11 Secrets for a Happy (and Sexy) Relationship

Here are 11 awesome some tips to keep your relationship fresh, vibrant and sexy.

1. Show them some positivity

Make sure to let your partner know how much you appreciate them. Though they already probably know it, it would do a lot for your relationship if you make positive remarks to them regularly, praising how they are or what they did.

It’s always good to be appreciative, and this will cut down on any possible resentment.

2. Don’t be over critical

Try not to over criticize. Most people are fine with criticism in the beginning stages of their relationships, but as time goes by, they begin to get irritated by it.

While honest criticism is important, make sure to restrict it to relevant issues, and don’t nitpick over tiny problems that would best be let pass.

If your partner ends up feeling that they are constantly being judged, then they may lash out or become unhappy, neither of which will help your relationship.

3. Listen well

Remember to always listen to what your partner is trying to say. If ever you get into an argument or a fight, make sure that you are aware of their side, and allow them to explain, before you begin to respond.

Not interrupting and listening wholeheartedly will do wonders for your relationship.

4. Have time for yourself

Remember to set aside time for yourself. Your life shouldn’t revolve around your partner, and you should be able to live a stable life, with your own friends, hobbies, and interests. This allows you to grow as an individual, while giving space to your partner to grow as well.

5. Say sorry

Don’t be afraid to apologise. Even if you honestly believe that it isn’t really all your fault, apologising and making the first move to reconciliation after a fight will make life easier and happier for the both of you.

Life’s too short to hold grudges.

6. Do what you say you’re going to do

Always keep your word. Even for the little things. Even if you feel that you already do a lot for the relationship, if you promise to do something small like take out the rubbish, then make sure to do it.

7. Stay cool, not pushy

Don’t be in constant pursuit of your partner. Not everyone thinks the same way, and if your partner isn’t as comfortable with so much closeness, then over pursuing them may make them feel uncomfortable, or may even drive them away.

Give them enough space, and don’t smother them.

8. Keep conversations open and honest

If ever your partner is rude towards you, tell them that they are being rude, and that you will only talk to them when they’ve calmed down and are treating you with proper respect once again.

9. Maintain an element of mystery

Keep some things to yourself. While knowing a lot about another person leads to comfort, over familiarity may breed contempt.

Do some things to yourself, and have a life outside your partner, and this will lead to greater passion between the two of you.

10. Switch off tech when you’re with each other

Don’t be too absorbed with your phones. Make sure that you can communicate or spend time with each other without your faces glued to your electronic devices.

Simple rules may include no phones during dinner, or no taking calls during conversations (unless they are urgent).

11. Have sex!

Sex is one of the greatest bonding activities between partners, and having an active and healthy sex life is one of the greatest indicators of a happy relationship or marriage.

Indulge your partner and enjoy life with them together. Remember to keep open communication between the two of you, and tell your partner what you like and what you dislike in order to enjoy sex even more.

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Wishing you a long and happy relationship! 🙂