5 of the Best Crotchless Knickers

Crotchless knickers make a very sexy gift for your lover, or you maybe buying them for yourself as a special treat for yourself or your partner.

They make you feel incredibly sexy and feminine when you wear a pair of these. Your partner especially will find it hard to resist you and they are great for seduction and wearing on an evening out to tease your partner and get yourself in the mood.

They’re especially good for easy access during foreplay and when having sex.

There are some really gorgeous crotchless knickers around at the moment in some beautiful, sexy designs, as well as some that are truly terrible that I have avoided after reading some bad reviews on them elsewhere.

So here are my current top 5 of the very best crotchless knickers in the UK:

1. Crotchless Knickers with Rose Butterfly String

crotchless knickers rose butterfly string

I adore these pink Bondara crotchless knickers in the shape of a butterfly. They’re pink, feminine and very beautiful, whilst at the same time being sexy and inviting. They make you feel very classy whilst adding a touch of sheer naughtiness.

They come in one single size that fits most because they are stretchy and are made from 100% polyester.

Investment: £4.99 from Bondara.

2. Anais Fanny Sheerless Knickers with Straps

anais fanny crotchless knickers

These Anais Fanny knickers are incredibly chic and sexy. They have a very exposing design, and packages up your best bits beautifully with it’s black bow and lacy material.

They come in 6 different UK sizes, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12. 12-14, 14-16 and 16-18. On the Lovehoney site where I found these, they have scored 9 out of 10 from 68 reviews. You can also view lots of other bottoms that other ladies have sent in of themselves wearing theirs as part of a competition to win £100 worth of lingerie.

Investment: £11.99 from Lovehoney.

3. Ann Summers Seduction Brief

ann summers seduction brief crotchless knickers
ann summers seduction brief crotchless knickers red

These Ann Summers seduction knickers are available with bows in shell colour or red. Personally I like the shell colour best, but the red is very sexy too.

They both come in three different sizes, small, medium and large. Small being a UK 8-10, medium a 12-14, large being 16-18. The material is soft satin and they’ve received some really fantastic reviews on the Ann Summers website (57 reviews). One reviewer said they’re so comfortable and she loves them so much she nearly wore them to work. Why not wear your sexiest stuff to work?! I am all for that hehe.

Investment: £10.00 from Ann Summers.

4. Pearl Crotchless Knickers

pearl crotchless knickers bondara
pearl crotchless knickers bondara rear

These pearl knickers feel super naughty and exposed. I especially love the pearl beads that frame your genital area and present it in a deliciously feminine and sexy way. They’re an another absolute bargain and come in four different sizes, small, medium, large and extra large.

Small is UK 8-10, medium is 12-14, large is 16-18 and extra large is 20-22.

Investment: £4.99 from Bondara.

5. Lovehoney Lace Crotchless Knickers

lovehoney lace crotchless knickers
lovehoney lace crotchless knickers front

If you’re looking for something extra sexy, I’m a big fan of these Lovehoney one’s that have removable suspender straps. You’ve got the option to wear them with stockings or without.

They’re super soft and comfy whilst being crotchless and allowing easy access at any time.

They come in three sizes, small/medium, medium/large and large/extra large.

Investment: £9.99 from Lovehoney.

Whichever knickers you decide to go for, shop with an open mind and know that whichever you choose you will have a good time in them, as long as you let go and just focus on having fun!

What about you? What’s your favourite? Share your experience of buying your own crotchless knickers in the comments!