Sex Selfie Stick Review

What is a sex selfie stick?


I’m not usually remotely surprised by sex toys. The sex selfie stick is one of the few that really did surprise me!

Because it’s so much more than a vibrator/bullet sex toy.

It has a camera and a light inside it. And it comes with software.

Yes software!

In brief it’s a sex toy that streams video, so that you can record and share your extreme close up intimate self-pleasuring and broadcast it to your chosen one far away (or even in the same room as you). I’m talking extreme intimacy, inside you and wherever else you choose to show.

Some people are raving about this new hot toy, others are rather appalled by it.

So as soon as I saw the sex selfie stick, I knew I had to review it.

It’s so far been featured on the Huffington Post, Cosmo and the Independent. It has people talking that’s for sure.

So let’s dive in and find out what all the fuss is about.

In this review I’m discussing the Svakom Siime Sex Selfish Stick HD Camera Endoscope Vibrator. That’s one hell of a name.

And it’s the world’s first internal camera vibrator.

What’s in the box?

When you order your sex selfie stick you receive the vibrator itself, along with a draw-string storage bag, USB cable, software disc and instructions.

What does it look like?


The sex selfie stick comes in two colours, black and purple. To me the purple is more of a burgandy red colour than purple. But it’s still a nice colour even if it’s not true purple. I prefer it to the black.

It can be inserted up to 4 inches, and has 3.2 inches of girth.

How is it powered?

The sex selfie stick is rechargeable and is charged via USB on your computer. It has ‘ultra fast charging’ and only takes 1.5 hours, for a 8 hours of actual use.

When you receive your sex selfie stick you will need to charge it up first, which is a bit of a pain but one that I could live with. It’s charged by removing the pin covering the charging hole, inserting the charger and plugging it into a USB port.

Make sure you put the pin back in, as this keeps it completely waterproof.

How is it controlled?

To switch the vibrator on, press the S button for a couple of seconds. This makes the sex selfie stick burst into life. To switch between vibration patterns you just press the arrows to go up and down the available settings.

To switch the sex selfie stick off, just press and hold down the S button again and the vibrations will stop.

What are the features?

This vibrator is sooo much more than a vibrator.

The sex selfie stick is completely waterproof and submergible, so you can safely put it under water and use it in the bath. You can see Annabelle Knight demonstrating the sex selfie stick in the video below.

It has 5 functions to choose from so has a few different options to experiment with. There are some great patterns to play with. Ones that go fast and some that are slower.

There is even ‘intelligent mode’ which is pretty cool and in this mode the sex selfie stick automatically gradually gets faster, so it’s great for teasing yourself!! I loved that. You get into intelligent mode by pressing the S button in the centre again.

Using the camera

To use the HD camera and built in LEDs, you will need to be near a computer. It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or PC computer. For PCs you will need to just install the software that it comes with. If you’re using a Mac, it works already with the built in Facetime.

Remove the pin cover, and plug in the USB cable, then plug the other end into your computer.

Then press the camera button, and it will immediately switch on the camera and the light. You know when the camera is on because it’s all lit up. (All of this is in the instructions that you can follow when you receive yours).

Remember – don’t use this near water when using the camera feature. It is waterproof only with it’s pin inside and not plugged into your computer!

When it’s switched on, open Facetime or the program you are using, and you will then be able to show on there whatever you point your camera at! It’s well worth watching Annabelle Knight’s demonstration to see this in action.

Click through to watch the video demo.

Does it work?

As a vibrator, it is very powerful. You always tend to get a lot more power anyway in rechargeable toys compared to battery powered ones so that is expected. The vibration patterns are really cool, and I especially love the intelligent mode that starts off slower and gets faster.

Despite it’s power, it is also really quiet and you could use this without someone in the next room hearing you.

The HD camera and light are definitely an awesome feature for couples who are far away, and close together too. Other reviewers on the Lovehoney website just wanted to have a closer look at what goes on inside them when they orgasm and this is also good for that too.

For couples far apart, it’s a brilliant way of sharing intimacy virtually. And is the next best thing to being together in person.

What about lubricant?


It’s always important to use the right kind of lube. You should go for a water-based one so as not to damage your sex selfie stick. Oil based ones can react with silicone coatings. When you’ve invested in a high end toy like this one, the last thing you want to do is damage it with cheap lube.

I’m a big fan of the Tracey Cox super sex orgasm gel (£6.99). It’s a great water-based lubricant, feels very natural and lasts ages.

Remember to clean your toy after each use with some mild soapy water.

What are the pros?

As a vibrator the many different functions, speeds and patterns. The patterns can be moved between quickly, and the speed increased and slowed down with a quick press of the arrows.

The intelligent mode is awesome, and I love the way you can tease yourself with increasing vibration intensity slowly.

It’s HD camera feature and LED light is great! Plus it comes with software for PC users. The camera is high quality and very clear.

It’s water-proof which is great (but not waterproof without the pin cover in) so you can vibrate in the bath, shower and keep it nice and clean without worry of water damage.

The material is gorgeously soft and yet it feels well-built and strong. I also love the purple/burgundy colour.

What are the cons?

Other reviewers have mentioned are that they wished it had clearer instructions. To me it is fairly self explanatory so if you are already good with technology, and the people this is aimed at are fully up to speed with it so you shouldn’t have any problems.

One person said they wished it was longer. It has an insertable length of 4 inches. I can see why they would like it longer but I feel it’s features make up for that! Size isn’t everything hey?!

Overall verdict

I loved the sex selfie stick, it’s especially good for couples who have distance between them but want to share some intimacy. Get yours now, see what you think and leave a comment!

Investment: Oh no! The sex selfie stick is not longer for sale…. but check out lots of other awesome toys in the Lovehoney line up.