Is Masturbation Good For You? 8 Reasons It Is!

is masturbation good for you

In this post Grace answers is masturbation good for you?

Playing with your sex toys is really good for your health. Really good! And to prove it here are 8 reasons why masturbation, or self love, is excellent for you.

Is masturbation good for you? Here’s why it is.

1. Better Sex

Experimenting on yourself first means you know what you do and don’t like. If you don’t know yourself, your partner may not know either. And communication is a big part of a good sex life.

Play with your toys, let go, have fun and just enjoy yourself with them! The more you masturbate, the more you will enjoy regular orgasms, regular sex, and really understand what most turns you on!


2. Find it Easier to Orgasm

This is pretty amazing, but those ladies that don’t regularly orgasm by themselves, often struggle to orgasm during sex with their partner.

The more you orgasm alone, the easier it is when you’re having sex. You’re more in tune with yourself, your orgasm ‘muscles’ are well worked, and you’re more relaxed because you know yourself and your body so well.


3. Relieve Stress

Orgasms are a big stress reliever. The more you masturbate and play with your sex toys, the happier you will be. It lowers your blood pressure, it releases endorphins and increases relaxation. What’s not to love?

So next time you’re feeling stressed out – grab your bullet vibrator and give yourself a quick orgasm before you continue where you were, feeling much more relaxed about it!

Stress release is one of my faves in this is masturbation good for you list of reasons.


4. Help Sleep

Having an orgasm before bed really helps you sleep. Your body releases stress relieving hormones, which put you in a lovely relaxed state all ready for sleep. It’s a great way to switch off the day and move into a state of peace and calm. Try using your bullet right before sleep instead of checking Facebook and notice how much better you sleep.


5. Boost Your Immune System

When you masturbate you release a hormone called cortisol. This in small doses really helps your immune system to function well.

Even though cortisol is a stress hormone, it can promote the production of antibodies. These antibodies are your fighter cells who will help to tag and kill off any foreign bugs inside you.

boost your immune system

6. Boost Your Circulation

Masturbating can get you all hot and your heart rate thumping. This is like exercise, except it’s very easy and if you ask me a lot more pleasurable! It helps the blood pump round your arteries and tissues and function well.

It also burns calories! In our is masturbation good for you list, this is possibly one of the best reasons!

boost your circulation

7. Relieve Period Cramps

Many ladies suffer from period cramps and they are a complete annoyance.

The cramps themselves are due to muscle tension, so instead of just taking a pain killer, masturbate, give yourself an orgasm, and the increased blood flowing to the muscles in the pelvic floor helps relieve the pain and tension of period cramps.

Is masturbation good for you? It’s definitely good for relieving annoying period cramps so have your bullet ready around this time of the month for sure.

relieve period cramps

8. Help UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections)

Now and then, most women will suffer from at least one UTI. Scientists say that masturbation can actually help to prevent cervical infections because of something called “tenting”.

I know this sounds a bit weird, but its true. Tenting is when the cervix opens naturally as part of you being aroused, or turned on. It stretches the cervix, and at the same time produces more cervical mucous.

And it’s this extra fluid circulation is what allows the cervix to be nicely flushed out naturally. Naturally is the key here. Always remember to have a wee after having sex too, to flush out your urinary tract of any bacteria that may have been introduced during the play.

extra cervix fluid tenting

To Conclude, Is Masturbation Good for You?

In this is masturbation good for you post, it’s clear that yes, it really is! There are so many health benefits from doing it, and it feels amazing!!

So take advantage of this easy mood changer and take 5 minutes out of your day every day to give yourself an orgasm.

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