Tracey Cox Rabbit Ears Toy Review

Hey there lovely readers, in this review we’re talking about the Tracey Cox Rabbit Ears (get it here). This is a really cute little clitoral vibrator that’s simple, effective and powerful right where you want it.

tracey cox rabbit ears

Essentially it’s like a traditional rabbit vibrator but just the ears (the best bit?). That means if you’re a fan of bunny ears, you will love the simplicity of this toy!

Or maybe you’re brand new to sex toys, in which case it also makes an ideal starter toy (find out below what Good House Keeping Magazine say about this later).

In this review we’re going to be looking at what this little toy does, how it works, the pros and cons. Plus where you can get hold of your own mini bunny ears.

What do the Tracey Cox Rabbit Ears look like?

Firstly this is a classic looking ladies toy. It’s all black and it fits perfectly in your hand. What’s really pleasant is the feel of it. It’s smooth and soft and that’s due to the silicone outer covering. There’s no ‘plasticy’ feel, so it’s actually quite luxurious.

In the box your toy arrives in a small protective bag (plain white), along with a set of instructions.

tracey cox rabbit ears box

How does it work?

On the Tracey Cox rabbit ears you will find two large clear buttons. One is on and off. One looks like a wave that with each press moves onto a different vibrating pattern. It’s really simple to use.

buttons on the tracey cox supersex bunny vibe

Click on and the display glows red. Click the wave button and off you go trying out the different patterns. When you’ve finished simply click the off button again.

What are the vibrating patterns?

There are all kinds of patterns to test out. You will quickly find your preference. Some are more gentle whilst some ‘pulse’ to a set rhythm.

What’s nice about this toy is that due to the flexible nature of the ears (they bend) you can apply as much or as little pressure as you like. So there is that combined with the vibration pattern which means you get a recipe for pleasure whatever you personal preferences.

video of the toy
Watch this video (on the Lovehoney website).

How is it powered?

This is a battery powered toy and so you need 2 x AAA batteries which are really easy to pop in at the back. They’re not included so you will need to have some in at home or buy some with your order.

batteries mini bunny toy

You can buy batteries in packs of 12 from Asda/other supermarkets so that works out a lot cheaper! Lovehoney also sell batteries so you can always add some to your basket at the same time as ordering the toy.

How loud are the Tracey Cox rabbit ears and is it waterproof?

Whilst not silent, it’s not overly noisy, you do hear a bit of a gentle vibrating sound as you would expect from something that vibrates but it’s not something you would hear from another room and isn’t off-putting.

In terms of being waterproof – no. The website says ‘splash proof’ and so I’d advise being careful not to get water inside the battery compartment when washing it. Certainly you couldn’t put it in the bath or the shower.

What does Tracey Cox say?

In the instructions is a little note from Tracey which I thought was nice to include in this review:

“Rabbit devotees will adore the unique sensations of these legendary vibrating ears! The unthreatening shape and design make this the perfect starter vibe that’s also partner-friendly.”

You can read some of my other rabbit reviews here by the way.

What are the good points?

  • The bendy ears mean you can control how much or how little pressure you use on yourself, so that’s an added dimension to the vibration patterns.
  • Small, hand held and really cute (non-intimidating and ideal for travel).
  • Nice and simple for newbies or rabbit ear fans.

What are the cons?

  • You can feel some vibration through your hand whilst holding it.
  • You need batteries for it which are not included.
  • Some have said the battery compartment was difficult to remove but I had no issue (perhaps it’s due to needing nails to press the catch in!).

What are other people saying?

It was voted as ‘the perfect vibrator for a beginner’ by Good Housekeeping Magazine and apparently 100 out of 100 of their testers recommended it.

The reviews on the Lovehoney website are always really interesting to read! On the whole they’re positive (4.2 out of 5 stars).

One reviewer said “it’s too good and I cum too quickly.” Along with many enjoying the power and effectiveness.

The odd ones are less positive. I read one that said “the buttons are hard to use” and some have complained it’s not powerful enough. I read some of those reviews with confusion because I’m really not sure what’s tricky when there is only two buttons that you press and it is very powerful with many different patterns to try.

lovehoney toy reviews

As hand held clit vibrators go, this is definitely worth considering and I’m with the Good Housekeeping ladies. You can even bring it into use with your partner which many of the reviews had said they did, regularly bringing the toy in to compliment sex. Lots of husbands had also left reviews.

Where do I order my own Tracey Cox rabbit ears toy?

Lovehoney is a good place to grab one. The packaging is really discreet (so it doesn’t say on the front who it’s from), and you get a good professional service and usually a good price.

Get your own mini Tracey Cox Rabbit Ears here! (buy link).

*I use affiliate links so if you choose to buy I may gain a small commission towards my coffee at no extra cost to you. Thanks in advance.