5 Reasons Why Sex Toys Make You Happier

Here are my top 5 reasons why sex toys make you happier!

1. Acceptance of You

Loving your body is essential for any woman. That includes all of you. Your bumps and curves and bits you’re not that fond of.

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When you’re alone with your sex toys, it’s the perfect time for practicing acceptance of your entire body and self love.

Shower yourself with feelings of love as you pleasure yourself and as you orgasm.

If you don’t feel it, pretend you do, imagine if you did.

Imagine what it would feel like to just accept yourself as you are today, and to love every inch of your body.

That’s when you can really let go and have the best sex of your life from then on, because you no longer care what your partner thinks, because it doesn’t matter.

You love yourself, and you know you are beautiful. And when you let that kind of confidence shine, it’s sexy, and it’s gorgeous and your partner will find you EVEN more sexier!

So start accepting and loving you today.

2. Orgasms Release Happy Chemicals

More orgasms, means you feel happier. Every time you orgasm, you release waves of happy chemicals. They flood your body and make it feel relaxed and more peaceful.

These feelings stay with you hours after and with repetition, orgasming often will change you, for the better.

3. You Burn Calories

sex toys make you happier

Orgasming alone burns calories, but whilst you are pleasuring yourself this also burns calories too.

There’s no way other way that’s more fun to burn calories if you ask me!

4. Understand Your Body More

Sex toys help you to understand your body more and find out your likes and dislikes.

You can experiment with what things feel like in different places. You can have a go with new toys and new techniques on your own before you try them out with a partner.

Alternatively you can have a great time experimenting with what you like with your partner as well.

The more time you spend with your toys and your body, the more you will understand what turns you on and feels best for you.

5. Increase Your Sex Drive

The more you love your body as it is, the more you orgasm and get to understand yourself and your needs more, the higher your overall sex drive will be.

And what’s not to love about that!

Life is happening now. So have fun. Play. Experiment. Let go and let your sex toys make your happier!