Using Olive Oil as a Natural Lubricant

olive oil as a lubricant

Olive oil as a natural lubricant

Most people already have some olive oil in their kitchen. It’s great to use for cooking, on salads, and for moisturising the skin. But what about using it as a lubricant down there? How does olive oil compare to other traditional lubricants you can buy in the shops?

Olive Oil as a Natural Lubricant


The pros to using olive oil as a sexual lubricant include:

Olive oil is readily available. That goes without saying!

It also lasts a long time and it’s really good for the skin.

Olive oil has a neutral pH level, meaning it’s safe, especially for women trying to conceive.

It should also help to keep any nasty yeast infections at bay.


It’s not all good news unfortunately when using olive oil as a natural lubricant.

Olive oil is a pretty dense oil, and therefore it is fairly tricky to clean it all off.

To some, it doesn’t have an amazing smell, and it can also stain your clothes. Although when you use it as a lube, you’re unlikely to be wearing any there.

Like other oils, it isn’t compatible with some sex toys, especially silicone based ones, and it’s definitely not suitable to use with latex condoms.

Can you use olive oil with sex toys?

Like coconut oil, you can use olive oil safely with:

Glass, ceramics and metal toys.

It’s not compatible with plastic toys made of jelly, rubber, TPR, TPE, latex, vinyl and PVC. Have a read of the product descriptions for the toys if you’re not sure.

Top tip

It’s advised that you check on the label that your olive oil doesn’t contain any preservatives. These are not designed for intimate use and could irritate your skin. It’s also worth investing in extra virgin olive oil as opposed to any other type. Pour a small amount into your palm to warm it, then smooth it onto yourself or your lover.

Beware of using oils like canola oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, and avocado oil on your personal areas. These ones can create stickiness and an unpleasant build up. Save these for your salads and frying!

Overall, you can use olive oil as a natural lubricant as long as you are careful about which sex toys you use it with, and you don’t use it with condoms.

Have you tried olive out? Leave a comment and share your experience!

Coconut Oil as a Natural Lubricant


We’re talking about using coconut oil as a natural lubricant


Some readers comment that they really don’t like using artificial lubes during sex and play time with their sex toys, and they would rather use something that’s more natural.

In this post I’m going to tell you a bit about using coconut oil as a natural lubricant.

Coconut oil has many fantastic uses! At room temperature coconut oil is usually hard, so to use it spoon some out of your jar first, warm it up in your hands and it will melt nicely.

Uses for coconut oil

It’s 100% natural and has no other chemicals added to it.

It can be used for eating and cooking with, and is jam-packed full of vitamins.

It’s great for using as a moisturiser on your hair and your skin.

And it can also be used as lube down there – so long as you follow these important guidelines!

Using coconut oil with your sex toys

Coconut oil is not compatible with all sex toys, and you need to know the material your toy is made from before you mix the two together. You can usually check this out on the packaging when you buy your toy.

Coconut oil cannot be used with the following:

Latex condoms (these will degrade and could lead to a happy, or not so happy accident further down the line).

Jelly toys

Rubber toys

PVC toys

Latex toys

Vinyl toys

Using coconut oil with any of these materials will degrade them and basically mess them up.

You can use coconut oil with:

Your own skin. It’s excellent as a personal lubricant. But you should test a very small amount on the inside of your wrist first to check there is no reaction first.

Toys made with:

Good quality silicone toys

Ceramic toys

Glass toys

Metal toys

When you’ve finished, make sure you give your toys a good wash to remove any coconut oil and keep them lovely and clean for the next time you use them. Using coconut oil as a natural lubricant is lovely and I highly recommend experimenting with this delicious material!


Tracey Cox Super Sex Orgasm Gel Review



I had to write a review on this stuff as soon as I tried it. I’m a big fan of Tracey Cox products, they’re always high quality. As soon as I noticed this Super Sex Orgasm Gel becoming more and more popular I decided to invest in my own bottle. In the past I’ve always gone for Yes lube.

The bottle

I have a 100ml bottle, there may be other sizes. The gel is dispensed by pump action. I liked the way you can quickly get a squirt of this lube from the pump rather than tipping it out of a bottle. Downsides to pumps are that you can’t always get the last drops out.

The pump arrives locked, and you just have to twist the top anti-clockwise to undo it and begin using it. The top springs up when you’ve done it right.

What’s special about the Tracey Cox Orgasm Gel?

The gel is ‘enthused’ with arginine and menthol. This means it smells really nice and fresh first of all.

Plus the formula works by enhancing sensations when it’s put onto the clitoris and surrounding areas. How does it do that you ask? Arginine increases blood flow. The more blood flowing here, the more sensitive you are, but in a good way.

It does work and feels really nice, and makes you feel tingly where it’s applied. You only need a pea-sized drop.

What about tackiness?

What I loved about this gel compared to other lubes, is that it doesn’t get tacky and it’s thick too. There are so many lubes I’ve used that turn sticky and just nasty. Thankfully this one is formulated so as not to do that.

It’s water-based too, meaning it won’t react with sex toys like some oil-based lubes can. Whenever possible, choose water-based lubes to use with your toys.

When to use this gel?

This gel is ideal for solo play if it’s just you and your sex toys, as well as for couples who are looking for some added lube or to experiment with this orgasm gel. The advice for using it is to apply it around ten minutes before you want to use it.

It doesn’t really matter at what point you apply it though. But the idea of applying it ten minutes before, is to get the best results from it in terms of enhanced sensations and orgasms.

What about other people?

On Lovehoney it has 8 out of 10, with 52 positive reviews. The other reviews are really helpful, and the consensus is that this gel really works and enhances orgasms!

For £6.99 for 100ml, that’s quite a lot and I reckon it’s worth it for the menthol-Arginine experience.

Have a read, and get yours here.

Yes Water-Based Lube Review

yes lube

Yes Water-Based LubeI really love Yes water-based lube because of how natural it feels. It’s difficult to tell the difference between what’s the lube and what’s your natural juices. Seriously.

Even though lube isn’t a sex toy, I wanted to write a short review on it simply because of how much I like it and I think others will too once you try it.

When you buy a sex toy, you should also buy some good Yes water-based lube to use with it.

So what’s so good about Yes water-based lube?

Firstly it’s organic. What does that mean and why should you care?

It means it’s made of natural materials. Not harsh manufactured chemicals. It’s brilliant for sensitive skin and even if you don’t have sensitive skin it’s nice to know you’re putting something natural in those precious areas.

Here’s the ingredients list:

Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Flax Extract, Guar, Locust Bean, Xantham Gum, Food Quality Preservatives, Citric Acid.

And here’s a bit more about each of those ingredients because if you are like me, they meant nothing until I looked up what they actually were!

  • Aloe Vera, Flax Extract, Guar, Locust Bean are all from plants
  • Xanthan Gum is made by fermenting corn sugar with a bacteria, Xanthomonas campestris. The result is a slimy goo that is then dried up and ground into a fine white powder.
  • Citric acid is a natural preservative.

So all good stuff.

yes lube with box

As well as being organic it’s “Vegetarian Society-approved and meets the Soil Association’s organic standards”. Good news if you’re a vegetarian and like supporting animal friendly products.

For comparison I decided to look up what other lubes contain and their ingredients lists are not widely available. This leads me to think they are packed full of chemicals, or the manufacturers are not proud of what they contain.

Yes lube comes in a pale blue tube with a flip down lid and is easy to express. The feel of it is very soft and moisurising. It has a very natural feel. Much unlike artificial lubes that are thick, sticky and feel entirely fake.

I don’t find it completely tasteless, it is very subtle and not unpleasant. It also has no odour at all.

Yes water-based lube gives you a very luxurious experience whilst using it. It isn’t widely available online. In fact the only online sex toys shop you can buy this from is Lovehoney.

The reason for this is the manufacturers of Yes are very conscience of keeping an exclusive luxurious image for their lube. It’s a lube more targeted at health shops and well being stores than the general sex shop market.

photo (87)

There are lots of positive reviews about Yes Water-based lube if you would like to know more. Check out what other people are saying.

Lovehoney currently stock two sizes of Yes water-based lube for very competitive prices.

25ml is £5.99 including delivery.

125ml is £16.99 including delivery.