Lovehoney Bodystocking: Fishnet & Lace Review

lovehoney-bodystocking reviews

In this review I’m going to talk about the Lovehoney bodystocking.

This is a beautiful piece of lingerie for the bedroom, it’s one of my faves and really easy to wear because the entire thing is just one piece.

Have you ever lost a stocking when you need it most, and when you finally find it, struggle with clipping your suspenders to the stockings themselves, and had them fly off all the time?

This stocking solves all those problems and has you looking sexy without any headaches!!

When you first look at it this Lovehoney Bodystocking in real life, you do think it looks small. Especially because it comes in one size.

But amazingly it really does fit sizes 8-16. 

Yeah right you might think.  But it’s extremely soft and stretchy.

Trust me, I was worried at first but it does fit and it’s not tight, it’s lovely and comfy when it’s on, it’s kind of like a glove. It stretches to just the right amount.


Loving the Lovehoney Bodystocking

What I especially love about this Lovehoney Bodystocking is the way it flatters your body shape and feels like it’s covering up the bits you need, and showing the bits you want it to!

The way you can see through the lace your breasts and tops of the thighs, and the crotch is completely exposed allowing for easy access.

You can choose to wear it with a thong or not. Obviously the model wearing this has the thong on for demonstration purposes.


Number one it makes you feel really sexy the instant you put it on, but it also looks sexy too.

It’s easy to put on and is a big like putting on a big pair of tights that have straps!

It’s really soft and stretchy, and is very flattering whatever your body shape (and I’m not just saying that it’s true).

It’s very affordable.


Are there any cons?

I’m trying to think of some to balance out this review 🙂 I actually can’t think of any as I write this on why you wouldn’t like it.

So I’ve gone to the other Lovehoney reviews to look for some cons.

One reviewer said they wished it was available in another colour other than black. That’s fair enough. People like options. Maybe this would also be nice in white, but probably not as flattering.

Someone else said it was tricky to put on. I don’t actually agree with this because it’s a lot easier than stockings and suspenders!

It’s just like putting on big tights. But maybe if you’re not used to wearing tights etc. it might seem fiddly to some.

What are Other People Saying?

Now this is pretty impressive. Every single reviewer (of 34 so far) has given this Lovehoney Bodystocking 5 stars. You can read them all here.


I was really pleased with mine and I will definitely be investing in more body stockings like this one!

Fancy your own Lovehoney Bodystocking? Get yours for £16.99.