For those who’ve never worn latex clothing before, it can be a little bit daunting and intimidating at first. A lot of women would really like to wear it, but just don’t know how, what or where to start with how to wear latex.

In this guide on how to wear latex, I’m going to show you the best ways to wear it. It will make you feel incredible if you follow the right advice!

Where to wear your latex?

Latex is now fashionable and far less ‘fetishy’ than it used to be. Top designers like Marc Jacobs, Maison Martin Margiela and Balenciaga are embracing the latex.

You can buy it in many places, and in other words – wear it practically anywhere, anytime!

Starting off with the basics

Although you can jump straight into wearing a full on Matrix style catsuit (check out the video above of the actress who plays Trinity in the Matrix talking about her latex outfit), it will be easier to first begin with ‘simpler’ pieces like some latex gloves, latex knickers or a latex skirt.

Latex has a different feel against the skin to fabrics you’re used to. Going for easier pieces first gets you used to what it’s like to move in.

Chances are this will then give you more confidence, and a taste to get more adventurous and try wearing more of it! It makes you feel incredibly sexy.

Get the correct fitting

It’s really important to find latex that fits you right.

If it’s too tight then it’s going to feel really restrictive and uncomfortable. It should feel nice and snug, and at the opposite end of the scale not have any bagging or wrinkles.

How do you achieve this? When ordering latex clothing online, you need the right size and it needs to be slightly smaller than your body’s measurements.

Saying this, some people like latex tighter than others, so there may be a little trial and error involved here on what feels best for you. Most good stockists have a good returns policy so if something isn’t right for you, you should be able to return it for an alternative size.

Latex has different thicknesses

Latex stretches according to how thick it is. For tops, knickers, dresses, skirts, the latex is typically thinner than for those outfits that need more structure for movement. Corsets, restraints and harnesses use the thickest latex.

There is less stretch in thicker latex.

Custom latex is an option but anything custom fit is going to cost more. The advantages of custom is you will end up with the perfect fit.

Getting your latex on – use a dressing aide

Here’s where a lot of people don’t have a clue about how to wear latex. You will need a little help.

Before you can put your latex on, you need to ‘lube’ it. Yes really.

What you use comes down to personal preference. Some will tell you to use a silicone based lubricant, whilst others will use talcum powder.

The tighter the clothing, the more lube it will need to get on.

Why is this? Because latex can stick to the skin so the lube helps it glide on! Be gentle and don’t tug at it so you don’t tear it.

Adding some shine

Once you’ve successfully got your latex on, with most pieces, you’ll then need to shine them up.

You can do this yourself, or, it’s quite erotic to get your partner to do this for you.

You will need either a latex shine, silicone spray or some silicone lube. Then use a lint free cloth and shine away!

Shining up your latex once it’s on is so satisfying and you can’t wait to get out (or stay in) and show it off!

Beware of the sweat (but it ain’t that bad)

Let’s say you’ve decided to wear your latex on a night out and you’re feeling so sexy and having a great time. Because latex isn’t breathable, it can make you a little sweaty after a while and this can result in the latex sliding against the skin.

This feels nice and is comfortable! But because you are sweating, do make sure you don’t let yourself become dehydrated and drink plenty (of water that is).

Hot or cold

You will find that the latex you’re wearing tends to match the temperature of the place you’re in. So if you’re somewhere really warm like a nightclub, you’ll feel quite hot in your outfit. If it’s a cold place, then it will feel cool on your skin.

Your temperature will vary a lot depending on how much latex you’re wearing, and how tight it is.

Getting your latex off

You’ve had an amazing time in your latex. Now it’s time to take it off, how do you do this? Don’t panic!

If you got sweaty in your latex then it should easily just slide right off when you give it a pull gently away from the skin.

Don’t roll it or it will get tighter as you roll, and don’t tug or pull too hard in case you tear it.

If you’re struggling though, get in the shower and let the water lubricate the latex and it will separate from the skin. You can also give it a little rinse whilst you’re in there ready for hanging up for next time!

Why not ask your partner to join you in the shower and help you take it off in there as well…

If a shower isn’t feasible use some soap.

Caring for your latex

Metal discolours latex so avoid hanging it up with metal hangers and take care that metal buttons/zips etc aren’t resting against another piece of the latex. If they will be, use a piece of tissue in between.

Latex can tear so be gentle with it when putting it on and taking it off and beware of sharp nails and jewellery.

Store it in a dark place, away from sunlight. Eventually the sun can cause damage to latex.

Store it away from oils. Light colours can easily stain.

Store it shined? so it doesn’t stick to itself

Wash it with cool water, not hot, and a very gentle soap, rinsed off well.

Only put the latex away when it’s dried well inside and outside.

The easy on latex catsuit with bust zips.

How to wear latex top tips

  • Work your way up and start with something small. Pair latex with none latex and avoid the catsuit before you’ve experimented with other latex items.
  • Always use a dressing aide/lube to help put your latex on and stop it sticking to you skin.
  • Wiggle it on and off. Don’t pull or it can get tighter.
  • Give it a rinse in cool water to wash after wearing and let it dry properly.
  • Start with black – lighter colours can stain easily.

Where to buy latex?

Latex is appearing in more and more shops.

As a head start check out my review of 3 of the best latex stockings.

There’s also the best latex department at Lovehoney with lots to choose from!

Anyone can look great in latex as long as it fits well and is comfortable. Experiment, try some on and once you’re feeling good in it – above all have fun!