The Ultimate Guide to Love Eggs

In this guide to love eggs you’ll find out what love eggs are, how to use love eggs and which ones are best.

What are love eggs?

Love eggs are small, smooth, egg shaped toys that are worn internally (vaginally).

They’re controlled by remote control or via an attached wire controller.

Ben wa balls and jiggle balls are different to love eggs because these don’t usually vibrate and are ball shaped as opposed to egg shaped and you just wear them as they are.

Love eggs: how do they work?

Love eggs work by sitting inside you and stimulating the sensitive vaginal walls, your G-spot and giving a ‘full’ pleasurable feeling whilst you wear it.

You then have a remote controller that has different vibration settings giving you light, strong or patterned vibrations depending on your mood (or partners mood…)

What’s so good about them?

They’re the ultimate tease! Especially when you hand your partner the remote control and let him decide what to do with them.

For example I was reading a short review about a couple who work together. She said when she wears the Lovehoney Thrill Seeker love egg (below) to work and gives her partner the controller: zero work gets done. Ooh to be a fly on the wall at their office.

Love eggs feel really comfortable providing you use plenty of lube when you insert them and the pleasure can be endless!

They’re also really affordable toys and prices start as low as £8 so they’re pretty much accessible to everyone.

Here are 5 of the best love egg reviews to get your started:

5. Lovehoney Thrill Seekers Love Egg

lovehoney thrillseekers love eggs

There’s three speeds and seven patterns to play with. The remote works approximately 25 metres away which means couples can play with this without being really close by to each other. A few reviewers said they were amazed by how far away it worked.

There’s an attached finger loop which you keep outside of your body so it’s easy to pull the egg back out.

The egg is completely waterproof but the controller isn’t so only submerge the egg for cleaning.

Overall the Lovehoney Thrillseeker love egg is rated 4 out of 5 stars and is a firm favourite.

Investment: Lovehoney on offer £34.99 including free delivery.

4. The 10 Speed Vibro Remote Egg

vibro love egg bondara

This egg was voted winner of the Bondara Awards as ‘best vibrating egg’ and it’s got some eggcellent reviews on there (sorry), as well as a couple of less positive ones which we’ll take a look at.

The pink is very girly, it’s skin soft and comfortable. Like the Thrillseeker egg, it works 25 metres away.

10 vibration speeds is also really good to give you lots of options.

However, a couple of people found they could hear the vibrations and therefore wouldn’t class this egg as especially quiet.

Despite that, this is still a great little egg and very pleasurable.

This item isn’t available anymore, fear not, there are tons of other similar ones you can have a look at in the Lovehoney Love eggs section here.

3. The Ann Summers Signature Remote Egg

ann summers signature love eggIs it just me or does the remote controlled for the Signature Remote Egg look like a fob? It’s the gold and keyring bit I think. You can definitely get away with this controller out in public and people won’t have a clue what it’s for.

This fancy egg from Ann Summers is a little pricier than our previous eggs. It works up to 20 metres away and has 10 speeds and pulses again to choose from.

The reviews are a little mixed and there’s a couple of unfair weird ones on there like ‘you didn’t unsubscribe me’. Who rates a product 1* for that? Very unfair. Anyway, overall it’s still all very positive and this love egg is a high quality beauty.

Like the others, it has a pull string so it’s nice and easy to retrieve when you’re ready for the fun to stop.

This item isn’t available anymore 🙁 – don’t worry there’s loads of other good ones to have a look at. Check out the full range of similar eggs at Lovehoney here.

2. Lelo Lyla 2 with SenseMotion remote

lelo lyla 2 love egg

Lelo do very high end luxury toys and despite being quite an upfront investment, they are amazing. The Lyla 2 is an improved version of the original. It has 8 settings, works up to 12 metres away and has a really fancy remote controller called a SenseMotion remote.

This SenseMotion remote is really cool because it vibrates in tune with what the egg is doing, meaning your partner has a much greater sense of what you’re experiencing. You hold the remote horizontally for the gentlest vibrations, and gradually tilt it vertically to make them more powerful.

The Lyla 2 is rechargeable, unlike the others that use batteries, water proof and you get a nice gift box and storage pouch for it. Choose from pink or black. Other reviews are extremely positive and so the Lyla 2 couldn’t be missed from my best love eggs.

Investment: Lovehoney: £129.99 including free delivery.

1. Lovehoney Basics Love Egg

lovehoney basics love eggs

Finally we’ve got one of the most popular love eggs from the biggest online toy shop with a whopping 973 reviews, overall 4.5 out of 5 stars. 699 are 5 stars, only 4 are 1 star.

This love egg has it’s controller attached with a 30 inch wire as opposed to the others we’ve looked at which have remote control. If you want remote action – then this love egg isn’t for you. If you don’t mind a wire attached then this has a lot of positives.

Like other love eggs, it has multiple speeds and it’s nice and powerful, but unfortunately batteries are not included with this so you will need to also pick up two AA batteries (booo).

Investment: Lovehoney £14.99.

I hope this guide to love eggs has been useful to you and given you a good overview of what love eggs are and a wide variety of choice!

If you’re on a budget, the Lovehoney basics may be the best option for you, but remember it’s controller is attached, and not remote. But if money is no object I’d go for the Lelo Lyla 2 but ultimately the choice is yours! Have fun!