Tokidoki X Lovehoney Unicorn Wand


I absolutely love this cutie Tokidoki X unicorn magic wand vibrator and could hardly contain my excitement about how cute it is!

It’s such an unusual but cool looking wand and you can do all sorts with it including using the pointy horn for vibrations right where you need them, which other wands don’t do (the head comes off to reveal a more typical looking wand too with a pink head), as well as overall massages. I’ll get to all of that in this review.

The Tokidoki X Wand is modelled on one of their most popular characters, the unicorn.


What’s in the box?

The box itself is so pretty and well designed (below). Other reviewers on Lovehoney also said they found it a shame to open and tear it. You can see the unicorn head looking out at you through the top.

It feels and looks like a higher end luxury wand.

You receive the unicorn wand itself, colourful and informative instructions and the power cable with a UK plug attached.


What’s it made of?

It’s made of soft silicone and is latex and phthalates free, so that means it’s ideal for people with allergies to these kinds of material. As it’s not waterproof, you will need to clean it with either sex toy cleaning wipes or a damp cloth.

How big is it?

The length is 13.2 inches long, and has a circumference of 10 inches at it’s widest part. The handle is nice and long to hold. It’s plenty big enough to use all over your body. The scroll button is easy to access.

How is it powered?

Like most magic wand vibrators on the market today, this one is mains powered so you just have to plug it in and away you go. It has a cable length of 1.8 metres, which is nice and long but should you want to stretch the cable even further from a mains plug you can always use an extension lead to plug it into that.

Mains power means there are no batteries to fuss with, it won’t ever run out of charge and it has plenty of power behind it for good strong vibrations.

How do you use it?

There is a built in scroll wheel you use for switching the unicorn wand on and off, and also you use this wheel for increasing the speed. You can start off with gentle vibrations, and build up the power as you need it.

Just scroll upwards and the wand switches on, keep scrolling to increase the speed, or scroll the opposite way to switch it off again.

Add some water-based lube and start using it where you want it, intimately for strong orgasms, or on the body to release tension and relax.

You can also check out the video below of the cool Jess Wild from Lovehoney talking about and demonstrating the wand.


Is it really magical?

On the clitoris, yes! It’s packed with power, and most won’t need to use the maximum level of vibrations, lower to medium is plenty. It feels really good and is a top quality magic wand vibrator.

The addition of being able to point the vibrations right where you want them with the unicorn head, or to use it as a traditional wand gives you some extra options to play with.

The wand is amazing for overall body massage as well, so for those with tight shoulders and achy backs, get your partner to use your unicorn wand all over and feel the tension melting away.


What are the good points?

Soft pointy horn – we all love one of those right? Most wands don’t have a way of vibrating on small areas so the Tokidoki X is especially cool because you get the best of both worlds. A normal wand, as well as a removable horn.

Mains powered means you never run out of charge and it’s ready any time.

Bright colours, cute and very unusual. Gorgeous design all over, including stars, lightning bolts, rainbows and clouds over the vent holes on the reverse.


Gorgeous packaging and colourful instructions.

What are the bad points?

It’s on the more expensive side of magic wand vibrators so not for those on a budget.

It’s not waterproof (because you plug it in). But you can wash it quite easily with cleaning wipes or a damp cloth.

I’m not sure how long it will be available for. The unusual, quirky designs like these tend to end up being limited editions (I loved the erotic ink bullet and they go discontinued) so if you like the look of the Tokidoki X wand I’d definitely get one whilst they’re around.

What are other people saying?

So far this wand has received ALL positive reviews which is pretty good going!

There are currently 9 reviews so far and amazingly all give it 5 stars. It hasn’t been out very long so hopefully it will gain lots more reviews as time goes on.

I definitely recommend you have a read of them before you invest in a higher end wand for yourself and watch the video too to help you decide.

Your very own unicorn

Currently £99.99 including free delivery.

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