11 Ideas For a Sexy Date Night In

Here are ten alternative and exciting ideas for a sexy date night in with your partner.

sexy date night in ideas

1. Cook together

The urge for a takeaway may be there, but cooking is great fun when you really get into it. It’s an incredibly sociable activity – with enough wine flowing and some nice music, it can really set the romantic tone too.

To ‘spice’ things up a little, try making something that neither of you have done before, or try your hardest to recreate one of your favourite restaurant dishes.

If you really fancy a challenge, you should both attempt to make something with no real recipe, making it your own special meal from that awesome night in you had together.

Bonus points if you get dressed up in your sexiest clothes and turn it into a really beautiful date night in.

2. Have a movie marathon or TV binge

This doesn’t mean simply sitting in front of 80’s repeats either!

Choose a theme for your evening to have, such as Westerns, rom-coms, musicals and so on – set your movie picking skills to a certain genre to keep the night from going stale. It is a great way to get to know each other’s movie tastes, and even enjoy something that neither of you have seen before.

It’s a great opportunity to get snuggly under a blanket and really get cosy. And if you’re not careful things could get really heated under there…

3. Crack out the silly board games

Like almost all of us, you probably have a dusty box of Snakes ‘n’ Ladders or Trivial Pursuit somewhere in the house. If you don’t, ask a friend!

These are the kind of games that you only think to bring out on cold winter nights or at Christmas, but here is another perfect chance. Get the drinks on the go and a game of Monopoly could turn into fits of laughter, or an attempt at general knowledge quizzes could leave you reeling.

When the company is there, quite literally anything could be a laugh! And laughter is extremely sexy.

4. Create your own home spa

If you need to unwind after a long day or arduous week, you may be craving a chance to go to a spa. Sometimes though, it can be a lot easier and cheaper to bring the spa to you! There are simple ways for you and your partner to enjoy a rejuvenating experience from the comfort of your home.

Fill your bath with relaxing soaps and adorn the bathroom with candles, or lather on some face masks and soak your feet in some warm soapy water. Relaxing music and soft lighting really go a long way!

Alternatively take a steamy hot shower together and let the heat melt away any aches and tension.

sexy date night in bed

5. Take the outdoors indoors

When the winter nights start dragging on, that yearning for a Summer camping holiday tends to get worse.

Although you may not be able to get the tent and head to the hills, you can still have the same effect from home. In your living room construct a tent made from blankets (or just your actual tent if you have room!), put in your comfy bedding and light some little lanterns.

Frying some sausages on the BBQ outdoors and settling down for this sexy date night in can make an average evening memorable, as well as a chance for some real heart to hearts and unexpected pure romance!

6. Bring back the party games

Remember those nostalgic party games you used to play as a kid? Pin the tail on the donkey, hide the spoon, Twister, musical chairs and so on – all of these can be amazing fun for a silly night in.

These games were usually pretty simple for our exhausted parents to put together back in the day, so by giving them a go you’ll realise they’re easy and cheap to execute. It’ll leave you both in fits of giggles. Combine with music, drinks and a take away and you’ve got a night of fun that will leave you ready for more.

7. Draw each other’s portraits

If you fancy yourselves as budding artists – or not – this may be the one to keep you laughing all evening.

All you need is some paper, and whatever your artistic heart desires – pencils, pens, chalk, you name it.

Your partner can choose to dress up or hold a random object, and pose dramatically for you to capture!

Regardless of your drawing talents, you will still have a great date night in – whatever the outcome. As the evening draws to a close (ahem) you will end up with an excellent souvenir to remember it by!

8. Simply chat

If you’re one for keeping it on the down low, and being wildly extravagant seems slightly daunting, it doesn’t matter. You can still have an absolutely great time!

With all of the stresses of daily life, inescapable technology and chaotic commuting, a chance to turn down the lights with this date night in, switch off the television and simply chat may be the best thing to unwind. Escape all the stress and demands of normal life and focus on each other, and what both of you have to say.

You might end up having the most in-depth and interesting conversations you’ve ever had, or learn something about one another that you never knew before.

Open up about what you most long for in life – and who knows, it could bring you closer than ever both emotionally and physically.

9. Give each other massages

The tension of your busy day at work may be evident in your shoulders and muscles, and you’re probably feeling it all by the end of the day.

Instead of simply going to bed and not bothering with anything, turn your tiredness into enjoying your evening with your partner instead.

Gather up some essential oils, light some candles and put on your unwinding playlist and enjoy a romantic massage from each other.

It will not only make you feel physically better and mentally calmer, but it will also bring you closer together as a couple. It’s both sensual and romantic.

10. Get crafty

Fancy trying your hand at something new? Working together on building or creating something is a great way to unite you as a couple.

You may even discover a talent for something you never knew you had! It may be creating something for your home, redecorating stuff you already have or even fixing what may be broken around the house.

crafty date night in

Putting your minds together and working on improving an item is always great fun, even if you’re terrible at it! With enough light hearted laughter and silliness, you could end up making something to help you remember such an incredible date night in.

11. Experimentation date night in

Choose some interesting new sex toys you’ve never tried before. The more unusual to you the better. Decide to explore and experiment with some new pleasurable experiences and see how much you can pleasure each other in new and unknown ways! Eg. The We-Vibe Unite is an excellent couples toy.

Changing things up is a great way to keep your sex life alive, fresh and is essential.

Whichever sexy date night in you choose, most of all have fun, let go, and enjoy your partners company.