other bullets at 2.25 inches. It uses three AA batteries and is another sex toy that isn’t supplied with batteries so you will have to make sure you order some or have some spares at home.

One thing I have to point out is how well built this bullet and controller are, and also it has got very positive reviews on Lovehoney. A lot of people really like it!

How much?

Lovehoney £14.99 with free delivery.

7. Rocks Off Ammunition RO-120mm Bullet Vibrator

What are the features?

The Rocks Off Ammunition RO-120mm Vibrating Bullet is larger than the average bullet at 5 inches long and is insertable up to 3.5 inches.

To switch on you just press and hold down the button on the top of the bullet and the vibrations begin. To switch off you do the same again.

There are five different functions of vibration, some are continuous vibrations and some are patterns. To change function you just keep pressing the button and you move through them. There’s a pulse pattern, quick pulse, a random pattern and two continuous speeds.

Is it any good?

Being fully waterproof and submersible is always a big bonus. Not only does this give you the flexibility to use it in the bath or shower, but it also makes cleaning very easy.

It’s powered by two AAA batteries which are included – very helpful. You add the batteries just by unscrewing the base.

What I like about this bullet is how well built it feels. Some less expensive bullets obviously feel cheaper, but this one does feel chunky and solid.

On Lovehoney there’s currently 37 positive reviews and it scored 9 out of 10 which gives you a good indication that a lot of people really like this bullet. Not all bullets are rated so highly.

It’s definitely a very powerful bullet and matches it’s name – ammunition! You only have to watch the video review to see how powerful this bullet is on the slowest speed. The downside to such power is that it’s not quiet and you can hear the vibrations quite easily.

I also loved the packaging. The box is nice and solid and the hinged lid adds a luxurious feel when you first receive it through the post.

How much?

Lovehoney £19.99 including free delivery.

If you have a bullet vibrator you would love and would like to suggest please get in touch, I’d love to know what your favourites are!


>>> Update: Also check out my most recent 10 of the best bullet vibrators post.

Review of the Zini Deux Luxury Couples Massager Set

zini deux for couples reviews

I’m excited to review the beautiful Zini Deux, a very luxurious couples toy. It won a “Red Dot Design” award in 2010. You may be wondering what on earth the Red Dot Design award is. So was I.

It’s an international product design award open to various types of manufactured products (not just for sex toys). It’s been going since 1955, and there’s been more than 11,000 submissions from 61 different countries.

Back to the review, as always when I order my toys from Lovehoney, our new Zini Deux arrived very quickly and discreetly with no clue that inside there was a sex toy.

What’s in the box?

The Deux comes in a very uniquely designed storage box that beautifully nestles the massagers together. The box is split so there are different compartments to it. There’s also a magnet on the box to keep it sealed.

The packaging is gorgeous and before you’ve even tried the Deux, you know you’ve bought something very special and luxurious because of the presentation.

In the top compartment is your Deux itself. Underneath is the storage case, mains charger, user manual and one year warranty.

Unfortunately the mains charger is not a UK charger. It’s European. BUT Lovehoney sent me out a UK adapter with the Zini Deux so we could still use it in the UK. I thought this was very helpful and was impressed they included the adapter with the Deux.

With many new sex toys there is a distinct chemical smell when you first receive them which slowly fades, but with the Deux there was barely any smell to it apart from the subtle newness smell you are bound to get.

You may have read my review on the Lovehoney lifelike realistic dildo and the smell from this was extremely chemically and a bit offputting. Thankfully the Deux was nothing like that.

In summary the contents were:

  • The Zini Deux
  • European Charger
  • UK adapter
  • Storage bag
  • Information leaflet
  • One year warranty

What does it look like?

The Zini Deux comes in two colours, purple and white. I chose purple because I find white a bit plain but it’s personal choice.

The photos don’t do the Deux justice because in real life mine was a rich purple on the outside and bright fuchsia coloured on the inside. Zini themselves describe it as “purple and hot pink”.

There’s a video review of the Deux on the Lovehoney website.

The massager fits together in a perfect egg shape, and comes apart into two pieces. They’re held together by magnets! Very clever.

One side is for him, and the other for her. The male side is scooped out for cradling the testicles and scrotum, whilst the female side has a firm rigid nub, is very smooth and used for clitoral stimulation.

The storage bag is as well-made as the Deux. It has a piece of ribbon around the neck and looks pretty.

What does it feel like?

The Zini Deux feels velvety to touch and is really nice to hold. It’s very smooth and is obviously a well-made good strong luxury sex toy. In a word, it’s classy.

As well as feeling velvety it is also quite hard and doesn’t bend. The advantage of this though means you can really press it into you as firmly as you want to.

It is nice and light and not heavy or awkward.

How big is it?

The Zini Deux as a whole is 5.5 inches long with a circumference of 7.9 inches. The male side alone is 4.25 inches and female side alone is 5 inches in length.

How is it powered?

As a charger is mentioned above you will have guessed it’s charged up by mains power. Before you use the Zini Deux you do have to charge both sides fully.

You charge each side by moving the covering over the charger hole, pushing the adapter into the hole and then plugging into the mains. It needs to be charged for 2 hours (for each side). This means you need to charge it for 4 hours in total.

I did find this a drag, and it would be useful for future products to be able to charge both pieces together at the same time. It’s easy to forget that you’ve charged one side but not the other.

Another option would be to give the charger two wires to plug into both sides at once. I imagine this will happen in the future.

After two hours of charging, the Zini Deux lasts for around three hours of use.

  • Tip – The Lovehoney video review says not to charge the Deux twice in 24 hours the first time you use it or this can damage the battery.

How loud is it?

It’s not overly noisy but it’s not quiet.

Being a couples toy sound isn’t usually such a big problem and with the power inside it and being mains chargeable, some noise is to be expected.

We would have preferred it to be slightly quieter, but this is probably not realistic.

How do you use it?

The information booklet is really useful. It goes into a lot of detail.

We found it very simple to use. You have three buttons – The plus (+) button, zero (0) button, and minus (-) button.

To switch on you press and hold down the plus button which is also used for increasing the speed of the vibrations. The minus button decreases the speed and also switches the Deux off by pressing and holding it down.

The middle 0 button is used for going from continuous vibrations to patterned vibrations.

  • Tip – Press and hold down 0 to move into “random” mode. The Deux cycled randomly through the various settings.

The power of the vibrations in random mode depends on how high the vibrations were set before you pressed it. To adjust the power you just press the plus or minus buttons.

You can also “lock” the Deux so that there’s no danger of it going off in your handbag or suitcase. This is done by holding down the plus and minus buttons together and then you do the same to unlock it.

You tend to only get the locking feature on luxurious high end sex toys. The last toy that had this function I reviewed was the Lelo Insignia.

The ability to lock a toy is brilliant. It gives you such peace of mind if you are travelling with your toy and worry about it accidently switching on somewhere like the airport.

A vibrating vibrator in my suitcase at baggage check-in would be a complete nightmare for me!

  • Tip – The Deux is splashproof, NOT waterproof. Don’t put it underwater.

How many settings does it have?

Both sides have an amazing 15 different functions. 5 of these are different speeds and 10 do different patterns of vibration.

One thing I loved was the way each different vibration mode has a different colour lit up! It’s a very nice touch and very useful in the dark so you can see what setting you are on.

Every time you press the middle 0 button, the colour changes along with the pattern.

Both parts have their own control settings and work individually. In one way this means you can both have your own preferred speed and pattern, but for me I like the idea of sharing the same vibration setting and would have liked them both to do the same thing at once to make it more of a complete couples experience.

  • Tip – The information booklet doesn’t say to only use a water-based lube with the Deux, but on the Zini website it does say that the Deux is platinum silicone coated. Because silicone-based lubes will degrade silicone coated toys, it’s best not to risk damaging such a high quality toy so I would suggest you only use a good quality water-based lube to be on the safe side.

Does it really work?

We did think it was a good sex toy but it is for heterosexuals really. Both partners can also use the Zini Deux alone.

The male side does seem to give stronger vibrations and other reviewers noted this too.

Here’s some of the ways you can use the Zini and I’ve incorporated ways that other people have suggested too:

For men –

  • Use the male side under the balls and at the same time use the female side on the penis.
  • Use one side against the anus and another on the penis.
  • Use both sides one under the penis and one on top giving fantastic vibrations all the way down to the balls.

For women –

  • Use the female side for clitoral stimulation and all over the female genitals it feels good.
  • The nub part sits on the clit and the rest hugs the labia and stimulates them. It feels really good.
  • The nub part of the female side can also be flipped round for stimulating the vaginal entrance or the female anus if you like that.

For both –

  • The Deux is also a great massager! So you can enjoy giving each other some deep massages all over too with it. Having two parts also means you’ve got one for each hand.
  • Experimentation is great fun with the Deux and you can find out what you both like. It’s fun having two vibrators that can be used on each other at the same time to tease and work each other up into a frenzy.

The Deux is one of those toys to use to savour time together and be sensual with. It’s not great for a really quick orgasm but it does give you a lot of pleasure for shared teasing especially.

What are the good points?

  • The packaging and whole thing is beautiful and luxurious and would be a lovely gift for a partner.
  • The lights change colour with each mode.
  • It feels amazing to use with your partner.
  • There’s a travel lock so there’s no danger of vibrations in transit (at the airport etc!)
  • Easy to clean, there are no nooks and crannies for lube to build up in.

What are the bad points?

  • Major downside – You have to charge each side separately for 2 hours each.
  • It’s one of the most expensive couples sex toys around with a hefty price tag, but it’s also one of the most luxurious
  • The plug is not UK and you have to use an adapter with it (Lovehoney get round this by providing a UK adapter).
  • It’s not waterproof – it’s ‘splashproof’ – do not put it under water or it will break.

What do other people say?

On the Lovehoney website there are currently only four reviews to read. Some products have hundreds of reviews, but of the four they are all very good ones scoring 9 out of 10 stars. I have a feeling there are less reviews due to the price of this toy and it isn’t as affordable as others.

One reviewer does point out the major flaw of not being able to charge both sides of the Deux at the same time. I agree with this.

In Summary

The Deux is two vibrators for him and her that fit together and looks pretty. Is it worth the hefty price tag?? I’m not so sure. It’s certainly pleasing to the eye and a luxurious sex toy but I do have my own reservations about how much it cost.

If you can afford it I would say try it. But there are cheaper sex toys for couples available.


Unfortunately the Zini Deux is now discontinued (sad face) but you can check out lots more luxury couples sex toys at Lovehoney instead and find something equally as good.

Lovehoney Lifelike Realistic 6 Inch Dildo

Lovehoney life like realistic dildo

This review is of the Lovehoney lifelike realistic 6 inch dildo. They also do an 8 inch realistic dildo.


What’s in the box?

I have to first comment on what discrete packing Lovehoney used to post my new dildo in. You would never know that there was a big realistic dildo inside when the postman delivered it! Haha.

There isn’t anything inside the box other than than your lifelike dildo itself.

What does it look like?

It looks very much like a penis!

It has a suction base so you can actually stick the dildo onto any smooth hard surfaces like the bath, tiles, the floor – whatever surface a sucker will stick to in fact. It’s a very powerful suction, and when it’s stuck on it doesn’t budge! You have to peel the sucker off to remove it.

  • Tip – Don’t leave it stuck anywhere on show and forget about it if you are having visitors!

It even has balls and veins too adding to the realistic look. Personally I could do without the veins for effect, but some will like this additional detail.

What does it feel like?

The dildo feels very soft but also firm. It’s flexible and bendy yet is realistic and doesn’t bend anymore than you would expect.

Upon opening the box there was an obvious chemical smell to the dildo. After a wash this faded and it was barely noticeable. You should always wash a new sex toy well before inserting it inside you. The smell does get less and less over time.

How big is it?

The insertable length is 5 inches long with this 6 inch dildo.

(If you prefer more length the insertable size of the 8 inch dildo is 6 inches so it’s an inch bigger).

It has a good girth to it and you will probably need some good water-based lube to use with it. Water-based lube is always advised with sex toys because silicone-based lube can degrade them.

How do you use it?

Add plenty of water-based lube onto the dildo itself, and onto yourself too if needed. Stick the suction cup to where your heart desires or just hold onto it. Insert and enjoy!

When you’ve finished make sure you give it a good wash with some fairy liquid or soap and ideally let it air dry.

When wet it will pick up allsorts of bits and dust so it’s best to put it away completely dry. You want to make sure it’s ready for the next time you want to use it.

Does it really work?

It definitely does the job, and it hits the spot. Using this is very realistic and is the most lifelike dildo I’ve ever tried.

In my opinion it feels as close as you can get to having sex using a dildo. Having balls attached aswell is good if you enjoy the feel of them banging against you in real life.

What are the good points?

It feels good inside and is very lifelike for a dildo. It’s firm yet soft and flexible.

I liked the girth of it. It fills you up but isn’t uncomfortable and is just the right size to feel satisfied.

The suction cup is very strong and sticks to more or less any surface.

What are the bad points?

There was a strong chemical smell when I first opened the box.

I have nothing else bad to say on this one. It’s a lifelike dildo and does what it’s supposed to.

What do other people say?

The majority of the reviews on the Lovehoney site are really good ones. There are a couple that are not so good. One reviewer said the dildo was too hard and did nothing for her. She said she was used to using a ‘soft squishy rabbit vibrator’.

Another reviewer tried to use the dildo in a harness and had difficulty due to the suction cup.

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 13.23.40


Here’s a shot of the video review of the 6 inch dildo.

Where can I get one?

As this is a review of the Lovehoney dildo it’s only available on the Lovehoney website. I like Lovehoney because of the very discreet packaging and my toys are always posted quickly. Prices are correct as of February 2013.

There are two sizes to choose from:

6 inch lifelike realistic dildo £19.99 including delivery

8 inch lifelike realistic dildo £21.99 including delivery (you pay an extra two pounds for an extra 2 inches!)




We-Vibe 3 Luxury Couples Sex Toy

we-vibe 3

we-vibe 3 review

We-vibe have a range of sex toys available and there’s previously been simpler versions of the We-Vibe. This is the We-Vibe 3, a much improved and more powerful toy than previous models and is specifically aimed at couples.

What’s in the box?

The We-Vibe 3 comes in it’s own special plastic case which is also the charging base and holds all the bits together.

Included with your We-Vibe 3 is:

  • The We-Vibe 3 itself
  • Remote control
  • Charging case
  • Plug in charge adapter
  • Instruction manual
  • Guarantee

What does it look like?

There are two sides to the We-vibe 3, a large side and a smaller side. The smaller side is what goes inside the vagina. It’s got ridges on it which feels very nice when it rubs against your g-spot during sex.

The larger side is for stimulating the clitoris. This side also has the controls and the We-Vibe logo embossed on it.

What does it feel like?

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, the We-Vibe 3 is nice and soft. You will also notice it’s quite bendy and flexible and can even be opened up to a right angle.

As it’s made entirely from silicone you must use a water-based lube with it. If you use a silicone-based lube with a silicone made toy it will damage and degrade the toy.

When you’re spending money on such a good quality sex toy it’s important to look after them as well as you can, and that means using a good water-based lube with it.

How big is it?

Insertable size is 3.25 inches. It’s just the right size to curve up inside you and nestle agains the g-spot. It is very slim and easily small enough for the We-Vibe 3 and your partner to fit inside you at the same time.

How is it powered?

The We-Vibe 3 is mains powered which is brilliant. My favourite sex toys are ones you can plug in and charge up. Batteries drive me mad!

There are two motors inside the We-vibe 3, one on each side giving it plenty of power.

To charge the We-Vibe 3 you simply put it onto the charging base, push the charger cable into the back of the base and insert the plug into a UK mains plug.

The advice is to charge the We-Vibe 3 for 24 hours before you use it. Being impatient this was a major downside to me. When you’ve just got your new toy you want to use it, not have to sit and watch it charge for a full day!!

However as this is an expensive and good quality sex toy, it’s better to follow the manufacturers advice and do what they say rather than risk damaging the battery life before you’ve even used it.

The long 24 hour charge is only once though so at least it’s not that long every time. After this initial charge it only takes a couple of hours to recharge between each use.

How loud is it?

It is whisper quiet. However it doesn’t really matter too much as this sex toy is designed for couples. So it’s not likely sound is going to be a problem during sex.

If you were to use it on your own, which you still could do, you can be assured it is very very quiet and just makes a gentle humming noise as it vibrates.

Does it really work?

The smallest side of the We-Vibe 3 is designed to be worn half inside the woman (vaginally), and the other half outside, resting over the clitoral area. What’s great during sex is that both of you can feel the vibrations.

It is small enough to fit inside and curves up to where the g-spot is, leaving room for your partner too.

From the woman’s point of view, because your partner is inside you at the same time, his body keeps the outer arm pressed against your clitoris – as well as him pressing against the curve of the toy itself.

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 12.58.58

The man can feel the We-Vibe 3 inside as he moves in and out of you too, but it is very comfortable for him. The feel of the silicone covering and water-based lubricant allows for easy movement.

Trust me there’s plenty of room for your partner and the We-vibe 3 because the toy is only small. On first impression it’s natural to wonder how on earth it works.

It’s much easier to understand when you try it, but it does work very well, and the reviews on the Lovehoney website back this up.

You can use the We-Vibe 3 on your own but it is quite slim and might not be enough to satisfy you vaginally without your partner but you can certainly have some great solo clitorall orgasms with it.


A couple of reviewers mentioned they had experienced some “chafing” if the We-Vibe isn’t in the right position, and another said they had found it slipped out of position. This is something to be aware of and make sure you get it in the right place to feel nice and comfy.

If you are having really fast sex it will move out of position and someone did find the vibrations were “lost.”

I think it’s more useful for enjoying slow passionate sex with that you can build up to an easy incredible orgasm with rather than quick fast sex.

If you’re going to use a sex toy during sex then it’s unlikely you’re going to want it to be over and done as fast as possible anyway, you want to enjoy it and feel the pleasure.

How do you use it?

To switch on all you do is simply press the little nodule on the largest side of the We-Vibe 3 for a couple of seconds. One press and it switches on and starts vibrating.

There’s a remote control for changing the functions which is great! It makes it nice and easy to control whilst you’re using the We-Vibe 3 during sex.

To use the remote control all you do is press the top of the remote and with each press it moves you through the 6 different functions.

To switch off you can either press and hold down the button on the remote control, or press the nodule on the We-Vibe 3 itself.

The remote control works 3 metres away. I remember when “remote controlled” toys used to have a very short wire attached to the toy that you had to reach down for, and they were always breaking.

Sex toy technology has moved on massively.

How many settings does it have?

There are 6 functions to move through. These are low, high, wave, pulse, tease, cha cha. My favourite is tease.

The We-Vibe 3 also has “memory technology” and remembers which function you were last on if you use it again within an hour. I didn’t find this a big selling point personally because it isn’t much hassle to quickly press the remote control to move up to the function you want if you use it again within the hour, but I guess it is a nice feature to have.

What are the good points?

  • It’s completely waterproof.

Here’s a shot of the waterproof demonstration video.

  • The remote control means you don’t have to stop and change the settings on the toy itself, you can do it remotely. No need to get your hands trapped between each others bodies as you change setting.
  • Being rechargeable and not having to bother with batteries.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Good for slower passionate sex and mind-blowing orgasms for both partners.

What are the bad points?

  • Having to wait 24 hours of charge time before you can use it.
  • It is not cheap but it is a luxury well made toy.
  • If you are having fast sex it can move out of position.

We-Vibe 3 Tips

  • Keep all of the bits together. You don’t want to lose any bits like the charging stand or remote control. It will all fit neatly into the case.
  • Use only a water-based lube to avoid damaging the soft silicone covering.
  • Initially don’t have sex too fast so the toy stays in position, once you’ve got the hang of it you can experiment with what works for you.

What do other people say?

The reviews for this toy are very good and there is one hilarious review I have to point out, who talks about his girlfriend wearing the We-vibe 3 to the pub.

(You can walk round with it inside you). In the review he uses the remote control to switch the We-Vibe 3 on and off at various times to build his girlfriend up into a frenzy in preparation for a raunchy afternoon at home.

What happened is the remote control wouldn’t turn the We-vibe 3 off on this occasion, and she was getting closer and closer to orgasm in the middle of a busy pub…

Where can I get one?

Lovehoney £106.99 including delivery.

Update >>>>I have just written a review of the newer We Vibe 4 Plus. This is a newer model with remote technology and its own mobile phone app.

Vibe Therapy Serenity 7 Function Rabbit Vibrator

vibe serenity

Unfortunately the Vibe Serenity has now been discontinued. As an alternative I recommend the Tracey Cox Rechargeable Rabbit instead.

Guest post by sex toy reviewer Jasmine Hope – Welcome Jasmine.

As a woman, there are a couple of things that I have learned the hard way over the years; stress can cause wrinkles, belly fat and serious health problems and nothing relieves stress like a long hot bath and a long hot session with a well made luxurious vibrator.

The best of all is the ability to combine the two, and the Vibe Therapy Serenity 7 Function Silicone Rabbit Vibrator lets you do just that.

I have also learned to never ever purchase any toy online without checking around for real reviews because nothing is worse than finally getting your new toy in the mail and being totally disappointed.

That being said, read on for more information about one of my favourite toys.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 10.01.49

The first thing you need to know about the Vibe Therapy Serenity is that it is a “rabbit” style vibrator which means that it is shaped like a penis and has a motor inside of it that vibrates like almost every other vibrator on the market but unlike the regular old vibe, the rabbit style vibes offer a bit more….

The star of the show for the rabbit style units is the clitoral stimulator which is in the shape of a cute little bunny that rides on the side of the vibrator.

The little bunny ears always vibrate and wiggle in the most delightful way but that is not all – most rabbit style vibes also have a shaft that rotates to tickle the “G” spot just so.

So, the rabbit vibes have bunny ears to tickle the clitoris and a shaft that rotates at the same time to tease and tantalize the “G” spot. What’s not to love?

What’s in the box?

Before even opening the box you will know that you purchased a high quality toy.

The box itself is made from high grade cardboard with a moulded plastic insert to cradle the vibe. In fact, if you have the space you might want to hang on to the box to store your vibe in between sessions.

Inside the box, nestled in a contoured plastic tray you will find the Vibe Therapy Serenity 7 Function Silicone Rabbit Vibrator and an information sheet which explains how to insert the batteries as well as recommended cleaning.

What does it look like?

When you take the Therapy Serenity out of the box for the first time you will notice that the bright pink coloration is much less pronounced than it is in pictures.

The pink colour is actually more of a soft lilac in some lights then the lurid “Barbie” pink you may have been expecting. In fact, the colour is very feminine and pleasing to the eyes.

The Therapy Serenity has a smooth straight shaft with just a hint of ergonomic contouring for texture.

The head of the shaft is just slightly larger than the body and is at its smallest diameter at the base of the “bunny” clitoral stimulator. The “bunny” itself has a soft yet firm feel to it and easily springs back when pushed or pulled ensuring the right amount of pressure no matter where it is positioned.

vibe therapy

The “bunny” has two separate little ears which are about 1 inch in length and a smooth little nose but no other bumps or features so it is smooth and velvety all over. The ears are even rounded off rather than pointed so there are no “sharp” edges anywhere on the unit.

Just below the “bunny” is the control panel which is a shiny silver and grey coloration with three easy touch buttons. Each of the buttons have a symbol on them to tell what function they perform with the top button rotation control, the second button vibration and the last button the on and off switch.

The base of the Therapy Serenity is contoured for easy gripping with a simple twist knob inset into it for the battery compartment.

Overall the Therapy Serenity has a sleek modern look.

What does it feel like?

The Vibe Therapy Serenity is covered in high quality medical grade silicone which has a velvety soft and luxurious feel to it, while the core of the vibe is made from a hard shell plastic so it is not so flexible that it can’t stand up to rougher play sessions.

In other words, the Therapy Serenity is not too soft or too hard but just right. You may want to use a little water based lubricant with it when getting started though as the silicone can have a little “drag” too it.

How big is it?

The ergonomically built Therapy Serenity measures in not too small and not too large with an overall length of 10.75 inches which breaks down to about 5.5 inches of insertable length.  The “bunny” is also a lovely 4.75 inches in circumference with a 2 inch base.

How is it powered?

The Therapy Serenity 7 function rabbit vibe is powered by 3 “AA” batteries which make it very portable and simple to charge up.

The batteries are inserted via a twist- to -open battery compartment in the base of the unit which holds a battery cradle.

Just don’t forget to stock up on long lasting batteries. After all a dead “bunny” is no fun.

Here’s a video review to see the vibe in action under water!

How loud is it?

One of the most important aspects of any vibe is volume.

No matter how much fun it is, no one wants a “rabbit” that buzzes louder than a chain saw, and the Therapy Serenity doesn’t disappoint. The Therapy Serenity is not exactly silent but its gentle purring vibration is quiet enough to be used in the public library with no one the wiser. Shhhh

Does it really work?

The truth is, the “rabbit” style vibrators are not for everyone and can take a little getting used to but there is a reason why those cute little ears are so incredibly popular.

With the Therapy Serenity you get 7 different vibrators all built into one phenomenal unit.

The ears of the “bunny” vibrate at various speeds to tickle your..erm..fancy while the delightfully soft and smooth shaft moves around and around to tease and titillate your “G” spot.

I personally love the “rabbit” style vibes and the Therapy Serenity is one of the best in my opinion.

How many settings does it have?

The Therapy Serenity 7 function rabbit vibrator has..well..7 functions.

It vibrates, rotates and pulses all at the touch of three simple buttons.  Click each button once for the lowest setting and again to increase the speed for both the rotation and vibration.

How do you use it?

There is really no right or wrong way to use the Therapy Serenity, but for best results it should be inserted into the vagina until the “bunny” ears just brush the clitoris.

Once the toy is seated in the right spot, use the control buttons to turn it on and select the vibration speed of the ears and rotation of the shaft.

There is no need to be gentle with the Therapy Serenity. Some toys cannot stand up to rough play but the Therapy Serenity is well made from quality materials so you can enjoy it any way you like.


  • It is strongly suggested that you use only water based lubricants with your Therapy Serenity because silicone based lubes have been known to break down silicone toys, destroying the surface of them.
  • When finished with your toy the easiest and safest way to clean it is either with a water only dampened towel or one of the recommended toy cleaners for silicone toys.
  • When used in the tub, shower, hot tub or pool always remember to make sure the battery compartment is tightly closed (it is submersible).
  • Always take the time to properly store your Therapy Serenity after use. I prefer to store my toys inside of zip lock style freezer bags once they are completely dry. The bag keeps dust and other debris from the surface of my toys and they are always ready to go when I am.

What are the good points?

The Therapy Serenity is loaded with good points.

  • The Therapy Serenity is whisper quiet unlike some other “rabbit” style vibes.
  • It’s completely waterproof and even submersible – see the video review.
  • The Therapy Serenity is made from high quality materials which are completely free of  phatalates and latex.
  • The Therapy Serenity has a classy and elegant design any woman would be proud to own.
  • The Therapy Serenity looks and feels incredibly luxurious.
  • The Therapy Serenity has 7 exciting functions including vibration, pulsation and rotation.
  • The Therapy Serenity has incredibly simple controls making it easy enough even for a beginner to use.

What are the bad points?

  • It would be nice if the Therapy Serenity were rechargeable by mains plug rather than battery operated. It is strongly suggested that you stock up on batteries.
  • Although the overall feel of the Therapy Serenity is pleasurable it can feel just a little heavy and awkward after a particularly long session.

What do other people say?

I read several dozen reviews on the Therapy Serenity before purchase and it seems that everyone who owns it agrees. The Therapy Serenity is made with high quality materials, incredibly quiet and has a well thought out design.


***The Vibe Serenity has now been discontinued, but I totally recommend you check out the Tracey Cox Rechargeable Rabbit instead for £39.99.

Yes Water-Based Lube Review

yes lube

Yes Water-Based LubeI really love Yes water-based lube because of how natural it feels. It’s difficult to tell the difference between what’s the lube and what’s your natural juices. Seriously.

Even though lube isn’t a sex toy, I wanted to write a short review on it simply because of how much I like it and I think others will too once you try it.

When you buy a sex toy, you should also buy some good Yes water-based lube to use with it.

So what’s so good about Yes water-based lube?

Firstly it’s organic. What does that mean and why should you care?

It means it’s made of natural materials. Not harsh manufactured chemicals. It’s brilliant for sensitive skin and even if you don’t have sensitive skin it’s nice to know you’re putting something natural in those precious areas.

Here’s the ingredients list:

Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Flax Extract, Guar, Locust Bean, Xantham Gum, Food Quality Preservatives, Citric Acid.

And here’s a bit more about each of those ingredients because if you are like me, they meant nothing until I looked up what they actually were!

  • Aloe Vera, Flax Extract, Guar, Locust Bean are all from plants
  • Xanthan Gum is made by fermenting corn sugar with a bacteria, Xanthomonas campestris. The result is a slimy goo that is then dried up and ground into a fine white powder.
  • Citric acid is a natural preservative.

So all good stuff.

yes lube with box

As well as being organic it’s “Vegetarian Society-approved and meets the Soil Association’s organic standards”. Good news if you’re a vegetarian and like supporting animal friendly products.

For comparison I decided to look up what other lubes contain and their ingredients lists are not widely available. This leads me to think they are packed full of chemicals, or the manufacturers are not proud of what they contain.

Yes lube comes in a pale blue tube with a flip down lid and is easy to express. The feel of it is very soft and moisurising. It has a very natural feel. Much unlike artificial lubes that are thick, sticky and feel entirely fake.

I don’t find it completely tasteless, it is very subtle and not unpleasant. It also has no odour at all.

Yes water-based lube gives you a very luxurious experience whilst using it. It isn’t widely available online. In fact the only online sex toys shop you can buy this from is Lovehoney.

The reason for this is the manufacturers of Yes are very conscience of keeping an exclusive luxurious image for their lube. It’s a lube more targeted at health shops and well being stores than the general sex shop market.

photo (87)

There are lots of positive reviews about Yes Water-based lube if you would like to know more. Check out what other people are saying.

Lovehoney currently stock two sizes of Yes water-based lube for very competitive prices.

25ml is £5.99 including delivery.

125ml is £16.99 including delivery.


5 of the Best Magic Wand Massagers

lovehoney wand massager

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid”]

1. The Love Honey Magic Wand Deluxe Mains Powered Massager

Voted best sex toy of the year on Female First. If anyone was familiar with the Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator, this is apparently similar but is a vastly improved version. Unfortunately I have never tried the Hitachi but it’s compared against a lot on sex toy websites.

I love that there are so many ways to use this magic wand. It can be used all over the body. It’s great for tired aching muscles (such as shoulder knots or aching feet!) or for big clitoral orgasms.

The wand is around 13 inches long. It has a very flexible head that bends and moves easily. I like that it feels nice and light weight and the vibrations barely travel through the length of the shaft so you don’t end up with a numb hand when it’s on full speed.

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 15.26.00

One reviewer on Lovehoney said she’d found it heavier than she’d expected but it wasn’t uncomfortably heavy.

It has a 1.8 metre cable attached to the plug which is a good length but if you don’t have a mains plug near your bed or where you will be using it you may need an extension lead.

The obvious big selling point is that it’s mains powered with a UK plug. No need for messing about with batteries.

Mains power also gives a vibrator bucket loads more strength and reliability.

Everyone likes to know how noisy a sex toy is going to be. Well there is good news and bad news here.

It’s not exactly quiet. You can definitely hear it. But as magic wand massagers go, it’s one of the quietest I‘ve tried. Basically the faster the speed, the louder it gets.

Someone else reviewing on Lovehoney said she doesn’t use hers when there are other people in the house because of how loud it is. If you need something very quiet this magic wand might not be for you. Although another reviewer said she didn’t find it overly noisy.

Check out these videos to see just how loud the wand gets. They will give you a good idea of what you can expect!

Another video review by the slightly quirky Vanessa Pelz-Sharpe. I don’t know who she is but she sure loves the wand!

Lovehoney Magic Wand Deluxe Mains Powered Massager Video Review

The vibrations range from very gentle to deep and powerful.

I found it very easy to control with the single wheel on the side. You just slide the switch up and down to control the speed. The more you slide the switch up, the faster it goes. You can slow it back down by sliding the switch back down.

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 15.25.07

What are the good points?

It has so many uses. It’s a great all rounder. For tired aching muscles through to clitoral stimulation. It’s a massager and vibrator in one.

It’s far more powerful than other magic wands due to it being mains powered.

You can buy all sorts of additional attachments for it to turn it into the ultimate sex toy.

What are the bad points?

It’s not quiet but with such power, asking for it to be any quieter is pretty unrealistic.

It’s not waterproof so not that easy to clean. There are grooves on the handle which will need cleaning occasionally and as it’s not waterproof you might need some sex toy wipes to clean it with.

Overall the Lovehoney magic wand is a very powerful massager. It’s big selling point is it being mains powered and it’s one of the quieter magic wand massagers on the market today. It has many uses and a lot of power. It can be used for all over the body and is worthwhile investment.

Everyone else on the Lovehoney website is loving this wand too. Have a read of some of the reviews.

As this is a Lovehoney product, it’s only available on the Lovehoney website. It currently retails at £54.99 including delivery.


2. Vibratex Mystic Wand Vibrating Wand Massager

vibratex wand lovehoney

Another great wand that can be used all over the body is the Vibratex Mystic Wand. It’s made of silicone it’s nice and soft but also firm. Lovehoney constantly refer to this wand on their website as this being a smaller version of the original Hitachi magic wand.

The Vibratex wand is fairly small and compact for a wand at 8 inches long, with the typical flexible head you get with wands. It has 6 vibration levels which range from light vibrations right through to full power. Like other wands this has interchangeable heads so you can add on different adapters.

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 21.35.56

Even though this wand is battery powered, it’s surprisingly powerful. It’s not as powerful as a mains powered wand though. If you want mega power from your wand you might want to consider one that plugs into a mains socket.

Using this magic wand is really easy. There’s only two switches. When it’s switched on (by pressing the power button) a light also comes on and it immediately starts vibrating. The light isn’t really necessary. To turn it off you just press the power button again.

Pressing F moves you up and down through the different vibration settings. You can get some really

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 21.03.46

What are the good points?

It’s waterproof and with it’s lack of wires this is a great product to take into the bath or shower with you to use on muscles that you’ve been soaking in hot water. I get really aching shoulders and a stiff neck. After soaking in the bath or the shower, this is great to use on these areas because the muscles respond a lot more when they’ve been heated up.

It feels really nice on the clit too, especially moving up and down through the different functions by pressing F over again.

It comes with a handy storage bag.

What are the bad points?

It needs 4 x AA batteries which are not included. Therefore if you opt for this wand don’t forget to order your batteries.

vibratex wand reviewIt’s not mains powered therefore isn’t going to be as powerful as those you plug in. However, if it was mains powered, it wouldn’t be waterproof so you couldn’t use it in the bath or shower.

It’s up to you to decide from a wand if you want power or waterproof feature. This could impact your decision when choosing a magic wand.

In summary the It has really positive reviews on Lovehoney. Despite one reviewer saying after two years of wear the cover on top of the switch split, she still gave it 5 stars.

vibratex wand video review


Here’s a video showing the Vibratex Mystic Wand in action. You can purchase the wand from the following websites.

Lovehoney £49.99 including free delivery

Sex Shop 365 £51.78 including free delivery

3. Lelo Smart Wand Rechargeable Vibrator

lelo smart wand medium

Lelo do some beautiful toys, and if you’ve read my other Lelo reviews you will know I’m a huge fan of them. But what’s incredible about the Lelo Smart wand is the “SenseTouch” Technology. It intelligently increases vibrations the harder you press it against your skin. As you ease the pressure against your skin, the vibrations also ease off.

It feels just incredible the way you can vary sensation and intensity just by changing the pressure of the wand against your skin. I absolutely love it and think it’s genious.

lelo wand lovehoneyBeing made of silicone, this also gives it a very soft smooth feel against the genital area.

Make sure you only use a water-based lubricant with it. If you have read my other reviews you will know I recommend Yes lubricant. It has a very natural, silky feel without stickiness. I hate sticky lube!

There are so many great things to say about this wand. As well as the SenseTouch feature it’s mains chargeable AND waterproof. There are other mains chargeable and waterproof wands, but none of them do both.

As always with mains charged wands, you get a lot more power than a battery powered wand. It takes around two hours to fully charge and you get between one to two hours of playtime with it. The amount of time it lasts after a charge varies depending on if you’ve been using it on full power or on a lighter power.

There are 8 different intensity levels, from low and slow to strong and fast vibrations. Changing levels is easy by pressing the function button over again to move through them.

lelo wand review

Here’s a helpful video review of the Lelo Smart wand on Lovehoney.

What are the good points?

As previously mentioned – the SenseTouch, it’s mains powered and it’s waterproof.

It’s also on the quiet side for a wand. Wands tend to be louder because they have more power and can be used all over the body. It’s also commented on in the reviews several times that this wand is quiet and it’s a big plus point, especially for in a shared house.

lelo smart wand review

What are the bad points?

Personally I didn’t have this problem but some other reviewers have said they found it too easy to press the wrong button whilst using the wand.

It is expensive – that’s because it’s Lelo and you pay more because it’s a luxurious toy.

In summary this wand is both beautiful and very, very enjoyable. One other thing, the packaging is gorgeous because it’s by Lelo.

Check out what everyone else is saying about this Lelo wand.

You can currently purchase this wand in size medium and large. This review has been about the medium sized wand.

You can buy this wand from the following places.

Lovehoney Medium wand – £84.99 including delivery

Lovehoney Large wand – £108.99 including delivery

4. Bodywand Magic Wand Vibrator

bodywand magic wand review

This Bodywand magic wand has extreme power controlled by a very simple scroll button. It’s possibly the most powerful wand massager there is!

It’s nice and simple to use. Just pressing down the scroll button starts the wand starts vibrating. To increase vibration you just scroll downwards, more and more and the wand responds accordingly.

The scroll is great for building up intensity. As described on the Lovehoney website it goes from “the gentlest massage to thrilling!” I have to say agree. On the highest setting the vibration is intense.

With the flexible head being so large, it covers lots of the genital area and so the pleasure is very intense.

Being 13 inches long it’s also the perfect size for massaging the back and shoulders. It’s very soothing on tight shoulder knots for deep tissue massage. Wands vary in size and if you are after one as an all round massager this is a good choice.

As someone who spends a lot of time at the computer, this wand is a life saver.

It’s mains powered and comes with a 1.8 metre power cable. This is a very good length but you will still need a plug socket near where you will be using the wand unless you have an extension lead.

The video on the Lovehoney website demonstrates just how powerful this wand really is.

What are the good points?

Mains power is always a bonus giving lots more power. This is an incredibly powerful wand.

The control is by scroll and done by just one finger.

It’s good for an all over massage and getting to those hard to reach areas like the shoulders and back. On full power it’s amazing for shoulder knots (and orgasms!)

What are the bad points?

Several reviewers have commented that the cable isn’t long enough.

It is on the loud side. As with other mains powered high intensity wands this is to be expected. You can’t have all that power and it be silent. Beware if you share a house and don’t want to be heard.

On full power the vibrations do travel into the handle but this is due to how powerful it is and isn’t too much of an issue but I thought it should be pointed out in case this would bother you.

In summary this wand has got tons and tons of positive reviews (currently 46 – all 5 stars!) and is one of the best wands around for versatility.

This wand is exclusive to Lovehoney so you can’t find it anywhere else. It retails at £59.99 including delivery.

5. Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand Vibrator

Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand Vibrator

This is one of the smallest wands you can buy. At just 7.75 inches it’s tiny compared to the biggest 13 inch wands available.

Like all wands it has a flexible head and can be used all over the body.

To turn it on you just press the on button (see photo below). If you keep pressing the on button the different functions light up between 1-8, showing you which function you are on. Being able to see where you are up to in the levels is really helpful. With other sex toys you just have to keep pressing and pressing to move to a certain mode and if you accidentally go past it you have to go through them again so this feature is really good.

To switch off just press the off button. It really couldn’t be any simpler a toy.

It has a fantastic 8 choices of vibration settings. The first three are continuous varying speeds of vibration, whilst the last five have patterned vibrations. That’s lot of choice for something so small and compact.

I have to say that even though this wand is small, it isn’t compromised on power as you might expect.

There is a big downside to this wand and that is the noise. It’s not quiet. Others have commented on it on their reviews on the Lovehoney website.

Being completely waterproof and submersible is a great feature. You can literally hold it under water and it worked perfectly. I haven’t tried this in the bath but I did use it in the shower once and it was fine.

All that power comes from 4 x AA batteries. The downside to batteries are obviously they run out quickly and they can be expensive to replace. If batteries bother you there is always the option of a mains powered wand.

What are the good points?

There’s tons of power packed into this little baby.

It’s one of the cheapest wands on the market.

You can use any type of lubricant with it unlike others that are only compatible with water-based lubricants.

It’s completely waterproof – check out the video demonstrating this.

What are the bad points?

It’s not very quiet.

Being small it isn’t as easy to massage all over the body with – but being small is the point. It’s compact and portable.

It doesn’t come with batteries! (Don’t forget to order some if you buy this wand). I found lack of batteries really disappointing.

In summary as this is one of the smaller wands it’s not as good for difficult to reach areas if you are looking for something that can also be used to massage your back and shoulders. But it’s fantastic for clitoral stimulation and the reviews back this up.

It’s exclusive to Lovehoney and retails at £29.99 including delivery.

(I’ve recently published a new magic wand massagers post that includes some new favourites) 


Bodywand Magic Wand Vibrator Review


Guest post by sex toy reviewer Alana Cruz– Welcome Alana.

Bodywand Magic Wand Vibrator Review

Bodywand Magic Wand Vibrator

The Bodywand Magic Wand Vibrator gives everything a woman dreams about while receiving pleasure. Ever since I tried its performances there is absolutely no machine which could meet the standards of the Bodywand Magic Wand vibrator.

I have been using it for some time and think of me as an ideal person to point out the necessary information and tell the others there is something on the market which will excel the highest sex toy expectations.

This vibrator offer tremendous power which is easily controlled by the scroll button. A few-level intensity provided me different kinds of pleasure – low level warming up and increased intensity pleasure after I’d became horny.

This wand vibrator serves for a multiple types of pleasure as it is a great massager that could reach your back area due to its 13 inches length. The dimensions are suitable for use, not creating distractions during the play.

My husband also loves to use it on himself stimulating the anus area and testicles so there are joys for the both of us. I feel better as it gives pleasure to him too. It makes me even hornier when he holds back from not exploding because of the sex ecstasy.

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 20.54.20The Bodywand Magic Wand Vibrator’s wide and very flexible head covers a larger genital area so can provide pleasure not only stimulating clitoris but the enhanced surface of the genitals. We had focused it on my clitoris first but I was feeling it all over, experiencing multiple orgasms like never before.

We may be pointing out the negative effect of cleaning after a magical play ends. Some other woman also pointed this out telling that it could be easier to clean but it didn’t bother them much.

1, 8 meter short power cable wasn’t a problem after we attached the extension cords. It could reach every corner of the room allowing us sufficient movements for having a mind blowing sex.

The Bodywand Magic Wand Vibrator is certainly better than the battery powered one as you don’t need to think about charging the batteries or would it last long enough to provide pleasure a whole time. Main power also provides more power which is crucial for experiencing high intensity orgasms.

The volume could be disturbing. It’s a bit noisy but this isn’t weird for such high powered machines. This has to be mentioned as many rated the volume performance lower than the other ones.

What are the pros?

The major good points are the most powerful orgasms and the levels of intensity which can be easily controlled just by one finger. You can also enjoy it both; it will provide pleasure for women and men. It also serves as a massager, reaching the hard to reach places like shoulders and back.

What are the cons?

You may find it rather noisy but this is well compensated by the power and experienced pleasure. The energy cable is a bit short if you don’t possess the extension cord. Cleaning is a bit hampered but not significantly.

Above all, this machine is worth having because of its excellent possibilities that it brings in a person’s sex life. It provides the women high intensity, multiple orgasms which were hard to achieve ever before. Its performances excel over the expectations.

Get your Bodywand Magic Wand Vibrator for £59.99 including delivery.

Read my newer review about magic wand massagers including more on the Bodywand.

Lelo Insignia Isla Review

lelo insignia isla


What’s in the box?

As always when I order my toys from Lovehoney, my new Lelo Insignia Isla arrived quickly in plain packaging. It was nice and discreet.

I really don’t want my postman to know what I’m having delivered, (even though he’s a friendly guy).

Opening the package the Lelo Insignia Isla was presented in a lovely glossy black box.


Inside was:

  • The purple Lelo Insignia Isla itself. It’s available in black, purple or green but colour availability varies between shops.
  • Mains charger
  • Free sachet of lube
  • Gorgeous satin bag
  • Gold Insignia symbol brooch
  • Instruction manual
  • 10 year quality guarantee

What does it look like?

The Lelo Insignia Isla is possibly the most beautiful vibrator I’ve ever seen, and I own a few!

Not only is it very pretty and to be admired, it’s obviously extremely high quality. It looks very well made.

lelo-insignia-isla- lelo-insignia-isla-


What does it feel like?

It’s made from silicone so feels very silky, smooth and luxurious.

It feels good to hold with the looped handle so it’s easy to control. It fits nicely in your hand as you use it.

The Lelo Insignia Isla makes me feel very feminine and sexy just owning it.

Using it makes me feel even more feminine and sexy!

The curve means that when it’s inside you it’s pushing against your G spot and feels immensely good. You can really build yourself up using the various settings to the most powerful orgasms.

yes-water-based-lubricantAs it’s made from silicone, you need to use a water-based lubricant.

I love Yes lubricant because it feels very natural and silky. It’s expensive but it’s organic and is as luxurious as the Lelo Insignia Isla. A perfect companion.

How big is it?

In total it’s 9 inches long. It’s insertable up to 5 inches, 4.1 inches wide.

It’s a nice size; not too big, and not too small either. I think they’ve got it right.

The drawstring bag is satin and adds even more luxury to the Lelo Insignia Isla.

It’s really useful for keeping it hidden away when you want to keep it in your handbag or your suitcase. It’s not obvious there’s a vibrator inside the bag at all.

How is it powered?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the Lelo Insignia Isla comes with a mains charger.

That means no more messing about with batteries that slow down the vibrations, or even worse, run out half way through your pleasure. I’ve been there.

With battery powered vibrators I’ve found I hardly end up using them because you have to keep buying expensive batteries. Then they’ve usually run out when I come to next use the vibrator!

Mains charging is definitely the way forward and so much easier!

This is especially with the Lelo Insignia Isla being so powerful. Batteries would just kill it. It does need mains power.

You just have to plug it in every two or three days (depending on how much you use it) and it’s charged up really quickly and ready to go.

It takes around two hours to charge, and when fully charged it lasts for 4 hours so you get double the amount of time which is really good!


How loud is it?

On the first setting it’s virtually silent. The first setting is really strong so that says a lot about the power in this vibe.

It gets progressively louder the more you move up the settings.

Moving up and down between the settings is simple by just pressing the middle button to cycle through the different modes.

No vibrator on full power is ever going to be silent. But as vibrators go, it’s very quiet.

It’s that quiet on the first setting that you can’t even hear if it’s switched on. You have to feel it to be sure it’s switched off!

Does it really work?

Yes! I’m really glad I bought it. It was a worthwhile investment.

And it was an investment in myself. (Not only for the orgasms, but it makes me feel luxurious and like I really care for myself by using such a brilliant vibrator).

How many settings does it have?

The are controls are along the top side of the Lelo Insignia Isla. There’s a plus (+) button, minus (-) button and mode button. Nice and simple.

It has 6 modes that you can cycle through.

It also has a “lock” function; meaning it won’t start vibrating by itself in your handbag or even worse in your suitcase!


How do you use it?

To start the Lelo Insignia Isla you need to hold down the plus button for about a second and it then begins vibrating on a constant setting to begin with.

To increase the intensity you just need to hold down the plus button. The Lelo Insignia Isla immediately moves up a gear. (Much stronger vibrations).

To decrease the power you just need to press and hold down the minus button.

To move between the 6 modes, just press the middle mode button and the pattern of vibrations changes. With each press of the mode button, the Lelo Insignia Isla responds by changing pattern.

To turn off you just press and hold down the minus button.

How is it waterproof?

Unique about the Lelo Insignia Isla is it’s completely waterproof.

I can say I’ve tried testing this with my Lelo Insignia Isla in the bath and it worked! I have to say I was a little dubious about putting it under water but it was completely fine.

There’s a video on Lovehoney demonstrating this too – the presenter drops the Lelo Insignia Isla into a bowl of water to prove it.

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 11.52.57

It’s waterproof because it’s made of “self-healing silicone”.


The outside of the Lelo Insignia Isla is completely sealed, so the way to get the charger in is you just push the wire through the silicone into the charger point. There’s an obvious dent in the Lelo Insignia Isla where to push the charger in.

When you’ve charged the Lelo Insignia Isla, you then just remove the wire, and as if by magic, the outside seals back up!

What are the good points?

Obviously how it looks and feels – it’s a touch of sheer class.

It’s kick ass powerful, and it’s also quiet.

It’s mains charged.

It makes you feel very feminine and like you own something very precious.

It’s waterproof!!

It has a “lock” function to stop it turning on at inappropriate moments.

What are the bad points?

It is on the expensive side for a vibrator but well worth it.

It’s insertable 5 inches. Some women might prefer a bigger vibrator.

What do other people say?

The reviews on Love Honey are all really positive reviews. Everyone else using it seems to agree it’s a good vibrator.

One review I noticed sounded like it might be written by the manufacturer. It ended with “available on Love Honey”, even though the review was written on Love Honey.

lelo insignia isla

Check out some of the other reviews on the Lelo Insignia Isla.

Why spend more on a luxury toy?

Having used both cheaper and expensive sex toys, it’s noticeable how much nicer the luxury more expensive toys feel.

They’re obviously made of better material and are more pleasurable because they’re better made and thought out.

It’s personal choice, but for me I would never go back to a cheap vibrator having tried out the Lelo Insignia Isla. There’s just no comparison to the cheaper models.

Not only is it the convenience of being mains charged and not having to keep forking out on batteries that you keep needing to replace, it’s the look, feel and way it works.

Sure, a cheaper vibrator can give you good orgasms too, but I know it’s worth spending that bit extra. It’s all about the experience.

Where can I get the Lelo Insignia Isla?

I always get my sex toys from Love Honey (just because I know they’re always reliable, and post quickly in discreet packaging). Delivery is also included.

You can purchase the Lelo Insignia Isla from several online shops.

Love Honey £144.99 plus free delivery – available in black and purple

Nice and Naughty £119.99 plus free delivery – available in black and purple