Orgasmised for Christmas

orgasmised for christmas

How are you doing this fine Friday?

I’m really feeling the chill right now. But I had to share with you this sexy Christmas Santa outfit I’ve fallen in love with. (£20 at Ann Summers, love!)



Whilst I’m here let’s talk about what’s going on right now.

It’s a good time of year to get everything organised for Christmas and next year, well in advance, before the crazy rush. And you can be all calm and relaxed whilst everyone else is out in the cold doing things last minute. That’s my plan anyway!

And how do I do that?

I buy pretty much everything online, sex toys, groceries, christmas presents. Sure there’s the odd thing I buy locally but it’s more as a top up.

Make a list of who you need to buy for – think hard about what you’re going to buy them, find it and order it now. Not later. I like to create small pieces of paper for each person and write that person’s name at the top, and underneath what they’re getting. Sorted.

Naughty Christmas Gifts

Sex toys and lingerie make very lovely gifts for your partner and already you can shop for these gifts at my 3 fave places online: Lovehoney, Bondara and Ann Summers.

Ann Summers has it’s gorgeous Christmas shop all ready and open.

Lovehoney has a ‘find the perfect sexy Christmas gift‘ section in preparation for the big day.

Bondara has a ginormous Christmas gift section full of ideas.

So definitely go and check some of these places out if you’re wanting to get organised (or orgasmised) for Christmas, and surprise your partner with a sexy new toy or some slutty lingerie!


5 Reasons Why Sex Toys Make You Happier

sex toys make you happier

Here are my top 5 reasons why sex toys make you happier!

1. Acceptance of You

Loving your body is essential for any woman. That includes all of you. Your bumps and curves and bits you’re not that fond of.

pink rose

When you’re alone with your sex toys, it’s the perfect time for practicing acceptance of your entire body and self love.

Shower yourself with feelings of love as you pleasure yourself and as you orgasm.

If you don’t feel it, pretend you do, imagine if you did.

Imagine what it would feel like to just accept yourself as you are today, and to love every inch of your body.

That’s when you can really let go and have the best sex of your life from then on, because you no longer care what your partner thinks, because it doesn’t matter.

You love yourself, and you know you are beautiful. And when you let that kind of confidence shine, it’s sexy, and it’s gorgeous and your partner will find you EVEN more sexier!

So start accepting and loving you today.

2. Orgasms Release Happy Chemicals

More orgasms, means you feel happier. Every time you orgasm, you release waves of happy chemicals. They flood your body and make it feel relaxed and more peaceful.

These feelings stay with you hours after and with repetition, orgasming often will change you, for the better.

3. You Burn Calories

sex toys make you happier

Orgasming alone burns calories, but whilst you are pleasuring yourself this also burns calories too.

There’s no way other way that’s more fun to burn calories if you ask me!

4. Understand Your Body More

Sex toys help you to understand your body more and find out your likes and dislikes.

You can experiment with what things feel like in different places. You can have a go with new toys and new techniques on your own before you try them out with a partner.

Alternatively you can have a great time experimenting with what you like with your partner as well.

The more time you spend with your toys and your body, the more you will understand what turns you on and feels best for you.

5. Increase Your Sex Drive

The more you love your body as it is, the more you orgasm and get to understand yourself and your needs more, the higher your overall sex drive will be.

And what’s not to love about that!

Life is happening now. So have fun. Play. Experiment. Let go and let your sex toys make your happier!

How To Use a Bullet Vibrator

How To Use a Bullet Vibrator

How To Use a Bullet Vibrator

One of the questions I get asked often is Grace, how to use a bullet vibrator? In this guide I’m going to tell you all about bullet vibrators and the cool ways you can use yours. If you don’t yet have a bullet vibrator, be sure to check out my top 10 bullet vibrators in the UK for some great ideas.

What is a Bullet Vibrator?

A bullet vibrator is a small, compact, discreet sex toy that is traditionally in the shape of a bullet, hence their name bullet. However there are variations on the traditional bullet now. You get some that are bigger, smaller and those that have extra enhancements on them.

Because bullets are usually so small, they have loads of good points to them. They’re especially good for beginners to buy as a first toy because they’re not intimidating looking toys, and they’re very simple and are easy to use.

The majority of bullets have a single button to control them that controls the power on, power off and the speeds and patterns of vibration. Most are battery operated, however there are an increasing number of rechargeable bullets now arriving on the market.

Rechargeable means you just have to plug the bullet in via USB or mains power and away you go.

reasons to love bullet vibrators

Here’s a few reasons I love bullets:

  • Bullets are great for travelling with because they’re nice and small.
  • They are powerful toys that vibrate on different speeds.
  • Bullet vibrators tend to be lower in price than bigger sex toys.
  • Many bullets are now waterproof and can be used in the bath and shower.
  • They come in all sorts of designs.
  • They’re a great beginner toy because they’re un-intimidating.

How to Use a Bullet Vibrator?

Here’s a few ways to use a bullet vibrator and some ideas you can try.

How To Use a bullet vibrator on your clit?

The clitoris is the most obvious place to use your bullet. The vibrations from your bullet feel amaaazing here, whatever the speed of vibration, just about any kind of buzz is good. Some people prefer a lighter vibration, whilst others like it really powerful.

This is one of the reasons most bullets now come with a range of different speed settings. You can also build up from a lower vibration to a more intense vibration as you get more turned on.

When you buy your toy you usually receive some basic instructions on how to use a bullet vibrator but they really are usually very self explanatory to turn on and off and use their different functions.

Top Tip: Take your waterproof bullet into the bathroom. Run a hot bubble bath, light candles, pour a glass of wine, close your eyes and soak away, whilst using your bullet all around your genital area, before finishing off on your clit for an amazing, relaxed orgasm to really rejuvenate yourself.

bath water bubbles

You can also use your bullet vibe for anal and G-spot stimulation, depending on the size of the bullet. Some of the really small ones may not be big enough, but there are bigger bullets and toys made specifically for these activities.

How to use a bullet vibrator on your body?

Bullet vibrators can be used all over your body, not just on your genital area. Something really nice to try is to get your partner to use your bullet as a way of teasing you. It will get you so turned on, that you’ll be dying for him to use it there.

Our body’s are full of erogenous zones that feel incredible when they’re stimulated. Use your bullet all over your body and experiment with where feels good. They’re great to use during foreplay to get you both in the mood.

Use it on your partner, not just on your self.

Tip: Use it on male partners testicles and genitals to drive him crazy, especially during oral sex.

You don’t have to just use the tip of the bullet vibrator, you can also use it horizontally and allow the entire toy to tickle and stimulate you wherever you want it. It’s really good to prolong the experience, rather than going straight to the orgasm, although there is nothing wrong with that either!

How to use a bullet vibrator for massage?

Have a knot in your back or shoulders? You can use your bullet on these areas and it feels really relaxing and relieves a lot of the tension in them. Because bullets are quite small, it may not be easy to reach all over, here is where your partner comes in to help you.

How to use a bullet vibrator during sex?

You can incorporate a bullet into sex by first discussing it with your partner, that you’d really like to try adding something a little different and showing him or her your bullet. During sex, with smaller bullets it’s possible to squeeze your bullet in between your bodies in a way that gives you both a heck of a lot of extra pleasure! It’s much easier for women to orgasm during sex when they’re also having their clitoris stimulated.

After you’ve discussed it and got the go ahead (and why wouldn’t they agree), or just pull your bullet out when the moment takes you, and start experimenting with where it feels good. Ideally during sex you should have this somewhere that’s vibrating against your clit, and this feels ohhh so good.

Depending on your position you can hold the bullet yourself. There is no right or wrong way for how to use a bullet vibrator and what works for one person, doesn’t always work for somebody else so it’s always about what works for you.

With sex toys there’s never any right or wrong way to do things.

How to use a bullet vibrator with other sex toys?

There are some toys that allow bullets to be added to them to enhance their pleasure such as some butt plugs and cock rings. Many cock rings are sent with mini vibrating bullets inside them already than you can remove.

I definitely recommend adding some lube to your bullet when you’re using it on your genitals area to really enhance your pleasure. Sex toys feel so much better when they’re nice and wet and lubricated right away. Ideally go for water-based lubes because these don’t do any damage to sex toys like oil-based lube can.

I hope you’ve find this how to use a bullet vibrator guide helpful. If you need any help choosing a bullet vibrator for you, be sure to check out my top 10 bullet vibrators, and 7 of the best bullet vibrators posts where I go into more detail about the different types of bullets you can buy, and I talk about my personal favourites!

10 Best Bullet Vibrators

Coconut Oil as a Natural Lubricant


We’re talking about using coconut oil as a natural lubricant


Some readers comment that they really don’t like using artificial lubes during sex and play time with their sex toys, and they would rather use something that’s more natural.

In this post I’m going to tell you a bit about using coconut oil as a natural lubricant.

Coconut oil has many fantastic uses! At room temperature coconut oil is usually hard, so to use it spoon some out of your jar first, warm it up in your hands and it will melt nicely.

Uses for coconut oil

It’s 100% natural and has no other chemicals added to it.

It can be used for eating and cooking with, and is jam-packed full of vitamins.

It’s great for using as a moisturiser on your hair and your skin.

And it can also be used as lube down there – so long as you follow these important guidelines!

Using coconut oil with your sex toys

Coconut oil is not compatible with all sex toys, and you need to know the material your toy is made from before you mix the two together. You can usually check this out on the packaging when you buy your toy.

Coconut oil cannot be used with the following:

Latex condoms (these will degrade and could lead to a happy, or not so happy accident further down the line).

Jelly toys

Rubber toys

PVC toys

Latex toys

Vinyl toys

Using coconut oil with any of these materials will degrade them and basically mess them up.

You can use coconut oil with:

Your own skin. It’s excellent as a personal lubricant. But you should test a very small amount on the inside of your wrist first to check there is no reaction first.

Toys made with:

Good quality silicone toys

Ceramic toys

Glass toys

Metal toys

When you’ve finished, make sure you give your toys a good wash to remove any coconut oil and keep them lovely and clean for the next time you use them. Using coconut oil as a natural lubricant is lovely and I highly recommend experimenting with this delicious material!


How Often Should You Clean Your Sex Toys?

how often should you clean your sex toys

I was asked:

“How often should you clean your sex toys?”

how often should you clean your sex toys

It’s really really important to clean your sex toys each and every time you use them.

The simple answer to this question is – every time.

If you don’t clean them, they can harbour lots of nasty bacteria which can grow, and give you infections and make you unwell.

It is a chore, but an essential one. As soon as possible after you’ve finished using your toy, wash it in the sink in some warm water with a little bit of mild soap.

You don’t want any gunk drying up on or in the toy. Get in amongst any nooks and crannies to make sure there is nothing left in there that could be left unclean and grow bacteria.

Plus the very thought of using an unwashed sex toy is pretty gross. Respect yourself, respect your toys and keep them clean.

Ideally you want to air dry your toys because many of them, when wet will attract and stick to the slightest bit of dust around! This is so annoying, they’re like dust magnets.

But air drying is not always possible when you need to hide it away like when you share a house with other people and don’t want your vibrator left out in the bathroom and giving someone a big shock!

A clean towel or some kitchen roll can be used instead of air drying, and store it away somewhere clean and dry for the next time you use it. Many sex toys (especially the higher end ones) come with storage bags now to keep them in which are really handy and discreet.

So remember, how often should you clean your sex toys? Wash your toys after every single use! It will take you no more than two minutes in total to rinse, wash, and dry, and it’s well worth the time.

How Often Can You Use a Sex Toy?

How often can you use a sex toy- (2)

In this ask Grace post, I was asked:

“How often can you use a sex toy?”

The answer is, as long as you are enjoying the experience, as often as you like!

Sex toys are extremely safe and have to pass strict and stringent safety regulations before you can buy them here in the UK.

If you want to use your sex toy every day, do it. Multiple times a day? Go for it!

Why? Women who regularly use sex toys increase their clitoral sensations and improve their quality of orgasms. It’s healthy and it improves your overall quality of life too. You know who you are, you’re a sensual woman when you use sex toys regularly!

They are also a great way of exploring what you enjoy, and learning more about what feels good, with or without a partner. With this knowledge, you can let your partner know ‘this is what I like’, ‘this is what I want you to do.’

How often can you use a sex toy- (2)

And trust me, there is nothing more sexy than a woman who knows what she likes and what she wants! Your partner will love it. Experimenting with your sex toys definitely helps you become this person.

It is possible to occasionally experience some mild discomfort from a long vibrating session, and you can over do it causing some temporary clitoral numbness, but the trick is to notice when you are feeling this way and to have a break. This is only ever temporary, and your body will tell you when it’s becoming too much, so mixing it up with some non-vibrational stimulation is a good way of not overdoing the vibrations.

I’m talking about vibrating for one long period of time, not regular shorter intervals.

So to summarise, how often can you use a sex toy? They relieve stress, they teach you about your body, they add new ways of enjoying time with your partner, and they are a very healthy part of a happy sex life.

Use your sex toy as often as you like as long as it feels good!

How Discreet is Ordering a Sex Toy Online?

how discreet is ordering a sex toy online (1)

When you order a sex toy online, does anyone else know that’s what you’ve ordered?

I get asked this question a lot.

What shows up on your bank statement?

And how does the parcel look when its delivered?

Will your old neighbour Ted know that the parcel he’s just signed for when you weren’t in is your new dildo?

Your bank statements

The vast majority of online sex shops will not show on your bank statement who you have actually ordered from, as they use a trading name.

For example Lovehoney says LH Trading. That could be anyone.

It’s not immediately obvious.

Your parcel

This got delivered next door. No clues about what’s inside.

Your parcel arrives plain and there is no way of telling what’s inside it. It does not have “sex toy!” written anywhere on it.

There is usually a returns address which again, is not the address of where you ordered from. Like the above example, it may say return to “LH Trading” but that’s about it. It could be from anyone.

I have ordered parcels many times from online toy shops that have gone next door, it’s not ideal! But I don’t mind really because there is no way of telling from the box what is inside.


So, when you are ordering your sex toys, you can relax knowing that your parcel is discreet, and your bank accounts won’t be lit up with the names of online toy shops when you have to send a statement off somewhere.

It is discreet. And it is easy to order and have that toy you’ve got your eye on in your possession without any concerns about who else knows!

UK Heatwave and Hello July!

Are you enjoying the UK sun right now?

Gorgeous isn’t it!!

I love the hot weather.

And it always makes us loads hornier 🙂

You know what I’m talking about.

So I hope you’ve got your fave sex toys powered up and ready when you need them!

Life is now.

So live it.


Use your sex toys.

Not got one yet? Buy one.

But most of all, make the most of this sun at home whilst it lasts!!

Enjoy your July 🙂



50 Shades Darker is Coming….

Mr Grey Will See You Now

So did you see Fifty Shades of Grey earlier this year?

Of course I did 🙂

The film received so much criticism that I was a little concerned they wouldn’t make the next two books. There were also rumours that Jamie Dornan’s wife had said she didn’t want him to do anymore of the films.

Personally, I LOVED it.

And it’s great news that Jamie Dornan is back as Christian next year. I always find it too weird when lead roles are switched with a different actor half way through the series. I know he wasn’t perfect, but it was good. He is definitely hot, and he did a great job of playing mysterious Christian.

Here is Christian wearing his mask in a sneak preview of what’s coming up in the next film.


The current date set for Fifty Shades number 2 is the 10th February 2017. 2017!!!! Can we wait that long?

Followed by the third film, Fifty Shades Freed a whole year later in 2018. What!

Apparently filming is beginning next year. Watch this space!!

mr grey will see you now
Mr Grey Will See You Now

And sorry, (not sorry haha), I couldn’t resist adding the sexiest Jamie Dornan scenes from the first film.

**Edit – sorry the video originally posted here from YouTube got taken down.


Hungry for more? (Yes). Check out the Lovehoney 50 Shades of Grey Collection here 🙂

Buying Your First Sex Toy

image Bondara Rechargeable Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

Buying your first sex toy can be quite a scary and intimidating experience for many. But fear not, you can really easily order online and there are so many online shops and choices of toys to buy.

If you’re pretty clueless about sex toys I’ve created this guide to buying your first toy. You fancy buying your first sex toy but need some help on where to begin.

Choosing your online shop



Most online sex toy shops will always deliver your order very very discreetly. Trust me on this, their parcels are very bare, with just a trading address and no sign of who the package is from or what’s inside.

I have had sex toys delivered to my neighbours when I’ve not been in and not been remotely bothered because I know there’s no way of telling what it contained!

I’ve had the most experience ordering from Lovehoney and Bondara

Bondara and know they are always very good at delivering my order quickly and very discreetly.

Prices can vary between sex toy shops but the same toys are usually around the same price give or take a few pounds.

Most sex toy shops will include free delivery and if they don’t it’s often free over a certain spend.

Another thing I like about buying from Lovehoney and Bondara is they are usually have the lowest price and delivery is always free. They’re a great choice for buying your first sex toy from.

Types of sex toy to choose from

Here’s where it gets interesting!

When buying your first sex toy you may not have a clue about what you want or like. As this blog is aimed at female readers I’m going to recommend you some good female toys that are good all round introductory toys.

Good introductory toys

Buying your first sex toy should be fun and exciting. Relax, shop with an open mind. There is no need to feel overwhelmed or anxious. This is a new chapter for you. Let yourself feel sexy and free, you’ve made the decision to improve your own personal pleasure level, and up your overall sexiness levels!

Things to consider before buying your first sex toy

Buying your first sex toy

The look

Buying your first sex toy

Do you think you would prefer something sleek and classy, or are you not remotely bothered how it looks? Perhaps you don’t care if it is a bright colour and shaped like a character! It really comes down to personal preference. Some people would prefer to have a toy that is plain, sleek and beautiful, whilst others really like in your face bright colours with painted on eyes and faces. There is something out there to suit everybody.

My first sex toy was plain white and very very plain. I quickly realised, it doesn’t matter whatsoever what the toy looks like, it’s hot it makes you feel. I have a bright blue rabbit vibrator with glitter that makes me feel incredible. It’s not exactly beautiful, but it can sure blow my mind! Buying your first sex toy should be something that first attracts you to it, whatever the reason, and go from there.


Would you you prefer an all singing and dancing toy, or prefer to keep it simple with one or two options? How are you with other technology. If you like the latest gadgets, you’re likely to enjoy a toy that does lots of stuff, or if you prefer simple things, a more basic toy might be for you in the beginning.

The price

Prices vary from the most basic of magic bullets at £3.99 through to over £100 for luxury high end sex toys. The more you pay, the greater the quality however you can have just as much fun with the cheapest of toys. You don’t have to pay a fortune. Both Lovehoney and Bondara alone have some really low price good toys, I’m talking less than £10 toys.

Saying that I also really love high end toys by Lelo. These are often rechargeable with the most beautiful colours, curves and soft silicone material.

The reviews

zany pocket friend small vibe

The reviews on the shop website and read other reviews too (there are some great ones here at sextoysreviewed) 🙂


Do you mind bright colours or would you prefer something more neutral or natural looking?

Pour yourself a glass of wine, open your mind, and enjoy!!

Here’s a round up of some of my past posts that will hopefully help you decide when buying your first sex toy!!

Best wand massagers

Best bullet vibrators

Rabbit vibrator reviews

Don’t forget some lube. I recommend some Tracey Cox Orgasm gel, or some YES Organic lube. Either of these are great for enhancing your sex toy pleasure.

How To Clean Sex Toys


You’ve been revelling in absolute bliss with your sex toys. Glorious orgasms. Plenty of lube and wetness. Heaven.

But when the fun is over… it’s crucial that you clean your sex toy. I know, I know, it’s not exactly thrilling to talk about this topic. But it’s an important one.

How to clean sex toys?

Sex toys can harbour dirty bacteria that can give you a lot of problems (I’m talking about infections). We won’t go into all the details, because, quite frankly you can easily avoid this by taking a little bit of time to keep your toys clean.

Before you even buy your toy, take note of what it’s made of… determine how it’s washed.

Usually you can read this on the product description. If may say splash proof, water-proof or even submersible.

Splash proof means it can’t be submerged in a lot of water, but it can be washed carefully. Water-proof usually means it’s pretty much water-proof and water won’t do anything to it. You can usually wash it easily without worrying about doing damage.

The best of all is submersible which means you can literally hold is right under water and give it a good scrub from top to bottom. It’s important to check this out before you start washing it.

The material that the sex toy is made of can also affect how you wash it. Let’s take a closer look at how to treat toys based on their material type…


Is it silicone, glass, steel or wood and motorised?

Wash it with a mild soap and damp cloth to keep it clean.

Is it silicone, pyrex, steel or stone and not motorised?

Wash it with very hot water and a mild damp soap, or you can even put put this in the dish washer without dishwasher soap.

Is it Cyber skin?

Use a little soap and some warm water to clean. Be careful because too many suds can damage this sensitive material.

Is it hard plastic, elastomer, thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) or jelly rubber?

These porous materials can harbour bacteria and sexually transmitted infections. Wash these toys with soap and water. Ideally, if sharing these toys with a partner use a condom.

When you’ve finished cleaning your toy, dry it off with a clean paper towel. You could use a clean towel, but beware that when sex toys are wet, especially rubber one, they will attract ‘fluff’ that sticks to them when wet.

If you can, just leave it stood up in the open air to dry. Once it’s nice and dry, store it in a case or a bag to protect it and keep it clean for next time.

Happy 2015!

It’s New Years Eve and I just wanted to write and wish you a very Happy New Year for tomorrow, and I hope that you have a wonderful 2015.

What will you be up to? Whatever it is, I hope it involves some fireworks, whether they’re in the sky or in your pants 😉


It’s been a great year for sex toys with lots of new models being brought out, as well as some of our old favourites sticking around.

What has been your favourite toy this year?

In 2015 look out for lots more on Sex Toys Reviewed. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you and can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store.

Stay Sexy,





Can you use a vibrator when pregnant?

pregnancy orgasms

I get asked this question a lot. I can see why some women might be worried and ask can you use a vibrator when pregnant, because you have got a real live baby inside of you, and you don’t want to do your baby any damage.

You can be safe in the knowledge that your baby is well protected whilst you are pregnant by a thick and protective mucus plug. This plug seals off your cervix from the outside world.

pregnant baby bump

Hygiene is everything

In the majority of circumstances it is completely safe to use a sex toy whilst pregnant with no issues so long as your toys are clean. Wash them after each use, as well as before you use any new ones.

The way to wash a sex toy is:

  • With clean, soapy water
  • Ensure you rinse the soap off and dry them properly
  • Store them somewhere clean and dry

Better orgasms whilst pregnant

What’s really great whilst pregnant for a lot of women, is that because of all the extra blood that’s circulating in your ‘lower regions’ to support the baby, this actually makes pleasure, sex and orgasms more intense and satisfying.

In the later stages of pregnancy, when the nausea has passed, and you may be less tired (everyone is different), you may well find yourself extra horny and turned on, compared to when you weren’t pregnant. This is normal.

I advise you to take full advantage of this increased blood flow. Being pregnant can be exhausting and hard work for many women, so you should definitely add as much pleasure to the mix as possible. If the extra blood flow gives you more pleasure, use it.

Some ladies go off full on sex, and they prefer foreplay. This is where sex toys can really come into use. You might enjoy using them alone each time, or get your partner to join in and use them on you too. It can help keep your relationship close during pregnancy.

pregnancy orgasms

Times when caution is needed

The times when you shouldn’t use a sex toy to full depth inside you are:

  • Your doctor has advised you not to have sex, for example if you have been found to have a low lying placenta during a scan, or in a previous pregnancy you had a weak cervix
  • Or that you could go into labour too early. This is rare but if you have been told this, the reason not to use sex toys is that orgasms can stimulate contractions.
  • If you have an infection
  • Or if your waters have already broken

Also if you have experienced any bleeding during your pregnancy, do speak to your doctor or midwife before you use sex toys.

These circumstances are rare, and in the vast majority of cases it is completely fine to use sex toys whilst pregnant, and I encourage you to give yourself as much pleasure and orgasms as you can.

Always remember to have a wee after sex or using a sex toy. The reason for this is that it helps clear your urinary tract. You should do this whether pregnant or not, but when you’re pregnant you are more prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs) which is why hygiene is especially important.

A few women do bleed after sex during pregnancy and it is regarded as common and due to increased blood flow, and sometimes the tiny blood vessels in the vagina can be broken. This can cause some light spotting. If you do bleed after sex, especially whilst pregnant, it is worth being checked out by your doctor.

pregnancy blooming

Summary: Can you use a vibrator when pregnant?

If you don’t have any medical complications and the mood takes you, go for it. Use your vibrator and give yourself as many orgasms as you need. Orgasms fill your body with tons of endorphins and I reckon that these happy chemicals will inevitably get passed onto your baby via your joint blood streams.

What puts you in a good mood, is also likely to help create a happier baby too!

Check out the great range of vibrators available at my favourite shop, Lovehoney.

Why All Women Need a Sex Toy

why all women need a sex toy

Certain women are more open minded than others. The truth of the matter is, that we all enjoy an orgasm and sexual pleasure is one of the best things in life. It’s something that we should all do more often.

When you’re just too busy, you’re single, or your partner is away – an orgasm can seem rather elusive. It can get put to the bottom of the list. An after thought. In the back of your head you can think, I really need to an orgasm I will later. But you forget about it.

In actual fact, an orgasm is exactly what you need. Every day. Maybe even twice a day. And there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t allow ourselves one of life’s simplest and easiest pleasures. Allowing yourself this pleasure on a regular basis creates a far happier life.

Women’s Sex Toys

Whatever type of sex toy you choose – choose one! Some women have many of all shapes and sizes. Sure, if that’s your thing have tons of them. But if you don’t, just one will make all the difference.

A small and discreet pocket bullet can be enough to give yourself a quick and easy buzz before work, after or during a relaxing bath time, or in bed before dropping off. Perhaps even, if you’re that way inclined, out and about but we will leave that little secret completely yours.

Here’s a helpful guide to 7 of the best bullet vibrators.  Once you’ve got used to a bullet, I recommend then trying a rabbit.

The Benefits of an Orgasm

Orgasms have so many good points. They increase our mental health, they make us happier, more relaxed, less anxious, more fulfilled, brighter, they improve our circulation and heart rate, and our overall wellness. Withstanding an orgasm for so long can cause frustration, and a build up of anxiety and stress.

The next time you’re in a bad mood or are feeling particularly stressed ask yourself, when did you last have an orgasm?? The chances are it was too long ago.

Just give a sex toy a try. You might not know that you need it until you’ve got one, and then you will wonder how you ever lived without it when those orgasms are so easy! Keep it somewhere accessible too. Up in a cupboard locked away is not the easiest of places to reach for when the mood takes you. Many vibrators are disguised as other items like lipsticks and make up.

9 Tips for Travelling Abroad with your Sex Toys

It’s nearly holiday season so here are some handy tips for taking your sex toys abroad with you.

1. Remember to use the “lock off” feature if your toy has one. Most rechargeable toys have this feature (such as the Lelo Insignia), and if your toy is battery-powered consider removing the batteries so there’s no danger of it vibrating in your luggage and not only embarrassing you, but wasting that precious power.


2. If you were sent a discreet carry bag for your toy, use it. Otherwise find a pretty small sized bag to hold your toys in inside your suitcase.

If your suitcase is opened by security for any reason, you can know that at least your toys are discreet and the bag has to be opened to have a peek inside rather than be blatantly led there amongst your knickers and socks on full show.


3. Do pack your handcuffs and any more adventurous toys you have. Being on holiday makes people relax, chill out and be more likely to experiment and have sex in ways they wouldn’t normally if they were at home doing the usual routine.

What better time to play out that fantasy you’ve been having for a while?


4. If there’s a do not disturb sign for your hotel door – use it! If you’re having some early morning fun, the last thing you want is the Spanish cleaner letting herself in and finding you mid-session.


5. Don’t carry lube in your hand luggage if you’re flying. It’s still a liquid and could be awkward when you have to show any liquid items you’re carrying inside a clear bag like many airlines request you do. Lube is fine in your suitcase.


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6. Don’t freak out if your luggage is searched for any reason. For example in the US they often do random baggage checks.

Remember security have seen it all before and trained to be discreet. You’re unlikely to see them again and it’s not as if you’ve done anything wrong. They see thousands of people a day, you are just another passenger!


7. Don’t forget spare batteries and a mains adapter if your toy is rechargeable. It’s cheaper to take your own than buy abroad.


8. Beware of taking sex toys to Dubai. Despite being stunning and beautiful, Dubai is a very conservative country and sex toys are very frowned upon and may be confiscated if found!

Aswell as that take care with showing any sort of affection or flesh in public as it is considered illegal. Save it for the hotel room!


9. Where ever you are travelling to with your sex toys – most of all relax and have fun!

I’d love to hear any tales of travelling with your toys so feel free to leave a comment 🙂