Rose Gold Pebble Vibrator Review


One of the most popular vibrators at Ann Summers right now is the Rose Gold Pebble Vibrator. It’s such a gorgeous looking little toy that I knew I had to write about on the blog.

Described as “a palm full of pleasure” it’s the ideal first sex toy, or one of those for when you want simple yet effective – use it by yourself or with a partner.

What’s in the box?


You receive your Rose Gold Pebble vibrator, along with a set of instruction in a classic Ann Summers black and clear box.

What are the functions?

The Rose Gold Pebble vibrator has three different speeds, and there are three different patterns of vibrations. This gives you plenty of options to play with. Despite being small and compact, there’s so much potential here.

How is it powered?

The Pebble uses one single AAA battery (included). The nice thing about it is these batteries are inexpensive and you can buy a multipack to keep you going forever.

For a toy with such a small battery inside, it packs a lot of power.

aaa batteries ann summers

How do you use it?

There is a single button for switching the Pebble on, off and moving through the different speeds and vibration patterns. It’s nice and simple to use and with the click of your thumb you can switch functions mid-play!

pebble vibrator

Does it work?

The Rose Gold Pebble vibrator been made to give you maximum vibration but also the shape allows for control precisely where you want it. It feels really good, as other people agree (see next!)

What are other people saying?

At the time of writing there are 111 reviews for the Rose Gold Pebble vibrator on Ann Summers. It’s scored 4.3 out of 5. The vast majority are very positive with comments such as:

Small, convenient and does the job! Love the different pulse/speed settings.

Creates a buzz in the bedroom 🙂

Very powerful. Gives you very intense orgasms and is fun to use with your partner 🙂

Some reviewers DID also say that it didn’t have strong enough vibrations for them. As a starter vibrator, or one to use with your partner before and during sex – it’s ideal.

Not everybody wants mega power and it’s a nice level for most people to enjoy and buzz off 🙂

e.g. “Not a strong vibration so a little disappointed”

So what are the pros?

  • It’s nice and easy to hold, a great shape.
  • There are a few different speeds and patterns.
  • With it’s shape and size it’s a good toy for couples to use before and during sex for added pleasure.
  • It’s only £20 English pounds.

What are the cons?

  • Batteries can be an inconvenience so make sure you keep some spare AAAs handy. On the other hand battery powered vibrators are cheaper to buy than rechargeables.
  • Some didn’t find is powerful enough.

Buy yours now:

£20.00 from Ann Summers. Plus pick up some extra AAA batteries (£3.00) whilst you’re ordering to keep you going with it for months.

Monogamy Board Game for Couples

monogamy board game

monogamy board game

If you and your partner love a good board game, why not bring it into the bedroom? And no, we don’t mean dragging in your Monopoly. Go for the Monogamy board game instead!

This a sexy board game involving romantic and saucy dares, forfeits and fantasies to keep you going all night long.

What’s Inside?

Inside the box there’s a lot to feast your eyes upon.

For the price, the game certainly gives you plenty to play with! It comes with the board itself, 65 individual cards for intimate, passionate, steamy as well as 50 fantasy cards to boot.

It also has two player pieces, one dice, twelve level pieces and a rules sheet to get you in the zone.

There are also four hundred great ideas to sink your teeth into on three separate levels, helping you to explore the romantic and risqué side of your partner for as long as you want.

What’s it all about?

The whole point of the game Monogamy board game is to really keep the heat going in the bedroom, no matter how long you and your partner have been together.

You might have found recently that the mystery in the bedroom has slowly faded, and things are getting a little routine. But that’s OK! Instead of letting the flame die completely, you can have a heated affair in your own bedroom with your very own partner.

Even if you don’t need to spice things up and your intimate life is pretty heated, this is a great way to mix it around a little.

If using toys and dressing up is getting a bit repetitive, there’s nothing more different than bringing a board game into the bedroom.

How do I play the Monogamy board game?

Although it may seem like there’s a lot that comes with this game, don’t worry. It’s incredibly simple!

Once you have set the mood with candles, low lighting and a glass of wine or two, the last person to blink after staring lovingly into each other’s eyes is the first one to start the game.

Roll the dice, move yourself to the right spot and begin, following what cards tell you whether to be saucy, romantic or daring!

There are three levels in total to work your way through, meeting new ideas, dares and treats along the way. It certainly is an adventure you’re not going to forget in a hurry.

What are others saying about it?

The Monogamy board game has really caused quite a stir amongst couples across the internet, who have all been singing its praises.

Ranging from ‘an awesome and very hot game to play’, to ‘this game went down a treat’, it’s safe to say it’s had some great test runs.

Although the reviews may be glittering, a couple of, well, couples have said that it can sometimes make you giggle though if you’re not used to taking things seriously! Which isn’t such a bad thing, right?

Get yours here: £40.00 from Ann Summers

We-Vibe Unite Review

we-vibe unite couples toy

we-vibe unite

Hey there cheeky monkeys. Time for another toy review – this week the We-Vibe Unite. I’ve talked about other We-Vibes before, it seems like there’s always a new We-Vibe version out.

There was the We-Vibe, the 2, the 2 plus, the 3, the 4, the 4 plus, the sync, the classic.. and the Unite. Not all of these are still available though.

The We-Vibe Unite looks very much like the others but surely it has some differences.

Let’s take a look at what those differences are…

Difference between We-Vibe Unite and We-Vibe 4

The main difference is the size and shape of the We-Vibes. The We Vibe Unite is slimmer and a more up to date model. Both come with remote controls and lots of vibration functions.

The Unite comes with a silk bag, as opposed to just a carry case.

Certain online shops are no longer stocking the We-Vibe 4 plus.

However to complicate matters, the Unite is a more basic model of the We-Vibe Sync, which is a lot more expensive to buy than the Unite and twice its price.

The Sync can be controlled with a phone app and features the We-Connect which we will look more into in a future review. If you’re not fussed about controlling your sex toy with your phone (to be honest I’m not), then let’s move onto the We-Vibe Unite.

What’s in the box?

we-vibe unite box

The packaging is quite sexy, I love the red. You receive your We-Vibe Unite, a small sachet of lube (because this toy feels lovely with lube), a USB charger, your remote controller and a storage bag to keep everything clean and discreet.

How big is it?

Other people have also commented on being surprised at how small this toy was, it’s smaller than you might expect at 3 inches. However it is big enough to have a big impact!

It’s made from ‘body safe’ silicone, which I guess means it’s not going to harm you. And there is one colour available, like previous We-Vibes, that deep dark purple.

How is it powered?

Like other We-Vibes, and being a higher end couples sex toy, it’s rechargeable. This is so much more convenient than batteries. It’s charged up with a USB charger which plugs into either your laptop, or a USB charging plug.

Charging takes around 6 hours to complete and that gives you a full hour of running time.

How does it work?

The We-Vibe Unite sits internally, pressing against your g-spot, whilst your clit is also stimulated at the same time. It’s nice and easy to wear during sex so that you both get to feel the vibrations at the same time, which as a couple is very hot.

If you want to you can use it alone also – or be remote controlled by your partner.

To control it, there’s a single button on the remote control; it’s nice and simple when you’re in the heat of the moment and don’t want to be pressing the wrong button.

The controller works three metres away.

we vibe unite remote control

How many settings does it have?

There are ten different vibration functions which you can move through with your remote controller.

These are:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Pulse
  • Wave
  • Cha Cha
  • Tease
  • Throb
  • Ramp
  • Ascend

You can also watch the video review on Lovehoney which will tell you a bit more about the Unite.

How loud is it?

There’s barely any sound. As far as vibrating toys go, this is whisper quiet. Other reviewers have commented on this too.

What are the pros?

Being rechargeable makes life much easier. There are no batteries that run out to fuss with, just plug it in, however a charging light would help determine when it’s charging and when it’s finished.

Lots of pattern functions gives you plenty of options to play with.

Great fun to be had with the remote control and your partner teasing you.

It’s both a couples sex toy and solo toy in one.

What are the cons?

If you like super strong vibrations you may wish it had more oomph to it. On Lovehoney’s website someone returned theirs due to lack of power but was very impressed with Lovehoney’s customer service. They accept returns without issue if you’re not happy.

The main con is it’s more of an upfront investment than other cheaper toys.

It’s not fully water-proof but is ‘splash proof’ meaning it can tolerate a few splashes, but don’t go submerging it under water. Clean it with a damp cloth.

What are other people saying?

There are quite a few interesting reviews on the Lovehoney website so far.

These involve a couple of other reviewers who have worn theirs out in public. This toy is a lot of fun – if you can handle the tease when you give your partner the remote!

The main issues have been it not having quite enough power for those that like much stronger vibrations.

Overall it’s rated 4.5 out of 5.

How much is the We-Vibe Unite to buy?

We-Vibe toys are always on the pricier side and I class them as more luxurious toys. You pay more for their technology and quality.

Here are the most current ones and where to invest in your own.

Lovehoney £79.99 with free delivery.

Bondara £77.99 with free delivery.

Simply Pleasure £78.95 with free delivery.

Thanks for reading this review about the We-Vibe Unite. I hope it’s helped you make an informed decision before buying yours! And if you decide to wear yours on date night, good luck!


We Vibe 4 Plus Review

we vibe 4 plus review

I’ve always been a big fan of We Vibe toys and the We Vibe 4 Plus is just incredible with what it can do so it’s about time I wrote a quick review all about it.

Imagine you and your partner are sat in a restaurant together and you’re wearing the We Vibe 4 Plus. Your partner opens the phone app, and suddenly switches the toy on… He can slide the intensity bars up and down to alter the vibration speeds you feel and control each individual motor….

He can choose to really tease you and drive you crazy and nobody else is any the wiser. It doesn’t matter how far apart you are in the world. The app still works.

we vibe 4 plus couples toy

What’s in the box?

The packaging is beautiful and sleek. When you receive it you know from the box you’ve received a high quality toy. Included with your We-Vibe 4 Plus is a full set of instructions, a cradle charging dock which also doubles up as a storage case, and a USB charging cable.

What does it look and feel like?

The We Vibe 4 Plus feels lovely and soft to touch, and you can tell that it’s made from good quality silicone. It is flexible, and the more you use it, the more flexible and comfortable it gets.

One reviewer on the Lovehoney site said she actually wore hers around the house to break it in more. Why not hey!

It has an insertable length of 2.5 inches. I love that it’s completely water-proof, although the remote isn’t and of course, neither is your mobile phone.

There are extra ridges on the G-spot side of the toy that add extra stimulation internally whilst the toy is vibrating.

we vibe 4 plus packaging box

How is it powered?

As mentioned above, you get a USB charging cable with the toy, so all you have to do is plug it into a USB port on your computer or with your phone charger. I am a big fan of rechargeable toys and they’re so much more convenient than battery powered ones.

Rechargeable toys usually come with a higher price tag though compared to battery operated ones. In the end, what you save in batteries, you spend extra on the rechargeable toy so it really all balances out but with more convenience.

The We Vibe 4 comes with a cradle charging dock that is discreet and means you can charge it up without anyone actually knowing what’s inside. The toy sits in the dock and charges through it so you don’t need to plug the toy in, just sit it on the egg.

It’s all self explanatory when you get yours.

When you receive your own We Vibe 4 Plus you will need to charge it up for 6 hours before you can use it. I love that there is a little LED on the front of the dock that flashes whilst it’s charging, and when it’s fully charged, the flashing stops.

What do you actually do with the We Vibe 4 Plus?

I know, I know, a lot of you reading this will be like I first once and wondering, err, what do you actually do with it? How on earth can a couple use this during sex?

The We Vibe 4 plus is designed specifically as a couples toy.

One side of the toy inserts into you, and it curls to hit your G-Spot, whilst the other end curls and hits your clitoris.

Now at the same time as this, your partner will also insert himself into you and feel the vibrations as well.

Fans of the We Vibe 3 will notice that the We Vibe 4 Plus is actually a lot smaller, possibly up to a third smaller. This makes it more comfortable and easier to wear whilst having sex.

The smooth silicone makes it feel nice and easy to have sex with and there isn’t a problem with friction, especially if you use plenty of water-based lube. Have a read of some of the other reviews on the Lovehoney site where there are loads to read to give you an idea of what they’re saying too.

we vibe 4 plus review diagram

Diagram from showing you how the We-Vibe 4 Plus is positioned when using it during sex.

What are the functions?

It has 6 functions and 10 intensity settings to choose from.

There are two individual motors, one on either side of the toy which you can control individually, or as one.

One of the motors is on the G-spot stimulator and works internally, whilst the other is for the clitoris and works externally. See in the diagram above how the toy looks in use during sex. Both you and your partner benefit from the vibrations.

How it is controlled?

It can be controlled either directly on the toy itself using a single controller button, by the wireless remote or the innovative smart phone app. The app can be controlled by you or your partner, no matter how far apart you are.

To use the button on the We Vibe 4 Plus, you just press and hold the button to switch it on and off, then keep pressing it once to move through the functions.

To use the remote control just press and hold the up button to switch it on. The up and down buttons then control the intensity and the side buttons control the functions which you can move through to find one that you like. To switch it off, this time hold down the bottom button.

Using the app

The app will work for the We Vibe 4 Plus no matter where you are.

Make sure the blue tooth on your mobile phone is on or the app won’t be able to connect to the toy. When you’ve downloaded the app, press the play button on the app, and it will look for the We Vibe 4 Plus. When it’s found it, the toy buzzes three times into life.

You can even switch the toy on with the app by just pressing play within the app.

The toy has two separate controls for each motor, if you decide to control them separately. You can do this by pressing the link button and you will unlink the motors and control them individually.

There is even a button for ‘unexpected pleasure’ which is cool. For this you press the random button, and you will get any vibration pattern that the app chooses.

If you want to choose your own vibration pattern, you just have to swipe the screen until you find a setting that you love and each pattern has it’s own visual representation.


How does it feel?

Before you use the We Vibe 4 Plus, make sure you have some good water-based lube ready, as this helps you get the toy in place without any sort of discomfort.

The vibrations feel really good and strong. It is built for couples to use, but you can also use this entirely as a solo toy and it is still a powerful toy for using completely alone.

How loud is it?

The We Vibe 4 Plus is really a discreet and quiet toy, and I’m not surprised at that with how well built it is and it’s price. To watch it in action and get an idea of how loud it is, I recommend you watch the review video by Lisa who demonstrates it in action. The vibration sounds are obviously quiet compared to a lot of other vibrators out there and video reviews I have seen.

What’s the difference between the We-Vibe 4 and We-Vibe 4 Plus?

The We Vibe 4 Plus combines all the previous feature of the We-Vibe 4 but with remote technology, the phone app. The app can easily be downloaded to your phone from the app store on either Apple IOS or Android.

Is it worth buying?

Okay this is a fairly expensive toy but you do get a lot from it! It’s received so far 46 positive reviews on the Lovehoney website. Have a read of them all here for lots more opinions.

This toy has clearly been very well thought out and the app that goes with it is a very smart element, especially the way it’s controlled, is completely hands free and feels very intimate.


Pros of the We Vibe 4 Plus

Where to begin with the pros?

It’s fully waterproof.

You have the cool app and remote features that you can use to tease and engage sexually with each other when far apart.

You can also use it during sex when you’re back together.

It’s packed with speeds and functions.

It’s rechargeable via USB.

It’s very well designed and simple to use.

It’s so comfortable during sex and will definitely give you both a good time and really enhances your sex life.

Any Cons?

The only real con for me was it’s price, which won’t be for everyone, but it really is an investment in your sex life.

I’m struggling for other cons so I will say that you also need to charge it up before it can be used for 6 hours which means there is a delay before you can first use it!

Get yours:

Choose from grey, pink or purple.

Buy from:

Unfortunately since writing this version of the We Vibe has been discontinued, however, We Vibe have brought out newer, better, more modern products so check out all of those at Lovehoney here!

Sex Toys for Couples Guide

Sex Toys for Couples Guide

In this sex toys for couples guide I’m going to take you through two key steps to using couples sex toys for maximum mutual pleasure.

If you’re new to sex toys for couples or just want some tips and new ideas, keep reading.

The majority of people save their sex toys for solo pleasure, but introduce them during intimate time with your partner, and discover whole new ways to use them.

We will also have a quick look at some of the toys made specifically for couples to use together.

Introducing the Idea of a Couples Toy

When introducing the idea of a sex toy to use as a couple, it may feel a little awkward at first. But it needn’t be. Think of it as a fun game, that will improve both of your intimacy levels, and will give both of you a lot of pleasure to share the experience.

The best time to introduce this topic should be a time when you are both relaxed, such as over a glass of wine at the weekend, or on a date night. Open up about your interest in sharing a toy during sex.

The chances are, the second you broach this subject, your partner will be more than happy to give anything new a try and they’ve probably considered it themselves but haven’t said anything!

What Kind of Sex Toys for Couples Are There?

There are now so awesome multifunctional toys on the market designed specifically with couples in mind.

My favourite of all the couples toys is the We-vibe. Here’s a quick look at the different kinds.

1. Tracey Cox Super Sex Love Ring

First is the classic cock ring. This Tracey Cox ring is a great buy at only £14.99. One of the rings fits around the balls and the smaller ring around the cock itself.

Then on top you’ve got a bullet that hits the clitoris. Mutual powerful orgasms!

tracey cox vibrating cock ring sex toys for couples

>>> Tracey Cox Love Ring: £14.99

2. We-Vibe 4 Plus Remote and Smart Phone Control

We-Vibe have brought out loads of different toys in the past and each time they upgrade.

The We-Vibe 4 Plus is one of my all time favourite sex toys for couples and a luxury high end toy. It is a lot pricier than the Tracey Cox Cock Ring, at £127.99 but it when you see what it can do you will see why.

It comes with it’s own remote control and phone app that you can control without having to fiddle with the toy itself and ruin the moment.


we-vibe 4 sex toys for couples

>>> We-Vibe 4 with Smart Controls: £127.99

I’ve given you two quality sex toys for couples here at two very different prices, but both of them are fantastic and will add a new element of pleasure to your sex life as a couple.

Ultimately, any toy that encourages you to become closer and you can share is going to be a great choice. Be open to exploring new sex toys for couples and new possibilities! And watch your sex life explode!

Review of the Zini Deux Luxury Couples Massager Set

zini deux for couples reviews

I’m excited to review the beautiful Zini Deux, a very luxurious couples toy. It won a “Red Dot Design” award in 2010. You may be wondering what on earth the Red Dot Design award is. So was I.

It’s an international product design award open to various types of manufactured products (not just for sex toys). It’s been going since 1955, and there’s been more than 11,000 submissions from 61 different countries.

Back to the review, as always when I order my toys from Lovehoney, our new Zini Deux arrived very quickly and discreetly with no clue that inside there was a sex toy.

What’s in the box?

The Deux comes in a very uniquely designed storage box that beautifully nestles the massagers together. The box is split so there are different compartments to it. There’s also a magnet on the box to keep it sealed.

The packaging is gorgeous and before you’ve even tried the Deux, you know you’ve bought something very special and luxurious because of the presentation.

In the top compartment is your Deux itself. Underneath is the storage case, mains charger, user manual and one year warranty.

Unfortunately the mains charger is not a UK charger. It’s European. BUT Lovehoney sent me out a UK adapter with the Zini Deux so we could still use it in the UK. I thought this was very helpful and was impressed they included the adapter with the Deux.

With many new sex toys there is a distinct chemical smell when you first receive them which slowly fades, but with the Deux there was barely any smell to it apart from the subtle newness smell you are bound to get.

You may have read my review on the Lovehoney lifelike realistic dildo and the smell from this was extremely chemically and a bit offputting. Thankfully the Deux was nothing like that.

In summary the contents were:

  • The Zini Deux
  • European Charger
  • UK adapter
  • Storage bag
  • Information leaflet
  • One year warranty

What does it look like?

The Zini Deux comes in two colours, purple and white. I chose purple because I find white a bit plain but it’s personal choice.

The photos don’t do the Deux justice because in real life mine was a rich purple on the outside and bright fuchsia coloured on the inside. Zini themselves describe it as “purple and hot pink”.

There’s a video review of the Deux on the Lovehoney website.

The massager fits together in a perfect egg shape, and comes apart into two pieces. They’re held together by magnets! Very clever.

One side is for him, and the other for her. The male side is scooped out for cradling the testicles and scrotum, whilst the female side has a firm rigid nub, is very smooth and used for clitoral stimulation.

The storage bag is as well-made as the Deux. It has a piece of ribbon around the neck and looks pretty.

What does it feel like?

The Zini Deux feels velvety to touch and is really nice to hold. It’s very smooth and is obviously a well-made good strong luxury sex toy. In a word, it’s classy.

As well as feeling velvety it is also quite hard and doesn’t bend. The advantage of this though means you can really press it into you as firmly as you want to.

It is nice and light and not heavy or awkward.

How big is it?

The Zini Deux as a whole is 5.5 inches long with a circumference of 7.9 inches. The male side alone is 4.25 inches and female side alone is 5 inches in length.

How is it powered?

As a charger is mentioned above you will have guessed it’s charged up by mains power. Before you use the Zini Deux you do have to charge both sides fully.

You charge each side by moving the covering over the charger hole, pushing the adapter into the hole and then plugging into the mains. It needs to be charged for 2 hours (for each side). This means you need to charge it for 4 hours in total.

I did find this a drag, and it would be useful for future products to be able to charge both pieces together at the same time. It’s easy to forget that you’ve charged one side but not the other.

Another option would be to give the charger two wires to plug into both sides at once. I imagine this will happen in the future.

After two hours of charging, the Zini Deux lasts for around three hours of use.

  • Tip – The Lovehoney video review says not to charge the Deux twice in 24 hours the first time you use it or this can damage the battery.

How loud is it?

It’s not overly noisy but it’s not quiet.

Being a couples toy sound isn’t usually such a big problem and with the power inside it and being mains chargeable, some noise is to be expected.

We would have preferred it to be slightly quieter, but this is probably not realistic.

How do you use it?

The information booklet is really useful. It goes into a lot of detail.

We found it very simple to use. You have three buttons – The plus (+) button, zero (0) button, and minus (-) button.

To switch on you press and hold down the plus button which is also used for increasing the speed of the vibrations. The minus button decreases the speed and also switches the Deux off by pressing and holding it down.

The middle 0 button is used for going from continuous vibrations to patterned vibrations.

  • Tip – Press and hold down 0 to move into “random” mode. The Deux cycled randomly through the various settings.

The power of the vibrations in random mode depends on how high the vibrations were set before you pressed it. To adjust the power you just press the plus or minus buttons.

You can also “lock” the Deux so that there’s no danger of it going off in your handbag or suitcase. This is done by holding down the plus and minus buttons together and then you do the same to unlock it.

You tend to only get the locking feature on luxurious high end sex toys. The last toy that had this function I reviewed was the Lelo Insignia.

The ability to lock a toy is brilliant. It gives you such peace of mind if you are travelling with your toy and worry about it accidently switching on somewhere like the airport.

A vibrating vibrator in my suitcase at baggage check-in would be a complete nightmare for me!

  • Tip – The Deux is splashproof, NOT waterproof. Don’t put it underwater.

How many settings does it have?

Both sides have an amazing 15 different functions. 5 of these are different speeds and 10 do different patterns of vibration.

One thing I loved was the way each different vibration mode has a different colour lit up! It’s a very nice touch and very useful in the dark so you can see what setting you are on.

Every time you press the middle 0 button, the colour changes along with the pattern.

Both parts have their own control settings and work individually. In one way this means you can both have your own preferred speed and pattern, but for me I like the idea of sharing the same vibration setting and would have liked them both to do the same thing at once to make it more of a complete couples experience.

  • Tip – The information booklet doesn’t say to only use a water-based lube with the Deux, but on the Zini website it does say that the Deux is platinum silicone coated. Because silicone-based lubes will degrade silicone coated toys, it’s best not to risk damaging such a high quality toy so I would suggest you only use a good quality water-based lube to be on the safe side.

Does it really work?

We did think it was a good sex toy but it is for heterosexuals really. Both partners can also use the Zini Deux alone.

The male side does seem to give stronger vibrations and other reviewers noted this too.

Here’s some of the ways you can use the Zini and I’ve incorporated ways that other people have suggested too:

For men –

  • Use the male side under the balls and at the same time use the female side on the penis.
  • Use one side against the anus and another on the penis.
  • Use both sides one under the penis and one on top giving fantastic vibrations all the way down to the balls.

For women –

  • Use the female side for clitoral stimulation and all over the female genitals it feels good.
  • The nub part sits on the clit and the rest hugs the labia and stimulates them. It feels really good.
  • The nub part of the female side can also be flipped round for stimulating the vaginal entrance or the female anus if you like that.

For both –

  • The Deux is also a great massager! So you can enjoy giving each other some deep massages all over too with it. Having two parts also means you’ve got one for each hand.
  • Experimentation is great fun with the Deux and you can find out what you both like. It’s fun having two vibrators that can be used on each other at the same time to tease and work each other up into a frenzy.

The Deux is one of those toys to use to savour time together and be sensual with. It’s not great for a really quick orgasm but it does give you a lot of pleasure for shared teasing especially.

What are the good points?

  • The packaging and whole thing is beautiful and luxurious and would be a lovely gift for a partner.
  • The lights change colour with each mode.
  • It feels amazing to use with your partner.
  • There’s a travel lock so there’s no danger of vibrations in transit (at the airport etc!)
  • Easy to clean, there are no nooks and crannies for lube to build up in.

What are the bad points?

  • Major downside – You have to charge each side separately for 2 hours each.
  • It’s one of the most expensive couples sex toys around with a hefty price tag, but it’s also one of the most luxurious
  • The plug is not UK and you have to use an adapter with it (Lovehoney get round this by providing a UK adapter).
  • It’s not waterproof – it’s ‘splashproof’ – do not put it under water or it will break.

What do other people say?

On the Lovehoney website there are currently only four reviews to read. Some products have hundreds of reviews, but of the four they are all very good ones scoring 9 out of 10 stars. I have a feeling there are less reviews due to the price of this toy and it isn’t as affordable as others.

One reviewer does point out the major flaw of not being able to charge both sides of the Deux at the same time. I agree with this.

In Summary

The Deux is two vibrators for him and her that fit together and looks pretty. Is it worth the hefty price tag?? I’m not so sure. It’s certainly pleasing to the eye and a luxurious sex toy but I do have my own reservations about how much it cost.

If you can afford it I would say try it. But there are cheaper sex toys for couples available.


Unfortunately the Zini Deux is now discontinued (sad face) but you can check out lots more luxury couples sex toys at Lovehoney instead and find something equally as good.