Je Joue Review – Ooh La La

I recently saw that Je Joue have some new sex toys out. They make lovely good quality, luxury toys and they have this tag line:

Empowering the world with beautiful, innovative sex toys that inspire you to Explore More…

How awesome is that? Empowering the world with sex toys. They’re my kind of company. Imagine a world where more people loved themselves enough to regularly orgasm and live happier, more inspired lives.

So this post is a little about Je Joue, and some of the toys they currently offer.

What does Je Joue mean?

Je = I

Joue = Play

I Play.

Who are Je Joue?

Well despite sounding very French, the people behind Je Joue are based in London, with offices also in San Francisco and Shanghai. I would have preferred thinking that they are an entirely French company with offices in Paris with a name like Je Joue but hey ho.

Je Joue have been around since 2008 and have a very strong philosophy involving empowering couples, enhancing pleasure, letting imaginations run wild and understanding our bodies better.


Having a very clear “why” behind a company is really important for customers like you and me to get behind it. The company with the most obvious why is Apple who’s is:

“Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly. We just happen to make great computers.”

I love that Je Joue’s is:

“We aim to help beginners and those more experienced alike to enjoy and understand their bodies better, and let their imagination run wild. Unlock and explore our luxurious world of intimate possibilities.”

See? A company with a big clear why is far more appealing than simply saying (like so many do) “we make computers” or “we make sex toys” or whatever. Why? Why do you make sex toys?


To the sex toy manufacturers out there, pay attention. Rant over! Moving on.

Je Joue have also received plenty of awards over the past three years for making cool designer sex toys.

What Do Je Joue Make?

All of their toys are what you would call high end toys and they’re a bit pricier than others. Kind of along the same prices as Lelo’s, another luxury sex toy manufacturer.

Je Joue make rabbit vibrators, kegel balls, butt plugs, cock rings, wand massagers and more recently a very out of the box new set of pick and mix toys called Ooh. That’s right Ooh. Ooh by Je Joue. And it rhymes.

Pick and Mix Toys

You’ve heard of pick and mix sweets, what on earth are pick and mix sex toys?

First you’ve got your USB rechargeable motor:


And then you need a component to use with it (example are the two components above, and the one below). The various components click onto the motor, giving you a high versatile set of sex toys. Very new and fun!


You can watch Annabelle Knight in her video review demonstrating the Ooh by Je Joue pleasure set to get a better idea of what it’s really like to use.


What do you think? Personally I reckon these kinds of mix and match sex toys are a thing of the future and eventually there will be all kinds of mix and match toys available. It’s a really great idea!

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