Things To Try With a Bullet Vibrator


Bullet vibrators are an essential in any sex toy collection, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced user.

What’s so appealing about them is the way they’re small and discreet, yet they can do wonders for you during your bedroom playtime!

They’re also really unintimidating, meaning anyone who’s a bit ‘eeek’ at sex toys, usually won’t be freaked out by a small harmless bullet.

But what can you do with one?

Bullets are perfect for solo or couple play.

Solo Bullet Vibrator Play

Using a bullet on your own is fantastic for direct stimulation. As in, straight on the clitoris will give you quick, powerful orgasms.

But wait…. before you get there, a bullet is very effective using on other areas of your body first like your erogenous zones e.g your nipples. Or even some internal (shallow) stimulation, as well as all over the genital areas.

There are different sizes of bullet (all usually small still), but some are extra wide or a little longer than others. These tend to be found where there’s a range of different sizes eg with the Rocks Off range of bullets.

Couple Bullet Vibrator Play

A little (harmless) bullet is by far the easiest sex toy to first introduce into the bedroom together. If you’ve never used sex toys together, this is an excellent starter because of how unintimidating it is. It’s like bringing your lipstick with you! (Some bullets are made to look like exactly lipsticks in fact).

Notes for Him

After turning her on using the bullet around her body and nipples, try targeting the vibrations from the bullet at and around the clitoris, whilst using your tongue/fingers to touch and lick the rest of the vaginal area. Mix the vibrations and sensations up, harder and slower.

A bullet is also an amazing way of keeping her beautifully turned on during intercourse if used around her clitoris – perfect for those who struggle to orgasm through penetration alone. The bullet / intercourse combo is a sure fire way to keep her wanting more.

Notes for Her

Oooh there’s so many places for men to enjoy bullet stimulation. As well as all over the body, he has extra sensitive areas to focus the vibrations on too.

During oral you can use the bullet to help vibrations travel from your mouth, giving him a intense sensation. It can also be used around his scrotum and perineum, a smooth piece of skin between the scrotum and anus full of nerve endings.

You can also place the bullet around here during intercourse and take it in turns to experience the vibrations.

Finally, there are no right or wrong ways to play with a bullet vibrator together so experiment and see what feels good and you most enjoy!

PS Check out my 10 of the best bullet vibrators in the UK for lots more inspiration!


Rose Gold Pebble Vibrator Review


One of the most popular vibrators at Ann Summers right now is the Rose Gold Pebble Vibrator. It’s such a gorgeous looking little toy that I knew I had to write about on the blog.

Described as “a palm full of pleasure” it’s the ideal first sex toy, or one of those for when you want simple yet effective – use it by yourself or with a partner.

What’s in the box?


You receive your Rose Gold Pebble vibrator, along with a set of instruction in a classic Ann Summers black and clear box.

What are the functions?

The Rose Gold Pebble vibrator has three different speeds, and there are three different patterns of vibrations. This gives you plenty of options to play with. Despite being small and compact, there’s so much potential here.

How is it powered?

The Pebble uses one single AAA battery (included). The nice thing about it is these batteries are inexpensive and you can buy a multipack to keep you going forever.

For a toy with such a small battery inside, it packs a lot of power.

aaa batteries ann summers

How do you use it?

There is a single button for switching the Pebble on, off and moving through the different speeds and vibration patterns. It’s nice and simple to use and with the click of your thumb you can switch functions mid-play!

pebble vibrator

Does it work?

The Rose Gold Pebble vibrator been made to give you maximum vibration but also the shape allows for control precisely where you want it. It feels really good, as other people agree (see next!)

What are other people saying?

At the time of writing there are 111 reviews for the Rose Gold Pebble vibrator on Ann Summers. It’s scored 4.3 out of 5. The vast majority are very positive with comments such as:

Small, convenient and does the job! Love the different pulse/speed settings.

Creates a buzz in the bedroom 🙂

Very powerful. Gives you very intense orgasms and is fun to use with your partner 🙂

Some reviewers DID also say that it didn’t have strong enough vibrations for them. As a starter vibrator, or one to use with your partner before and during sex – it’s ideal.

Not everybody wants mega power and it’s a nice level for most people to enjoy and buzz off 🙂

e.g. “Not a strong vibration so a little disappointed”

So what are the pros?

  • It’s nice and easy to hold, a great shape.
  • There are a few different speeds and patterns.
  • With it’s shape and size it’s a good toy for couples to use before and during sex for added pleasure.
  • It’s only £20 English pounds.

What are the cons?

  • Batteries can be an inconvenience so make sure you keep some spare AAAs handy. On the other hand battery powered vibrators are cheaper to buy than rechargeables.
  • Some didn’t find is powerful enough.

Buy yours now:

£20.00 from Ann Summers. Plus pick up some extra AAA batteries (£3.00) whilst you’re ordering to keep you going with it for months.

How To Use a Bullet Vibrator

How To Use a Bullet Vibrator

How To Use a Bullet Vibrator

One of the questions I get asked often is Grace, how to use a bullet vibrator? In this guide I’m going to tell you all about bullet vibrators and the cool ways you can use yours. If you don’t yet have a bullet vibrator, be sure to check out my top 10 bullet vibrators in the UK for some great ideas.

What is a Bullet Vibrator?

A bullet vibrator is a small, compact, discreet sex toy that is traditionally in the shape of a bullet, hence their name bullet. However there are variations on the traditional bullet now. You get some that are bigger, smaller and those that have extra enhancements on them.

Because bullets are usually so small, they have loads of good points to them. They’re especially good for beginners to buy as a first toy because they’re not intimidating looking toys, and they’re very simple and are easy to use.

The majority of bullets have a single button to control them that controls the power on, power off and the speeds and patterns of vibration. Most are battery operated, however there are an increasing number of rechargeable bullets now arriving on the market.

Rechargeable means you just have to plug the bullet in via USB or mains power and away you go.

reasons to love bullet vibrators

Here’s a few reasons I love bullets:

  • Bullets are great for travelling with because they’re nice and small.
  • They are powerful toys that vibrate on different speeds.
  • Bullet vibrators tend to be lower in price than bigger sex toys.
  • Many bullets are now waterproof and can be used in the bath and shower.
  • They come in all sorts of designs.
  • They’re a great beginner toy because they’re un-intimidating.

How to Use a Bullet Vibrator?

Here’s a few ways to use a bullet vibrator and some ideas you can try.

How To Use a bullet vibrator on your clit?

The clitoris is the most obvious place to use your bullet. The vibrations from your bullet feel amaaazing here, whatever the speed of vibration, just about any kind of buzz is good. Some people prefer a lighter vibration, whilst others like it really powerful.

This is one of the reasons most bullets now come with a range of different speed settings. You can also build up from a lower vibration to a more intense vibration as you get more turned on.

When you buy your toy you usually receive some basic instructions on how to use a bullet vibrator but they really are usually very self explanatory to turn on and off and use their different functions.

Top Tip: Take your waterproof bullet into the bathroom. Run a hot bubble bath, light candles, pour a glass of wine, close your eyes and soak away, whilst using your bullet all around your genital area, before finishing off on your clit for an amazing, relaxed orgasm to really rejuvenate yourself.

bath water bubbles

You can also use your bullet vibe for anal and G-spot stimulation, depending on the size of the bullet. Some of the really small ones may not be big enough, but there are bigger bullets and toys made specifically for these activities.

How to use a bullet vibrator on your body?

Bullet vibrators can be used all over your body, not just on your genital area. Something really nice to try is to get your partner to use your bullet as a way of teasing you. It will get you so turned on, that you’ll be dying for him to use it there.

Our body’s are full of erogenous zones that feel incredible when they’re stimulated. Use your bullet all over your body and experiment with where feels good. They’re great to use during foreplay to get you both in the mood.

Use it on your partner, not just on your self.

Tip: Use it on male partners testicles and genitals to drive him crazy, especially during oral sex.

You don’t have to just use the tip of the bullet vibrator, you can also use it horizontally and allow the entire toy to tickle and stimulate you wherever you want it. It’s really good to prolong the experience, rather than going straight to the orgasm, although there is nothing wrong with that either!

How to use a bullet vibrator for massage?

Have a knot in your back or shoulders? You can use your bullet on these areas and it feels really relaxing and relieves a lot of the tension in them. Because bullets are quite small, it may not be easy to reach all over, here is where your partner comes in to help you.

How to use a bullet vibrator during sex?

You can incorporate a bullet into sex by first discussing it with your partner, that you’d really like to try adding something a little different and showing him or her your bullet. During sex, with smaller bullets it’s possible to squeeze your bullet in between your bodies in a way that gives you both a heck of a lot of extra pleasure! It’s much easier for women to orgasm during sex when they’re also having their clitoris stimulated.

After you’ve discussed it and got the go ahead (and why wouldn’t they agree), or just pull your bullet out when the moment takes you, and start experimenting with where it feels good. Ideally during sex you should have this somewhere that’s vibrating against your clit, and this feels ohhh so good.

Depending on your position you can hold the bullet yourself. There is no right or wrong way for how to use a bullet vibrator and what works for one person, doesn’t always work for somebody else so it’s always about what works for you.

With sex toys there’s never any right or wrong way to do things.

How to use a bullet vibrator with other sex toys?

There are some toys that allow bullets to be added to them to enhance their pleasure such as some butt plugs and cock rings. Many cock rings are sent with mini vibrating bullets inside them already than you can remove.

I definitely recommend adding some lube to your bullet when you’re using it on your genitals area to really enhance your pleasure. Sex toys feel so much better when they’re nice and wet and lubricated right away. Ideally go for water-based lubes because these don’t do any damage to sex toys like oil-based lube can.

I hope you’ve find this how to use a bullet vibrator guide helpful. If you need any help choosing a bullet vibrator for you, be sure to check out my top 10 bullet vibrators, and 7 of the best bullet vibrators posts where I go into more detail about the different types of bullets you can buy, and I talk about my personal favourites!

10 Best Bullet Vibrators

Top 10 Best Bullet Vibrators in the UK


Bullet vibrators are great for many reasons. They’re small, powerful and come in a wide range of prices.

There is something for everyone. I wrote a post back in 2013 on the 7 of the best bullets. I’m always interested in which is the best bullet vibrator.

As it’s been a while since then and there are loads of new bullet vibes on the market I decided it was time for an update.

Let’s take a look at which is the best bullet vibrator in the UK right now. I have included a short description of each one, it’s pros and cons, and the current lowest price. I’ve chosen my favourite 10.

I hope you find this round up useful in helping you choose the best bullet vibrator for you!


10. Ann Summers Rose Gold Bullet Vibrator


The Ann Summers rose gold bullet is in this list of the top 10 bullets in the UK because it looks so pretty, and it’s so damn functional. I love the colour and the pink trim decoration.

This bullet has 10 vibration functions, 7 pulses, and 3 speed settings. That’s a lot of choice for something so small.

You can easily move between all the different settings with the one pink controller button, and it’s great fun to experiment and find out which speed and vibration you enjoy the most.

It’s also lovely bullet to hold.

This is something I really liked. Unlike other bullets which tend to be quite flat, this has a nice area to hold whilst you press it against your body.

It’s also waterproof which means easy cleaning, and you can use it in the bath or shower.

ann summers bullet

It is battery powered and uses a single AAA battery, which isn’t too bad because they are a cheap battery to buy and usually come in multipacks.

I’ve had battery powered toys in the past that have taken 4 AA batteries then it becomes far more expensive to use because 4 of those at once is pricier!

I can live with a single AAA battery. I do prefer rechargeable toys, but they usually cost more, as is discussed in this article.

Whether you opt for a battery powered toy or a rechargeable one is a personal choice. Whilst rechargeable ones do cost more, how much do you spend on batteries? That really depends on how often you use a toy.

The good thing about this bullet is it’s a good choice for a beginner, and it also has lots of power to it too, despite running off the one battery. It has a length of 4.5 inches which is nice and compact.

This bullet feels lovely against your clit, it feels very nice against your skin, and is a good price too (currently only £10) considering it’s waterproof and has so many functions to choose from.

Prosrose gold mini vibrator

The colour and shape.

The many speeds and vibration functions.

It’s waterproof.


It’s battery powered and the battery only lasts a few uses. But you can buy AAA batteries fairly cheaply at the supermarket in multipacks.

The Ann Summers rose gold bullet has received all positive reviews so far which is a good reason to be in my best bullet vibrator top 10. If you fancy this bullet, have a read of them yourself.

Investment: Ann Summers Half Price £10


9. Tracey Cox Super Sex Bullet Vibrator

tracey cox super sex bullet pink

I first wrote about the Tracey Cox Super Sex Bullet back in 2013 when it was a top rated bullet even back then. 2 years on, this bullet is still going strong and is a best seller for good reason.

Tracey Cox had a standard sized bullet, as well as the Super Sex. This is a review of the Super Sex version which is a bigger bullet. I don’t think you can buy her old style bullet anymore, there is only the Super Sex one.

tracey cox silver super sex bullet

In 2013 you could only get this in silver, but it’s also now available in pink and black too. I love the pink.

It’s bigger than the average bullet, but works in much the same way. It’s a good size to hold, and with it’s size comes lots of great power. It had to be in my best bullet vibrator 10.

The Tracey Cox Super Sex bullet has three speeds to use and three patterns of vibration. Altogether this gives you six functions to experiment with.

The nice thing about the size of this bullet is it can be inserted up to 3.5 inches, so it gives you options to play with. You can use it on your clit and internally.

The Super Sex is battery powered with 2 x AAA batteries.

When you order your bullet, make sure you remember to order batteries because these aren’t included, or pick some up next time you go to the supermarket.

The batteries are nice and easy to put in by just untwisting the top and popping the batteries inside.

The single button controls the on/off function by holding it down, and pressing to move between speeds and patterns.

The Super Sex has really strong vibrations. I think having two batteries inside as opposed to one give it that extra power.

Because of its power, it’s not the quietest of bullets but it’s not overly noisy either. Most sex toys make some noise.

tracey cox super sex bullet vibrator

I like that this bullet is waterproof, and can be completely submerged under water without fear of breaking it. This makes cleaning easy and you have the option to vibrate in the bath or shower.


It has a lot of power and gives a lot of pleasure!

It’s big enough to be used internally, but still discreet and small enough to be classed as a bullet sex toy.

It’s waterproof and submergible.

It’s a great price and is now more than half the price that it was in 2013 when I first wrote about this bullet.


It’s battery powered.

Have a watch of the video review below and watch the Super Sex bullet in action.


At the time of writing, it has 743 reviews on Lovehoney to read. That’s a lot of reviews! With an amazing 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has something special about it, that’s for sure.

Investment: Lovehoney £12.99


8. Rocks Off Erotic Ink Bullet

rocks off erotic ink bullet


The Rocks Off Ammunition bullets are pretty awesome, and I genuinely love their tattoo decorated gold ones called Erotic Ink. They’ve been designed by professional tattoo artist Lal Hardy.

These come in three different sizes, depending on how big a bullet you one. There’s the 80mm, 120mm and 160mm. The 160mm is big enough to also be inserted too. This is a really big bullet vibrator!

image rocks off erotic ink bullet

Aside from the size, they all work in the same way and have one single button to control them and several different functions.

To move through the functions you just keep pressing the button. This is also used to switch the bullet on and off.


I love the design!

It’s extremely powerful and has different speeds and patterns to choose from.

It’s completely waterproof so can be used in both the bath, shower, and it’s really convenient for keeping clean too when there’s no danger of water damaging the insides of the toy.


The only really cons are that it’s battery powered.


Lovehoney 80mm £12.99
Lovehoney 120mm £22.99
Lovehoney 160mm £26.99

7. Ann Summers Noir Bullet


The Ann Summers Noir bullet looks a little different to other bullets as it’s not circular and has a square shape slanted tip to it. With an average of 4 stars and 96 reviews, it had to be included here.

I love the shiny black body, paired with the rose gold tip. The tip gives a different feeling to other bullets and it was a nice change to try this one. It’s really good for pointing it exactly where you want to feel the vibrations. It’s fairly small at 4 inches so great for hiding away in your bag.

The Noir has 7 different functions to experiment with, and three different speed settings. It’s noticeably quiet too. To move between the different functions it has a single button controller, like most bullets do. This is also used to switch it on and off by holding the button down.

This bullet runs off one single AAA battery, and is unscrewed at the top to insert the battery. Make sure you fasten it nice and tightly because it’s also waterproof and can be used in the bath, shower and for easy cleaning.

Currently this is half price at Ann Summers, I’m not sure how long for so at £9.99 it was a good price for a good, well made toy.

It has plenty of power to it, and definitely will give you plenty of orgasms. On the Ann Summers website, there are so many reviews of people saying that this was their first ever sex toy, and they love it so have a read of those! Definitely a UK best bullet vibrator.

One reviewer called it a little pocket rocket, another said it gets her wet in no time. I love reading what other people say before I buy. It’s always a great sign when you see so many positive comments.


It would agree, the Ann Summers Noir bullet is a good choice for a first toy, but with the different functions and speeds it’s also great for experienced sex toy users, and can easily be incorporated into foreplay and used on your man/lady too.


It has plenty of functions and speeds to play with.
For a single AAA battery it’s packed with power.
It’s a low price.


It is battery powered, and batteries don’t last forever. Stock up on AAA ones.

Overall it’s a nice, unusual but powerful bullet and it does a great job of giving you plenty of pleasure.

Investment: Ann Summers Half Price £9.50


6. Lovehoney Love Missile Bullet Vibrator


The Lovehoney Love Missile looks like an actual bullet! It’s an amazing £6.99 which is the lowest price bullet in this article. But despite being so incredibly cheap, it’s also an awesome toy. 97 others so far agree, and it’s rated 4.5 stars out of 5. That’s pretty damn good!

The packaging for the Love Missile is basic to say the least, but for a toy at this price it’s not going to arrive luxuriously packaged like higher end bullets do like the Lelo Mia (below).

I love that toys from Lovehoney always have a great video review of them in action. It really helps you make your mind up before you buy to see the toy in action and get a sense of what it’s really like and why it’s a best bullet vibrator top 10. Something pictures can’t always do.

You can watch the lovely Annabelle Knight demo the Love Missile on the video.


The Love Missile has three speeds to play with. Many very basic bullets only have a single speed so this is really nice that it has more than one choice. Despite being so small, it’s still really powerful! The single button is used to turn it on and off, and for moving between the three settings.

It’s a lovely little bullet, what you would call discreet and is in fact really tiny. If you are after something small, low cost and gives you a convenient orgasm on the go, this is the perfect choice! Being so small you can also incorporate it into sex and use it in between you and your partner for extra stimulation.

It’s also completely waterproof and can even be submerged. You can see this in action on the video demo.

When you receive your Love Missile you do need to unscrew the cap and remove the paper inside that’s covering the battery and stopping it going off in transit so if it’s not working, make sure you’ve done this part!


It’s tiny and discreet, a true bullet.
It’s very cheap, yet is a good bullet.
It’s quiet.
It’s waterproof.


There are only 3 settings to play with. This is both good and bad, because other bullets in this article have more settings so it’s a case of what’s important to you.
It runs off a battery as opposed to being rechargeable.


Investment: Lovehoney £6.99


5. Max Power Lipstick Bullet Vibe


The Max Power Lipstick Bullet Vibrator is very very discreet, because it looks just like a lipstick. I think it’s very clever and unusual.

What can I tell you about this aside from how cool it looks? Well despite looking like it should be in my make-up bag rather than my bedside drawer, at 3.5 inches it’s a great little bullet style toy. This in particular is great for travelling with and taking on holiday.

It’s battery powered, and runs off a single battery that was included. It is also completely waterproof, just make sure to make sure you screw the base on very tightly so that no water can get inside and damage the toy.

It has loads of power – one reviewer complained there was too much power. But it’s name is Max Power so this is something to be aware of. I love that you twist the base to control the vibrations. Most bullets use a button but this has a twist dial, something else that’s unusual about this toy.

The Max Power Lipstick Vibe is powerful, yes but I wouldn’t say overly powerful. Because of it’s design it’s more for use on and around the clit rather than internal use or in between you and your partner during sex.

I loved one of the reviews on Bondara where a guy said his wife uses it at work and puts it in her make-up bag, then texts him when she’s used it. Other people have also commented how quiet it is and great to use in the next room without having people hear what you’re up to.


It’s a low price and a very discreet bullet.
There is loads of power to it.
It has a twist dial to control the speed.


Battery powered.
It may be too powerful for some.

It’s no.5 in my best bullet vibrator top 10.

Investment: Bondara £11.99 


4. Rocks Off RO-80mm Limited Edition

Rocks OFF RO-80mm

The Rocks Off RO80 has been around for a long time and is now comes in a limited edition array of cool colours and patterns. Whatever style you buy it in, it’s an extremely popular bullet and for good reason.

The bullet itself is 3.25 inches long, and you can insert it up to 2.25 inches which isn’t a lot and bullets are more designed for external use than internal use, and to be nice and small and easy to travel with.

The RO80 also arrives with battery included and a storage bag to keep it clean and for discreet storage. Nice.

I wanted to list it here because of all the different choices this comes in, and it’s also a really really good bullet for any beginner or established sex toy user. Yes function is everything, but a style and colour that inspires you is also important!

When I think of a bullet vibrator, Rocks Off are the first manufacturer that springs to mind.

Their RO80 limited edition style has 7 speeds and patterns to choose from. Like most bullets, they are controlled by the single power button which you press and hold to switch on and off, or a single push moves through the functions.

The RO80 is well made, feels good, and is packed with power. Yet, it’s also quiet, as another reviewer pointed out. They were surprised at how quiet the RO-80 is.

The options to choose from are gold, cow-print, leopard-print, glow, colour-change, flower or snake-print. On the Bondara website where you can buy the limited edition designs, it’s received all 5 star reviews. This doesn’t surprise me because it is by Rocks Off.


It’s a well built, low cost bullet vibe.
There are plenty of functions to experiment with and it’s packed with power.
I love the choice of designs.
It’s completely waterproof and submergible.


It’s battery powered.

Overall I don’t think anyone can go wrong with an RO80 bullet. The main decision is really which design to you go for. My personal faves are the leopard print and the sparkly gold. Gorgeous!

It’s no.4 in my best bullet vibrator top 10.

Investment: £11.99 at Bondara 

3. Lovehoney Dream Bullet


The Lovehoney Dream Bullet is a bargain buy with 10 functions to choose from. It also comes in pink or purple. I like the purple best.

It’s a very traditional bullet with a single button to switch it on and off and for moving through the different speeds. It’s nice and small and discreet for traveling with, but it doesn’t lack power.

The packaging is a bit plain. But to be honest we’re all only really interested in the bullet itself. The Dream Bullet feels nice and soft to touch. The tip is great for more precise vibrations and it’s well made.

For power it runs off a single N battery. N batteries are really small ones. I was surprised at how quiet this bullet is too. It’s received so far a massive 455 reviews on the Lovehoney website, and overall a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. This puts it firmly in my top 10 bullet vibrators in the UK! It has something special for sure.

Remember to take out the paper disc into the bullet when you receive it. This stops it going off in transit and using up all the battery. You just have to unscrew the end to access the battery inside. As it is waterproof (completely) make sure you screw the cap back on tightly so no water can possibly get inside and damage it.

The functions include first three continuous speeds, followed by seven different patterns. I particularly love patterns because some of them are like a tease and more fun than a continuous buzz. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes though!

With the Dream Bullet you can start with a light buzz, and move upwards to stronger and stronger vibrations.


It has 10 speeds which is lots of choice.
It’s low price, well made and feels soft.
It has lots of power and is also surprisingly quiet.
It’s got so many positive reviews that it’s difficult not to give this bullet serious consideration.


It is battery powered and the packaging isn’t very inspiring.

Although the majority of other reviewers said there were no cons, cons people did comment on was that the battery doesn’t last long and they’d have liked a holder to store it in. Overall it’s a great buy for the price, just be sure to have some spare batteries for it. If batteries aren’t your thing, consider a rechargeable bullet (coming up below).

Investment: Lovehoney £9.99


2. Lelo Mia 2



I couldn’t write a list of the top 10 bullets without including a Lelo toy. I love the luxury of Lelo products, they are a firm favourite of mine and I can go on and on about Lelo!! I don’t apologise haha.

But Lelo also make some of the most expensive of sex toys too. So if budget is important to you, Lelo may not be your best choice. Saying that, I think it is worth indulging in yourself every now and then, and along with a lovely bottle of wine or whatever else floats your boat, splurging on a gorgeous sex toy is also so worth it!

Moving on to the Lelo Mia 2 and why it’s also number 2 in my best bullet vibrator round up.

The Lelo Mia 2 comes in three gorgeous colours, my favourite is pink. There’s also purple and black. The packaging, like all Lelo toys is gorgeous. It arrives in a matching gift box, on a velvet pillow and comes with a luxurious satin storage bag. It feels luxurious and amazing on your body.


The Lelo Mia 2 is completely rechargeable so not a battery in site. It has a twist on lid that comes on and off where you plug the Mia in to charge it up.

Before you can use the toy you will need to charge it up for 2 hours first so this is something to be aware of before you use it. If can plug directly into the USB port on your computer or laptop even.

It has push buttons to control the six different speed settings. The plus and minus buttons control the speed and these are also used to turn it on and off.

I love the locking feature too, it gives you total peace of mind that the Mia won’t go off in your suitcase or handbag if you are travelling with it. It looks like a lipstick too so is unlikely to raise major alarm bells if anyone else were to see it.

Annabelle Knight does a great video demonstration of the Mia in action so make sure you watch that to see it as close as possible in real life.



Where to begin?
It looks beautiful and luxurious. From the packaging and storage bag to the Mia itself.
It’s rechargeable.
It’s completely waterproof.
It’s a very quiet toy.
With its six speeds it has loads of power.


The only con for me is the price. It’s not the cheapest of bullets but despite it’s price is definitely a top toy in my best bullet vibrator list.

What you get for your money I reckon is fantastic and what you may spend on batteries with other toys, you would recoup with a rechargeable toy. But that’s just me. Battery powered toys are still very popular, and many are very good. You do also need to charge it up before you can get started playing with it.

Investment: Lovehoney £44.99


1. The We Vibe Tango Lipstick

best bullet vibrator

The We Vibe Tango Lipstick looks beautiful. I reckon so anyway. And it really does look like a lipstick! I love the hot pink colour. It’s one of my favourite bullets and that’s why it’s in this round-up of the best bullet vibrators in the UK.

It arrives beautifully packaged and includes a posh satin storage bag. The We Vibe Tango has a nice angle to it (like a lipstick) that means you can touch specifically where you want the vibrations to hit. This, pardon the pun, is a really nice touch!

The 8 functions the We Vibe Tango Lipstick which include different speeds and vibration patterns. I love the amount of choice available to experiment with.

These are controlled with one single button. Amazingly it has a built in memory that remembers the last vibration setting you used it on.

How does it feel? I loved using this bullet and you can tell that it’s a really high quality toy compared to other (cheaper) bullets. You get what you pay for. But I have nothing against cheaper bullets, I’m just saying you can tell an obvious difference when you pay for a more expensive toy.

The built in memory wasn’t a selling point for me, but some people might like that. Moving through the function is easy to do by keep pressing the button on it.

It was good fun to use, very powerful, lots of experimentation with the different settings, and of course nice and pleasurable to use on your clit.

Charging up was a pleasure. You just plug it into a USB; you can also do this on your computer. It comes with everything you need. I love rechargeable toys. Batteries running out is a total pain.

The We Vibe Tango lipstick has a low charge light so you always know when it needs a recharge before it actually runs out.

Despite it’s power, it was also really quiet compared to other bullets. Anyone wanting a quiet bullet should definitely consider this one. Loved it.

The Pros

It looks beautiful (in my opinion). It’s a particularly classy looking bullet.

It’s packed full of power!

Most bullets only have one single function, this has 8.

It’s waterproof.

And it’s rechargeable via USB (no pesky batteries).

The Cons

It’s not the cheapest of bullets, but it really is an investment. It’s number 1 in my best bullet vibrator round up because it’s my fave.

The price will put a lot of buyers off, but if you need any other opinions, check out the reviews (below) of what other people say. And remember this is an investment in yourself, your body is worth it!

Click through below and have a read of some of the other reviews, there are plenty available on the Lovehoney website.


You can also watch Annabelle Knight give a good demonstration of the We Vibe Tango Lipstick in action to give you an idea of what it’s really like and why it’s my number one best bullet vibrator.

we vibe tango review

Investment: Lovehoney £69.99

I hope this round up has been helpful to you in choosing the best bullet vibrator for you! We’ve covered a wide range of bullets, from battery powered bullets, rechargeable USB bullets, animal patterns, bullets disguised as lipsticks, plus the higher end and lower end prices.

If you have any thoughts, comments or specific questions about choosing the best bullet vibrator for you, feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to help you. Have a lovely rest of your day!

Sex Selfie Stick Review

sex selfie stick

What is a sex selfie stick?


I’m not usually remotely surprised by sex toys. The sex selfie stick is one of the few that really did surprise me!

Because it’s so much more than a vibrator/bullet sex toy.

It has a camera and a light inside it. And it comes with software.

Yes software!

In brief it’s a sex toy that streams video, so that you can record and share your extreme close up intimate self-pleasuring and broadcast it to your chosen one far away (or even in the same room as you). I’m talking extreme intimacy, inside you and wherever else you choose to show.

Some people are raving about this new hot toy, others are rather appalled by it.

So as soon as I saw the sex selfie stick, I knew I had to review it.

It’s so far been featured on the Huffington Post, Cosmo and the Independent. It has people talking that’s for sure.

So let’s dive in and find out what all the fuss is about.

In this review I’m discussing the Svakom Siime Sex Selfish Stick HD Camera Endoscope Vibrator. That’s one hell of a name.

And it’s the world’s first internal camera vibrator.

What’s in the box?

When you order your sex selfie stick you receive the vibrator itself, along with a draw-string storage bag, USB cable, software disc and instructions.

What does it look like?


The sex selfie stick comes in two colours, black and purple. To me the purple is more of a burgandy red colour than purple. But it’s still a nice colour even if it’s not true purple. I prefer it to the black.

It can be inserted up to 4 inches, and has 3.2 inches of girth.

How is it powered?

The sex selfie stick is rechargeable and is charged via USB on your computer. It has ‘ultra fast charging’ and only takes 1.5 hours, for a 8 hours of actual use.

When you receive your sex selfie stick you will need to charge it up first, which is a bit of a pain but one that I could live with. It’s charged by removing the pin covering the charging hole, inserting the charger and plugging it into a USB port.

Make sure you put the pin back in, as this keeps it completely waterproof.

How is it controlled?

To switch the vibrator on, press the S button for a couple of seconds. This makes the sex selfie stick burst into life. To switch between vibration patterns you just press the arrows to go up and down the available settings.

To switch the sex selfie stick off, just press and hold down the S button again and the vibrations will stop.

What are the features?

This vibrator is sooo much more than a vibrator.

The sex selfie stick is completely waterproof and submergible, so you can safely put it under water and use it in the bath. You can see Annabelle Knight demonstrating the sex selfie stick in the video below.

It has 5 functions to choose from so has a few different options to experiment with. There are some great patterns to play with. Ones that go fast and some that are slower.

There is even ‘intelligent mode’ which is pretty cool and in this mode the sex selfie stick automatically gradually gets faster, so it’s great for teasing yourself!! I loved that. You get into intelligent mode by pressing the S button in the centre again.

Using the camera

To use the HD camera and built in LEDs, you will need to be near a computer. It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or PC computer. For PCs you will need to just install the software that it comes with. If you’re using a Mac, it works already with the built in Facetime.

Remove the pin cover, and plug in the USB cable, then plug the other end into your computer.

Then press the camera button, and it will immediately switch on the camera and the light. You know when the camera is on because it’s all lit up. (All of this is in the instructions that you can follow when you receive yours).

Remember – don’t use this near water when using the camera feature. It is waterproof only with it’s pin inside and not plugged into your computer!

When it’s switched on, open Facetime or the program you are using, and you will then be able to show on there whatever you point your camera at! It’s well worth watching Annabelle Knight’s demonstration to see this in action.

Click through to watch the video demo.

Does it work?

As a vibrator, it is very powerful. You always tend to get a lot more power anyway in rechargeable toys compared to battery powered ones so that is expected. The vibration patterns are really cool, and I especially love the intelligent mode that starts off slower and gets faster.

Despite it’s power, it is also really quiet and you could use this without someone in the next room hearing you.

The HD camera and light are definitely an awesome feature for couples who are far away, and close together too. Other reviewers on the Lovehoney website just wanted to have a closer look at what goes on inside them when they orgasm and this is also good for that too.

For couples far apart, it’s a brilliant way of sharing intimacy virtually. And is the next best thing to being together in person.

What about lubricant?


It’s always important to use the right kind of lube. You should go for a water-based one so as not to damage your sex selfie stick. Oil based ones can react with silicone coatings. When you’ve invested in a high end toy like this one, the last thing you want to do is damage it with cheap lube.

I’m a big fan of the Tracey Cox super sex orgasm gel (£6.99). It’s a great water-based lubricant, feels very natural and lasts ages.

Remember to clean your toy after each use with some mild soapy water.

What are the pros?

As a vibrator the many different functions, speeds and patterns. The patterns can be moved between quickly, and the speed increased and slowed down with a quick press of the arrows.

The intelligent mode is awesome, and I love the way you can tease yourself with increasing vibration intensity slowly.

It’s HD camera feature and LED light is great! Plus it comes with software for PC users. The camera is high quality and very clear.

It’s water-proof which is great (but not waterproof without the pin cover in) so you can vibrate in the bath, shower and keep it nice and clean without worry of water damage.

The material is gorgeously soft and yet it feels well-built and strong. I also love the purple/burgundy colour.

What are the cons?

Other reviewers have mentioned are that they wished it had clearer instructions. To me it is fairly self explanatory so if you are already good with technology, and the people this is aimed at are fully up to speed with it so you shouldn’t have any problems.

One person said they wished it was longer. It has an insertable length of 4 inches. I can see why they would like it longer but I feel it’s features make up for that! Size isn’t everything hey?!

Overall verdict

I loved the sex selfie stick, it’s especially good for couples who have distance between them but want to share some intimacy. Get yours now, see what you think and leave a comment!

Investment: £119.99 including free delivery.

My Rocks Off RO Erotic Ink Bullet Review

rocks off erotic ink

Choosing and ordering

I was really excited to order one of the Rocks Off Ammunition Erotic Ink bullet vibrators because of how pretty they look. I checked out a few of the different prices online and found them cheapest at Bondara. Bondara also gave me an exclusive code for 10% off all orders (the code if you wish to use this too up until January is STR10).

I opted for the largest size, the 160mm bullet, but there are three sizes to choose from. The 80mm, 120mm and 160mm. They each vary in price but I didn’t want to get a smaller one and be disappointed so I thought you can’t be disappointed with the biggest size hey? So that’s what I chose.

Delivery and receipt

I got an email with the Post Office tracking information, and the little parcel arrived in 2 days from ordering. It was a signed for delivery, and as I wasn’t in, the post man left it with the old man next door. Ooo-er.

I didn’t need to worry though, because the parcel was completely ‘generic’ and there was no hint of what was inside or who had sent it. In the past I would have been freaked out by this, fearing that ‘sex toy’ would be written on the box but it was very discreet. Most online sex toy stores are very discreet in their delivery.


In fact, even your bank statement doesn’t say who you ordered from, and it has a different generic name for the store which I find really appealing.

What’s in the box?

The pretty packaging contained the bullet itself, along with two AA batteries inside the bullet which are already included.

Remember, I ordered the 160mm, and for a bullet, this is big. So if you opt for this size, expect something larger than your average bullet. If you prefer a smaller more traditional sized bullet, perhaps opt for the 80mm. It is also a little cheaper because it’s smaller.

There is some detailed text on the back of the pack that includes information about the designer, tattoo artist, Lal Hardy. Never heard of him? Don’t worry, neither had I. But I certainly like his designs on all of the RO Erotic Ink bullets.

He says: “It’s given me a huge buzz to work with Rocks-Off to create the erotic ink range, and I know it’s going to give everyone who uses them an even bigger buzz. Let the fun begin!”

I am already a big fan of the Rocks off bullet vibrators, and their Erotic Ink range is no different in quality.

In fact, I will go so far as to say I think they’re beautiful. I love the look of these shiny decorated bullets.

image rocks off erotic ink bullet

Getting started

Here’s where I had a bit of an issue. The back of the pack says when you first receive your bullet, you need to unscrew it, and remove the ‘paper disk’ that is on top of the batteries. That was simple enough.

But it still didn’t switch on. Hmmm. Maybe the batteries are dead? I tried them with some different ones. Still nothing. By chance I poked my finger inside where the batteries go, and out came a piece of clear plastic stating that the batteries included are non-rechargeable. This plastic was a bit random and hidden away.

I put the batteries it came with back in this time, figuring it must have been this plastic that was stopping it working, and hoping I wasn’t going to writing to Bondara to say it wasn’t working. I would have been very disappointed.

I turned it on again, still nothing, so I tightened the lid even tighter. Hooray! It worked.

So when you receive your new bullet here’s what you need to do:

  1. Remove the paper disc on top of the batteries inside the bullet.
  2. Remove the piece of clear plastic that’s also inside the bullet.
  3. Make sure you tighten it back up really tight to work.

It is completely water proof, so I can understand why the lid needs to be on super tight. My error, although I reckon the instructions could be made just a little bit more clear. But I got there in the end.

Image Erotic Ink Lal Hardy Bullet

What are the functions and ease of use?

This bullet vibrator has 3 speeds of vibration, along with 7 patterns. For a bullet, that is a lot of choice and it’s packed full of serious power. I remember when older style bullets used to have just the one speed and one pattern.

Another perk to this little bullet is that it is completely waterproof, meaning you can submerge it and use it in the bath without fear of damaging it.

It can be inserted up to 5 inches. Personally I prefer using bullets externally on the clit for a quick and satisfying orgasm.

You should use a water-based lube rather than an oil-based one so that it doesn’t do any damage to it. Especially to preserve the pretty design.

How is it powered and controlled?

The 160mm Erotic Ink bullet is powered by 2 AA batteries which you can change by twisting open the battery cap (remember to replace it tightly!). There is a single push button that controls the speeds and patterns. Keep pressing the button to move through the different options.

To switch on – press button once.

To change patterns, press the button once, and each time you move through each pattern.

To switch off – press and hold the button for three seconds.

One button to control everything.

Image Erotic Ink 160mm Bullet

Does it work? How does it feel?

The material of the bullet feels very nice. It feels solid and well made. The wide range of vibration patterns and speeds make for a very interesting and varied experience each time and I enjoyed trying out the different patterns. It’s a bullet I will use again and again.

Because this bullet is so big, as well as powerful, it is very effective just held on the external clitoris area and gives good satisfying orgasms quickly.

You can also use the 160mm size internally too. This was one of the reasons why I opted for the biggest size, to give me the most options. It feels amazing inside too. The control button is easy to access being on top for switching patterns whilst you are holding the bullet inside you.

What are the good points?

  • Firstly the look. It’s beautiful. Gold and shiny with gorgeous patterns on it.
  • The power and number of functions it has (speed / vibe patterns).
  • It is completely waterproof and submersible.
  • The largest size bullet in this range (160mm is especially nice when inserted, smaller bullets often don’t work that well when inserted but this has a nice girth to it)

What are the bad points?

  • My only downside to the 160mm Erotic Ink bullet is that several of the patterns are on the loud side but the good thing is that the very first pattern when you first switch it on is the quietest one. That means you can be safe knowing it’s not going to go any louder if you stay on the first setting in case you’re in a situation where you need to stay super quiet. Remember, it is packed with power, and the 160mm version is a big bullet. So some noise is to be somewhat expected.

It’s the more powerful ‘pulsing’ vibration patterns that make the noise. It’s not off putting to me, but if you were trying to make zero noise to someone in the same or next room, this may not be the bullet for you – unless you stay on the first setting.

If you don’t mind some sound, and you want something that is as beautiful as it is function, this is the bullet for you. It’s a welcome and special addition to my bedside drawer and I love admiring it.

Image Rocks Off Bullet 160mm

Where to get yours?

Since writing, unfortunately these appear to now be discontinued, however Lovehoney – have a huge range of new Rocks Off toys you can check out.

Lovehoney 10 Function Dream Toy Bullet Vibrator Review


lovehoney dream 10 bullet vibe

Greetings! It’s been a while since I last reviewed any toys on here. I’ve missed you cheeky monkeys.

This is my review of the Lovehoney 10 function dream toy bullet vibrator.

It is currently the best seller at Lovehoney at the moment for female toys, and only cost me a tenner – including delivery. So you can’t complain at that.

Amazingly it’s got 270 positive reviews so I had to buy this one and give it a go myself (see image below)

reviews for lovehoney 10 function bulletWhat are the key functions?

This bullet vibrator has 10 speeds/vibration patterns. They’re all controlled with one button so it’s easy to move through the different pulses. It’s designed for external use on the clitoris but you could put it inside you a little bit too if you felt like it.image-lovehoney-10-function-dream-bullet

What’s so good about this one?

It’s also waterproof which is always a nice feature. It means I can use it in the bath or shower, and it makes cleaning it much more convenient too. I don’t have to worry about getting any water inside it.

It’s nice and small so good for travelling with hidden away in your case or handbag.

What about batteries?

It arrives with a battery. The downside to this was the battery could have lasted a little longer. But you can always replace this with your own. This was a common theme amongst the other Lovehoney reviewers and the only real downside to it.


This is a perfect little vibrator for beginners or experts who want something simple that hits the spot quick and with power.

Have a read of some of the 270 reviews yourself (click here to read more).

Get yours at Lovehoney for £9.99.

Happy vibing 🙂 Grace x

PS. It comes in a choice of two colours – pink or purple. Mine is purple because I always like my toys to be purple if i can help it – as you can probably tell as my site is also lots of purple.

I also wrote some posts featuring loads more bullets to consider. Check these out too:

Top 10 bullet vibrators and 7 of the best bullet vibrators.

Review of the Zany Pocket Toyfriend Mini Vibrator

zany pocket friend small vibe

The Zany is a great vibrator for anyone new to sex toys for women. It’s not intimidating in anyway and is nice and simple to use.

What’s in the box?

The packaging was really smart and well designed. As always when I order from Lovehoney, it arrived quickly and in completely discreet wrapping. Inside the box was the Zany mini vibe itself, and a set of instruction.


What does it look like?

This Zany is a fairly odd looking thing to be quite honest! It’s half white and blue with two “ears” or sticky out bits for extra surface area against your skin.

What does it feel like?

It’s made of body-safe silicone so feels nice and soft and is pleasant to touch. Like all silicone toys, you are advised to use water-based lubes with it as opposed to silicone-based ones which can degrade the silicone over a period of time.

The rabbit ears are bendy but also firm. They move with you as needed.

How big is it?

This mini vibrator is small at 3.7 inches in length. It’s not designed for insertion and is mainly for use on your clit.

How is it powered?

Just one AAA battery is needed to power this vibrator. The battery inserts into the base and the base twists on and off.

I always prefer mains powered vibrators over battery powered ones, but for the price of this I think it’s worth having it battery powered.

Plus if this is one of your first vibrators, you may not want to opt for an expensive mains powered vibrator.

Despite running off one single battery, the Zany is extremely powerful and you can see this for yourself in the video review on Lovehoney (link below).


How loud is it?

No vibrator is absolutely silent, regardless of what adverts say and this is no different. It’s definitely on the quieter side of vibrators though which is what you want, especially if you are new to sex toys.

How many settings does it have?

The Zany has one single control so stays on the same speed all of the time with no variation.

How do you use it?

To switch on and off you simply twist the main body of the Zany vibrator to on or to off. It’s fairly self explanatory and you’re unlikely to need to look at the instructions to work it out.

Does it really work?

The Zany gives great clitoral orgasms because of it’s power and the “ears” or antennae as you might refer to them give precise stimulation where you want it. There are better toys on the market than this, but I was happy with it for it’s low price.

Another good point about this vibrator is it’s waterproof and this is demonstrated in the above video. It still works completely submersed under water.

You can also use the Zany on your nipples if you enjoy some stimulation there, and your partner will enjoy the vibrations against his balls too.

It’s a good little toy to use during sex as it’s small. You can easily use it against your own clit during penetration.

What are the good points?

The obvious good point about this mini vibe is the price. It’s cheap and cheerful and so a great introductory sex toy for women.

It’s silicone coated.

It’s completely waterproof.

It’s small so transportable and can fit discreetly in your  bag.

What are the bad points?

It doesn’t come with batteries! A pet hate of mine! If you’re buying this make sure you also order some batteries at the same time to avoid disappointment when it arrives and you have no batteries.

AAA batteries

What do other people say?

Other reviews on the Lovehoney website are really good with an overall rating of four stars, or 8/10.

The only real negatives were one reviewer said they didn’t find the Zany powerful enough for them, and someone said they found the ears too hard.

How much is it?

Price as of June 2013:

£15.99 from Lovehoney including delivery.

I haven’t been able to find this online in the UK anywhere else. If you know of somewhere else that sells it please do let me know and I can add the link.

If you like small vibrators, check out my more recent top 10 bullet vibrators in the UK post.


7 of the Best Bullet Vibrators


Bullet vibrators look a lot like bullets and are used mainly for clitoral stimulation.

They’re particularly good for women for a quick easy orgasm. Of course you can also get imaginative and use a bullet vibrator in other places too and they’re really good for during foreplay.

Bullet vibrators are some of the cheapest vibrators and are very affordable with prices ranging from as low as £3.99 through to £50+. They’re also very small and portable and can easily be stored discreetly in your handbag.

For the purposes of this post I’m going to write on the basis of the bullet vibrators just being used for clitoral stimulation.

I’ll be answering the following questions:

  • What are the features?
  • Is it any good?
  • How much is it?

1. Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit

ramsey rabbit bullets

What are the features?

Ramsey Rabbit is very small and cute at 4 inches long and 1.3 inches in diameter. He has a “soft hypo-allergenic Intramed silicone body”. Which basically means he feels soft but firm, and has a medical grade silicone coating.

ramsey rabbit bullet review

Being silicone I would recommend you only use a water-based lube with him.

ramsey rabbit bullet reviews

Right now he’s only available in pink in the UK and it would be nice if in future there were other colours available to choose from.

Like many bullet vibrators he only has one single speed of vibration which means there are no other choices. This is because the vibrations are powered by a “RO-80mm bullet vibrator” inside him, and they pass through the body into the ears. It works very well and is a lot like a rabbit vibrator without the shaft.

You can buy RO-80mm bullets on their own but with Ramsey Rabbit you get both the bullet, and the rabbit sleeve giving you two options of us.

Is it (he) any good?

Ramsey is powerful and also really quiet.  You can barely hear the vibrations. Perfect for when you don’t want to pink ramsey rabbit bulletbe heard.

I often find bullet vibrators like this are too powerful and can cause some numbness so what’s great about Ramsey is the way the vibrations are more gentle on the clit and you can move it around to get stronger or weaker vibrations depending on your needs at the time.

Looking at the other positive reviews on the Bondara website, he’s a very popular introductory sex toy if you’re looking for your first one. There’s no danger of feeling overwhelmed by Ramsey. He’s friendly and just wants to give you orgasms.

Being fully waterproof and submersible means you can use him in the bath or shower, and makes cleaning him very easy. No dangers of getting any water inside.

Ramsey is supplied with the one N sized battery which is a big bonus.

How much?

Bondara £17.99 with free delivery

2. Tracey Cox Super Sex Super Bullet Vibrator

Tracey Cox SuperSex Super Bullet

What are the features?

Tracey Cox SuperSex Super Bullet

The “Tracey Cox Super Sex Bullet” is a bigger version of the original Tracey Cox Bullet. Being much bigger than the average bullet makes it easier to hold and control. I think the key selling points with this bullet are it’s size and power.

Tracey Cox SuperSex Super Bullet

It has three different speeds and three different patterns so altogether has six functions. For a bullet this is a lot of options to play with!

Is it any good?

You can insert it 3.5 inches so is good for shallow penetration. Not many bullets are big enough to be inserted very much at all so it’s nice to have that option.

It’s powered with two AAA batteries and unfortunately they weren’t supplied with the bullet. This was disappointing but so common with battery powered toys.

The batteries were really easy to put in by just unscrewing the top of the bullet, placing them inside then screwing the top back on.

To switch on you just push the button on the top once and the bullet begins to vibrate. It’s definitely packed with power! Even on the lowest setting the vibrations are extremely strong.

Tracey Cox - Sex Guru

To move through the six different functions you just keep pressing the button on the top and with each press you move onto a different pattern of vibration. It couldn’t be simpler to use. To switch off just press and hold the button down and the bullet stops vibrating.

To move through the six different functions you just keep pressing the button on the top and with each press you move onto a different pattern of vibration. It couldn’t be simpler to use. To switch off just press and hold the button down and the bullet stops vibrating.

To move through the six different functions you just keep pressing the button on the top and with each press you move onto a different pattern of vibration. It couldn’t be simpler to use. To switch off just press and hold the button down and the bullet stops vibrating.

Soundwise this is not the quietest of bullets but it’s not overly noisy. With so much power it’s bound to make some noise. Under the duvets it is very muffled and you can barely hear it. Another plus point is this bullet is completely waterproof and submersible.

You can see just how powerful this bullet is for yourself on the Lovehoney video review.

tracey cox super sex bullet

How much?

Lovehoney £24.99 with free delivery

 3. 50 Shades of Grey We Aim To Please Bullet

50 Shades of Grey We Aim to Please Bullet

What are the features?

This bullet is from the 50 Shades Official Collection and is the only range that’s fully approved by the author E.L. James. If you’re a fan of the book you’ll enjoy owning the official bullet.

50 Shades Bullet Video Review

Lovehoney have a video review showing the 50 Shades bullet.

Features are very simple. It has one single speed of vibration and is controlled by the button on the end. You press it down to switch the bullet on, and press it down again to switch it off.

50 shades

Is it any good?

The packaging is very nice, sleek and classy. A storage bag is also included.

A downside to this bullet is that the battery doesn’t last very long so I’d advice you to stock up and buy a few batteries at once (plus the battery isn’t included). It only uses one AAA battery so it’s quickly drained.

Being completely waterproof and submersible is always a bonus.

It’s a very basic bullet and okay for someone brand new to sex toys or who loved the book.

How much?

Lovehoney £11.99 with free delivery

We Vibe Tango

We-Vibe Salsa and Tango

I’ve put these two We Vibe Tango into the same review because they are very similar. The differences are that the Salsa has a pointed end and the Tango has a flat end to it.

What are the features?

The Salsa and Tango are very elegant bullets and best of all are mains powered!

There are eight different vibrate and pattern functions. These bullets are very powerful and are just in a league of their own compared to other bullets on the market.

They come with a charger and a little adapter (plus a bag). Now as they are completely sealed you do wonder at first how they charges. All you do is plug the charger into the adapter. The adapter is magnetic and then sticks onto the Salsa or Tango. It’s really very clever.

Then of course you just plug the mains plug into the wall socket. It takes ninety minutes to charge. That’s all. It’s “super charge”. Other We-Vibe toys take over three hours. The charge lasts for two hours.

Another great feature is they’re waterproof and completely submersible.

We vibe salsa and tango

Are they any good?

The Tango and Salsa are both fantastic bullet and rightly so with their hefty price tags. We-Vibe do luxurious sex toys and you would only expect high quality from them.

The different vibration modes are really good. They’re controlled using the button on the top. They are also both really quiet despite how much power they have.Having tried other We-Vibe toys I wasn’t surprised at how good these bullets were.

How much?

Brace yourself, We-Vibe toys are not cheap and the Salsa and Tango are no different. Are they worth the money? They are in a league of their own when it comes to bullets and if a luxury bullet is what you’re after this will be the one.

You will also save on batteries! However you can have just as much fun with one of the much cheaper bullets.

Since writing this – only the Tango is available.

Lovehoney £69.99 with delivery

5. Aquagasmic Bullet Vibrator


What are the features?

As you can tell by the name Aquagasmic, this is a completely waterproof bullet.

The Aquagasmic has different vibration speeds which are controlled by twisting the base. This is a slightly different method of control to many bullets that usually have a button on the end that you press.

Is it any good?

It is a good little bullet packed with power, and with the price being so low you can’t go far wrong. Plus batteries (AA) were included with my delivery which is a bonus and adds to it being a good bargain.

I love the colour too. It’s pearly pink and shiny. So far it has an amazing all 5 star rating on the Bondara website which says a lot for how many other like it. If you’re looking for your first toy to try, or you don’t want to spend a lot on a vibrator the Aquagasmic bullet is definitely a good choice for you.

How much?

Bondara £6.99 including delivery.

6. Mantric Bedside Bullet Vibrator

What are the features?

There are two parts to the Mantric Bullet Vibrator, the remote control and the Mantric bullet itself. The remote control is attached to the bullet with 87cm of cable.

There are three different speeds of vibration and seven different patterns so that’s a very dynamic ten functions to this bullet!

To start the Mantric bullet you press the up button on the remote control. You then move through each function by scrolling up with the up button (or down button if you want to go back one).

Is it any good?

Personally I dislike any toys that have remote controls attached to them with cables. I find them annoying and they can get in the way when there’s two of you involved.

Despite this it’s a very powerful little bullet and the Lovehoney video review demonstrates the power if you watch how much the bullet jumps off the table when the power is turned up.

There is one advantage of having a remote control though, and that is the ease of changing settings whilst the bullet is in use. There’s no need to be looking down to figure out what to press next.

A disadvantage for me was switching off. There is no off button specifically and you have to keep scrolling through the functions until you get to “off.” If you’re only on function two, then you can scroll back down to zero, or if you’re say on function seven then you would scroll up to zero again. This is just a minor niggle though.

It’s not waterproof and is fairly small compared to other bullets at 2.25 inches. It uses three AA batteries and is another sex toy that isn’t supplied with batteries so you will have to make sure you order some or have some spares at home.

One thing I have to point out is how well built this bullet and controller are, and also it has got very positive reviews on Lovehoney. A lot of people really like it!

How much?

Lovehoney £14.99 with free delivery.

7. Rocks Off Ammunition RO-120mm Bullet Vibrator

What are the features?

The Rocks Off Ammunition RO-120mm Vibrating Bullet is larger than the average bullet at 5 inches long and is insertable up to 3.5 inches.

To switch on you just press and hold down the button on the top of the bullet and the vibrations begin. To switch off you do the same again.

There are five different functions of vibration, some are continuous vibrations and some are patterns. To change function you just keep pressing the button and you move through them. There’s a pulse pattern, quick pulse, a random pattern and two continuous speeds.

Is it any good?

Being fully waterproof and submersible is always a big bonus. Not only does this give you the flexibility to use it in the bath or shower, but it also makes cleaning very easy.

It’s powered by two AAA batteries which are included – very helpful. You add the batteries just by unscrewing the base.

What I like about this bullet is how well built it feels. Some less expensive bullets obviously feel cheaper, but this one does feel chunky and solid.

On Lovehoney there’s currently 37 positive reviews and it scored 9 out of 10 which gives you a good indication that a lot of people really like this bullet. Not all bullets are rated so highly.

It’s definitely a very powerful bullet and matches it’s name – ammunition! You only have to watch the video review to see how powerful this bullet is on the slowest speed. The downside to such power is that it’s not quiet and you can hear the vibrations quite easily.

I also loved the packaging. The box is nice and solid and the hinged lid adds a luxurious feel when you first receive it through the post.

How much?

Lovehoney £19.99 including free delivery.

If you have a bullet vibrator you would love and would like to suggest please get in touch, I’d love to know what your favourites are!


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