Lelo Mona 2 G-Spot Vibrator Review

Hello cheeky monkeys!

In this review we’re talking about a very luxurious and high end rechargeable G-Spot vibrator by one of my favourite manufacturers, Lelo. It’s the Lelo Mona 2.

If you love having your G-spot stimulated, or if you’ve never actually found yours and tried out having it vibrated, this is definitely one to consider.

So let’s take a closer look and see what you get when you invest in one of these babies.


What’s in the box?

Being made by Lelo, they treat their customers well and your Mona is presented on velvet in a beautiful black solid gift box along with a satin bag to discreetly store your toy, complimentary sachet of lube, and mains charger. The box is ideal for storage.

When you first receive and open the Mona you feel like you’ve treated yourself well and you definitely deserve this luxury toy!

Full contents:

  • Lelo Mona 2
  • Satin storage bag
  • Lube sachet
  • Mains charger
  • Instructions
  • Lelo authenticity card (so you know it’s legit)


What does it look like?

The Lelo Mona 2 comes in two colours, red and purple. Purple is by far my favourite of the two.

I love the shiny look of the handle, in contrast to the matt look of the shaft. It’s a very classy looking toy.

Being a G-spot vibrator, as you would expect it has a very curved tip for hitting that all important spot internally.

It’s 8 inches long so lots of lovely length to reach inside you, and a circumference all the way around of 4.5 inches.

How is it controlled?

It has push button controls on the handle, and these are used for turning it on and off, and moving between the six vibration settings.

To switch it on you just press the ‘+’ button, and it immediately starts vibrating on it’s lowest setting. The more you press the ‘+’ button, the higher and stronger the vibrations become.

To slow them back down, press the ‘-‘ button and you will go back to a more gentle speed. Holding the ‘-‘ button switches the toy off completely.

To move between the different functions (vibration patterns), you press the up and down buttons.

Having different speeds combined with different functions gives you lots to experiment with and I love there are so many combinations to try with this G-spot vibrator.


Travel lock

An awesome feature is the travel lock, which means that there’s no danger of your Mona going off in your suitcase at an inappropriate moment. To lock the toy you just have to press and hold down the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons together, and the toy becomes locked. The only way to unlock it is to do the same thing again.

How does it feel?

The Lelo Mona 2 feels rigid, it doesn’t bend so when you insert it into yourself, you know exactly where you’re targeting it at and it doesn’t take long before you feel the rushes of pleasure as it vibrates against your G-spot.

Being made of silicone, it’s lovely and soft to touch. An added benefit is it’s made of friendly materials, with no phthalates or latex which can irritate some people.

One thing to bear in mind with silicone toys is that oil-based lubes will react against them and degrade them, so make sure when you use a lube with this toy it’s a water-based one. It’s pretty easy to work out which lubes are water-based as they usually advertise them as such and make it clear on their packaging they’re “water-based” or “oil-based”.

How is it charged?

I love that the Lelo Mona 2 is rechargeable. Rechargeable toys are soooo good and there’s no need for fiddly annoying batteries that run out. Just plug it into the mains, give it a charge up and away you go.

The amount of toys I’ve had that have been left unused due to being major battery hoggers is criminal! Rechargeable is the way to go, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Lelo.

The charging point is behind a little silicone tab on the end of the handle. You just have to pull this up then plug the charger into its socket. Remember to close this tab properly after charging, as the Mona is fully waterproof (when closed) and you don’t want to risk getting any water inside, nor for the matter any dust to keep it in top condition.

Charging time takes around 2 hours and it will last for around 4 hours of vibration.

How loud is it?

The Lelo Mona 2 is advertised as whisper quiet, and it really is lovely and quiet, especially on its lowest most gentle setting. To get an idea of it’s volume I recommend you watch the Annabelle Knight video review if you want to know any more about the sound and how it works.

lelo mona 2 video review


What are the pros?

Amazing G-spot orgasms.

6 Different vibration patterns and speeds.

Gorgeous packaging and luxury silicone feel.

Mains rechargeable.

Travel lock feature so it won’t go off in your suitcase.

Completely water proof and submersible.

What are the cons?

It’s on the expensive side of vibrators for some budgets but worth it if you can stretch to it and an investment in your pleasure!

What are other people saying?

The reviews on the Lovehoney site (of which there are currently 32 of them) are really good. 27 of them are 5 star which is 91%. The reviews are really worth reading and they will tell you even more about the Lelo Mona 2 should you want to find out anything else.

There are words like “my all time favourite” “an essential investment” “welcome to orgasm heaven” “mona love”. Have a read and see what you think.

Where to buy?

Lovehoney: £129.99 including free delivery.  

Ann Summers: £109.00 including free delivery.

Simply Pleasure: £108.95 including free delivery.

Lovehoney Powerful Mini G-Spot Vibrator Review

lovehoney mini g-spot

lovehoney g-spot vibrator mini

Hey everyone, here’s a new review of the Lovehoney Powerful Mini G-Spot Vibrator.

Recently I’ve become a fan of g-spot toys. Some people can struggle to find theirs. But with a g-spot toy like this, it’s curved in the right place to hit yours, and when you do hit it, hell you will know about it!!

Let’s take a look at this toy and see what you think…

How big is it?

This toy is 2.5 inches, with a girth of 3.75 inches. It’s made with rigid ABS plastic, which means that you can press on it and get the right amount of pressure you like.

Does it work?

The curved tapered tip is ideal for hitting your g-spot easily. It gives amazing g-spot stimulation. You can press as hard or lightly as you like to get the right amount of vibration where you want it.

lovehoney mini g-spot vibrator

How does is it powered?

The Lovehoney Powerful Mini G-Spot Vibrator is powered with a single AA battery. You open it up and insert the battery by twisting it open, popping in the battery then twisting it back up. It has one single speed.

What are the positives?

1. It’s powerful!

2. It hits your g-spot.

3. It’s nice and small, yet does the job.

4. You could travel with it.

5. The price.

What are the negatives?

1. It’s not quiet.

2. It arrives in a sealed bag and I think the packaging could be nicer.


It’s £5.99! So it’s not going to be incredible but it’s a cheap, powerful little vibrator that does the job. It received 8 out of 10 on Lovehoney, with 452 reviews. That’s a lot of good reviews and people are mostly loving the Lovehoney Powerful Mini G-Spot Vibrator.

For it’s price, it’s definitely worth a punt, especially if you are interested in exploring your g-spot further.


Check out the reviews, see what other people are saying, and you can also watch Annabelle Knight giving you a video demonstration of the Lovehoney Powerful Mini G-Spot Vibrator in action.

annabelle knight g-spot vibrator review

Buy for £5.99 (price correct August 2015).

Tracey Cox SuperSex G-Spot Vibrator Review

tracey cox supersex

tracey cox gspot vibrator

Hey guys, this is  my review of the Tracey Cox SuperSex G-Spot vibrator.


When you receive your Tracey Cox Super Sex G-spot vibrator through the post (in your discreetly labelled parcel I might add), you receive the vibrator nicely packaged in a classy and well designed box. It’s not remotely tacky looking, and it instantly gives you the feeling that you’ve bought a higher end sex toy rather than something cheap. Even though the price isn’t high.

How does it work?

To use this vibrator there are two build in push buttons on the bottom. You press the bottom button to switch it on, and the top button that has a line on it, is the function button to change the controls. Keep pressing the function button until you find the setting that wows you.

To switch it off, just press the bottom power button again, and it will switch off.

tracey cox g-spot vibrator

How loud is it?

You can see Annabelle Knight show you this vibrator in action in her video review. To get an idea of how loud it is, watch this (below). But if you don’t want to watch it, this vibrator is nice and quiet. It has a quiet hum to it, and I’ve used vibrators that are a heck of a lot louder than this one.  Plus most of the time you’re using it, it’s going to be inside you.

Tracey Cox SuperSex Vibrator
Click here to watch Annabelle Knight review this vibrator.

How is it powered?

The Tracey Cox SuperSex G-Spot vibrator is powered by a single AA battery. It’s inserted by untwisted the end of the vibrator and just popping it in the right way round. Because this toy is waterproof, remember to make sure that you do twist the lid back on fully so the insides don’t get damaged by water.

This is really the only downside to this vibrator for me. I prefer toys that can be mains powered (charged up) and batteries are a right pain. BUT saying that, battery toys are always a lot cheaper, so if price is something you are conscious of, a battery powered toy can be a lot more affordable than a mains powered toy.

What size is it?

g-spot vibrator supersex

I think this Tracey Cox Supersex G-spot vibrator is a really good size and it was ideal for me. It has an insertable length of 4 inches and 4 inches of girth at it’s widest point. It’s not too big, and not too small, the designers have got it right. With it’s wave and curved tip, it hits all the right places!

How good is it?

There are 7 different functions and 3 different speeds on the Tracey Cox SuperSex G-Spot vibrator so there are lots of options to choose from to keep you entertained. Altogether it has 10 functions. It gave me incredible G-spot orgasms, and that’s definitely to do with it’s shape, size and functionality.

What are the bad points?

My only negative is that it’s battery powered as opposed to mains chargeable. But, you can’t always have everything and if it was mains powered, it would also cost a lot more to buy.

What are the good points?

1. It’s velvety smooth, no seams and feels like it’s more expensive than it really is (£19.99 at time of writing plus free delivery)

2. It’s completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower or the bath without concern about damaging it, as well as making cleaning it a breeze.

3. I think the Tracey Cox SuperSex G-Spot vibrator is a really powerful toy. It definitely hits the spot, right where you want it! The controls are nice and easy, so if you feel like less vibration or more vibration, you can just increase or decrease the speed, or alter the pattern.

What are other people saying?

There are currently 117 reviews you can read, with an average rating of 8 out of 10. That’s a really high score and this toy is obviously well-liked and a good choice.


Where can I get mine?

You can get your Tracey Cox SuperSex G-Spot Vibrator for £19.99 including delivery.

Heated Rechargeable Vibrator

gold warm rechargeable vibe

Flamingo Pretty Love Heated Vibrator

Rechargeable vibrator, gold plated, and it warms up! This is my review of the Flamingo by Pretty Love. Find out what’s good about it and what’s not so good.

What’s in the box?

Inside the box was your Flamingo rechargeable vibrator with heat control presented on a protective foam bed, a USB charger in a separate little box, a small bag, and a set of instructions.

What does it look like?

Being gold-plated it looks a very expensive and luxurious vibrator. There’s currently only one colour available, black and gold. I hope that in future versions there may be other colours available.

Perhaps a deep pink and gold would look nice, especially being called Flamingo. Black is my least favourite colour for a sex toy, but the gold-plating certainly makes up for it.

What does it feel like?

The Flamingo does feel quite heavy compared to other vibrators but I like that because it feels sturdier and more well-built. It’s what you’d exGold plated vibrator heating flamingopect from a rechargeable vibrator.

I love the feel. It’s soft and smooth and is made of medical grade silicone giving it that silky feel you only get with silicone toys. Plus it’s gold-plated.

  • Tip – Only use water-based lube with the vibrator to avoid damaging the silicone coating. Silicone-based lubes degrade silicone coating.

How big is it?

The Flamingo is 6.5 inches and is insertable up to 4.5 inches. The heating and vibrating end is the largest side with the gold-plating.

How is it powered?

Unusually this vibrator is charged up via USB. It comes with a USB plug which slots into the vibrator and then the other end into a USB socket. You can either plug it into the USB socket on your laptop or computer, or you can buy a USB mains adapters which plugs into the mains.

A mains plug would be more preferable rather than USB – but it’s certainly better than using batteries that run out and are expensive to replace. Being a rechargeable vibrator means you can always have the vibrator ready to use any time and not have to worry about having no batteries.

Charging takes 2 hours and you get around one and a half hours of playtime.

How loud is it?

I was pleasantly surprised with how nice and quiet the Flamingo was, despite how powerful the vibrations are. I have always found rechargeable vibrators packed with power and this one is no different.

Does it really work?

Aside from being gold-plated, what’s different about the Flamingo is the way it warms up to 48°C. The idea is that the warmer your skin, the more blood is drawn to there so if your lower regions are warmed up by the vibrator, the pleasure is increased.

I have to say it does feel very nice having a hot vibrator between your legs and you can liken the feel to being like a warm mouth! There’s also a nice curve to it for hitting the G-spot which I always love so this was an added bonus. It’s also perfect for using just on the clit.

How do you use it?

The Flamingo rechargeable vibrator is very simple to use and only has two buttons.

One button is used for the heat control and the other button is for switching the vibrations on and off and moving between the 7 vibration functions.

To switch the vibrations on you just press and hold down the vibrations button. Then to move through the functions keep pressing the button. To switch off you press and hold the button down.

To switch on the heat you just press the heat button, and the same to switch the heat off.

It takes a couple of minutes to heat up to full temperature which is a bit like waiting for your hair straighteners to warm up – although obviously it’s not as hot as those!

What settings does it have?

There are 7 functions of vibration and one heat setting:

  1. Steady Vibration
  2. Slow Pulse
  3. Fast Pulse
  4. Slow Escalating Pulse
  5. Fast Pulsing Pattern
  6. Constant Pulse

My favourite was slow escalating pulse because it feels like a tease. I also like the steady vibration.

What are the good points?

  • This rechargeable vibrator means that it can be ready to use whenever you like without having to bother about having batteries in stock.
  • It arrives already charged so you can use it right away. (This brings back memories of my We-Vibe 3 review which was the opposite and had to be charged a full 24 hours before we could use it so immediate use makes me feel very grateful!)
  • gold-plated-rechargeable-vibratorIt heats up and feels lovely when it’s all warm.

What are the bad points?

  • It’s not waterproof but is ‘splashproof’ which means you can wash it, but you need to be careful not to get any water inside the control area. Don’t submerge it under water.
  • It is a more expensive vibrator but with all it’s features it’s bound to cost a bit more.

This Pretty Love rechargeable vibrator is only available at Bondara. £54.99 including delivery.