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5 of the Best Beginners Butt Plugs

In this post I will talk about 5 of the best butt plugs for total anal beginners. I hope it will help you decide which beginners butt plug is the right one for you to try.

1. Beginners Basic Slimline Butt Buddy Review


The Butt Buddy is a small, easy to use, starter butt plug for anyone brand new to anal play.

This plug is 4.5 inches long, with 3.75 inches of insertable length. It mebutt buddy slim lineasures a total of 3 inches in width. The insertable part is only 1 inch wide, making it very suitable for a first time anal play toy.

It is purple in colour and has a suction base on the underside. It is made from skin friendly silicone which feels firm and flexible. The Butt Buddy butt plug is a great little toy that is enjoyable without being too large. A large plug can be very off putting when you are an anal newbie.

What are the good points?

The suction base makes it stable on many different surfaces so you can use it without your hands.

It has a tapered top edge, which means that you can easily insert the toy and decide how far you would like to push it in.

The manufacturers recommend use of a water based lubricant which does help with insertion and makes the Butt Buddy much more comfortable to use.

This plug is easy to clean and comfortable to wear for longer periods of time due to the shape. I loved the feel of this toy as it is smooth and not too rigid.

Plus it’s waterproof and contains no latex or phthalates. The flared base of the Butt Buddy helped to keep it in safely in place.

What are the bad points?

The Butt Buddy might not be as good for people who already have experience of anal play due it’s smaller size.

The suction base does not stick to all surfaces but does come in handy if you are alone.

Although easily cleaned, it can pick up pieces of fluff from bedding etc.

Butt Plug for Beginners

What do other people say?

The Butt Buddy has received great reviews on the Lovehoney website so far, especially with it being a basic range anal toy.

Other people liked the size, shape and feel of this plug and enjoyed using it. The price is right and many others found that as a starter toy the Butt Buddy was ideal.

The size of this plug means it is discreet and can be taken anywhere in a bag. Read more about what other people have said.

How much is it?

This is available from Lovehoney and currently retails at an amazing £5.00 including free delivery.

2. Tracey Cox Super Sex Beginners Butt Plug Review

Tracey Cox anal plug

This is a fun looking, pink coloured starter anal toy. It measures 3 inches long and 3.5 inches wide in total.

It is made from flexible, smooth and soft silicone, and even comes with a pocket guide to anal play.  This guide really comes in handy. This plug has a suction cup on the bottom so it can be attached to many surfaces prior to use. This toy is designed with beginners in mind.

What are the good points?

The small size of the butt plug means it’s not overwhelming and ideal for people wanting an introduction to anal sex.Super Sex Butt Plug Packaging

I found the colour attractive and because the toy is made of silicone it feels nice to hold and is flexible enough to be inserted without any problems.

Using lubricant with this butt plug definitely makes things easier and it is very easy to clean after use. The pocket guide is full of useful tips and the packaging is nice too. The base of the butt plug is large enough to hold and keeps it in place well.

What are the bad points?

For people with previous experience of anal play they may find this toy is a little on the small side, however for beginners it’s perfect.

Super Sex Tracey Cox Small Butt PlugWhat do other people say?

Other reviewers said it is ideal for beginner’s and feels great. They also said their orgasms were better and the experiences they had from this plug were very pleasurable.

Some people found the base was slightly too large to be comfortable during extended usage but others said the large base was great as it kept the toy in place well and they were not worried that it might move further inside them. Read more about what other people are saying.

How much is it?

This is available from Lovehoney and currently retails at £5.00 including free delivery.

3. Doc Johnson Classic Small Butt Plug Review

Doc Johnson Anal Plug

This toy is meant for beginners and inexperienced anal sex fans. For people who are wanting to try anal sex for the first time this plug is ideal.

It measures 4.5 inches long and 3 inches wide. The insertable length is 3.6 inches. It’s made from skin safe rubber, is waterproof and has a flared base to make sure it cannot slip in further than intended.

It comes in an attractive pink colour that is small enough to discreetly take with you if you want to use it away from home.

What are the good points?

It is ideal for first time anal play. The size and shape are perfect as a beginners toy.

It is easy to clean and has a smooth finish to it.

What are the bad points?

After using the Doc Johnson Classic Small Butt Plug for a while you can find that it doesn’t have the same effect due to its size.

While the packaging was easy to open it did seem a little cheap but the quality of the actual butt plug is very good for the money.

What do other people say?Doc johnson butt plug in packaging

From the reviews already on the Lovehoney website other people agree this butt plug is ideal for beginner’s or as a starter butt plug.

Everyone seemed to find it easy to use and insert and there were no bad reviews of the product which was great.

On the downside it was mentioned that the butt plug is not great for people with previous experience of anal play and it could possibly drop out during use. Customers said the toy was non-threatening and attractive with enough flexibility and a good shape. Read more about what other people are saying.

How much is it?

This is available from Lovehoney and currently available for £8.99 including free delivery.

4. Cupid’s Itty Bitty Beginner’s Butt Plug Review

Pink Itty Bitty Small Anal Plug

The Itty Bitty is so cute and great as a starter anal toy. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand so is extremely discreet and non-threatening.

It measures 3.75 inches and is 3.5 inches wide. It only has an insertable length of 2 inches. The Itty Bitty is smooth and firm yet quite flexible and easy to use with lubricant.

The plug comes with a finger loop on the base so it can be removed quickly if needed and it is made from skin friendly silicone that is easily washed and cared for. There are two colours to choose from, black or pink and it comes in discreet pretty packaging.

Black Butt Plug Itty Bitty

What are the good points?

This butt plug might be small but it gives great sensations. It is also comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.

The silicone material is super smooth with no rough edges.  The finger loop on the base of the plug makes it seem more secure and easily removed or inserted. The loop feels very strong and there are no worries about it breaking.

What are the bad points?

The only slight niggle was that the toy tended to get covered in fluff and would have been better sold with a small bag to help it stay clean.

What do other people say?

Other reviewers on the Lovehoney website loved it too. They found it comfortable, easy to use and say it’s a great addition to their sex lives. There doesn’t seem to be any negative reviews.

Many customers mentioned the finger hold section of the butt plug and even said that a bullet type toy could be placed there to give different sensations and vibration to an incredibly enjoyable anal experience. Read more about what other people have said about the Itty Bitty.

How much is it?

This is available from Lovehoney and currently retails at £9.99 including free delivery.

5. Fifty Shades of Grey Something Forbidden Butt Plug Review


The fifty shades plug is named after the best selling book. It measures 4.25 inches long and is 3.25 inches wide. It has an insertable length of 3.15 inches. The materials is skin friendly silicone and it is black in colour.

It is aimed at beginner’s and is ideal for exploring first time anal play. It also has a finger loop making it easy to use. In the tasteful box there was a satin bag to keep the butt plug clean and instructions for use. These state that only a water based lubricant should be used with this toy.

What are the good points?

It feels very nice to hold and fits nicely inside. The finger hold base mFifty Shades Butt Plugeans you don’t have to worry about the toy managing to go further than it should and makes inserting it easy if you are relaxed.

Reading the booklet gives you a good idea on how to look after the butt plug and the silver satin bag kept it very clean. The size of the toy does not feel intimidating as some others can do.

What are the bad points?

It was slightly more expensive than other beginners butt plugs, but worth the money. The finger hold base is great for during sex but not ideal if you wanted to wear the butt plug out and about. Sitting down might feel a bit odd!

There was a very slight seam along the length of the toy that made it a little uncomfortable for prolonged use.

What do other people say?

Other people thought it was great as a starter anal toy. They liked the feel, size and shape of it and commented on how easy it was to insert.

They also said how soft but flexible it was and that the finger hold was a useful addition that also came in handy to move the toy in and out during use. Most people enjoyed reading the instructions and thought that the satin bag included in the packaging was a nice touch. Read more about what other people think about this plug.

How much is it?

It is available from Lovehoney and currently retails at £14.99 including free delivery.

Read more about why I buy most of my sex toys from Lovehoney in my Lovehoney Review.