10 Sexy Valentines Day Gifts Under £10

sexy valentines day gifts under £10

Valentines Day will soon be upon us, and what better place to get some great sexy Valentines Gifts than right here!

I’ve put together a range of sexy gifts that are all under £10 – so you can mix and match and put together the perfect bundle of happiness for your love or beautiful self.

Idea: Place a few of these goodies in a pretty box, add a ribbon and voila! The perfect and unique sexy Valentines day gifts bonanza in a box!

So grab a cup of tea, get comfy, and read on… 😉

the adventure begins

1. Bliss Orgasm Balm

lovehoney bliss orgasm balm review

First up is Lovehoney’s Bliss Orgasm Balm. This super cute balm comes in a pretty heart shaped tin, perfect for your box of sexy Valentines day gifts.

Applying the menthol infusion to the clitoris helps make it more responsive by increasing circulation. This leads to extra strong orgasms, and general all round enhanced pleasure and tingles. Mmmm.

You can also apply it to other sensitive areas like the nipples or anywhere else you fancy making tingle…

Buy now from Lovehoney: £9.99.

2. Sexy Valentines Day Gifts Bath Set

aphrodisiac bath and body set

This sweet smelling bath and body lotion set from Ann Summers will get you and your partner in the mood for some naughty fun on Valentines day night. Conveniently called Aphrodisiac is also moisturising so leaves your skin soft and smooth.

The smell combines a woody fragrance, florals, deep fruits and noble woods, dark vanilla and musk – now if you know much about perfumes that may mean lots to you, but for the rest of us, in one word, it’s just divine 🙂 Plus it’s currently on sale so grab this one whilst you can.

Buy now from Ann Summers: £7.50.

3. Oh! Roll Play Foreplay Dice

sex dice review

h roll play foreplay dice valentines day gift ideas

These foreplay dice are an absolute bargain for the amount of fun they give you!

They’re the kind of sexy Valentines day gifts that will add lots more spice and ideas to your current sex life.

Not only can they have you in stitches laughing together, they can be extremely erotic and heat up the mood with some of the combinations you can get! Some are amazing, some are strange. But just go with it and see what happens.

All you do it roll the dice to discover your instructions and which part of the body. If either of you is a little shy, they’re also a great way of easing any pressure and helping you move forward into ‘new’ ways of experimenting.

“The dice says to …… let’s try it 😉 “

Buy now from Lovehoney: £5.99.

4. Love Bullet Vibrator

love bullet valentines gift

We couldn’t have a list of sexy Valentines gift ideas without a mini bullet vibrator! This miniature pocket rocket is packed with power and the perfect addition to your bundle of pleasure items.

Most people are already familiar with bullet vibrators but if you’re not you can read more about them in my 10 of the best bullet vibrators post.

This Love bullet is perfect for beginners. It’s small and unintimidating at 2.5 inches. It can be used on all areas of the body, but is especially great for clitoris stimulation solo, by your partner or during sex.

It has a simple push on and off button and single speed, therefore it may be a little basic for some. Overall it’s lovely and smooth in a yummy purple colour and is powerful enough to give strong intense orgasms.

Buy now from Lovehoney: £8.99.

5. Oh! Lickable Massage Oil

sexy valentines day gifts

As if massaging your partners skin alone wasn’t a turn on enough, with this oil you can also lick it – and it tastes amazing! You can choose between cherry, vanilla or strawberry flavours. Why not try them all?

A massage is such a great way of relaxing you both before and is the ultimate turn on. Pour a glass of wine, dim the lights, help relieve any stress and tension, whilst also creating a beautifully romantic atmosphere and also enjoy tasting your love as you go. It won’t be long until you’re both moaning with pleasure…

This lickable massage oil is simply a must have in your box of sexy Valentines day gifts! And what a bargain.

Buy now from Lovehoney £5.99.

6. Red Satin Crotchless Thong

red satin thong

red satin crotchless thong

This beautiful red lacy thong, topped off with red bow and heart decor will add some extra sexyness to your bundle of Valentines day gifts.

It’s a great price being under £10 and compliments any figure. There’s three sizes to choose from, small, medium and large ranging from a size 6 through to a size 16.

Some of the (7) 5 star reviews currently on Lovehoney make interesting reading, especially the one about the girl who sleeps in her set to bed. Nice 🙂

Buy now from Lovehoney for £9.99. 

7. Tracy Cox Supersex Love Ring

tracey cox supersex love ring

“Turn him into a human vibrator” says Tracey Cox. This love ring is something you can both enjoy this Valentines day. With over 205 reviews on Lovehoney, it’s a popular one.

What you’re getting is a single speed bullet that gives a lot of vibration and pleasure. It feels great on the clitoris, with plenty of bumps for greater stimulation.

Plenty of lube is advised. Being made of silicone, a water-based lube is the best option because oil-based ones can cause damage to the outside of the toy.

You can also watch this video of the love ring.

tracey cox silicone love ring

It’s a great addition to your sexy Valentines gifts that will bring you closer and tons of mutual pleasure!

Buy now from Lovehoney: £9.99.

8. Lovers Lotto Scratch Cards

lovers lotto scratch cards

These are so fun and so worth buying with your sexy Valentines day gifts for your loved one!

What are they exactly? Well you scratch off a card on each row of the scratch card, to reveal the what, where and when. You get 12 cards to play with. Great fun for couples to enjoy together. One reviewer said it really spiced up their sex life.

There’s no denying the prize is always going to be a good one with these goodies!

Tip: Keep some in your purse/wallet to play whilst you’re out on your date night and see what’s in store for later.

Buy now from Bondara: £6.99. 

9. Heart Shaped Satin Eye Mask

heart shaped satin eye mask

We couldn’t have a list of sexy Valentines day gifts without an eye mask. This gorgeous red mask will add an element of surprise for your Valentines evening.

It’s perfect for sexy bedroom games and building anticipation, and you can of course, also sleep in it when you’re all worn out.

The satin is super soft and feels nice on the skin as an added bonus.

Buy now from Bondara: £4.99

10. 30 Days of Hot Kinky Sex Calendar

30 days calendar lovehoney

Last but not least – we have the 30 nights of hot kinky sex calendar! This will add so much spice to your bedroom. Check out what other people are saying on Lovehoney.

This is definitely one to add to your sexy Valentines day gifts box!

You take it in turns to open a door in the morning, to then see what the evening has in store for you. How exciting? Imagine the anticipation all day having read the mornings instructions.

Check out the video review too which you’ll find by scrolling further down the page.

30 days sex calendar

This is a great price and will give you a full 30 days of fun together 🙂

Buy now from Lovehoney: £9.99.

So there you have a sample of 10 excellent sexy Valentines day gifts all under £10. I recommend you mix and match and create your own bundle of pleasure!

Which will you choose? Or perhaps all of them? Have a fabulous day!




5 of the Best Wet Look Dresses

wet look dress

Whether you want to spice things up in the bedroom, or simply show your significant other your incredible shape in a unique way, wet look dresses are perfect!

They aren’t too extreme, so they’re great if you’re new to the sexy outfit department. Wet look dresses are easy to accessorise and add to, and flatter any figure. Here are the top five to whet (get it?) your appetite…. 🙂

1. Bondara’s Wet Look and Mesh Halter-neck Mini Dress

First on the list is this sassy number from Bondara. This wet look item is your own bedroom’s little black dress, coming down to your mid-thigh and curling round your shoulders as a halter-neck.

The nylon and spandex material hugs your curves and flattens your tummy, while the smooth wet-look style gives you an incredible and sexy shape, making your breasts look pert and ready for anything.

With its sheer panels wrapping around the sides and across the back, the dress both covers and reveals all at the same time, making your back look as slender as your front.

bondara wet look dresses

These wet look dresses come in one size between small and large, showing just how flexible and stretchy the material really is. The best feature of this dress has to be the quirky design, giving you that unique edge.

The one minor downside to Bondara’s mini dress has to be the sizing – a little too generic for every individual curvy bod!

£10.99 from Bondara (currently on offer)

2. Ann Summers’ Samra Wet Look Dress

ann summers wet look dress

So, Ann Summers have done it again with this shiny little piece of bedroom fashion.

However, if you’re feeling daring you can even wear this one out on the town! This wet look dress has all the bells and whistles for a very reasonable price – it’s design involving both a tie-up halter-neck, a zip down front and also a corset style laced back to boot.

It has design features to outdo a large variety of other wet look dresses, giving you a little bit of everything.

samra wet look dress

It really is perfect for every style, but still dead easy to accessorise. The full length zip down the front of the dress draws attention inward from the hips, giving you an even more accentuated thin waist.

This dress comes in three sizes – small, medium and large, giving the perfect fit for all body shapes.

Buy: £22.40 from Ann Summers (currently on offer usually £28.00)

3. Bondara Wet Look and Mesh Cross Straps Mini Dress

bondara wet look mesh cross dress

Bondara are sticking with their classic wet look dresses style with this number, although they combine mesh and wet look material to give you a flattering and smooth shape.

The dress itself is made almost wholly of sheer black mesh, with the shiny wet look making an appearance around all your best bits.

The wet look wraps around your hips to accentuate your curves and derrière, drawing upwards through your middle to spread out across your breasts.

back of bondara wet look cross dress

It’s strategically designed to give you the most confidence a bedroom item can give, especially if you’re new to bringing clothes into your more intimate moments.

Reviews of this item have said that although the sizing is one size fits all, it’s been well received by all shapes and sizes – it’s stretchy, smooth and soft and irresistible.

Buy: £24.99 from Bondara.

4. Bondara Mesh Seductress Wet Look Dresses

wet look mesh dress

When you’re having a browse through Bondara, and you’re looking at something on a smaller budget – don’t look for anything less than great quality, like this dress right here!

This wet look dress is all about the waist up, great for anyone that wants to show off or accentuate their breasts! The shiny wet look material covers your hips and upper thighs, hugging your curves and making you look like the perfect present to unwrap.

The cut of the dress itself goes all the way up to the base of your neck as a halter-neck style, drawing attention to your torso and lengthening your shoulders. Reviewers have said that the fit and the feel of these wet look dresses are excellent, and that the price does not mean poor quality.

Due to it being one size fits all did cause some to take a little longer to slide on, but once it’s on it’s absolutely perfect!

Buy: £10.99 from Bondara.

5. Simply Pleasure’s Kitten 4-Way Lace and Wet Look Dress

kitten lace wet look dress

Last but not least is something pretty and sexy all in one from Simply Pleasure. These styles of wet look dresses are described as a ‘bodycon’, showing just how great it is for emphasising your shape and curves while looking super sexy.

It’s very different to the other dresses on this list due to its unique design, having a ‘naughty nightdress’ style to it – with t-shirt sleeves and a high neckline. It’s perfect for when you may need a little confidence boost, or you simply want to stay modest while looking sexy for your partner.

The rose lace design across the chest area and along the hem of the skirt is a beautiful addition to the dress, giving you that extra feminine and sweet edge. You can pair this up with some stockings and heels to complete the look, or simply wear it as it is, as it doesn’t need to be over-accessorised.

If you feel daring enough you could even wear this dress out on the town, but for now it can be absolutely perfect for the comfort of your own bedroom.

Buy: £27.95 from Simply Pleasure.

To wrap up, these wet look dresses are ideal for when you want to make a change to the old routine with you and your partner.

If things get a little boring but neither of you are into the more extreme stuff, this is the perfect way to start.

These wet look dresses can make you feel fun and flirty again, as well as get you back in touch with your feminine side – after wearing pyjama bottoms and an old t-shirt all this time, it’s time to spice it up! Take a look at the ones that were listed above, or find something that makes you feel like your best self, and work it!


The May Babydoll by Ann Summers

may babydoll ann summers

Sometimes, we hit that point where we want to turn up the heat. If you feel like you need to spice things up in the bedroom, or if you simply want to show your partner something new, this babydoll is the perfect way to do it.

It’s light, sexy and bound to set the mood whenever you fancy. Ann Summers has really kicked it up a notch, giving you comfort style and seduction all in one lacy package.

What does it look like?

The babydoll itself is a soft padded bra with sheer black material that falls past your hips onto your thighs.

It has a white halter neck that accentuates your chest, making your shoulders appear broader and giving you a generally slimmer shape. The thinly padded bra cups are decorated with beautiful appliqué black lace, that plunges into a v – neckline before reaching the babydoll itself.

Its hem is white ruffled trim, that give it a cheeky kick and flair to add that extra bit of detail. It comes in a nude/black colour, which is great to show both your romantic and seductive sides.may baby doll

What is it made of?

The cups on the top of the babydoll are made from pink satin, which will be light and soft on your chest, cooling you down in the summer months.

The eyelash lace overlay is incredibly gentle on the skin, without irritating it. The skirt itself is made of black, translucent and sheer mesh, that reveals your body and covers it all at the same time.

The detail of the white ruffles on the hem of the babydoll are smooth and soft to the touch, to keep you comfortable all night long.

Is it flattering?

Definitely! The babydoll is an elegant classic, timeless in how perfect and sexy it can make you feel. Regardless of your body type, shape or size, this babydoll accentuates your curves and shows you off in all the right places.

The babydoll is a great place to start when you’re first thinking of bringing sexy clothing into the bedroom, as it isn’t too extreme or revealing. The sheer mesh material and bra cups both show you off and cover you up, giving an air of mystery into the outfit for your partner to explore.

What is the fit like?

Because the babydoll has got no other ‘fitted’ elements to the garment other than the bra cups, it uses your traditional UK bra measurements, from B cup all the way to H cup.

The floating material beneath your enhanced bra cups flatters any figure, and isn’t restrictive on your body. This makes it really comfy to sleep in as well!

Speaking of comfort, the babydoll does not come with underwear, but that gives you the opportunity to find your favourite pair of sexy knickers to pair with it – and everything goes with black or nude. Instead of cheap and tight fitting undies to squeeze into, you can slip into your classics.

Buy now for £24.00 from Ann Summers (limited sizes remain so be quick!)

5 of the Best Christmas Lingerie

christmas lingerie

So, we ring in the New Year and as we are just recovering from the wild parties and making merry, it’s suddenly Christmas again, right around the corner. Where does the year go?!

Christmas lingerie to keep you going all season

If you feel like the world is spinning far too quickly to give you a chance to think of some present ideas, here are a few great Christmas lingerie options to put you in the right mindset – and get you both in the mood for later on.

Even if you aren’t buying Christmas lingerie as a gift for another person, and simply want to treat yourself, these ideas will make you both say ‘Santa Baby’ 🙂

1. Ann Summers’ Marydoll Dress

ann summers marydoll dress

This Christmas lingerie dress from Ann Summers is bound to take winter spice to another level.

That’s if you can call it a dress, of course!

It’s skimpy, sassy and reveals all your best bits, keeping you covered and confident in all the right places.

The lacy halter-neck plunges down into a deep low cut line that travels all the way down past your belly-button, revealing a stunning line down your chest which draws your breasts together.

It frills out at the bottom, and ties up sensuously at the back, so your other half can unwrap you like the perfect Christmas present.

To add that little bit of glam, the low cut front is topped off with a band of sparkling diamanté jewels, that can give you as much sparkle as the festive tree downstairs.

The dress itself comes in two colours, red or black, for whatever you prefer or for when you want to change the mood up a little. It comes in small, medium and large, so you are guaranteed to find your perfect fit.

Buy now £20.00 from Ann Summers.

2. Ann Summers Oregan Body

oregan body ann summers

Are you ready to turn a few heads at the office Christmas party this year? In this scintillating low cut body, you are bound to show your naughtier side, whether outside the bedroom or in.

Its frilly and lacy design is cut deeply below the breasts, giving you an excellent cleavage, and its cut out belt across the waist really cinches you in and accentuates your curves.

To pull you up and give you an incredible tall posture, the attached neck collar draws up from your tummy to save any need for fiddly necklaces, as it is its own accessory built in!

The Oregan body itself comes in either red or nude, for if you want to be a Christmas angel or a saucy devil – you can get it in traditional UK sizing between sizes eight and sixteen, so you can get that perfect shape for you. An essential piece of Christmas lingerie.

Buy now: £28.00 from Ann Summers

3. Seven ’til Midnight Red Babydoll Set

It looks like Lovehoney have brought us the timeless classic with this Christmas lingerie babydoll, for when you want to be a festive sweet treat or re-enact the famous ‘Mean Girls’ scene.

This bright red number is bound to get the blood flowing this December, with its sheer mesh material across the tummy falling into a cute lace trim across the hem.

The cups themselves are made of the same sheer material and eyelet lace, that both cover your breasts and show them off all at the same time.

The underwire brings them up to boost your cleavage, and the racer-back keeps you looking fun, flirty and very supported.

To give you the festive bow on top, beneath the cups are two adorable red silk bows to add that extra pizazz this winter.

The babydoll comes in four sizes from small up to extra large, which gives you enough sizing variety – just beware when it comes to a more generic sizing in the chest area, especially if you have a more top-heavy kinda girl!

Buy now: £25.00 from Lovehoney

4. Short Satin Robe in Red

Lovehoney short satin robe red

Do you need to bring up the heat when it’s cold and snowy outside?

Don’t bother with whacking up the radiators, just get your other half hot under the collar with this red satin robe from Lovehoney, perfect Christmas lingerie.

This robe is short, coming down to the middle of your thigh, which gives you enough coverage for when you’re feeling a little less confident, but also shows off your long and lovely legs.

The satin material hugs your figure in all the right places, with the shine of the satin drawing attention to your curves and giving your skin a softer glow.

You can pair it up with another set of sexy lingerie, to hide the main event beneath a satin curtain, or simply let your partner unwrap you to give them the perfect Christmas day.

The waist tie around the middle can act as your gateway into the big reveal, or simply cinch you in to accentuate your hips and curvy figure.

The robe itself comes in one size but is very loose and flowy on the body, but just be aware of this before discarding of its packaging!

Buy now: £19.99 from Lovehoney.

5. Seven Till Midnight Red Body

seven till midnight body

Last but not least, my personal favourite piece of Christmas lingerie – something bound to get hearts pounding this festive season.

If you’re wanting a lingerie set that has to wait until after dark before showing a different side of yourself, look no further!

This wine coloured body is fitted, soft and hugs your shape from your chest down, covering and revealing you all at the same time.

The cups are underwired to give you incredible support and cleavage, with a little peep-hole of skin underneath that can get the blood flowing.

It has a satin bow across the waist that gives you a girly and cute edge, but the real fun happens as it connects to matching suspender stockings and a thong style back.

Coming in four sizes from small to extra large, this really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Buy now: £25.00 from Lovehoney.

There you have it, a perfect selection of Christmas lingerie to keep you going all through the season! With a little helping hand you can wish your lover a Merry Christmas, but you won’t want to wish them goodnight just yet….

Selena Chemise: The Perfect Christmas Lingerie

selena chemise for christmas

We all know the feeling when you suddenly wake up and realise that the festive season is right around the corner. Christmas trees and cards appear in shops and you know you have to start planning!

If you want something gorgeous and unique for yourself or lady-love this year, here’s the perfect gift; the Selena Chemise from Ann Summers.

What does it look like?

The Selena chemise is a short, thigh high piece with spaghetti straps and a low cut neckline.

The beautiful shiny satin is also cut with a low back revealing as much of your beautiful back as possible.

It comes in a burgundy colour. Although due to the material, in different lighting it may look more pink and sometimes a little darker. The lacy black appliqué around the neckline, across the hem and even up the side, slightly offers a seductive shadow on the chemise, as well as beautiful detailing.

gorgeous selena chemise lingerie

What’s it made of?

If you think the lower price of this chemise will mean it’s poorly made, don’t panic. Its smooth and soft satin material is fantastic quality, gently and lightly hugging the skin.

The lace appliqué detail is not scratchy in feel, and won’t dig in or irritate. Because the satin is so thin and soft on the skin, you may be worried about how it washes – however, with a gentle cycle with a cooler temperature, the chemise will feel just as good as the day you received it.

How flattering is the Selena Chemise?

A chemise is the perfect bedroom item. You can wear choose this to seduce your partner in and feel super sexy and beautiful. Or choose this is you simply want something light, soft and sexy to wear as nightwear in bed for yourself.

The burgundy colour works great on a variety of skin tones, whether you’re fair and pale or have a tanned or darker complexion – it really makes a statement!

The way the satin material moves hugs the skin in all the right places, as it loosely hangs but blends in with your curves. When the light hits it, the shadows flatter your body and accentuates your best bits with a little help from the lace design to draw attention to your beautiful figure.

selena chemise burgundy

What sizes does it come in?

This Selena chemise comes in a variety of sizes, and fits wonderfully to both a skinny shape and a curvier figure. The sizing starts at size 6 and goes right up in traditional UK measurements to size 22.

So regardless of your body shape, you can look sleek and sexy in burgundy.

Where to buy now?

Buy yours at Ann Summers £28.00.

3 of the Best Latex Stockings

latex stockings

Well I had originally planned to write this run down of the best latex stockings on at least 6 pairs. However, strangely there aren’t a great deal of just latex stockings available, and a couple of ranges were out of stock, so I’ve got 3 available here for you to choose for you.

At least it makes deciding that little bit easier!

Latex stockings look amazing on pretty much everyone and this type of bondage clothing is becoming more and more popular. Sex shops and lingerie shops are beginning to expand their ranges of latex clothes. In the near future I expect there will be lots more choice.

In this post then we’re looking at 3 of the available latex stockings, with a range of prices from £23.95 to £30.

1. Ann Summers Latex Stockings


Ann Summers is renowned for its sexy lingerie and their black latex stockings don’t disappoint, although they are more expensive than others. They come in three sizes; small, medium and large, ranging from a size 8 through to a size 14.

The Ann Summers bondage collection is a new range of sizzling latex outfits. I like that they all arrive boxed and fully ‘talced’ ready to wear. They’re high shine, meaning they’re very shiny of course, and measure to just above the knee.

Pros – They’re ready to wear, and you know where you are with Ann Summers. The service is good and there’s a full range to go with these.

Cons – They’re more expensive than the other pairs.

Investment: £30.00 including free delivery from Ann Summers. (usually £35).

2. Rubber Girl Stockings


These Rubber Girl latex stockings are from Lovehoney and I have to say I love these shoes as well 🙂 But we’re talking about the stockings here not the shoes.

There’s a mix of reviews for this pair. Mostly they’re 5 stars, but there are a couple of 1 stars from people who found them difficult to get on. The solution…. is to buy a size larger. So whatever your size, go up one.

There are four sizes, small, medium, large and extra large, covering a size 10 through to a size 20. Most figures should be covered here. So if you’re an 8, go for the small, and if you’re a 16 or 18, go for the extra large.

These will be matt when they arrive, and you have to shine them yourself using latex shiner when they arrive.

Overall, despite the sizing issue, these are very sexy glossy leggings that make your legs look incredible.

Pros – There’s a wider range of sizes and Rubber Girl is a good brand. Lovehoney have a no hassle returns policy should you decide you don’t like them. They do look really sexy.

Cons – There have been a few issues with people struggling to get them on. Try going for a bigger size if these are the latex leggings for you.

Investment: £24.99 including delivery from Lovehoney.

3. Sharon Sloane Latex Stockings

Sharon Sloane latex stockings

Now we’re moving onto the Sharon Sloane latex stockings. Who is Sharon Sloane? She’s a popular brand of latex wear.

Again, like the Rubber Girl stockings you will need to shine them when they arrive.

These come in a small, medium and large covering a size 6 through to 16. They’ve so far received two good reviews and are available from Simply Pleasure. (In case you’re not familiar with them, Simply Pleasure is a well established online and bricks and mortar shop).

These stockings are currently on offer with 27% off.

Pros – Sharon Sloane has a wide range of latex wear and they know where they’re doing when it comes to latex. There are a couple of other positive reviews so far for these. Simply Pleasure also have no hassle returns.

Cons – None stand out.

Investment: £23.95 including delivery from Simply Pleasure.

Latex Shining Spray

When buying latex clothing, don’t forget your latex shining spray: Pjur Cult Ultra Shine Spray. It protects and adds shine to your rubber and latex.

I hope this run down of the best latex stockings has been useful in helping you choose the best pair for you!

5 of the Best Spanking Knickers

Spanking knickers always make a nice sexy gift or maybe you want to invest in a gorgeous pair to treat yourself. There are some really beautiful ones out there at the moment, and it’s not an easy choice to make.

You end wanting all of them! Here’s my run down of 5 of the very best spanking knickers now.

1. Estante Bow Back Sheer Lace Spanking Knickers


These red crotchless beauties are great spanking knickers. They’re lacy, revealing and wrap your derriere up like a precious treat all ready for spanking the heck out of!

They make you feel both sexy and naughty and have a nice lacy feel.

There’s only one size and as they’re nice and stretchy should fit most smaller and large figures.



  • They’re one size fits all so simply to buy.
  • Affordable price.
  • Ensure your bottom is looking it’s very best.

Overall a good quality investment with cracking reviews (hoho) on the Lovehoney website. A popular choice for girls that like red. Thumbs up.

Investment: £8.99.

2. Lovehoney Crotchless Lace Thong

lovehoney lace crotchless knickers

I’ve already talked about this Lovehoney crotchless thong in my 5 of the best crotchless knickers review. (Many of which also make great spanking knickers!).

This thong is too gorgeous not to be included here as well. It’s a firm favourite and one of Lovehoney’s most popular lingerie items.

Why choose this thong?

It’s incredibly sexy on any figure, and the black and deep pink accents on it go so well together. It feels soft, comfy and the lace looks very classy.

As it has removable suspender straps it’s up to you whether you wear them with stockings or not. Options are always good depending on how the mood takes you.

It also has a few different sizes to choose from to suit your figure.

Since last writing about this crotchless thong, an extra size has been added, so you’ve now got small-medium, medium-large, large-xl, xxl, covering sizes 8 through to a size 22. Good news for larger ladies.

lovehoney lace crotchless knickers front


  • It’s guaranteed to look sexy whatever your size in chic black lace with deep pink accents.
  • Affordable price.
  • Wear with or without suspender straps.

Investment: £9.99.

3. Lovehoney Fantasy Tartan Thong


How pretty are are these tartan spanking knickers?

The white lace around the crotch area adds to the innocence of this thong, and the ruffles around the edge make it look like you’re wearing the teeniest mini skirt.

Complete with rear red bow, they’re perfect for those that like dressing up in uniform. Pair them with a sexy white or red bra to complete the look.

This thong comes in one size that fits a size 6-16, but there is also a plus-sized option that’s got it’s own separate page for sizes 18-24. It’s clearly well made and of high quality, as other Lovehoney reviewers have talked about in their reviews of this thong.



  • Gorgeous design, the white lace and ruffles is very sexy.
  • A really low price.
  • A size is available for all figures.

Investment: £7.99.

4. Georgia Thong

georgia thong spanking knickers

The sizzling hot maroon and black Georgia thong from Ann Summers is quite different to any others, and has some beautiful detailing, such as the lace, satin, strapping and gold ring.

It also comes with a matching plunge bra that has the same strapping detail across the chest. It’s quite gothicy which is cool. There are four sizes available, 10, 12, 14 and 16.

Why choose the Georgia Thong?

As far as spanking knickers go, this set is ideal. The strapping detail frames your rear beautifully. Ann Summers have great quality lingerie and service also.

georgia thong ann summers


  • Gorgeous strappy design.
  • Satin crotch area feels soft and sumptuous.
  • Get the set to complete the look.

Investment: £14.00 from Ann Summers.

5. Santana High Waisted Thong

santana high waisted thong

LOVE! This thong had to be in my list of 5 of the best spanking knickers. I’m sure you’ll agree it makes your bum look fantastic and is perfect for spanking.

It’s currently on offer at Ann Summers for just £6 and available sizes are 14, 16 and 18, but do check back as they may well get in more stock again of the smaller sizes. If any of these are your size, you’re in luck!

Why choose the Santana thong?

It’s a really pretty piece of lingerie, that’s obviously selling like hot cakes and has received great reviews. It has lovely black mesh and red flower detailing, it’s comfy and a fantastic price. It also comes with a matching balcony bra too.

santana high waisted thong front


  • The Santana thong is gorgeous and the high waist really shows your bottom off at its best.
  • It’s received 13 all positive reviews on the Ann Summers website.
  • A total bargain price right now.

Investment: £6 at Ann Summers.

We’ve looked at five of my favourite spanking knickers. I hope you’ve seen some here that take your fancy!


7 Styles of Sexy Knickers

7 types of knickers

We all know the soul-crushing feeling of searching through clothes shops for the right kind of underwear, and never knowing what to get.

There are so many to choose from, I can hear you thinking, and the never ending choices you have can sometimes feel pretty intimidating. Not only are there infinite knicker opportunities, it’s tough to discover what pair or what style genuinely suits and fits you.

Your knicker drawer is probably filled to the brim with various cuts and shapes, but you’ll always come back to your favourite and most sexy yet comfortable style for you.

But, if you need the low down on the different undies for you, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here are the seven styles of sexy knicks to consider.

1. The Brief

brief knickers

Briefs are for those of us who like to keep things simple – these are your classic, most basic knickers you’ve probably got in your drawers! They come in perhaps the widest variety of styles and sexiness, ranging from the ‘granny pant’ style right up to having revealing seams and panels.

The best bit about briefs is that they are super-duper comfortable. They are cut in such a way where they hug around the base of your bum and skim above your thighs, so they sit perfectly in the right spot.

No wedgie in sight when you’re wearing comfy briefs! They can either come with seams or can be seamless to avoid a ‘visible panty line’ under your clothes, so you don’t have to wear awkward knickers whenever you want to wear your favourite leggings.

Although you may associate comfy briefs with your designated ‘lady week undies’, they can come in various sexy and revealing styles that will rev up things in the bedroom. Comfort and sexiness, if you don’t mind!

2. The Short

sexy short knickers

Shorts-knickers are also the queens of comfy, but they can add that extra tom-boy flair to your overall look. They are cut in a similar way to briefs, but instead of arching at the front, they hug your hips and have more of a solid straight line across your thighs.

They can be extremely flattering on a straighter body shape or if you have wider hips, as they’ll accentuate your assets brilliantly. You may associate shorts knickers with being similar to men’s boxers, and you might think that you can’t possibly feel feminine in these kind of undies.

However, you can get gorgeous shorts knickers that come with sexy trims of lace and details, that make you look fantastic and feel comfortable all at the same time.

3. The Brazilian

brazilian knickers

So, this is where we whack up the heat ever so slightly, with the Brazilian style knickers!

These knickers are sexy and stylish, but are also ready to offer you some comfort too. They are cut in such a way where they resemble briefs from the front (if a little higher up the leg), but at the back they curve upwards around your bum, to make your rear look even more round and shapely.

They’re a little bit like a mixture between a thong, shorts and briefs, they aren’t completely revealing but are that little bit more spicy than normal undies. They are great for when you want that extra sexiness, but still want to be comfortable everyday – meaning they’re excellent for a bit of spontaneity!

4. The Thong

thong knickers

Just like briefs, thongs are an old classic that we all know. These are the knickers with minimal material in the back – which are the go-to undies for under clothing discretion. They tend to have brief-like fronts, with a thick waistband and a thicker string to sit over your intimate area, which will give you the most beautiful shape and curves.

However, lots of us women are in a love/hate relationship with thongs, as some find them perfectly convenient and comfy, whilst others flinch at the thought of trying one on! Of course, you can trial-and-error with a variety of materials and shapes, but if you don’t feel flirty and confident wearing one you’re best off with the Brazilian!

5. The G-String

g-string knickers

So now, we’re onto the big stuff! If you’re looking to go one step further in discretion and sexiness than the thong, look no further than the G-String – which says what it does on the tin. It’s the most minimal underwear, with the least material on show and in general, so it’s brilliant if you’re wearing a skin-tight outfit that you don’t want to show too much knicker.

Although they may not be the most comfortable at first, they can feel quite awkward, but with perseverance and getting used to wearing one, you’ll see they are the answer to all your knicker-based prayers.

6. The Suspender-Briefs

suspender brief knickers

If you want to keep it classy and comfy in the bedroom, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of suspender briefs to kickstart the heat. These knickers are super-traditional and great for mixing with a vintage look, as they have the classic clasps for a pair of sexy stockings to attach.

You can mix and match with a variety of styles and colours, or add a bit of satin for that extra elegance, so it’s great if you want to stay feminine and flirty. What’s brilliant about suspender briefs are that they help you achieve the ultimate level of sexiness, whilst staying comfortable all day too. Who could ask for a better combination?

7. Crotchless

pearl crotchless knickers bondara

Just like the G-String, these knickers are not for the faint hearted, or if you’re looking for al round comfort either. Lots of users tend to keep these undies aside, and only use them in the bedroom, which you may find convenient too!

I recently reviewed 5 of the best crotchless knickers which you can have a look at for inspiration if you fancy a pair of these.

These knickers are fairly self explanatory, they are cut in a variety of shapes from briefs to Brazilian, but are cut open around the crotch and more intimate areas!

So, if you’re looking for something that’ll not only spice things up in the bedroom but may be great for more spontaneous action, crotchless knickers are most definitely the way forward.

In Summary

So, there we have it! Now you have an in depth low down on all those different kinds of knickers that keep appearing in your growing collection. Maybe you feel slightly more enlightened, or maybe you feel inspired to go and purchase a new and completely different pair just to see what they may be like. Go for it, and enjoy exploring all that the world of knickers has to offer!

5 of the Best and Sexiest Corsets

So, you want to really get your partner’s heart thumping in the bedroom, but what do you choose from?

There are so many different items on the market, but going simple and back to basics with a sexy corset may be the way forward for you.

They’re sleek, elegant and show off your curves fabulously. Without further ado, here are the top five best corsets around!

5. Dreamgirl Beyonce Leather and Lace Corset

dreamgirl beyonce corset

At number five we kick it off with the ‘Dreamgirl Beyoncé Faux Leather and Lace Corset’, to really get things going.

Although its name may be a bit of a mouthful, this corset is bound to be a great success in the bedroom!

Inspired by Beyoncé’s Superbowl ’13 outfit, this corset has a perfect combination of leather and lace to give you that ‘sugar and spice, naughty and nice’ kind of vibe.

Nothing will make you feel more feminine and fiery all at the same time!

The features

This sexy corset has a variety of features built into it, to guarantee a successful and passionate bedroom experience. It reveals and covers all at the same time, to enhance your best bits and show off your curves.

It has leather front and back panels to emphasise your waist, but is tempered down with a lace skirt and trim around the edges.

dream girl corset beyonce

This lace skirt hides your bum, but also slightly reveals it (from a cut up the back) to add an air of mystery and intrigue for your partner.

The lace is also to tie up the front of the corset, to show off your cleavage, as well as beautiful lace straps to add that extra bit of femininity.

The eight plastic bones in the corset itself will make your body look rock solid and fiesty but also show off your soft skin around it.

It also comes with a faux leather thong, to make you feel that little bit naughtier.

What we love

The best thing about the Beyonce corset has to be the beautiful contrast between the leather and the lace.

It adds a ‘devil and angel’ kind of feeling towards your fun with your partner.

Although it may just seem like a design feature now, when you are wearing it you will feel the full effect of the powerful leather and the cute lace.

beyonce black leather corset

It will make you feel dominant and desirable, but at the same time ready to be dominated by your partner.

And after all, nothing’s sexier than a bit of leather! Also, the fit is great and is extremely comfortable.

Other corsets on the market may make you feel squashed and squeezed, whereas this corset will keep you going all night.

Any cons?

The main downside to this corset is down to practicality, and the fact that the sizing is very difficult to get right.

If you’re not built on perfect averages, maybe your hips may be wider or your bust slightly bigger, this corset is quite hard to find the perfect fit.

As it’s designed to enhance your waist, your bust and your hips, the sizing has to be absolutely right for you to feel brilliant.

So, make sure you measure yourself everywhere and find what’s best, and make sure you keep hold of the receipt!

What are other people saying?

Of course, this corset has had rave reviews from other buyers all over the world. It’s fun, it’s fiesty and it’s super sexy, and you really can’t go wrong!

Lots of other users have said that it’s extremely flattering on a plus size shape, so it will enhance your beautiful curves even for the larger lady.

This is brilliant, as not only is it more accessible for all users, but it’s a brilliant confidence boost to make you feel super sexy!

Get your Dreamgirl Beyonce corset from Lovehoney for £50.00 including free delivery.


4. Music Legs Satin and Lace Corset

music legs satin and lace corset review

At number four, we have LoveHoney’s Music Legs Satin and Lace Corset with Matching G-String. Again, another mouthful indeed!

This corset is absolutely beautiful, and bound to make you feel flirty and feminine. Its contrast of white and black flowers will give you an elegant and graceful figure, as well as giving you that all-important sexiness.

The features

The music legs corset is not only plastic-boned, but also constructed with sexy satin material, to make you feel smooth and lovely to touch.

It’s quite traditional and vintage looking in appearance, with the simple lacing up the back to fit it in place.

The front busk of the corset is metal plated to enhance and push up your bust, which is great if you want to show off your cleavage!

To add to its feminine style, it’s finished off with some gorgeous black satin bows, to make you feel girly and flirty. It also has four removable suspender straps, so you can pair it with whatever your favourite stockings may be.

What we love

What is brilliant about this corset is that it’s guaranteed to make you feel uber feminine and confident, regardless of your figure or structure.

It has a super sexy shape built in with the plastic bones, to give you a beautiful hourglass waist that makes you feel as sexy as Marilyn Monroe.

For the brilliant quality, this corset is quite low price in comparison to others on the market, so it’s most definitely a bargain!

Any cons?

One downside that has been highlighted by a lot of users of this corset is that the G-string it comes with isn’t really anything special.

The thong is poor quality, uncomfortable and made of cheaper material, meaning it doesn’t fit too well on anybody!

The shape of the thong means it’s quite irritable and awkward to wear, so make sure you have another pair of your favourite undies to go alongside it.

What are other people saying?

Other people who’ve taken this corset for a spin are singing its praises to the rooftops.

It’s absolutely brilliant through the eyes of experience, which is promising if you’re looking to buy it now!

Apart from the uncomfortable G-string, the corset itself has offered all users a beautiful figure, barrels of sexiness and heaps of confidence. It’s bound to do the same for you!

Get your own music legs corset from Lovehoney for £36.99 including free delivery.


3. Ann Summers Marie Corset

ann summers marie corset

At number three, we’re keeping it classy with Ann Summers’ Marie Corset. At a slightly higher price tag, this lacy number is bound to keep things fiery in the bedroom.

It’s elegant, it’s flattering and it’s worth the extra pounds!

The features

The Marie corset is absolutely gorgeous, with a variety of little features that make it a step above other corsets on the market. If you want to feel flirty and downright feminine, this corset is absolutely ideal.

The material is a tasteful variety of spotted mesh, black satin and guipure lace to make you look fabulous.

It has detachable satin straps, in case you want to be more daring and go strapless now and then.

It also comes with boning detail around the front of the corset, that not only maintains the corset’s shape but also offers you a gorgeous hourglass figure.

This corset aims to accentuate your curves and best bits, so the solid boning within it is fantastic. It also has removable suspenders, in case you want to be naughty one night and nice the next!

What we love

What’s absolutely brilliant about this corset is that it’s extremely elegant and retro, to give you that extra edge in the bedroom.

It’s that beautiful that you can only feel brilliant and sexy when wearing it, without feeling too ‘on show’ and uncomfortable.

This is a brilliant confidence boost if you’re slightly shy about your body, as this corset will make you feel gorgeous.

If you’re a first timer with any sexy lingerie, the Marie Corset is fantastic, as it’s not too naughty and complicated, and won’t make you feel awkward wearing it.

It’s also extremely flattering if you are plus sized too, as the bust of the corset is designed to enhance your larger chest with its sweetheart neckline and extra embellishment.

ann summers marie corset review

Any cons?

The one minor downside of this corset is that it’s pretty fiddly to get on and off!

It’s gorgeous features of lace and all the trimmings will make you feel super sexy, but things could get a bit awkward when you’re partner needs a manual to help pull it off you.

This corset unfortunately isn’t the type to rip off in a moment of passion, so try to make this process a little easier by taking it as slow and sensuously as possible!

What are other people saying?

Of course, this corset is very successful amongst previous buyers. With its gorgeous design and detail, and its elegant style, other users of all shapes and sizes have said that it’s extremely flattering.

It enhances your curves and figure, and other users have said that the boning in the material can make you look two sizes smaller, with your bust two sizes bigger! In every sense, you really can’t go wrong!

ann summers marie corset reviews

Get your own Ann Summers Marie corset for £45 including free delivery.


2. Ann Summers Willa Corset

ann summers willa corset

In second place, we have Ann Summers’ cute little Willa Corset to really get your blood pumping! This corset again has that ‘naughty but nice’ feel to it, revealing your best bits but leaving a sense of mystery. Let’s find out more!

The features

This gorgeous little number comes in two different colours, both colours being sexy and daring to give you that extra edge – these are black and plum!

The black is brilliant if you feel worried about your shape, as it will make you appear slimmer and more curvaceous.

The plum colour is fabulous for those romantic nights in, paired with low lighting and scented candles! The corset itself is all over lace, and also has detachable straps for you to decide which one you feel more comfortable in.

It comes with hook-and-eye fastenings, so it’s easy to remove when the passion rises!

Around the waistline, it has a black satin sash, to cinch you inwards and create (or enhance) an hourglass figure.

The lace trim naughtily skims around your lower hips and around your thighs, to make you seem even more inviting to your partner.

The corset itself ends here, with no built-in bottoms, so make sure you have a lovely pair of knickers on hand!

ann summers willa corset reverse

What we love

What’s great about this corset is that it’s daring and naughty, but also sexy and feminine.

You can get the best of both worlds, depending on what you want the mood in the bedroom to be. Also, the bust that’s shaped onto the corset is bound to make your chest look fantastic, regardless of your size.

It has plunging cups and a neckline similar to the sweetheart style, so it is designed to really enhance your cleavage and push you up sky high!

Any cons?

Unfortunately, this corset does come with a couple of downsides. The first being that it only ends at the waist!

If you’re looking for a corset that has the appearance of a one piece, this wouldn’t be the one for you.

Also, if you want a corset that covers your buttock area, you might want to look elsewhere.

It ends sharply at the bottom of the hips, openly revealing your behind and intimate areas – which might be brilliant for pros, but if you’re just starting out in the world of lingerie this may make you feel rather uncomfortable.

On the website, look closely at what comes with the corset itself, as you may feel disappointed when it arrives with no included G-string. Make sure you provide your own, or buy a gorgeous one to go with it!

ann summers willa corset review

What are other people saying?

This corset has had mixed reviews, but they tend to be mostly positive. Due to the revealing nature of the outfit itself, some users have said it makes them feel awkward whereas others love the naughty excitement that comes with it!

One user has said however, that this corset is extremely difficult to sit down in, from where it ends at the hips.

It can feel awkward and irritable when it’s digging into your thighs, so ensure you keep the receipt if you don’t feel fabulous and sexy!

Other than that, this corset has had brilliant reviews and a thumbs up all round. Take the plunge and give it a go!

Get your Ann Summers Will corset for £50.00 including free delivery.


1. Baci Lingerie Pink Satin and Lace Corset

5 of the best corsets

Last but not least (but my personal favourite!), we have Lovehoney’s very own Baci Lingerie Pink Satin and Lace Boned Corset to feast your eyes upon!

Again, it’s quite a mouthful, but this beautiful little number is bound to make you feel absolutely drop dead gorgeous. If you’re wanting to look feminine and sugar-sweet, this corset is definitely the one for you.

The features

The main part of this corset that’s bound to dazzle you is the pink satin base with a black lace overlay.

The lace is beautifully shaped into lovely roses to really give you that feminine feel.

It also has twelve steel bones to give the corset structure, and giving you that lusted-after hourglass figure.

It will cinch in your waist and create stunning curves, regardless of your shape or size. To make your waist look even smaller, it also has a satin belt to really pull you in and enhance all of your ins and outs.

What’s lovely about this corset in particular is that it has a real Victorian feel to it, with a sweetheart neckline to accentuate your bust, and removable metal clasps to give you the option of sexy stockings.

What we love

baci and lace lovehoney corset

The best part about this corset is that the steel bones are more effective than plastic bones that are also in corsets on the market.

They are sturdier (obviously), and are less likely to lose their shape over time, because they are more moulded to offering a constant hourglass shape.

This also helps with the ease of sitting down, in lots of other corsets taking a seat can cause some digging down into your thighs, but with the steel bones in this corset you’re well away to sit back and relax!

Any cons?

However, there is one minor downside to this corset, and that is that the suspender straps that come with it are far too long, depending on your height!

If you’re shorter, these lengthy straps may cause your stockings to be baggy or you may not be able to wear them at all, which might not be your best option.

What are other people are saying?

Other people that have bought this product are singing its praises! It’s comfy, flexible and easy to take on and off, which is the ideal corset for any fun in or out of the bedroom.

Why not give it a try today, to really send your partner into a tailspin!

Get your Baci Corset from Lovehoney for £24.99.

Which corset is your fave?

And there we have it, what a wide variety of gorgeous corsets! There are so many different corsets on the market, all with different qualities and fun little details, so you have plenty of choice when deciding which one is best for you.

It can be awkward at first, but there is nothing wrong with embracing your own beauty and showing off them curves!

Have a good look at the different corsets that we talked about, and don’t worry if it takes a bit of trial and error to get right.

Never settle for something you don’t feel fabulous in, so keep looking until you find the right fit! When you do, the feeling is like no other, and time in the bedroom will never be the same again…

Sexy Nurse Outfit Top 5

sexy nurse outfit top 5

A sexy nurse outfit is an essential for any dressing up wardrobe. They make you feel really sexy, they’re a massive turn on for your partner and there’s loads of styles and choice to choose from that are really affordable too. Lets have a look at our current favourites to help you choose the right one for you.

Buying a Sexy Nurse Outfit

1. Ann Summers’ Bedside Nurse

ann summers bedside nurse

Fire up the heat in the bedroom with this sexy nurse outfit available on the Ann Summers website! For a bargain of twenty pounds, you can play out all of your and your partner’s wildest medical fantasies, and have a great time in the process. If your love life needs spicing up a little or you want to maintain that passion in a new relationship, this nurse costume has your back.

What are the features?

This sexy nurse outfit comes with a nurse’s headband, which is brilliant for keeping the image alive.

Unlike other dresses on the market, the stockings that work well with this outfit come separately, so bear that in mind if you want the full look!

The dress itself is tight, short and designed to show off all of your beautiful curves.

Its tight elastane material make it appear stretchy and sleek over your skin.

It has two medical red crosses that are conveniently placed over your nipple area, giving you that added flair and sexiness.

What I love

sexy nurse outfit

This outfit is brilliant for any of you first-timers in the role play world, or if you simply want to find another costume for your wide collection.

It’s short and revealing but at the same time can cover you up in all the right places, so you don’t feel too on show when you prepare for action.

The actual design of the dress is fantastic, as not only does it have a full length red zip to make the taking off easy, it has a gorgeous red band beneath the bust.

This will enhance your breasts and make them appear larger, which is great for giving you that extra confidence boost.

Any cons?

The main downside to this costume as a whole is that you don’t get the full costume altogether.

This is probably quite annoying for some users, as the image on the webpage suggests it looks great with stockings, although you have to buy them separately. Of course this is something to bear in mind when buying it, and always hold onto the receipt just in case!

Another downside to this dress is that the sizing can be a little awkward. If you are a size eight, a size eight-to-ten costume will be slightly baggy. So, make sure you try on before you use!

What are other people saying?

Other users are a mixed back of like and dislike, when it comes to this costume. Some find this dress amazing, a perfect fit and is super successful in the bedroom! Other users are disappointed that the outfit is an awkward fit, and that the zipper tends to unzip itself without any warning (not the best for the bedroom!).

But, reviews tend to be positive, and that the outfit is the perfect companion for any passion with your partner.

The verdict?

Overall, this costume is worth it if you’re looking to spice up your love life! Its revealing yet comfortable material and fit will give you the confidence you need to go all the way, with your partner begging for more!

Get your Bedside Nurse Costume today for £20 from Ann Summers.


2. Classified Fetish Sexy Nurse Outfit

black sexy nurse outfit

Do you want to get your partner’s blood racing, and fire up the heat in the bedroom? Do you want to look hot, sexy and confident in a moment of passion?

Look no further than Lovehoney’s Classified Fetish to really make it last, as this is the little black dress you’ll look after forever! This costume stands out from all the other sexy nurse outfits around, as it’s contrast of daring black and red will take your partner’s fantasy to the next level.

It’s one of my absolute faves. Love a black sexy nurse outfit!

black nurse outfit

What are the features?

Of course, what makes this sexy nurse outfit stand out is that it’s black instead of your classic white costumes.

This not only will make you look hot to trot, but also give you that air of rebellion in the bedroom, making you feel naughty and confident all at the same time.

The dress itself is fitted to show off your curves, and has a full length zip to make the taking off stage even easier.

The short shirt and revealing neckline makes it even more tantalising for you and your partner, as it reveals your best bits little by little before the main event.

It also comes with a matching nurse’s hat, to really keep that fantasy going, even if the dress has already hit the floor.

What I love

What’s great about the dress being black is that black is a flattering colour on everybody. Regardless of your shape and size, the dark and shiny shade of the dress will enhance your curves, make your waist appear smaller and even give you the illusion of more cleavage.

Black is a girl’s best friend after all!

Also, this dress comes in a large variety of sizes, so that you can find one that you feel comfortable in. It beats those costumes on the market that are one size fits all!

black sexy nurse uniform

Any cons?

This sexy nurse outfit has hardly any downsides to speak of, which is very promising for any prospective buyers. One girl has reported that the zip on her dress was repeatedly getting stuck, so just make sure you keep the receipt in case this does happen.

What are other people saying?

Other purchasers of this sexy nurse outfit are raving about how great it is, it really is brilliant value for money.

Many have noted that the black colour of the dress is not only flattering, but unique to any other costumes on the market, which makes it even more of a bargain.

One girl said the dress is brilliant even for the larger lady, which is not noted in the images on the website. This is useful to know if you’re looking for a dress that not only will make you feel beautiful, but will also boost your confidence ten fold!

You can view some real life women wearing this outfit on it’s product page where customers sent in photos of themselves in the outfit to win £100.

The verdict

Overall, there’s nothing stopping you buying this dress – it is unbeatable and brilliant for when you want to get it on, definitely one of my faves.

It’s sexy, sleek and compliments your body shape amazingly, so why not have a go, and be at your partner’s bedside in a matter of a heartbeat?

Get yours today from Lovehoney for £24.99.


3. Heart Racing Five Piece Sexy Nurse Outfit


If you’re in a new relationship and want to keep that fire going, or if you’re rekindling that passion many years down the line, look no further than Bondara’s saucy nurse outfit.

It’s fun, comfortable and ready for action whenever you need it the most. It cuddles you in all the right places and aims to show off your ‘best bits’, so let’s get down to it!

What are the features?

What’s recognised in the title is that this costume comes in five different pieces to complete the finished look. It comes with a white laced basque, a white g-string, matching stockings, a nurse’s headband and stethoscope. All the perfect components to the best nurse’s outfit around! It’s ideal for those special nights in with your other half, to play out all the nurse-related fantasies you can think of.

What I love

The pros of this costume has to be that it looks unbelievably sexy.

By having a separate basque and g-string, it is so much easier and more convenient to get into than having a tricky one piece.

It makes the ‘taking off’ stage an elegant breeze.

heart racing sexy nurse bondara

It also has a lovely lace detail on the top half, to make you feel sexy and feminine from the inside out.

The shape of the costume is brilliant for any body shape, as it cinches in slightly at the waist giving you jaw-dropping curves.

What completes the look is the brilliant nurse-related props, such as the stethoscope and head dress. You can go wild with your imagination with these things, bringing your fantasies to life!

Any cons?

The downside to this costume however has to be that the material is notably very flimsy. This is kind of expected because of it’s fine lace and thin strings here and there, so it may not withstand years of rigorous use.

Of course it’s great to break out once in a while, but one passionate pull could leave this outfit with rips and snaps. If you’re looking for something you can chuck to the back of your drawer, this may not be for you, as this outfit requires some gentle TLC to avoid breakages.

What are other people saying?

Other people are singing its praises entirely. What’s most important about this outfit is that it is very, very comfy.

The verdict

Some sexy outfits can be so uncomfortable you just want to get them off before the fun begins, but this nurse’s outfit can see you right through to the very end without irritating you through and through! So, you can get busy with this costume and have your mind at ease, as the Bondara five-piece is looking out for having barrels of bedroom fun.

Get yours today from Bondara for £12.99.


4. Fever Sexy Nurse Outfit

fever sexy nurse costume

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom area, or simply want to carry out one of your secret fantasies, you’ve come to the right place. The Fever Sexy Nurse Outfit, available at LoveHoney, is a fiesty, flattering and gorgeous little outfit to get yours and your partner’s heart pounding!

What are the features?

The Fever sexy nurse outfit is extremely short (to show off your best bits!), and comes with a full length zip at the front to make the putting-on and getting-off a lot easier than all of those fiddly straps and clasps you can get on other costumes.

Its short skirt is brilliantly paired with white thigh-high stockings, to accentuate your beautiful long legs! For the full nurse look, it also comes with a nurse’s hat to really keep the fantasy alive and thriving.

What I love

This nurse’s costume is a little more modest than some other racier outfits on the market – it’s a simple shirt dress that doesn’t come with the revealing straps and lace that can seem daunting to some of us!

This means it’s absolutely brilliant for beginners to role-play, or if you’re not too comfortable wearing the racier stuff.

fever sexy nurse outfit

If you’re nervous at first about using this kind of outfit, the Fever Sexy Nurse Outfit has got your back, covering you up but showing you off in all the right places.

It comes in a variety of sizes, so you can feel hot and confident no matter what shape you may be. It’s also made out of really strong, durable spandex, so it won’t rip and fall apart after only a couple of uses.

Any cons?

However, there is a downside to this gorgeous little outfit. That is due to practicality issues with the head dress!

Although it can sit neatly on the top of your head when standing or sitting still, it’s liable to falling off or moving whenever you make any moves yourself. This can obviously get pretty annoying when you want to let go and have fun, so bear that in mind when you try it on, and always keep the receipt or be prepared for it to fall off which may not be such a big deal anyway!

What are other people saying?

It’s safe to say that this sexy outfit has received rave reviews from hundreds of users!

Others have all agreed that it’s comfortable, durable and ready for action whenever you need it. It’s always there to spice up your bedroom action in the best way possible!

Also, users’ partners have said that the costume is exactly what they were looking for, and meets their fantasies and desires perfectly.

The verdict

To sum up, this dress is the perfect addition to any bedroom adventure. It will hug your gorgeous figure in all the right places and accentuate your curves, giving you the best confidence around. After using it once, you’ll never look back, it will most definitely become an essential sexy item!

Get yours today from Lovehoney for £19.99.


5. Sweet Streak Sexy Vinyl Nurse Outfit

sweet streak sexy nurse outfit

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, things can get a bit repetitive in the bedroom. You and your partner may simply have a routine that you follow every time, making it even more boring as you go along. So why not take the chance of spicing it up a little with the Sweet Streak Vinyl nurse costume?

Take your partner’s fantasies up a whole other level, and really get his/her blood pumping.

What are the features?

This nurse costume has the appearance of a shirt dress, with a red zipper that goes all the way down the front (for easy removal!).

The material itself is in a ‘wet look’ style, which not only adds to the sexiness of the outfit, but also shows your curves and hips in a new and inviting way.

It has red piping around the garment to add to that ‘nurse’ appeal, as well as a red cross to show off your more caring side.

The dress itself is extremely flattering for any size and shape, as it’s slightly tailored inwards to emphasise your waist, and kicks out slightly in the skirt to help your partner get a cheeky glance now and then.

The nurse’s cap it comes with is brilliant for keeping the fantasy alive too!

What I love

What’s great about this sexy nurse outfit is that the wet look material makes you seem even more daring and sexy, even if you’re feeling a bit nervous first time around.

So basically, this costume does all the work for you!

It’s fitted style enhances your best bits, accentuating your chest and legs that stick out underneath it.

Oh, and because it’s super short, those long legs of yours will look even longer!

Any cons?

Although this sexy nurse outfit really has very few things wrong with it, one issue has been emphasised by users through experience. That is that the PVC material the dress is made out of is very cold on the skin!

Because it’s pretty much a wet look plastic fabric, the coating on it may be slightly chilly to the touch, unlike other cotton or polyester costumes on the market. This is a very minor downside, but may be a bit uncomfortable for some users who perhaps get a bit chilly before heating up the passion!

What are other people saying?

This dress has had rave reviews from all users, because of its durability, comfort and all round sexy-factor.

The partners of these users have also said that it made them feel hot under the collar, and allowed them to play out the fantasy they’ve always dreamed of.

One girl even said it’s great that the material is wipe clean, in case you have any food-based or sticky items in the bedroom alongside you. You don’t want it getting messy, after all!

The verdict

To sum up, this sexy nurse outfit will make you feel uber sexy and unstoppable. It’ll get your heart pounding, boost your confidence ten fold, and give you the power that your partner’s always dreamt of.

Get yours today from Lovehoney for £19.99.


Hopefully this round up of top 5 nurse outfits has helped you find a sexy nurse outfit that’s perfect for you! Which is your favourite? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Red Stockings for Valentines Day

Hello there cheeky monkeys.

January is nearly over, and is it just me or has this felt like the longest month ever?

It’s a hell of a long month, despite still being 31 days… but jeeez.

We’ve got 2 more days left of January and then it’s time for February and what special day is in February? You guessed it – Valentines Day.

And the sex toy shops go crazy with Valentines offers, discounts and special buys.

To celebrate the count down to Valentines I’m going to be posting some of my favourite pieces of lingerie and toys to get you in the mood.

If you haven’t already got your evening planned, do it now! Phone that restaurant or plan the ingredients for your meal if you’re staying in.

The more organised you are in advance, the more you can really chill out on the night knowing everything is already taken care of.

So first up on my Valentines countdown are these gorgeous red sheer stockings from Lovehoney.

VALENTINES DAY RED STOCKINGSed stockings for valentines day

They’re only £4.99 and come in one size that fits all.

The six reviews so far have given them a cool 9 out of 10.

I love the deep red colour of these, perfect for valentines day to surprise your partner in or as a gift and a bargain.

If your shopping late, Lovehoney offer a next day delivery option so you can make sure you get these on time!

Get your stockings here.


5 of the Best Crotchless Knickers

5 best crotchless knickers

Crotchless knickers make a very sexy gift for your lover, or you maybe buying them for yourself as a special treat for yourself or your partner.

They make you feel incredibly sexy and feminine when you wear a pair of these. Your partner especially will find it hard to resist you and they are great for seduction and wearing on an evening out to tease your partner and get yourself in the mood.

They’re especially good for easy access during foreplay and when having sex.

There are some really gorgeous crotchless knickers around at the moment in some beautiful, sexy designs, as well as some that are truly terrible that I have avoided after reading some bad reviews on them elsewhere.

So here are my current top 5 of the very best crotchless knickers in the UK:

1. Crotchless Knickers with Rose Butterfly String

crotchless knickers rose butterfly string

I adore these pink Bondara crotchless knickers in the shape of a butterfly. They’re pink, feminine and very beautiful, whilst at the same time being sexy and inviting. They make you feel very classy whilst adding a touch of sheer naughtiness.

They come in one single size that fits most because they are stretchy and are made from 100% polyester.

Investment: £4.99 from Bondara.

2. Anais Fanny Sheerless Knickers with Straps

anais fanny crotchless knickers


These Anais Fanny knickers are incredibly chic and sexy. They have a very exposing design, and packages up your best bits beautifully with it’s black bow and lacy material.

They come in 6 different UK sizes, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12. 12-14, 14-16 and 16-18. On the Lovehoney site where I found these, they have scored 9 out of 10 from 68 reviews. You can also view lots of other bottoms that other ladies have sent in of themselves wearing theirs as part of a competition to win £100 worth of lingerie.

Investment: £11.99 from Lovehoney.

3. Ann Summers Seduction Brief

ann summers seduction brief crotchless knickers
ann summers seduction brief crotchless knickers red

These Ann Summers seduction knickers are available with bows in shell colour or red. Personally I like the shell colour best, but the red is very sexy too.

They both come in three different sizes, small, medium and large. Small being a UK 8-10, medium a 12-14, large being 16-18. The material is soft satin and they’ve received some really fantastic reviews on the Ann Summers website (57 reviews). One reviewer said they’re so comfortable and she loves them so much she nearly wore them to work. Why not wear your sexiest stuff to work?! I am all for that hehe.

Investment: £10.00 from Ann Summers.

4. Pearl Crotchless Knickers

pearl crotchless knickers bondara

pearl crotchless knickers bondara rear

These pearl knickers feel super naughty and exposed. I especially love the pearl beads that frame your genital area and present it in a deliciously feminine and sexy way. They’re an another absolute bargain and come in four different sizes, small, medium, large and extra large.

Small is UK 8-10, medium is 12-14, large is 16-18 and extra large is 20-22.

Investment: £4.99 from Bondara.

5. Lovehoney Lace Crotchless Knickers

lovehoney lace crotchless knickers

lovehoney lace crotchless knickers front

If you’re looking for something extra sexy, I’m a big fan of these Lovehoney one’s that have removable suspender straps. You’ve got the option to wear them with stockings or without.

They’re super soft and comfy whilst being crotchless and allowing easy access at any time.

They come in three sizes, small/medium, medium/large and large/extra large.

Investment: £9.99 from Lovehoney.

Whichever knickers you decide to go for, shop with an open mind and know that whichever you choose you will have a good time in them, as long as you let go and just focus on having fun!

What about you? What’s your favourite? Share your experience of buying your own crotchless knickers in the comments!



5 Easy Halloween Costumes

easy halloween costumes

Halloween is almost upon us! And that means a great reason to get dressed up in something special and sexy. In this post I’m going to be sharing my favourite easy halloween costumes.

Hopefully you’ve got something planned this halloween, but if you haven’t yet, it’s not too late.

Why not ask a few people to come round to your house in fancy dress and share some nibbles and drinks or all go on a night out together in fancy dress.

I had a look at some of the sexiest and also easiest halloween costumes around for UK ladies and here are my faves this year!

Here’s my 5 Fave Easy Halloween Costumes…

1. The Devil in You Costume

This is a classic sexy devil costume for ladies. The tummy section is nice and flattering and you can pair it with tights, stockings or go bare legged.

It comes with glittery devil ears and a fork. It’s definitely sexy and one of my fave easy halloween costumes because it maintains a lot of femininity whilst also keeping in tradition of being in character! You could quite easily wear this in the bedroom long after halloween, minus the ears and fork.

Or add those if you felt the urge to.

This costume comes in four sizes and has so far received two good reviews.

easy halloween costumes

From: Ann Summers: £20.00

2. Fever Cheetah Bodysuit

Next up is this gorgeous animal print bodysuit. It’s a really one of my easy halloween costumes because this is all there is to it, and it looks so effective and stunning. You can team this with any shoes, boots, heels or flats and it would still look great.

The head band ears is optional and can be bought separately for £4.99.

fever cheetah body suit halloween

From: Lovehoney £17.99

3. Vinyl Cat Mask

I’m not joking! This has got to be the most easiest of easy halloween costumes possible. Team this vinyl cat mask with any sexy dress or outfit you have, or what about a plain black top and black leggings and heels?

You will still look in costume and like you’ve made the effort without going to great lengths, and easy halloween costumes is the topic here!

I think this is a great idea for slightly (ahem) lazy ladies who can’t be bothered going over the top with their halloween costume. Get it delivered and focus on enjoying the party!

easy halloween costumes

From: Lovehoney £9.99

4. Fever Witch Costume

This witch costume comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. It comes complete with hat and witch dress. Wear it with stockings, tights or black leggings, and any shoes or boots.

It’s a great price currently as well and another easy halloween costumes favourite of mine.

fever witch costume

From: SexToys.co.uk £14.95

5. Glow in the Dark Cat Suit

This cat suit is glamorous and glows in the dark! You won’t be missed at any party in this that’s for sure. It comes with gloves. Wear it with heels or flats.


From: Honour £39.99

I hope these easy halloween costumes have given you some great ideas for what to wear on the night. Leave a comment with what you will be up to, and what you will be wearing! I’d love to hear.

Grace x

Lovehoney Bodystocking: Fishnet & Lace Review

lovehoney-bodystocking reviews

In this review I’m going to talk about the Lovehoney bodystocking.

This is a beautiful piece of lingerie for the bedroom, it’s one of my faves and really easy to wear because the entire thing is just one piece.

Have you ever lost a stocking when you need it most, and when you finally find it, struggle with clipping your suspenders to the stockings themselves, and had them fly off all the time?

This stocking solves all those problems and has you looking sexy without any headaches!!

When you first look at it this Lovehoney Bodystocking in real life, you do think it looks small. Especially because it comes in one size.

But amazingly it really does fit sizes 8-16. 

Yeah right you might think.  But it’s extremely soft and stretchy.

Trust me, I was worried at first but it does fit and it’s not tight, it’s lovely and comfy when it’s on, it’s kind of like a glove. It stretches to just the right amount.


Loving the Lovehoney Bodystocking

What I especially love about this Lovehoney Bodystocking is the way it flatters your body shape and feels like it’s covering up the bits you need, and showing the bits you want it to!

The way you can see through the lace your breasts and tops of the thighs, and the crotch is completely exposed allowing for easy access.

You can choose to wear it with a thong or not. Obviously the model wearing this has the thong on for demonstration purposes.


Number one it makes you feel really sexy the instant you put it on, but it also looks sexy too.

It’s easy to put on and is a big like putting on a big pair of tights that have straps!

It’s really soft and stretchy, and is very flattering whatever your body shape (and I’m not just saying that it’s true).

It’s very affordable.


Are there any cons?

I’m trying to think of some to balance out this review 🙂 I actually can’t think of any as I write this on why you wouldn’t like it.

So I’ve gone to the other Lovehoney reviews to look for some cons.

One reviewer said they wished it was available in another colour other than black. That’s fair enough. People like options. Maybe this would also be nice in white, but probably not as flattering.

Someone else said it was tricky to put on. I don’t actually agree with this because it’s a lot easier than stockings and suspenders!

It’s just like putting on big tights. But maybe if you’re not used to wearing tights etc. it might seem fiddly to some.

What are Other People Saying?

Now this is pretty impressive. Every single reviewer (of 34 so far) has given this Lovehoney Bodystocking 5 stars. You can read them all here.


I was really pleased with mine and I will definitely be investing in more body stockings like this one!

Fancy your own Lovehoney Bodystocking? Get yours for £16.99.

5 of the Best Vibrating Knickers


Vibrating knickers always make a nice sexy gift or maybe you want to invest in a pair to treat yourself. There are some really great vibrating knickers to try, as well as some really terrible ones which I haven’t bought after reading terrible reviews on them (e.g. Ann Summers have a really poorly rated version). Here’s my run down of 5 of the very best available right now.

 1. Fetish Fantasy Elite Black Vibrating Panty


These Fetish Fantasy vibrating knickers are a bit different to other types of vibrating underwear that usually use bullets. These instead use a massager that fits the body’s curves within the knickers. They are very effective. Randomly, they also come with a mask. Two straps hold the massager securely in place as you wear them, and the feeling is very nice. There are seven patterns that you can use, however there is no remote control which is a downside.

They look quite gothic and will appeal to people who enjoy bondage play, especially with the eye mask.



  • Security of the massager.
  • Made with soft silicone.
  • Free mask, plus lube, toy cleaner and batteries.

These are effective and a good quality investment. It’s just a shame they don’t include a remote control which would really make them stand out.

Investment: £32.99 including delivery

2. Annabelle Knight Shhh! Vibrating Knickers


Annabelle Knight has been presenting Lovehoney video reviews for a long time, and she’s recently brought our her own range of sex toys and underwear. These Shhh! vibrating knickers are from her own range.

I have to say, even alone, these vibrating knickers are really pretty. They have a special hidden pocket to house the mini bullet vibrator that comes with them.

They’ve received 23 reviews so far from other buyers, with an overall rating of 8 out of 10 which is a decent score and they’re obviously a popular choice for vibrating underwear lovers.



  • They’re really well made and look very pretty.
  • The bullet itself is powerful and good quality.
  • They’re at the cheapest end of the scale of vibrating knickers.

Overall, these are a good quality buy. Annabel Knight has personally had a part in the design of these for her to put her name to it. You can watch her talking about them in her video on the product page.

Investment: £18.99 including delivery

3. Party In Your Pants

I love the name of these! They’ve received some fantastic reviews on Bondara so far which you can have a read of. One reviewer said she wears these to go shopping in. Seriously? Love it!

Hands free bullet control is exactly what you want with any vibrating underwear, so it’s very nice to be able to control these wherever you are. The best part of remote control vibrating knickers is to hand the control to your partner and have them control your pleasure over dinner or somewhere that only you two know about your secret.


  • Great price.
  • The bullet fits securely in the ideal location for your clitoris.
  • Waterproof bullet
  • Remote control

Overall, these are great. Good price, remote control, they do exactly what you want and expect. They’re definitely a hot favourite.

Investment: £19.99 including delivery

4. Remote Vibrating Panties

The remote on these actually works 10 metres away. Nice! Another great thing to note about these is that the vibrations are really very quiet. Other vibrating knickers can tend to be on the noisy side which is not what you want when you are enjoying secret pleasure.


  • Remote control (hooray!)
  • Quiet vibrations
  • Batteries included

Overall, another good choice. Between these and Party in your Pants it really comes down to personal preference and price.

Investment: £25.99 including delivery

5. Hanky Spank Vibrating Thong


I really like the branding of Hanky Spank. They’re a well-established brand and this lacy black thong is really appealing. Like others of its kind, it has a secret pocket located exactly where you need it to house the bullet it comes with. The location of the bullet gives precise clitoral stimulation.



  • Pretty thong
  • The bullet is very quiet
  • Batteries included

Investment: £22.99 including delivery

What about you? What’s your favourite? Share your experiences with your own vibrating knickers!