Sex Toys for Couples Guide

In this sex toys for couples guide I’m going to take you through two key steps to using couples sex toys for maximum mutual pleasure.

If you’re new to sex toys for couples or just want some tips and new ideas, keep reading.

The majority of people save their sex toys for solo pleasure, but introduce them during intimate time with your partner, and discover whole new ways to use them.

We will also have a quick look at some of the toys made specifically for couples to use together.

Introducing the Idea of a Couples Toy

When introducing the idea of a sex toy to use as a couple, it may feel a little awkward at first. But it needn’t be. Think of it as a fun game, that will improve both of your intimacy levels, and will give both of you a lot of pleasure to share the experience.

The best time to introduce this topic should be a time when you are both relaxed, such as over a glass of wine at the weekend, or on a date night. Open up about your interest in sharing a toy during sex.

The chances are, the second you broach this subject, your partner will be more than happy to give anything new a try and they’ve probably considered it themselves but haven’t said anything!

What Kind of Sex Toys for Couples Are There?

There are now so awesome multifunctional toys on the market designed specifically with couples in mind.

My favourite of all the couples toys is the We-vibe. Here’s a quick look at the different kinds.

1. Tracey Cox Super Sex Love Ring

First is the classic cock ring. This Tracey Cox ring is a great buy at only £14.99. One of the rings fits around the balls and the smaller ring around the cock itself.

Then on top you’ve got a bullet that hits the clitoris. Mutual powerful orgasms!

tracey cox vibrating cock ring sex toys for couples

>>> Tracey Cox Love Ring: £14.99

2. We-Vibe 4 Plus Remote and Smart Phone Control

We-Vibe have brought out loads of different toys in the past and each time they upgrade.

The We-Vibe 4 Plus is one of my all time favourite sex toys for couples and a luxury high end toy. It is a lot pricier than the Tracey Cox Cock Ring, at £127.99 but it when you see what it can do you will see why.

It comes with it’s own remote control and phone app that you can control without having to fiddle with the toy itself and ruin the moment.


we-vibe 4 sex toys for couples

>>> We-Vibe 4 with Smart Controls: £127.99

I’ve given you two quality sex toys for couples here at two very different prices, but both of them are fantastic and will add a new element of pleasure to your sex life as a couple.

Ultimately, any toy that encourages you to become closer and you can share is going to be a great choice. Be open to exploring new sex toys for couples and new possibilities! And watch your sex life explode!