Using Olive Oil as a Natural Lubricant

Olive oil as a natural lubricant

Most people already have some olive oil in their kitchen. It’s great to use for cooking, on salads, and for moisturising the skin. But what about using it as a lubricant down there? How does olive oil compare to other traditional lubricants you can buy in the shops?

Olive Oil as a Natural Lubricant


The pros to using olive oil as a sexual lubricant include:

Olive oil is readily available. That goes without saying!

It also lasts a long time and it’s really good for the skin.

Olive oil has a neutral pH level, meaning it’s safe, especially for women trying to conceive.

It should also help to keep any nasty yeast infections at bay.


It’s not all good news unfortunately when using olive oil as a natural lubricant.

Olive oil is a pretty dense oil, and therefore it is fairly tricky to clean it all off.

To some, it doesn’t have an amazing smell, and it can also stain your clothes. Although when you use it as a lube, you’re unlikely to be wearing any there.

Like other oils, it isn’t compatible with some sex toys, especially silicone based ones, and it’s definitely not suitable to use with latex condoms.

Can you use olive oil with sex toys?

Like coconut oil, you can use olive oil safely with:

Glass, ceramics and metal toys.

It’s not compatible with plastic toys made of jelly, rubber, TPR, TPE, latex, vinyl and PVC. Have a read of the product descriptions for the toys if you’re not sure.

Top tip

It’s advised that you check on the label that your olive oil doesn’t contain any preservatives. These are not designed for intimate use and could irritate your skin. It’s also worth investing in extra virgin olive oil as opposed to any other type. Pour a small amount into your palm to warm it, then smooth it onto yourself or your lover.

Beware of using oils like canola oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, and avocado oil on your personal areas. These ones can create stickiness and an unpleasant build up. Save these for your salads and frying!

Overall, you can use olive oil as a natural lubricant as long as you are careful about which sex toys you use it with, and you don’t use it with condoms.

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