How Discreet is Ordering a Sex Toy Online?

When you order a sex toy online, does anyone else know that’s what you’ve ordered?

I get asked this question a lot.

What shows up on your bank statement?

And how does the parcel look when its delivered?

Will your old neighbour Ted know that the parcel he’s just signed for when you weren’t in is your new dildo?

Your bank statements

The vast majority of online sex shops will not show on your bank statement who you have actually ordered from, as they use a trading name.

For example Lovehoney says LH Trading. That could be anyone.

It’s not immediately obvious.

Your parcel

This got delivered next door. No clues about what’s inside.

Your parcel arrives plain and there is no way of telling what’s inside it. It does not have “sex toy!” written anywhere on it.

There is usually a returns address which again, is not the address of where you ordered from. Like the above example, it may say return to “LH Trading” but that’s about it. It could be from anyone.

I have ordered parcels many times from online toy shops that have gone next door, it’s not ideal! But I don’t mind really because there is no way of telling from the box what is inside.


So, when you are ordering your sex toys, you can relax knowing that your parcel is discreet, and your bank accounts won’t be lit up with the names of online toy shops when you have to send a statement off somewhere.

It is discreet. And it is easy to order and have that toy you’ve got your eye on in your possession without any concerns about who else knows!