Sex Swing by Door Jam Review

door jam sex swing

I had to write a review on the door jam sex swing by Sportsheets because it’s such a good addition to your sex life. The sex swing has come a long way over the past few years and this little contraption is really well designed. Let me talk you through it and then you can have a read of what other people are saying about it and make your own mind up before you buy.

What’s in the box?

The box included the sex swing itself, along with a padded seat, foot supports and hand grips.

What’s it made of?

The sex swing is made of polyester fabric, polypropylene webbing, plastic hardware, nickel free metal, galvanized metal and polyethylene foam. It is obviously made of high quality materials and very strong and sturdy.

Door jam sex swing video
Watch Annabelle Knight talk about this sex swing

How easy is it set up?

The box itself was harder to open than the actual swing was to get set up. It’s fairly self explanatory. Make sure you use it over a solid door. There are foot rests and hand straps that are adjustable. Bars secure the straps over your door. Slip them over, and then close the door. It’s really simple to use.

What about getting into it?

There are mixed views on this. I found it easy to get into, but some have found it a little awkward to get into. Once actually into it, it feels comfortable, secure and very sexy. You may feel a little wary of getting into it at first, that’s pretty normal. Know that this swing is designed to hold you over a solid door, and it supports up to 325 pounds.

You can get it into the sex swing yourself, but it is much easier with your partner guiding you into the stirrups too.

Top Tip: the first time you set it up, work out what height your partner thrusts at so you can adjust the swing to this height. The higher it goes, the harder it can be to get into at first.

What’s the sex swing experience like?

Sex standing up made easy! Being in this swing gives you a feeling of weightlessness. It makes you feel exposed and spread, ready for your partner to have his (or her) way with you. Your partner can get a good range of motion. Whilst in the swing it’s easy to slide and angle yourself to get a good position for hitting your G-spot.

Something to try: Try this with the man with  his back to the door, and your feet pushing off the door as an alternative position.

Advantages of this sex swing?

I love that you can set it up and be in it very quickly. It gives you the convenience to have a sex swing nearly anywhere you want one.

It’s great for your partner to really see you enjoying yourself in this sex swing. You can also get some great positions in it to really hit the G-spot and have some incredible sex. It’s optimum pleasure. It’s ideal for couples looking for something new and inexpensive in the bedroom / wherever you use it!  You can also sit in it backwards.

Are there any disadvantages?

This cannot be used over just any door. You need a solid door and the “action” side of the door will be the one that is not on the side with the hinges showing. This means that if your only solid door is your front door, then you’d have to have sex outside use it. Ideally check your doors before purchasing!

What are other people saying?

There are some really useful reviews to help you make your decision. Check some of these reviews out. Overall the feedback is extremely positive.

Door Jam Sex Swing

Investment: £44.99 including free delivery.