5 of the Best Magic Wand Massagers

1. The Love Honey Magic Wand Deluxe Mains Powered Massager

Voted best sex toy of the year on Female First. If anyone was familiar with the Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator, this is apparently similar but is a vastly improved version. Unfortunately I have never tried the Hitachi but it’s compared against a lot on sex toy websites.

I love that there are so many ways to use this magic wand. It can be used all over the body. It’s great for tired aching muscles (such as shoulder knots or aching feet!) or for big clitoral orgasms.

The wand is around 13 inches long. It has a very flexible head that bends and moves easily. I like that it feels nice and light weight and the vibrations barely travel through the length of the shaft so you don’t end up with a numb hand when it’s on full speed.

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 15.26.00

One reviewer on Lovehoney said she’d found it heavier than she’d expected but it wasn’t uncomfortably heavy.

It has a 1.8 metre cable attached to the plug which is a good length but if you don’t have a mains plug near your bed or where you will be using it you may need an extension lead.

The obvious big selling point is that it’s mains powered with a UK plug. No need for messing about with batteries.

Mains power also gives a vibrator bucket loads more strength and reliability.

Everyone likes to know how noisy a sex toy is going to be. Well there is good news and bad news here.

It’s not exactly quiet. You can definitely hear it. But as magic wand massagers go, it’s one of the quietest I‘ve tried. Basically the faster the speed, the louder it gets.

Someone else reviewing on Lovehoney said she doesn’t use hers when there are other people in the house because of how loud it is. If you need something very quiet this magic wand might not be for you. Although another reviewer said she didn’t find it overly noisy.

Check out these videos to see just how loud the wand gets. They will give you a good idea of what you can expect!

Another video review by the slightly quirky Vanessa Pelz-Sharpe. I don’t know who she is but she sure loves the wand!

Lovehoney Magic Wand Deluxe Mains Powered Massager Video Review

The vibrations range from very gentle to deep and powerful.

I found it very easy to control with the single wheel on the side. You just slide the switch up and down to control the speed. The more you slide the switch up, the faster it goes. You can slow it back down by sliding the switch back down.

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 15.25.07

What are the good points?

It has so many uses. It’s a great all rounder. For tired aching muscles through to clitoral stimulation. It’s a massager and vibrator in one.

It’s far more powerful than other magic wands due to it being mains powered.

You can buy all sorts of additional attachments for it to turn it into the ultimate sex toy.

What are the bad points?

It’s not quiet but with such power, asking for it to be any quieter is pretty unrealistic.

It’s not waterproof so not that easy to clean. There are grooves on the handle which will need cleaning occasionally and as it’s not waterproof you might need some sex toy wipes to clean it with.

Overall the Lovehoney magic wand is a very powerful massager. It’s big selling point is it being mains powered and it’s one of the quieter magic wand massagers on the market today. It has many uses and a lot of power. It can be used for all over the body and is worthwhile investment.

Everyone else on the Lovehoney website is loving this wand too. Have a read of some of the reviews.

As this is a Lovehoney product, it’s only available on the Lovehoney website. It currently retails at just  £49.99 including delivery.


2. Vibratex Mystic Wand Vibrating Wand Massager

vibratex wand lovehoney

Another great wand that can be used all over the body is the Vibratex Mystic Wand. It’s made of silicone it’s nice and soft but also firm. Lovehoney constantly refer to this wand on their website as this being a smaller version of the original Hitachi magic wand.

The Vibratex wand is fairly small and compact for a wand at 8 inches long, with the typical flexible head you get with wands. It has 6 vibration levels which range from light vibrations right through to full power. Like other wands this has interchangeable heads so you can add on different adapters.

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 21.35.56

Even though this wand is battery powered, it’s surprisingly powerful. It’s not as powerful as a mains powered wand though. If you want mega power from your wand you might want to consider one that plugs into a mains socket.

Using this magic wand is really easy. There’s only two switches. When it’s switched on (by pressing the power button) a light also comes on and it immediately starts vibrating. The light isn’t really necessary. To turn it off you just press the power button again.

Pressing F moves you up and down through the different vibration settings. You can get some really

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 21.03.46

What are the good points?

It’s waterproof and with it’s lack of wires this is a great product to take into the bath or shower with you to use on muscles that you’ve been soaking in hot water. I get really aching shoulders and a stiff neck. After soaking in the bath or the shower, this is great to use on these areas because the muscles respond a lot more when they’ve been heated up.

It feels really nice on the clit too, especially moving up and down through the different functions by pressing F over again.

It comes with a handy storage bag.

What are the bad points?

It needs 4 x AA batteries which are not included. Therefore if you opt for this wand don’t forget to order your batteries.

vibratex wand reviewIt’s not mains powered therefore isn’t going to be as powerful as those you plug in. However, if it was mains powered, it wouldn’t be waterproof so you couldn’t use it in the bath or shower.

It’s up to you to decide from a wand if you want power or waterproof feature. This could impact your decision when choosing a magic wand.

In summary the It has really positive reviews on Lovehoney. Despite one reviewer saying after two years of wear the cover on top of the switch split, she still gave it 5 stars.

vibratex wand video review

Here’s a video showing the Vibratex Mystic Wand in action. You can purchase the wand from the following websites.

Since writing this article, this wand is no longer for sale 🙁  Click here for lots of similar wands at Lovehoney.

3. Lelo Smart Wand Rechargeable Vibrator

lelo smart wand medium

Lelo do some beautiful toys, and if you’ve read my other Lelo reviews you will know I’m a huge fan of them. But what’s incredible about the Lelo Smart wand is the “SenseTouch” Technology. It intelligently increases vibrations the harder you press it against your skin. As you ease the pressure against your skin, the vibrations also ease off.

It feels just incredible the way you can vary sensation and intensity just by changing the pressure of the wand against your skin. I absolutely love it and think it’s genious.

lelo wand lovehoneyBeing made of silicone, this also gives it a very soft smooth feel against the genital area.

Make sure you only use a water-based lubricant with it. If you have read my other reviews you will know I recommend Yes lubricant. It has a very natural, silky feel without stickiness. I hate sticky lube!

There are so many great things to say about this wand. As well as the SenseTouch feature it’s mains chargeable AND waterproof. There are other mains chargeable and waterproof wands, but none of them do both.

As always with mains charged wands, you get a lot more power than a battery powered wand. It takes around two hours to fully charge and you get between one to two hours of playtime with it. The amount of time it lasts after a charge varies depending on if you’ve been using it on full power or on a lighter power.

There are 8 different intensity levels, from low and slow to strong and fast vibrations. Changing levels is easy by pressing the function button over again to move through them.

lelo wand review

Here’s a helpful video review of the Lelo Smart wand on Lovehoney.

What are the good points?

As previously mentioned – the SenseTouch, it’s mains powered and it’s waterproof.

It’s also on the quiet side for a wand. Wands tend to be louder because they have more power and can be used all over the body. It’s also commented on in the reviews several times that this wand is quiet and it’s a big plus point, especially for in a shared house.

lelo smart wand review

What are the bad points?

Personally I didn’t have this problem but some other reviewers have said they found it too easy to press the wrong button whilst using the wand.

It is expensive – that’s because it’s Lelo and you pay more because it’s a luxurious toy.

In summary this wand is both beautiful and very, very enjoyable. One other thing, the packaging is gorgeous because it’s by Lelo.

Check out what everyone else is saying about this Lelo wand.

You can currently purchase this wand in size medium and large. This review has been about the medium sized wand.

You can buy this wand from Lovehoney (shop here).

4. Bodywand Magic Wand Vibrator

bodywand magic wand review

This Bodywand magic wand has extreme power controlled by a very simple scroll button. It’s possibly the most powerful wand massager there is!

It’s nice and simple to use. Just pressing down the scroll button starts the wand starts vibrating. To increase vibration you just scroll downwards, more and more and the wand responds accordingly.

The scroll is great for building up intensity. As described on the Lovehoney website it goes from “the gentlest massage to thrilling!” I have to say agree. On the highest setting the vibration is intense.

With the flexible head being so large, it covers lots of the genital area and so the pleasure is very intense.

Being 13 inches long it’s also the perfect size for massaging the back and shoulders. It’s very soothing on tight shoulder knots for deep tissue massage. Wands vary in size and if you are after one as an all round massager this is a good choice.

As someone who spends a lot of time at the computer, this wand is a life saver.

It’s mains powered and comes with a 1.8 metre power cable. This is a very good length but you will still need a plug socket near where you will be using the wand unless you have an extension lead.

The video on the Lovehoney website demonstrates just how powerful this wand really is.

What are the good points?

Mains power is always a bonus giving lots more power. This is an incredibly powerful wand.

The control is by scroll and done by just one finger.

It’s good for an all over massage and getting to those hard to reach areas like the shoulders and back. On full power it’s amazing for shoulder knots (and orgasms!)

What are the bad points?

Several reviewers have commented that the cable isn’t long enough.

It is on the loud side. As with other mains powered high intensity wands this is to be expected. You can’t have all that power and it be silent. Beware if you share a house and don’t want to be heard.

On full power the vibrations do travel into the handle but this is due to how powerful it is and isn’t too much of an issue but I thought it should be pointed out in case this would bother you.

In summary this wand has got tons and tons of positive reviews (currently 46 – all 5 stars!) and is one of the best wands around for versatility.

Since writing this article – the Bodywand is no longer for sale 🙁 Instead find other awesome wands at Lovehoney here.

5. Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand Vibrator

Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand Vibrator

This is one of the smallest wands you can buy. At just 7.75 inches it’s tiny compared to the biggest 13 inch wands available.

Like all wands it has a flexible head and can be used all over the body.

To turn it on you just press the on button (see photo below). If you keep pressing the on button the different functions light up between 1-8, showing you which function you are on. Being able to see where you are up to in the levels is really helpful. With other sex toys you just have to keep pressing and pressing to move to a certain mode and if you accidentally go past it you have to go through them again so this feature is really good.

To switch off just press the off button. It really couldn’t be any simpler a toy.

It has a fantastic 8 choices of vibration settings. The first three are continuous varying speeds of vibration, whilst the last five have patterned vibrations. That’s lot of choice for something so small and compact.

I have to say that even though this wand is small, it isn’t compromised on power as you might expect.

There is a big downside to this wand and that is the noise. It’s not quiet. Others have commented on it on their reviews on the Lovehoney website.

Being completely waterproof and submersible is a great feature. You can literally hold it under water and it worked perfectly. I haven’t tried this in the bath but I did use it in the shower once and it was fine.

All that power comes from 4 x AA batteries. The downside to batteries are obviously they run out quickly and they can be expensive to replace. If batteries bother you there is always the option of a mains powered wand.

What are the good points?

There’s tons of power packed into this little baby.

It’s one of the cheapest wands on the market.

You can use any type of lubricant with it unlike others that are only compatible with water-based lubricants.

It’s completely waterproof – check out the video demonstrating this.

What are the bad points?

It’s not very quiet.

Being small it isn’t as easy to massage all over the body with – but being small is the point. It’s compact and portable.

It doesn’t come with batteries! (Don’t forget to order some if you buy this wand). I found lack of batteries really disappointing.

In summary as this is one of the smaller wands it’s not as good for difficult to reach areas if you are looking for something that can also be used to massage your back and shoulders. But it’s fantastic for clitoral stimulation and the reviews back this up.

It’s exclusive to Lovehoney and retails at £29.99 including delivery.

(I’ve recently published a new magic wand massagers post that includes some new favourites!!)