Never Have I Ever Game


So, we all remember the wonderful never have I ever game from those fun sleepovers and parties as kids.

Then, it got a little more ‘risqué’ when we hit those teen years of ours.

It was the perfect way to show off our naughty side, right?

It’s one of those games that’s cheeky, fun, and shows you in a different light to your friends.

You can reveal those naughty little secrets of yours whilst having an awesome time, which is why the Never Have I Ever Game (from Ann Summers here) really does kick it up a notch!

A naughtier version of the never have I ever game

With this naughtier version of a childhood classic, you can reveal your deep dark secrets to your girlfriends, knowing your answers will be met with laughter and smiles – and probably some mutual faux pas!

This version of the never have I ever game comes with thirty tantalisingly naughty different statements to kick the game into gear, which means you’ll never be left trying to work out what to say next.

So, instead of spending all of your time figuring out how to take the game further, you have all of the statements ready to go!

One statement for example is ‘Never have I ever been on a dirty weekend – you’ll slowly begin to see the hands rising! 😀

What we love

The low price

What’s fantastic about this product is the price to start off with.

On the market today, games for parties and nights in can be super expensive and never worth the money if you’re only looking to play once, but this nifty little game comes at a frugal six English pounds!


This makes the whole experience even better, because even if it’s just for a giggle on a night out, you’re not breaking the bank to have a great time. Plus, if it accidentally gets misplaced or left behind somewhere, you won’t feel too heartbroken like you would losing a game with a hefty price tag.


Another reason why this game is absolutely worth buying is that it is compact and small enough to fit in your handbag before you go out on the town.

It’s in a cylindrical package, so it sits neatly on the table around your drinks without taking up too much space, and can be easily packed and stowed away when you’re back on the move. That saves you the trouble of lugging a giant board game around!

Play with a large or small group

Also, the amount of statements that the game comes with means that you can play with a large group of people, without worrying about leaving anybody out.

Beware spilling on it

Although this game has had rave reviews from previous users, there are a couple of downsides to the product which are useful to bear in mind. The actual game (both packaging and contents) are made of thick cardboard and normal card.

This is obviously fine a majority of the time, but if you are in a more crowded area with a large amount of drinks, spillages would ruin the game before you start!

Of course, it is only a small price to buy the product again, but always remember safety first!

Best for one-time fun

Also, another small downside to the product is that once it has been played once through with a group of people, it is difficult to play again (because you know the truths behind each statement!).

So, unless it’s a game to play with a variety of parties, this version of the never have I ever game may be best for some one-time fun.

However, overall this product is seriously worth the small price tag, it is an ultimate bargain.

It’s shown time and time again to be the perfect addition to spice up any hen party or girl’s night in, by being naughty yet fun all at the same time.

So next time you have a great party to go to, make sure you arrive with this naughty version of the never have I ever game in your handbag at the ready!

Get yours for £6 today at Ann Summers.